Knights Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

Knights Inn Corporate Office Headquarters
Wyndham Hotel Group
22 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, New Jersey, NJ 07054 USA
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 5090,
Aberdeen, SD 57401
Online Website:
Reservations: 1-800-477-0629
Corporate Phone Number:1-973-428-9700
Customer Service Number: 1-866-464-2321

  • Knights Inn Roanoke, Roanoke
    6520 Thirlane Road, Roanoke, VA, 24019
    Confirmation number 160941080608
    Check-in Saturday, July 13, 2019
    Check-out Sunday, July 14, 2019
    After driving for 10 hr starting at 3 am. my husband booked room from home so me and the kids would have a nice clean place for me and the kids to stay. What we got was the Hotel nightmare are made from instead of nice clean hotel. I go into the lobby to talk to the manager/owner about the condition of the build and he assures me he has a room in the section that has been inspected and structural sound. I'm not sure how any of this building pasted inspection. He states there are no refund for this location. My husband has already paid. It take 3 rooms before manager finds a clean room with everything working in a section of the building that does look like it should be condemned. I ended up checking out 5 hr after I checked in because of the smell and noise. Giant waste of money. I have pictures

  • Knights Inn Roanoke Va. DO NOT STAY HERE! NOT SAFE
    Building has column that are crumbling in multiple places. Took them 3 tries to find clean room in section of one building that didn't have crumbling support columns. I asked for refund because i didn't feel safe staying there with my children and they refused. I have pictures of everything

  • Knights Inn Homestead Florida, DO NOT STAY HERE!!
    DISGUSTING NASTY FILTHY Roach Motel! Room 132
    Bathroom Dirty Roaches in the Shower, In the AC Unit and on the Beds Holes in Walls, Fire Alarm Missing, Door Safety Latch Missing! We demanded a refund and moved to another hotel down the street Will NEVER Stay at a Knights Inn EVER Again!!

  • I just had a horrible experience as well in ATlanta, GA– arrived friday morn 8/10. lobby under construction, breakfast room closed and pool closed as well. Ceiling peeling in bathroom, no phone or radio or cups in room. Was told I could cancel my reservation but where would i go on such short notice.??? I took pictures

  • We stayed 5 minutes Knights Inn at rosenberg texas. Horrible, filthy. Dont know if i will get a refund. I did not feel safe there. They said they were no longer with Wyndham. Wyndam probably got rid of Knights inn since they all have bad reviews.

  • This was absolutely the most disgusting hotel I have ever stayed in. Found out that homeless people are living there. They are also employees of the hotel. Knights Inn – Hurricane Mills Wyndham should be ashamed to associate their names with Knights Inn. Absolutely DISGUSTING. I would love my money back!

  • Booked a 3 night stay at the Heath, Ohio location. got there, they asked if I wanted to see the room first. I was very tired and said no, just need a bed to sleep in. Got to the room. Absolutely disgusting. The bed spread felt slimy when I sat down. Holes in the wall. Went to go to the bathroom and there was only a half of a toilet seat on it. As I went into the bathroom, took my shoes off and the carpet was wet. The room smelled moldy. I checked out as soon as a found a room elsewhere. Told the guy at the desk I would like a refund but don't really expect to see it. I will just take it up with American Express!!! I was ready to just go sleep in my car if I hadn't found another room elsewhere. NEVER again. Something needs to be done about this chain. Obviously it's not just one hotel in the chain that is a problem.

  • Terrible experience in Searcy, AR. Lucky no one died. At 1:45 am. someone opened our door and tried to enter our room. Fortunately, I had swung the metal latch. After fifteen minutes of being ready to defend myself and my son against intruders, I called the front desk. The attendant said, "oh yeah, it wasn't in the computer you were in the room and I rented it out," as if it were somehow my fault. He probably would never have notified me had I not called. Oh, I called from my cell phone because the room phone did not work. I requested a refund the next morning. The manager said she would "investigate" and call me back. I called the hotel the next three days in a row and never received a return call from the manager. Additionally, I smelled like campfire for the next three days from sleeping in the nasty bed.

