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KinderCare Corporate Office Headquarters
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Portland, Oregon, 97232 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-633-1488
Local Phone Number: 1-503-872-1300
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  • If I could give the Kindercare in North Billerica zero Stars I would! I worked for this Center in the beginning of my Early Child career. I reported instances in cases of abuse without knowing what a mandated reporter was and my director Lorene G. did nothing about it! That director was also investigated for fraud and audited because she was offering her assistant director Erin M. half tuition rates when her both her children were full-time at the center. A teacher who had recently left the center reported the issue and the allegations were unfounded because she altered and reprinted out all of the rosters with and had all the teachers sign off on them for her, so she got away with it. I started as a toddler teacher working with a girl known as Krissy. She slashed the kid in the face with a fork for grabbing another child's fork! I was horrified! When I reported the incident she was simply sent home and back the next day! Our director wrote an incident report saying another child scratched that child that was abused! How is this okay? After that incident, I was bullied by that girl and her friends and again nothing was done about it, so I asked for a transfer and after a few years I could see right through management and left the company completely! NEVER SEND A CHILD TO KINDERCARE ESPECIALLY THIS ONE!!! ALL ABOUT ENROLLMENTS, MONEY, NOT ABOUT THE CHILDREN, TREATS EMPLOYEES HORRIBLY!!!

    Also, the Kindercare in Westford Massachusetts is Very unorganized! The director Jean is very fake and flighty! Most of the staff does not have a set schedule and they will not know the schedule until they get a text the night before whereas other centers will give it to you a week in advance. While I was working in a classroom, I had asked for a substitute for a child with an allergy and the director came in with another food that the child was allergic to! Are you even kidding me?! Get your act together! You should be all about the children and not about the money, getting enrollments, and filling up the building! Horrible turnover rate with teachers! Very unprofessional as far as the teachers go for the most part! The male preschool teacher reeks of cigarettes along with his girlfriend that also works there. He runs his bristly face all over the children's faces leaving them red and raw and doesn't see a problem with that. I will say that Miss Nikki in the kindergarten room is great! Also, Miss Trincace is great as well! I still would not send any child to any KinderCare! You get what you pay for.

  • KInderCare in Westfield, Indiana have been switching children every day in and out classrooms, even putting infants in the toddler's rooms. These children don't have a sense of belonging anywhere, no consistency, different teachers, different environments. When corporate announces a visit, the managers are running around the building switching children again and putting them in the proper classroom. The children are always crying and all this is affecting the children well being and development. Something have to be done and soon for the sake of the children. Parents have ask why is my child being change from class to class but I think these parents are afraid of mention the problem to administration.

  • KinderCare at 11626 des monies memorial drive Seattle, WA is a terrible place to work at the kids do not come first at this facility at ALL. the director does not care about her employees she has favorites and talks about everyone including the children and there parents. Also when u take a day off u come in the next day and she has a attitude she is a drunk and u can smell the liquor on her at times also they have rats and the droppings are on the children's mats and floor oh and in there pantry were the food is and the health department will be contacted her boss Cathy and her licensor know about this and continue to let this go one and the employees keep quiet so they wont lose there job. the director has had out burst with her employees infront of the children leavin them scared and looking. Also if u think ur kids r learning u r wrong theres never any materials to work with at ALL which sometimes causes the employees to go out and buy materials for their class there are pictures of the rat droppings on the childrens beds n will be seto the health department whatever u do DO NOT take ur kids to these daycares I have notices all of the directors are very close friends and similar things go on at there centers as well never apply to these childcare centers because you will not be appreciated the director at this site is named Terria Caldwell if I have to go to the news for all of this I will

  • As an employee of 8 months with KinderCare,you must understand how much it pains me to write this letter today.However,I feel that I can’tremain silent no longer.I wish to file a grievance against my Center Director, Ms. Ashley Krueger with regards to my suspension on Friday,August 18,2017 due to workplace rumors. Ms.Krueger has been harassing me for quite some time now. I honestly believe that she is bullying me . The rumor that was told to me during our conversation that took place in Ms.Krueger's office was and I quote,''Co-workers are saying that you are being rough with kids with behaviorial problems.'' I questioned her about this rumor.Why wasn't I called into your office before now? Where is the written documentation?Where is the evidence? Where is your Professional Ethics,why are you suspending me on hearsay?

