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  1. Today, Monday May 13, 2019 while shopping in the King Kullen located at 25 Eastport Manor Road Eastport, NY my grandson had to use the rest room.. Before even wentering the rest room it stunk unbearably. Upon entry there was no toilet paper, soap, or paper towels. Totally disgusting. How are the employees using the facility and washing their hands? How is this sanitary and where is the manager not to notice this? Totally unacceptable. Others be warned……..Board of Health should make a visit.

  2. I was treated very rudely by your staff in the Bay Shore location. Nice way to treat a customer who has been shopping there for 30+ years. I won't be back and good riddance. Welcome Stop & Shop.

  3. Have always recommended your bakery rolls to friends. When you closed the Riverhead store, we went farther to Cutchogue to get them. You changed the rolls and they taste like white bread — horrible. Please get the old rolls back. And they should be ready by 8 a.m!!

  4. I have gone to the Blue Point, NY store because it is convenient. This store is an actual health hazard. I have gone numerous times to purchase grocery items. 4x I've gone back with a receipt to return because they were expired or past there best buy date. I've thrown out salmon,flounder,mushrooms,onions and potatoes because they were bad or had mold on them. I've returned mayonnaise because it was expired only to return to the store and see The "on sale" display end cap had numerous units on the shelf that were expired. I notified the employee and a few days later the items were all still on the shelf. Today I was back at the store again with prosciutto that I had purchased yesterday because it had mold on it. I got it fresh sliced from the deli counter. I'm sure the employee had to have seen all this mold on the meat block because my slices were covered in it. I only realized it had mold when my husband was complaining of GI issues and diarrhea. I spoke to the manager who was very nice but there is obviously issues at this particular store. Even though it is close to me I will never return. The health department really needs to go in that store because it is a health issue. They are not in compliance with health codes and it is dangerous to the people in this community. I hope you take this very seriously and look into what is actually going on there.

  5. To Whom It May Concern(also manger of island park store) We always shop at King Kullens On this day we went shopping we went to the deli section to find three of your employee's making fun of a customer of what he looked like. I found that very upsetting they where making fun of my husband. I find my self not shopping at your store as much will go to stop n shop or best market instead. When we do shop we would spend between $100 to $200 each time. I do realize one person might not matter but passing the word to others might matter of what happened.

    1. I am disrespected every time that I must go to the store because I am disabled and have to visit the pharmacy. The pharmacy does not disrespect me, but every other employee does in the supermarket in Huntington.

  6. My King Kullen on New York Ave. in Huntington, NY, is the finest supermarket I have ever shopped in. Every employee goes out of his or her way to help customers, and that includes the entire management staff. They are all very friendly and eager to assist where needed. Most important to me is the wonderful deli department. It has the best selection of extraordinarily good prepared food. Many of the items far surpass that which is available in many of Huntington's vast array of fine restaurants. I have given up cooking in favor of buying King Kullen's ready to eat, or ready to heat and eat food. And it is priced very well!! The BEST!!

  7. To who it may concern…king kullen zip 11580 store manager is a disgrace to that store very ignorant and disrespectful to customers…also bringing that store down…just saying be careful of a lawsuit…

  8. Hi commend you hiring challenged employees my experience in my local store was not pleasant.employee without making eye contact with me called me a sir I was on express line had only 10 items just by the way he handled the groceries he appeared to have a compulsive behavior .Just bringing it to your attention.

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