  • Knights Inn 3173 Sussex Dr. Emporia Va. Booked on-line, was given a total price for single bed 2 adults and dog. Went into very cluttered office and manager didn't care if I had a reservation he insisted I fill out a new form then told me it was $10 cash extra for the dog. The breakfast area was a small shelf lined with many boxes and I think there was a coffee pot there. So much for the free breakfast. As I look around at all the filth and mess my wife asked to see the room. The manager shows us a room with double beds and when we say we only wanted a single bed he took us to another room. That room smelled badly of smoke. The whole complex was a mess with chipped paint, broken cement and weeds. I called him a scam artist and a fraud and we were not staying there. Of course he told me we couldn't get our money back so I just told the little middle eastern b—– he should burn in hell and we left.
    Later I called the help line to complain but that didn't help either. If anyone reading this can find the e-mail address of Knights Inn Corporate Offices please post it. Ed O'Flynn

  • Knights Inn, Vero Beach Florida..Why do you not care how your hotel is perceived by customers. Around $70.00 a night and the pool is dirty, the whole place is in need of cleaning and repair. Rooms are not kept, dirty, beds need to be replaced you can feel springs, bugs in bathroom. Someone from you company needs to make unannounced visit and see haw bad it really is. Nancy Gocal

  • knights inn in newport tn thilthy and the staff very rude never again will i even consiter knights inn because of these morons

  • I recently stayed at Knights Inn in which the customer service was AWFUL. The lady at the front desk argued with me for 10 minutes that I could not have a 5th person in my room even though the website clearly states that you can. After calling someone who "approved" us to have 5 people in the room she charged me extra on top of it. If you have the capability to charge extra for something then clearly it's allowed. Then right as we were leaving she told my friends and I that if we were found partying in the room she would call the cops on us. How is that customer service? Then to top it all off my debit card information got compromised because of their system. So clearly no one should ever stay here again because I sure as hell don't plan on it.

  • Knights Inn in Danvers/Boston Massachusetts kicked out a disabled veteran and his 3 young children on Easter morning. We booked an 8 night stay online and paid almost $500. Easter morning while my children were hunting for Easter eggs, our second day. My spouse, a disabled American veteran, received a phone call from a very rude manager saying we had to leave because we had a dog in our van. My husbands companion dog, like a service animal, was staying in our van with puppies that were a week old and could not stay home. The dog was never in our hotel room, and she never barked or caused any disturbance. The cleaning lady simply saw the dog in the van and reported it to the manager. The manager called us only a few minutes after check out and told us she was charging us another entire nights stay. My spouse went to the office to speak with the woman, informing her he was a disabled American veteran celebrating Easter with his family and that his companion dog had not been in the room, but the woman had no morality and continued to argue with my spouse. She got to the point in which she was screaming fowl words at him to leave. I heard her yelling from the car. Not only did she completely disrespect and degrade an American veteran, she left him homeless for a week in a van with 3 kids because she refused to give him the refund he deserved. She also charged him an additional $100.00 pet fee and when he asked her for the hotel's pet policy it simply said "no pets". We got charged nearly $600.00 for staying two nights. We called the customer service number and they said they would refund the money, and almost a week later we have no refund. So not only did they steal from a veteran but they lied to him as well. We called today to resolve the problem and spoke with two different representative's. They both say we have to wait until April 12th for a response from the hotel before they can take care of it. This hotel should be shut down and that manager should not have a job. She robbed a disabled veteran, screamed at him and lied to him about his refund. She left him and his family out on the streets 12 hours from home with no money to get back. I don't know how that woman can sleep at night knowing what she did to a veteran, his newborn, 2 young boys, and their mother. She should be ashamed to call herself an American. Knights Inn should be ashamed of themselves and the unethical people that they employ.

  • This is the worst holes in the wall, bugs in the room… it not working no amenities what so ever rude people at the front desk. CAN NOT GET A CLEAN WASHCLOTH OR TOWEL fo 3 days this place was horrible. Will never stay at a Knights Inn

  • We rented two rooms at the Plant City location on 1-16-2016. We had three four small children. This place was a nightmare. It was trashed, dirty, and we felt unsafe. We would have moved but all the hotels were booked up due to a tournament being in town. Holes in the walls, bugs, mattress was stained with what looked like blood. The sheets were somewhat clean but had burn holes in them. I was suppose to be in a King size, NON smoking room and it was a double. Both rooms smelled like smoke and dirt. When I went to call the front desk for a pillow I had no phone in my room and couldn't go to the office because a kid was already asleep. The other room had a phone but no cord. We had people partying out in the hallway all night long waking our kids up. When we complained the next day the front desk said we should have called… We couldn't we didn't have a phone. The worst night sleep ever with kids crying because they were scared. The maintenance guys are the drug dealers and every room you go by smells like weed. It was ridiculous! Then when we went to the continental breakfast half of the stuff was out and nobody wanted to fill anything…. I would be ashamed to have my name on that building. This makes me want to never stay at a Knights Inn again.