  • I just want to let the Human Resources department the abuse and mistreatment that is going on at the Centennial KinderCare in Westfield, Indiana. The employees are constantly going through harassment and emotional abuse by management. They are often told to go to different classroom all the time. There are boards to do, enhancement plans to prepare, children to take care of, cleaning to be done and the list goes on and on. It would be nice to be praise by management once in a while and positive things to say about the work done. The employees are never trusted by management, the moral is running low. No wonder so many employees quit their jobs in that location. They offer a chance to get a raise, then they say no way for a raise. No matter how hard you work to do your best, there is always something bad for them to say.

  • I'm very concerned for the safety of our infants in my room, I have recently started and have concerns on several issues I believe that put the children at risk of harm. I have spoken with the director but have gotten excuses and her beliefs. 1 example we practice safe sleep well then explain why we allow infants to have straps with their pacifier hanging on them at all times even in their cribs for nap! #2 low chairs with trays that when your feeding an infant the crawlers or walkers come right over and grab the food or spoon your feeding with. #3 No safety bags outside? #4 Diaper changing table is against the wall so your back is turned to the infants and rest of the room. #5 Crock pots for warming up bottles that have seen better days why not bottle warmers easier to maintain and bottles don't fall over. #6 Wide range and mobility of infants in My room starting from 6 months to 14 months with crawlers and walkers when Infant B is closed? My list of concerns could go on and on. My hope for writing this is to bring awareness to this center and maybe a pop in for the Safety of my children!! Please contact me and I will give you the center.

  • It breaks my heart that so many of you having such an unpleasent experience with Kindercare. My Director is wonderful, we have kind and loving teachers, i have to say my center is great. There is room for improvement but i love my center and my coworkers. Kindercare SouthHolland IL!

  • The knowledge beginnings in mall rd Burlington ma is horrible now that the Director is Marie Kiley. She does not care for her teachers, she has her favorites they do what they want. All the good qualified teachers are all leaving and the classrooms are being taken over high school girls with no education background. Marie Kiley has framed the 2 best teachers from the kindergarten class , making false accusations. The new District Manager Shannon is also NO GOOD. Worst place to work for.

  • Kindercare in Mission Viejo has staff carrying on inappropriate relationships with their married clients. This has been reported and refusal to interject. This is not the type of environment you need to take your children to or have a family deal with. This is not professional!!

  • With it being the holiday season and the season of giving I feel this is the best time to give the credit where it is due. This year has been a very challenging one when it comes to the KinderCare location in Marlboro MA on Boston Post Rd. There have been many changes that I was definitely apprehensive about and was unable to see anything positive coming out of them. I have been bringing my son to this location since he was 4 months old, he is now 5. What has made me continue to bring him there is not because of KinderCare as a corporation but because of the team that runs the center. I have seen teachers/directors/program specialists come and go more often than I would prefer but if it wasn’t for Jennifer Maglione and Erika Barros I would of unenrolled my son a long time ago.
    Everywhere is not perfect and I understand this. This past spring/summer I had a major issue and had even looked at taking my son elsewhere. I had never met more compassionate people who weren’t just looking at me keeping him there for their number count or however that works. They were more concerned with me feeling comfortable continuing to bring him there and went out of their way to accommodate me in that aspect. The office door is always open anytime I need to talk with them about any issue. My son actually listens to them better than me sometimes. Finding a daycare center where you are 100% comfortable from the time you leave until the time you return is far and few between.
    Ever since Jennifer had taken on the director role I have not had any complaints or issues and the whole atmosphere has changed. For a while after the Hosmer St center merged with Boston Post RD it was not a warm friendly vibe and it was very discerning. Again I went to her with my concerns and felt relieved and trusted her when she said she would do everything she could do and would not be satisfied until I was happy and everything was done correctly. She is the type of person that if she tells you she will work on something or look into something and have an answer for you as soon as she knows, she follows up and makes sure that happens. You just know when she talks to you she is sincere and she is not just agreeing with you to make herself look good.
    I never really knew Erika was still the program specialist. I honestly thought she was the Assistant director. If Jennifer is not available, I am able to go to Erika with any concerns questions or issues. I know that whatever she tells me would be the same thing Jennifer would say and that makes me extremely comfortable. Out of the whole almost 5 years I have been bringing my son there I have not felt as comfortable with any of the directors/assistant director’s/program specialists as I do with them 2. They truly are what makes that location run smoothly and I have not been happier with all the effort they put in to make it safe, enjoyable as well as comfortable for me as well as my son. They are the true definition of a dynamic duo and KinderCare as a corporation are extremely lucky to have them both as a team in their center.
    Thank you for all that the two of you do

