Kinney Drugs Corporate Office Headquarters

Kinney Drugs Corporate Office Headquarters
Kinney Drugs, Inc.
Address: 520 E. Main St.
Gouverneur, NY 13642-1401
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-315-287-3600
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-315-287-3600

  • Would that be at 6 veterans lane! They do this all the time with my pain meds. Also it says in my file I can only take this one brand and color pain med. I waited 20 mins plus in drive through after I paid and before I left opened to look at pain med was wrong one. So inside I go. Again whole bunch of people working there that I have never seen. Who obviously can’t read. One girl showed me computer screen where says right on there had reactions to other brands and can only get original kind. They didn’t have enough gave me three days told me to come back after 10 am Tuesday when delievery comes. Went twice today never got done supposedly delievery hasn’t delievered meds there yet was then told today by 5 pm well better be today cause I have no pain meds for tomorrow. They people who work there except a few are rude and believe me when I say this think they have the right to play god with people. They are the worse pharmacy in Clinton County NY

  • kinneys in Gouverneur has become a nightmare! I needed pre-surgery meds, got 2 out of 3 and 16 days after my surgery got the call that my 3rd medication was ready! luckily for kinneys my surgery went well. they almost rescheduled this very serious surgery. Not any of the new people do anything but wander around like lost puppies. service sucks!

  • Second time entering this: Your server had a problem. Your inventory system is totally inadequate. I asked for 5 refills and only got 2 because the store was out. This has happened several times in the past. There is no such thing as waiting until you actually need a refill. I am now out of Unifine Pens for lantus and am leaving tomorrow for Maine. Maybe I need lantus.

  • Hi,
    I am a very satisfied customer and use your Pulaski store.
    I live in Lee Center, NY half of the year and wish you would investigate the possibility of bringing a Kinnes store to the Town of Lee, which is is a fifteen minute drive from the city of Rome. I even have the perfect spot.
    There are no drug stores on the Rt (26) north of Rome. There are several housing projects just off Rt 26 (TURIN RD) and the village of Lee Center.
    A Berkshire Bank just closed on the corner of Elmer Hill Rd and Turin Rd (Rt26). A Kinne Drug would not only serve the people who live in the Town of Lee but also attract people from Rome who would love an alternative to Rite-Aid. To me it seems like a profitable venture.

  • You have an employee drinking beer before work and during lunch break. His name is Jeffery Vanderbogart. Maybe someone should look into this. I have witness this many times in the last few weeks.

  • Kinney's pharmacy at 300 main st. in Massena calls my doctor to have a delay put on my script refill, which was a pain med increase. They fail to call and inform me. I travel 30 minutes in a lot of pain to be told what they did and no refill to stay on pain meds that isn't working. the pharmacist felt the med increase wasn't sufficient enough to make a difference to change.

    • Why Can't anyone at Tha Randolph store program thier computer. So often my refills have expired because thier computer system puts the Wrong Date on my Script. Obviously this has caused more problems. All they can say is they don't know how to Fix this problem!! I do take all 14 of our scripts elsewhere! You don't want that & niether do We So is this a problem you people at H.Q. can fix or not? You can get back to me my phone # is 1-802-565-0950. Let me know or I'm going elsewhere!! & It's 16 scripts that Will Leave. Thank you for your time and consideration.Can You Help??

    • Do you people at H.Q. think you can Help the Randolph Store FIX thier computer So that it actually shows the Correct exp. DATE on all Scripts filled. Right Now they are WRONG all the time. This causes Problems all of the time.i am sure We are not the Only Customers that Feels this way VERY UNPROFESTIONAL. I SURELY HOPE H.Q. CAN FIX THIS BEFORE OUR 16 SCRIPTS HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO GO ELSEWHERE!! WE HAVE LOTS OF OPTIONS. If you Can't Fix your Randolph Location. Thank You my # is 1-802-565-0950

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