  • Stayed at Knghts Inn at Tampa Fairgrounds November 13 2015 and I have to tell you it was the most disgusting place I have ever stayed in.
    Roaches in the shower, the place was filthy. Bathroom buckled and torn up.
    I didn't expect the Taj Mahal for the price but clean and bug free should not have been too much to ask. Then the . Icing on the cake was the $10 deposit on the room keys. Really? A blank piece of plastic that gets me into somewhere I NEVER want to go again!
    Corporate needs to pay more attention and inspect their hotels unless you are looking for a bad reputation!

  • My name is Dan I stayed at the knights Inn in lebanon tn and the bugs were just nasty I used 2 spray bombs for bed bugs and I also used a full can of Raid to keep from getting bitten up when I brought it to the house keepers attention he just said no no no just garden bugs I told him he was wrong I made the mistake of walking in my socks one time and now they are in the trash I never seen such filth but I guess you get what you pay for ROOM 133. NASTY NASTYNASTY

  • I do not recommended staying at the nights inn in tampa fl fairgrounds. I have never been so dissatisfied with a motel and we stay in a lot with my husband's job…First of all they have one inparticul maid that is so mean and nasty to not only me but all the guests from out of town,she cussed me out for walking my dog,near her car…you know people pay for there dogs to stay too..just because she doesn't like dogs gives her no right to talk to the guests like that…she has cussed an 72 yr old woman out for asking for towels really…wow not to mention the manager has been told repeatedly how she treats people and still she does it…if your dog barks she says she is calling police for what dogs bark…manager is rather rude too…rooms are o.k. nothing bad to say there and pool is well maintained,but someone has to do something about how the paying guests get treated there…it's not right.


  • This mailing address is incorrect and mail sent there is returned. A phone call to Customer Service reveals that the address in Aberdeen, South Dakota is actually POB 4090 (not 5090)!

  • My name is Shandon and my daughter and I went on an drive to Phoenix Az, she wanted to go see her friend in Payson, AZ so we ended up staying overnight at the Knights Inn In Payson, this was the nastiest place I've ever seen, it was supposed to be a non-smoking room but the carpet told another story, there was yellow tar and nicotine running down the walls, the mattress on my Daughters bed had some kind of reddish yellow stain on the side so I gave ger my bed which really wasn't much better, the bathroom was absolutely disgusting, it was so bad my daughter wouldn't even go she waited until we left and stopped for gas,the bath tub shower combo looked like someone had washed their greasy clothes in it and they half assed cleaned it, all of the rooms were accesible only thru the interior hallway, the stairs to the upper floor were dangerous as hell, loose steps, loose handrails. we entered the room and it was an ICEBOX, the peice of crap wall heater took almost an hour to heat the room!!!! I drove a truck for 7 years , stayed in some rank places but this one takes the cake over them all !!!! We travel alot and we will NEVER stay at a Knights Inn again you can count on it!!!!!

    • Hello again, Shandon Here, well this is what got from these people, please read;

      Mr. Shandon Parker
      CASE# 3380432

      Dear Mr Parker,
      Thank you for taking the time to contact our BRAND CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT regarding your stay at our Brand.
      Please accept our sincerest apologies that your experience was less than satisfactory.
      Thank you for bringing this to our notice, we will ensure that the housekeeping department takes care of the issues you had with the room.
      Please know that we value you as our guest and appreciate your business. Thank you for bringing this to our attention I can assure you that corrective measures will be taken to improve guest experience.
      We hope to see you again at our brand when your travel plans require a night’s lodging in Payson.




      If they think that I or anyone I know will stay at this or any other trash heap with the Knights Inn name on it they're sadly mistaken, I will make it my lifes work to make sure that peolpe know what they say about Americans and about their crappy hotels these people are done, this is not the last they've heard of me!!!!! Places and people like this should be put down !!!!!!!!!! If they were so worried about people wanting to stay with or come back to their establishment they should always try to make the extra effort to make sure everything is up to snuff,working properly and that people are comfortable!!! It's not just a matter of check you in and oh well they're here now, we got their money, it's hey is your room ok is there anything you need are you comfortable!!!! KNIGHTS INN'S and I mean all of them SUCK!!!!!!