    Allison Decoff

  • My children attend a Kinder Care center in Houston. They recently changed the director and she is horrible. She extremely RUDE! You walk in the center and shes in the office on her cell phone and doesn't even acknowledge anyone walking in the door, that's when she is at the center of course. She is hardly ever available to the parents and when she is she talks to them as if they are bothering her. The older direct was consistently in the class rooms checking on the children and staff. She would drive the school-age students to and from school. Always so polite and interacted with the parents. My son told me one day coming home that the new director referred to one of the other kids as "the black kid". I don't know what possessed headquarters to hire this lady, but they made a very big mistake! They need a director that matched the teachers!

  • My grandkids attend Kinder Care Daycare located at 7136 Telegraph Rd, Alexandria, VA 22315. The daycare is amazing and the kids love it! But my main concerns are temperatures climbing to 107 degrees and Kinder Care’s corporate office refuse to replace the air-condition. When I picked up the kids they were overheated. The Kindercare staff at this location tried their best to accommodate the kids by using electrical fans, but with temperatures rising to dangerous levels the fans are blowing out hot air. Theses little adorable kids are suffering at the hands of Kinder Care Corporate office. HELP!!!!


  • They closed the wrong Kindercare Center in Tulsa Okla. The staff was GREAT at the S. Detoit location. The Director and staff and some of the staff are not friendly at all at the 71st location. Trying to find other options. My children are not happy at all. Stay out of this one also.

  • We currently have our son at the Kindercare in Weston/Wausau WI facility and were getting him out! We had to ask several times for 'self-sooth' NOT to be practiced on our son, to no avail. They once let him go without a bottle for five hours at four months. Recently they've been sending our clearly marked bottles home with other parents and yesterday his sheet said he was fed breastmilk twice when we only sent one bottle marked breastmilk! Who's breastmilk did our son get!? This center is SO disorganized. After complaining to the director several times about concerns, she suggested to my wife that "..maybe this isn't a good fit and you should find somewhere else to enroll your son" No kidding, we have!

    • Do NOT go to Kindercare. Children are left unattended and the Director is nasty to the help. This is the case sadly in most of the Kindercares throughout the country especially the Cheshire CT one. Stay out of there.

  • Kennydale KinderCare is managed very poorly. The center director Lynette is never in the building. I do not see her at drop off or pick up.
    My bill is never correct and the teachers look unhappy and are always quitting. More than 4 staff have left within 6 months probably more.

    If this location wasn't so convenient I would leave especially with the rate I pay a week.

  • Wow I am amazed that all across the United States it appears KinderCare is having very similar complaints. Too many kids in the class, the 12:1 ratio or 10:1 ratio is absurd for 2 and 3 year olds. The shifting of classrooms is ridiculous and confusing for kids. I have to go to three different classes every day to pick up my daughter and her belongings. We have some very good teachers at our school in Yucaipa but they are only doing what corporate tells them to do. It is a money game not a learning game. Our children are dollar signs and that needs to change. Each teacher should have an aid in the class with them to ensure the safety of the children and the flow of the curriculum continues. How is a teacher supposed to watch all 10-12 children and teach them anything if she is having to change diapers every 10 minutes or assist others on the toilet. who is watching these children while she is doing that? No one that is who. I see the frustration in our teachers and it is sad because they really love the kids and want to provide them with a great learning experience, however they are being hindered from doing so. They say state licensing says the ration should be this, well KinderCare Corp. should say yes that is all well and good however we are going to provide extra staff to assist. My daughter has had several incidents where she has been bitten and no accident report has been written up. I'm not talking little bites either, I'm talking about full imprints of teeth marks on her arms, back, and shoulder. When confronting the director about it I always get an apology and an excuse that the teacher wasn't aware. That tells met there isn't enough supervision, do something about it. I hope KinderCare's corporate office reads these complaints and reevaluates their staffing and learning plans. I am on 3 different waiting list for other schools so unfortunately because I have to work I don't have a lot of options. I know my daughter enjoys going to school and I don't fear for her safety but there are some major issues that need to be addressed and it looks like it needs to be addressed all over the United States. Yucaipa, CA