  • I am a resident of Lebanon Ohio. The Knights Inn located in our city had an AMERICAN FLAG wadded up and tied with the rope at the base of the flag pole. This is AMERICA!! If our flag cannot be respected, then that manager needs to leave and find a country that he can respect. This will go viral on the internet, people will be advised to never use this motel again. One of our citizens went into the office to find out why this was happening. The manager, of eastern descent, did not feel like this was important. I wonder if the Karan was burned or thrown in the street, it would be important to him? Our citizen, removed the flag and took it back into the office and advised the manager to take care of it. I cannot tell you how angry I am!!!

  • Knights Inn Indianapolis In South
    There customer service sucks they are very rude
    There are 2 very rude ladies that work the office
    1 lady (Katie) I do believe she works anytime between 4p.m.-12 (midnight)
    She is VERY RUDE gets attitudes with the customers
    I happen to be in the office when one of there employees came in the office and she was not very nice to one of there own employee. It was not even called for infront of customers.
    There needs to be something done with her RUDE DISRESPECTFUL ASS like she NEEDS TO BE FIRED. ASAP I will complain everyday until I know she is FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thief Hotel Owner in Canyon TX charged my card out of spite after I went to look at a room and decided to go elsewhere. We will see if corporate can refund my money back. The owner is a thief and keeps hanging up the phone when I call to discuss.

  • From what I have read, I am glad we never used our reservation. My daughter was supposed to go to the one direction concert in Nashville and the only hotel that we could book with was the knights inn. However, we never got to go do to my daughter getting sick and when I tried to call and cancel I could never get anyone to do so. Then when my card was charged, I tried calling the hotel and was told on three separate occasions to call back and speak to another person. Finally called corporate and I am waiting on a call back which is supposed to happen within one week. We will see.

  • Knights Inn- Grand Rapids Mi. Worst hotel ever! First room the mattress was sunk down on one side, they moved us a bigger and better room. Humming noise all night long. Ice machines didn't work. Talked to another patron, he had the same problem with his mattress. Carpet in lobby was filthy. This one is owned by Idians, very dirty and stinky! These people are ruining hotels and should not be allowed to purchase in this country……

  • Knights inn double charged me and i been on hold for 12 minutes. If corporate doesnt call me back within the next two days my attourney will be reaching them instead of me.


  • We booked our room 4 three days at knights inn . At Macedonia Ohio said check-in time is4o'clock and checkout is eleven in morning. Well we booked them on line cause they said free internet, 2queen size beds which r full size, also they said they had a beautiful swimming pool we r from Cleveland Ohio still cold outside so we thought we would take a little getaway. When we got to the room the refrigerator didn't work had to carry that one out of the room and bring in a new one not new but one that worked. I have two jobs one is cleaning houses and bldg. Also work at steel mill. So I had to bring my cleaning supplies in and spend my first night cleaning, the microwave smelled ikecsome kinda fish. The onecbed sheets had somebody's bowel movement on it. So all sheets were dirty ibvacuum dusted cleaned floors tub sink also there is no strippinggoing from carpet to bathroom but nails sticking out of floor. Next morning took all the bedclothes to office with towels she said we only change sheets once a week maybe. So bedspreads never get washed see through curtains no shades. Polished all furniture. I have a professional ckeanib business of my own this is discussing iu would appreciate my money back and three free nights at a four or five star hotel. Please let me know or I will write to u everyday until I get can answer I am looking for also told them do not come in my room I will fix it when I get back they came in anyway.Not a nice little getaway .She told me today no more sheets for u just towels. No shampoo soap one tiny garbage can. Had to use can of Lysol then leave to get food also cleaned microwave this is not my job. Never again I will make sure everyone i know not to stay even if free. Thank u Howard Hendershot hereis my email and phone# 216-71-9202. Remember eveeryday

  • I called the knights inn in palm harbor fl, I couldnt get an answer so my husband went there tuesday afternoon to book the room for wednesday and thursday. They booked us for tuesday and wednesday. We went for lunch thursday and came back to be locked out. My husband went to the office thinking the card was deactivated. They wanted to charge us a late fee. We were told to leave. What kind of business is this anyway? They screwed up and treated us like the dirt they are.