  • All of these comments sound like the problems that exists at the Kindercare in Matteson Illinois. The director needs a management class. She allows patents to bring their sick children into the center and acts as if she has no knowledge of it. The children's toys rarely have batteries. She only converses with parents when tuition needs to be paid. Just extremely unprofessional all around

  • All of these comments sound like the problems that exists at the Kindercare in Matteson Illinois. The director needs a management class. She allows patents to bring their sick children into the center and acts as if she has no knowledge of it. The children's toys rarely have batteries. She only converses with parents when tuition needs to be paid. Just extremely unprofessional all around

  • I am concerned that the Himalay KinderCare in Aurora CO has multiple staff that work at the competition La Petitie Academy in Aurora after their shift with KinderCare. They are all friends but that should not be allowed as it is a conflict of interest.

  • Rocky mountain KinderCare in Fortcollins colorado. That place used to be great at the beginning then the director left, the assistant director also left and the third in change became more. Know the assistant director is Brianna G. she barely knows what she is doing, she treats the employees like trash i don't understand why she is the assistant. Oh just kidding because the director is her aunt, i don't understand why Jen the boss of the director let that happen two snakes in charge yay. I don't understand why Jen doesn't do anything about it her employees called her for help and she didn't do anything and now has family in charge of a center.

  • And by the way? I'm tired of hearing kids scream endlessly. That's your Bear Paw, Irvine facility. Unreal. Very rude people work there. Fed up in Irvine.

  • Why are KinderCare employees told to park in front of private residences? Unreal. They can park around the corner. Bad neighbors. One of the reasons we are moving. The employees park in front of six homes here in Irvine, CA. THEY ARE TOLD TO DO SO. Now, they are playing games. Our neighbors don't even park in front of our homes. It's public parking, but have some courtesy.

  • The kinder care in west covina California is a great place. Pnly thing I did not like when I took my son out of the center. Corporate calls me saying I owe them money which is ridiculous cause im on aide and they paid them.

  • Regarding Alexandria KinderCare, 4616 Minor Lane Alexandria VA 22312Ms. Tiffany Brisco, Center Director: Yesterday, a surprise visit from Child Protective Services left my daughter in tears, and forced an abrupt end to the short term association the family had with this center. It appears that my precious, innocent grandchild and, at least one other child, was victimized by a center employee. To make matters worse, notification did not come from the center's director, not in early December when the alleged incident came to light, nor to this date. The family was made aware of the incident yesterday by CPS investigators. It is my understanding the suspect has been terminated. Who knows where the next resume will land. It is also my understanding that other parents who placed children in the hands of this suspect five days a week were not alerted to the alleged incidents being actively investigated. Wouldn't want a large scale evacuation of students to happen. It's a worry, I know. But at the same time, the safety and welfare of every child who attends Alexandria KinderCare should be bigger worries. Thus far, this director's unethical and unprofessional response has been to hide behind excuses. Such a response to a family in crisis is tasteless and unacceptable.

    • This sounds exactly like my KinderCare. I love what I do, but I am always having to send my children to other classes just to meet ratio. It really sucks for the parents not knowing where their child is. I also have the issue that i never get another teacher or help when I have a new child who is doing nothing but cry and scream. I feel bad when I have to get up and help another child or change diapers for that matter, and then I am doing wrong because I am not comforting that child. I have had that happen to me before and got talked to about it. I try my hardest on a daily basis to make ends meet when I am by myself with the 5 that I am allowed. It really is hard when you have children that have behavior issues that you have to always be monitoring. I get what you mean by this. It is really really difficult.