  • I have been trying to get ahold of the Knights Inn, Johnstown, PA since the beginning of February 2014, to book a room for an annual conference held at the Johnstown University. I couldn't get ahold of them, since no one ever answered the phone.
    I ended up calling the Knights inn 800 number, on 02/06/2014, and tried to find out if the hotel at that location was closed/out of business. They assured me that location was open. I booked the room and I also suggested the same hotel to 2 friends and their families, who also booked their rooms.
    I had a feeling something wasn't right so I kept on calling the Johnstown location number and no one ever answered. I called the 800 number and asked for costumer service, where they assured me, once again, that location is open and that the reason they aren't answering is because of winter storms in the area and that the telephone lines are down. I kept calling the location number several times a day for a week. Since I wasn't getting a convincing answer I ended up calling the Dairy Queen, Subway and the Holliday Inn, all in the same area where the Knights Inn is, and ALL of the people that answered assured me the Hotel was closed.
    On Saturday February 15, 2014, I called Customer Service at the 800 number, spoke to a nice lady who assured me this will be investigated and gave me a reference number and that I will get an answer by February 21st, but they won't cancel my reservation until they find out if the place is actually closed.
    I ended up calling their Corporate number and spoke to Costumer Service who gave me a different reference number and, once again, told me that my word wasn't good enough for them, that they need to make their own investigation and that I will get news from them on February 25…
    I went on FB, located the restaurant and the lounge located inside the hotel and hotel pages. No activity since 2013. I found emails for the 3 places, and I emailed them. A lady called Nancy Gordon, who used to be in charge of the banquets replied to my email with this:
    "No I'm sorry the restaurant closed in September and the hotel closed in January.
    It is now all a banquet facility.
    Thank you, Nancie"
    She attached her number so I called her and explained my situation. She was in shock as why would the Knights Inn keep accepting reservations for a closed location, which is ILLEGAL. She said she'll help me out an also my friends to get out of those reservations.
    I called the Corporate Customer Care again to give them the information Nancy has given me. Still that isn't enough for them so I am waiting to be contacted by someone.
    It's been more than 3 weeks and this issue hasn't been resolved. The Knights Inn is still taking reservations on a closed location and are not cancelling the existing reservations even after being exposed by my own investigation that didn't take me more than 2 days. I have been treated very poorly by several of the costumer service staff and even though a couple of them called the Johnstown location themselves and realized no one answers the phone and there is no recording, they are still allowing people to book rooms at this location.
    Be very careful with this chain of Hotels. If anything goes wrong, you are on your own.
    I am in the process of filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and other entities.

  • My husband, two sister in laws and I were searching for a room this past valentines weekend just for one night. Knights Inn on 301 in Tampa,FL was the only place that had any vacancy. Now I know why! First of all they charged us 134.19 to stay the night, then we get into the room 121 and lay down for a bit. We noticed holes in the walls and that the room wasnt worth 134.19 at all! My sister went to take a shower and when she got in and turned on the water the plug was broke first of all and second something that resembled vomit started coming up from the drain. As she jumped out she seen that there was blood smeared on the walls. Disgusted by this she quickly goes to change into her clothes. She sat down on the bed and went to turn on the tv. As she dropped the TV and goes to pick up the remote she picks up a pair of someone's dirty grungy panties full of public hairs! She quickly throws them down and freaks out!! I went to the front desk with her and we explained the shower and the dirty panties in the room and he apologized and said since we were in the room for almost 2 hrs that he could only refund half of our money. I agreed (since we couldn't find any other vacancies anywhere) and proceeded back to our room. I started taking pictures of all the holes,blood,bugs on the vanity, and the duck taped door…As I was taking pictures of all of this suddenly the front desk guy comes running down and yelling at us that we need to leave. I was confused as to why. I said because he refunded half our money that we needed to leave!! I said no way. You NEVER told me that we needed to leave. He said that he was calling the police, I said okay. Go ahead. And so he did. However, on my checkout paper where he refunded half the room clearly states checkout date feb.16th. But the police show up and say we have to vacate the premises or go to jail for trespassing. We were all in shock over this, but did as the officer asked. We are now banned for 1 year from this Knights Inn. No problem I would NEVER go back ever!! And still being charged 67.20 for the 2 hrs we were there. How ridiculous is this?!!! I am disgusted that we only wanted to make them aware of the filth and for making a complaint we get kicked out!!!! WORST SERVICE EVER!!! A "KNIGHT-MARE" if you will….

  • The Michigan City Indiana Knights Inn they fired all the housekeepers the news ones sucks everyone is complaining about dirty rooms half swept floors,getting one towel no soap out of toilet paper so bring your own and forget internet chance of connecting to it if your not in lobby you will get struck by lighting first,They burn incents in lobby smell is horrible instant headache maybe is so you wont notice dirty room and stay.