  • My question is this… When did quality education become a numbers and hours game? I am a preschool teacher, I LOVE what I do, I love the children and the families, I love creating these special memories with my students. However, work has become this stressful environment. The staff feels it, the parents feel it, and I'm sure the children do too. I find myself getting frustrated easily and overwhelmed in the classroom. I finally had to take a step back and evaluate this whole place. Kindercare was once a wonderful place to work. I still love the kids and families. I still love teaching. But when you have management constantly walking around the building, walking through classrooms asking "How many?" "What's your number?" "How many kids do you expect today?"… enough is enough! We have 3 different management people walking around doing this! It's like 10x a day. Who cares how many children are in the room. (I do, believe me. But let's stop with asking.) And when the staff runs over their ratios, we just bump kids around the building. "Let's bump one down to this class, move two to that class, and so and so will be in here for your break." First off, it's not fair to the children in these classes. They are missing out on their developmentally appropriate curriculum (We are a learning center, right?) Can you even imagine the stress that child might be going through. Imagine you as an adult having your boss move you around your work building throughout the day. Second, it's not fair to these teachers. We would love to have a second pair of hands in the classroom. We are not superheros, we can't do it all. Corporate wants us to follow these curriculum's, add enhancements, maintain a safe environment and create memorable moments for the families. It's tough when you are the only teacher in the classroom. I'm awesome, I'm confident, but I'd like some help. Especially when most of these classrooms have special needs children, more patience and time is needed to run that room smoothly. But education has turned into this number and labor game. "We're over labor, we need to cut hours, let's send someone home, move the kids around so that can happen.." No one is interested in what's being learned in the classrooms, what new achievements are reached, something great that happened. It's all about creating this stressful environment. And when parents address why their child is in another room, I'll be honest with them. I'm not a liar. We had to cut some hours today, so we were told to move some kids around. Or, I had more children in class than my ratio allows so we bumped 3 children up to the next classroom. Sorry, mom and dad. Just following the protocol given to me. Sorry, we can't officially move junior up to the next class, he's too young.. But we can bump him up 3 times a week to meet our labor/ratio needs. What happened to a quality education center? I go to Kindercare to work and teach children. These children and families that I LOVE. Families that I spend time with out of work, families that are like an extension of my own family. I love being a part of these children's live, watching them grow and develop, watching the excitement on their face when they wrote their name, seeing the wonder in their eyes during a science experiment. And then management walks in… "How many? Who else do you expect? Oh, 3 more? Hate to do this to you, but move them up."

    • I can totally relate to what other teachers are saying. As a teacher here myself, the other thing that gets me is this "make sure you clock in and out on the dot!" I know it comes from higher powers…but come on people, when you have others on the same schedule its not always possible because your literally waiting in a line to sign in on one computer. And if your a closer it is impossible to clock out on time because parents pick up late every day.
      Waiting for the last pick up at the last minute, then we have to sanatize, spray, take garbages out, etc. And many families like to hang out and chat for 10 -20 minutes with each other, even when letting them know its time to close up the center. I love the kids and families I work with dont get me wrong. But there is always sooo much pressure on us about our time cards and minutes. If the company could hire better cleaners or a group instead of a one person team, we would have no problem just leaving at the end of our closing shift.

  • This relates to the KinderCare Great Bridge Chesapeake, VA. A family who was there for several years pulled their children out due a situation between an employee and the family. One of the employees at KinderCare Great Bridge started a relationship while on the job with the client's married relative who was a regular for pick up. The employee would even talk to and text the married relative during the workdays when the employee was on the clock. An altercation almost broke out between the employee and the client's relative in front of children, other clients, and other employees. The situation was reported to the director, the district manager, and calls were placed to the corporate office. The situation escalated outside of the child care. The employee was charged with Stalking and served by the police on the job in front of children and other employees. Two employees were subpoenaed to go to court to testify. The employee is still there. The family was told the matter was investigated and that perhaps it is a bad decision for employees to start a relationship with clients' relatives, but employees' rights are protected. The situation was treated as a personal matter although it started at the center.

  • My wife works at the kindercare in santee, ca. She comes home with stories every day of how the director of the facility, and the asst. directors, belittle the employees. The director does not allow time off for medical, government required appointments, and will interrogate and drill into the personal lives of the teachers if they do ask for time off. I am pretty sure it is illegal for companies to ask the reason someone wants a personal day off. Anyway, My wife is in the process of applying for citizenship, and the director will not allow her to take a few hours of personal time to get her paperwork and fingerprinting done. the director here definitely plays favorites, whom get to take time off whenever and without notice. The 'favorietes' never have to clean their classrooms or take out their trash at the end of the day, they leave all the work to the closing crew. By the way, my wife has been forced into closing just about every day, and when she asks for a schedule changed she is shut down by the director. the closing crew should be out and locked up by 6:45 at the latest, but i have seen her leave as late as 8pm. So you would assume the director would pay overtime? nope, just take an hour and 30 mins lunch instead of overtime the director says. My wife and i are very upset with this center and have requested to transfer to another kindercare in town, but the director has denied all requests.This director must go. she is rude to her employees, and only cares about making a buck.