  • Update from the not happy customer from knights inn, st. Augustine:
    After needing to get a new keycard 4 times and all the above issues
    they kindly refunded us back one days stay. We stayed 2 days but left early.
    Didn't want to stay overnight. Thank you for the refund.

  • Knights Inn, St. Augustine, Fl
    We stayed in Knights Inn in St. Augustine. This place is horrible.!!!
    We stayed here because we were at a car show and this was the host hotel.
    The first room (215) they gave us the bathroom tub was two colors and had a big circle of peeling paint in the middle. It was awful looking.
    The toilet had toilet paper in the toilet and some other stuff so that told me it had not been cleaned at all…nasty.
    The bedskirt ws hanging towards the middle of the floor and twice the length that it needed to be….looked crappy and unmade. The vent had rust on it and the walls had brown marks on them and cheaply done.
    Just felt dirty. This place needs major renovations. We told them we wanted to move to another room so they moved us to 222. It was a better atleast the tub peeling and paint wasn't chipping off. The shower heads are all old too. The rooms do not have a coffee maker, hair dryer, refrigerator, or microwave….only a tv.
    The towels are very thin and worn and hard. I used a towel to wipe my face and it caught onto a mole on my face and caused it to bleed because the threads were hard. This is the topper of the stay. Our key cards would not work properly and we had to go to the front desk three times to get a card that worked.
    Alot of the people in the car club including us will never come back here.
    Not happy customer

  • We stayed at the knights inn on s. Frio st in San Antonio, and I have to tell you this is the dirtiest place I have ever stayed in my life! The first room I was given a
    Had a hole in the wall the beds weren't made and the door didn't even lock properly.(it could be pushed open with no key) the second room they gave us had blood on the doorway, and mold on the bathroom ceiling. The worst part was on the morning of check out my daughter found dried vomit on the underside of the blanket of one of the beds!!! When I tried to. confront the manager I was avoided to the fullest and asked to leave a Phone number and was never called!!!! We will never be staying at a knights inn or whyndam group hotel ever again!!!

  • we stayed at the one in Traverse City, Michigan, it wasn't bad but they put a charge on our bill saying we pee pee on the walls, shower curtains. By the way we didn't do it. It took many phone calls and E-mails to find out what happened and they said they would check with the cleaning person and get back with us and never did. So I would never stay at a Knights Inn again even if it was the only place to stay. Not happy people from Nunica

  • Don't stay in Martinsburg, WV at the Knights Inn. The place is pet friendly, but they are not pet friendly if you go out and buy one during your stay. I had booked two night stay and traveled north into PA and bought a yorkshire terrior which created problems for the staff. He could stay as well with a fee of $60.00 then down to $40.00. But when I inquired about the advertised price of $10.00 per night he was not allowed nor was I permitted to change rooms for that price. Sounds like manager and night shift clerk were taking advantage of situation where nothing could be traced. If this was a situation with my employer it would be dealt with and likely these two candid employees would no longer be part of the five year plan.

  • my stay was the most horrible experience ive ever been through they lied about the rates until we checked in gave us one towel and laughed , housekeeping stated they hated slimey americans no hot water , tub didnt drain , linens filthy and when we spoke to manager he stated for u we do nothing !

  • your name as a franchise suffers because of the drug induced staff here at mesa az. using profanity at guest infront of children and several people have left 10 minutes after checvking in.what a shame.

  • We stayed for one night and our party had 2 rooms on June 24 ,2013. The worst motel we have ever stayed in and it was in Payson, AZ.
    One refrigerator froze all and the other did not work. Tubs were filthy, non smoking rooms with burned holes in spread, blanket and mattress. One of us got ill from the smoke odor. Towels were stained and very worn. Tissue holder but no tissues. Rooms were just disgusting.

    Never again traveler

    • please read below under anonymous, my name is Shandon parker, I had exactly the same issues this place is freaking disgusting , we will never stay at another Knights Inn and if they hate Americans so much SEND THEIR BUTTS BACK WHERE THEY CAME FROM!!!!!