    My wife loves what she does, and her students love her too. Those kids are the only thing keeping her going. She has a bachelors degree in child development with hopes of becoming a director one day, and she will be a great one, but she is stuck making barely over minimum wage. I get angry and frustrated seeing my wife come home every day with a look of utter defeat, because she is not appreciated at all.

    I know for a fact she is not the only teacher who feels this way, we are friends with a few of the teachers at this facility, and the horror stories, some much worse than others, we hear make us wonder how this woman could become a director of a child care center.

    • Sorry to hear that about your wife. But it's better for her to find another company because all the Kinder Cares here in San Diego, CA are the same and from what I've read every where else. Time to move on. Sad to say I've experienced and or seen about 90% of all these things written on this page at the centers that I've been at. I've only worked at 2.

  • I have read all the comments and it is pretty much the same story for the Kindercare in Harbor Drive, Woodbridge, VA. The teacher to kids ratio (teachers are overwhelmed); kids placed in wrong age group; infants crying inconsolably and unattended; FILTHY facility (teachers are asked to clean when they should be tending to the kids though the Center is required to hire a cleaning company); they charge parents extra for activities not performed; but the most bothersome issue is the Center Director! She is unprofessional, rude, shows her prejudice towards minority teachers and discriminates against certain religious beliefs. With all that said, it is unfortunate because my kids LOVE their teachers!!!! That is the only best thing they have in that facility. As we all know, corporate turns their heads the other way because of the $$$$. It's all about business for them; as long as it is not their kids. It is a shame that so much happens without them truly digging down deep and see what is happening in their centers! They shouldn't ask the Director or Management; of course, they will lie and answer with a wide smile of "Everything is great" when it's not. Their greed overrides their main purpose of existence: to provide great care/second home to our children. They will not act unless the media puts them on the hot seat. Ridiculous.

  • Sparks NV Kidercare is a worry for any parent. Not only are children allowed to beat in to each other till they are on the ground getting gut kicked, but they also slip in extra charges you were never informed of as well as put their hands on the children there. The pre k teacher, with a British accent, named Donna, has in more than one occasion been seen snatching children around by their heads! This is unacceptable behavior, even within the British culture. Her behavior was reported to the center coordinator Julie Hitchcock, who stated every time a report was put to her that she would handle it, but obviously never did as Donna still cannot keep her hands to herself!
    On top of all of this a couple of mths ago there was apparently a break in, where all the children's personal info and parents financial info was stolen via laptops. A few parents all stated it seems like an inside job as every staff member was smiling from ear to ear saying such things as "we are so sorry your info is out there, call you banks. But hey we finally get new laptops from the stingey cooperate office!!" The staff seem more wrapped up in hidden fees they can slip in on unsuspecting parents and perks they get from 'stingey coorperate' while they ignore children abusing each other and staff abusing children! NEVER AGAIN would I allow our child or recommend this facility! And after reading comments, nationwide, I see this isn't an isolated incident. This organization has a lot to answer for as they are intentionally/unintentionally scarring children for life! This has ALL been more than brought to your attention.

  • The Kindercare in Puyallup Washington on 31st has one of the worst directors I have ever come across as A parent. Her name is Rebecca Pace. I will never take my kids back there as long as she is there. She is never there to answer questions and on the times you might catch her she is very rude and unprofessional and acts as though you are bothering her. It's sad because the teachers there are awesome.

  • The most unorganized place I have every seen , they over charge people for services that where not render. supplies are not given to the employees the employees have to buy their own supplies even asked several times about the supplies needed to complete the job the only time supplies where given is when Naysec was around or a corp. boss coming to see the center . lies lies lies I would not put an animal in these places if it was a place for animals it would be shut down ASAP and people would be in jail for fraud and deceptive practices.

  • Is it policy for HR to tell center directors with employees involved in a criminal investigation which occurred on the property to tell the police those individuals are not there and lie to the police and basically interfere with an criminal investigation?

    • I totally agree. The directors do not know how to respect, trust, communicate, or listen to the staff and parents. It's all about the money and they are constantly moving kids around to send as many staff members home so the center does not go over budget. The place is not clean. The cleaning crew that comes in at night is horrible.

  • It's time for this company to do undercover boss . This company really needs to see how the system work and to see where it fall short.

  • I agree with all the comments above kindercare is a joke and would never recommend my child or any child there!

  • Wow I figured I'd be the only one reporting Centennial KinderCare in Westfield, Indiana. I agree with what the former employee said above. I just wanted to add the director Stacy Atkinson enforced a new rule that we aren't allowed to use the restroom from 4-6p.m. Isn't that illegal? Corporate needs to do their job and close this center down.

  • Very disgusted with Centennial KinderCare in West field, Indiana. The most filthiest child center I have ever worked at in my life. The turn over rate is a joke. The director thinks she is God. The food is disgusting with mold and outdated fruit. The parents should know the truth about this center and enroll their children somewhere else. Children are neglected and yelled at everyday. Teachers are not watching the children like they should. This center has been on probation so many times it's a wonder how it's still running. The assistant director and director talk negatively about staff members and families. The gossip is insane, the first five minutes working there you'll know everyone's life story. The playgrounds are hideous with broken toys and limited equipment. The splash day area is a joke of broken everything. Where is the money going? It's not going toward supplies, food, or raises for good employees. Parents trust me do not send your child/children to this center.

    • I just happened to read through these and I cannot believe this. I had my daughter enrolled here and took her out over the summer. Very unorganized center for sure. Glad I went with my gut.

    • It's pretty much every KinderCare the center I work at is very disorganized the turn over rate is way to high and the people who are supposed to clean the center do not even try. Pretty much KinderCare is a complete joke.

    • KinderCare in Castle Rock CO is THE SAME WAY!!! Just quit there, it's a nasty grimy place to work!! Clean crew? What cleaning crew!!! The staff cleans…barely!! The food provided for the kids is horrible, I hated telling the parents what I provided for their kiddos that day! The Director (who is only 24yrs old and if you make her upset will post horrible things about you and your kiddos on her Facebook page) and the Area Manager only care about the money they bring in, not about the children. They are constantly moving kids from classroom to classroom to TRY to stay under ratio, even if that means putting kids that are entirely too old in with children much to young for them. And that causes all sorts of problems! Children are allowed daily at KinderCare who are ill, sick, coughing, with fevers, and spreading their germs. Accredited, HA!!! That's a joke!! They follow very few of the guidelines for the NAEYC. Just do yourself a favor and take your kiddos to a place that will honestly value THEM not just YOUR money!!!

  • This is the same at every daycare. When you live with a child who is in daycare you essentially live with a bioterrorist.

  • This is such a joke of a place to send your children. KinderCare Peabody MA a teacher was sleeping! Actually sleeping and not reprimanded for doing so. The teacher is still working there. Then you also have people making special brownies which I saw being given to another teacher. The director is more concerned on her looks than these children. Mine are out!!!

  • This is really serious. The director of the center 82 street in Castleton Indianapolis IN 46256 let her assistant drive the bus and after 6 days she had seizure, I am not a doctor but I think this is so dangerous, the last time she had a seizure she could not drive the bus for 2 years, now I would like to know why she is putting the life of my child in danger, this is not acceptable, the director and assistant should be fired.

  • I am very disappointed and sad to say that the Kindercare in Kenilworth NJ is not managed well. My number one concern was the ratio for teacher to student. Teachers are constantly moved around and kids are being mixed and placed with the wrong age ranged this is a big no no. I noticed this happens a lot because the staff is not assigned properly. Second big disappointment was the cleanliness. I was told the facility is cleaned twice a week however that is not the case. Apparently for the last five months they were having problems with the cleaning company and cleaning wasn't being done accordingly. It infuriated me to know that I was leaving my child in this dirty place. After complains of unsanitary and uncleanliness the directory would smile and say yes we know it'll will get done the place looked so filthy. I had enough with this place and took my child out of here. PLease make a surprise appearance and see for yourself what is happening in these centers. There are many families experiencing the same frustrations.

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