  • I seriously would sleep in my car before staying at a Knight's Inn ever again. My friend and I stayed in the Knights Inn Springfield, Ohio, May 16-17 and found it to be FILTHY. Tiles were missing from the floor, the bathroom outlet didn't work.. and there were numerous other problems, but the biggest problem was the DIRT. The pillows were yellow. The door was disgusting. The bathtub was full of hair. The toilet barely flushed. It smelled. The TV had a dirty film on it. We slept in our clothes and tried not to touch anything. Brushed our teeth and left. If we ever found ourselves in the area and unable to find a hotel (busy fairgrounds Extravaganza weekend), we would sleep in our cars rather than risk our health at the Knight's Inn.

    • We had the same problem at Knights Inn in Southington, CT. June 6- June 12th. They also over charged us for one night. What a pit! I would rather have stayed in my car, We will never stay at another Knights Inn ever again. I am having a problem trying to contact headquarters presently. Sent three emails and have yet to hear anything regarding our stay.

  • The knights inn in berea ky is nasty and the man that runs it is mean i asked him if i could use the coffie pot in the office to make a cup if coffie he told me i could for 5dollers so i asked if i could get a pot for the room he said ya for20 then i told him ate room didnt have tolit paper he said i could only have 2rolls a week i would never tell someone to stay here this place is nasty

  • My family and i stayed at the knights inn in berea ky it was the werst place to stayneal the manager was mean and hateful we stayed a week and he told us we could only have to rolles of. tolit paper thay never clean the room we have to pay extra for the phone i asked if we could use the coffie pot in the office because theres not one in the room he told me it would cost 5 dollers this place suckes

  • I stayed at the Knights Inn in Columbus, Ohio. my reservation was for a weeks stay. me and my hubby get to the room and this room was NASTY as hell. it was bloody finger prints on the lamp shade, boogers all over the wall, food or dry up blood on the walls, it smelled so bad in the room, the dresser was broken and the door was messed up. so we took pics and went back to the front to ask for our money back and the woman said "no refunds after 15 mins of check in"!!!!! Even with the pics and she went and looked at the room, she wouldn't put us in a clean room or refund our money back. nobody never came and clean the room up. This place sucked big time….i wouldn't stay here again if i was homeless and they gave me a room for free!!!!!

  • I made reservation for two rooms for 4-13-2013. I was told if I needed to cancel my reservations, I needed to do so two days before the 13th. well, my brother and his family and myself found rooms that better fit our needs. I called at 5:30 pm on 4-10-2013 and cancelled the two rooms. the lady I talked to told me the reservations had been cancelled. six days later I find out that knights inn charged me for the rooms anyway. I called the knights inn in Lafayette IN and asked Devin about it. he ask for a cancellation number. I told him that the lady I spoke with did not give me a number. he stated that he would look it up and call me back. I never heard from him. I called back on 4-17-2013 and spoke to devin again. he said the employee did not show up for work. then he started talking as though he was not going to make this right. im going to wait for 48 hours, then I am going to my lawyer, and also will start using social media to warn all people to avoid knights inn at all cost. at this point, they are nothing but crooks.

    pissed off customer
    samuel woods

  • Stayed at the Knights Inn, Murfreesboro Tenn. It was a dump! Broken toilet, no toilet paper, dated like 30 years ago and I think the bedding was that old also! Would never recommend this place. Contacted corporate and they said they would refund our money. Received check today. They made good on their promise. They need to stop selling these old dumps to people that don't know or want to keep them clean or updated. Either close or take your name back!!

    • I just stayed there Monday evening..
      October 6th, 2014

      Bugs in Bathroom..
      Very disgusting!!!

      I called front desk, they said they'd get someone in there to spray!

      I left..

  • Central avenue pike, knoxville, Tennessee. Went there roaches were found not only in our room but also our friends rooms as well! Broken plugs, headboards, stains, cracked toilet, my friends room had a very dirty disgusting smell. Linens were stained not sure if they were even clean!!!! Worst of all we were expired to bedbugs and later found out we weren't the only ones!!!! I do not recommend this establishment to anyone! Pay the extra money to stay somewhere cleaner!

  • my fiance, his mom, my 10 week old child and i had to make an emergency stop in Ghent, Virginia because weather conditions were horrible with ice on the roads. we stayed one night and it was absolutely horrid. sunken makeshift beds, dirty sheets, no towels, no soap, dirty bathroom, broken clock, stains everywhere, and they had the gall to charge us $95.00!!! they took advantage of us because they knew there was nothing we could do about it. this hotel chain should revamp or close. do not stay at knights inn. ever. it will be a waste of your money and ruin your mood for traveling.

    • Knights Inn/State Rd 16/ St Augustine/ Florida: AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!! First room we were put in was 125…ALL the way in the back of the building, very last room in hotel. Could live with that, but room was atrocious!! Nasty/ lamps with no bulbs in them/ huge, sharp screws sticking out of headboard/ ac was rusted out, nonworking with lots of holes in it/ when we tried to call office to complain, we discovered that the phone didn't work either!!
      So, we drove around to the office (yes, we were that far away from the front of the hotel). When I showed the pictures of the problems to the gentleman at the desk, he said he would change our room. We moved to room 141. Again, nasty!! We tried to take a bath. No stopper in tub…it had been replaced with a grate over drain. Tried to use shower, but couldn't pull out knob to change to shower head. When we tried, entire faucet pulled out from wall! AC didn't work…again. Phone did, this time, so we called office. Maintenance guy (nasty, dirty looking, unshaven guy with a ponytail) showed up about an hour later and changed out ac unit with another ragged out machine, but at least this one works…. halfway. Checked shower, said he would have to get an 'o' ring for it and would be right back. As he was leaving, I asked my daughter if she thought that maybe we could get a refund for the other six nights, since we paid for seven nights in advance. Maintenance man overheard me and said, very rudely, "Holiday Inn is across the road." I told him that is what I was just thinking, if we could get a refund. He then said, even more rudely, "Well, you checking out or what? If you're checking out I don't need to fix anything!" We told me that since we had paid a week in advance, we really didn't have a choice. He then said he would be right back to fix the shower. He never came back.
      Later that night, tried to flush toilet. Didn't work. Called office (about 8:00 pm). No one answered, so I again drove there. An elderly lady sat in a corner of the lobby, reading. I went to desk, waited a few minutes and called out, "Excuse me. Anyone here?" towards the back of the desk area. I noticed the elderly lady watching me. After I called out a few times, she finally got up and came to the front desk. She called someone on the phone, apologized for bothering them but someone had a stopped up toilet. She hung up and said, not very nicely, that he would be there in a few minutes. He was. MUCH nicer gentleman. He used a plunger to unstop it. Next morning, same thing. Called office. Lady that answered said they would snake it out this time. I also asked for housekeeping service today, since it was our third day and we hadn't been able to even get floor swept (floors are bare tile)… not even a rug to wipe your feet on. Anyway…same rude, obnoxious elderly lady, informed me, not too kindly, that we were already down for room service today and they would get to us when then they could. This was at about 7:30-8:00 a.m. AT 2:45, still no housekeeper or maintenance guy!! Went back to office AGAIN!! Asked same rude, elderly lady about when anyone would be showing up. She held up two fingers, literally yelled at me that she had two housekeepers to clean this whole place and they would get to us when they could!! By now, I was furious. I asked her if she didn't think maybe they should hire more. She did get the maintenance guy back again, but again, armed with only a plunger. It is now 4:12 p.m. Still no housekeeper!!!! DO NOT PATRONIZE THIS DUMP FILLED WITH RUDE, OBNOXIOUS EMPLOYEES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OUr stay at the niagara falls Knight Inn on Lundy's Lane on New Years Eve night 2012/13 was discusting at it's best.A smashed in bathroom door,a light hanging out of its socket over the bed,a mirror that wsa not clean for weeks, another lamp shade full of beer caps,bathroom towels that were filthy and worn out with holes.Managers did not give to craps about the room.Like it was a take it or leave it additude.Where has the CANADAIN pride gone.We need to stop selling these business to people who do not know what the word clean is all about.I would NOT recommend this Knight's Inn to a barn cat.

  • Outdoor Pool dark green, slimey with algae. Mattresses brown from stains and uncomfortable. Mattress looked to be 20 years old. AC unit needed new filter and plastic covering cracked. Bugs seen on side of bed. Dresse drawer broke and lying sideways. Room stunk, carpet filthy. Everything outdated, needs paint and renovation. Absolutely not a place to stay. Very sad the owners aren't doing any maintenance here.

    • Same problems here. We had bed bugs for starters. It is completely filthy. There is garbage all over the motel ie trash,dirty mattresses, broken motel furniture. Children living in that squallor and adults hanging out drinking and. cursing. Sheets and towels so nasty they can't get them clean yet still put them in the rooms. I would recommend NOBODY stay there.

  • I was thinking this was going to be a good stay, and then I was be up priced on a night stay, by the front desk person, frist telling me ny room was to be 44.00 and then when I came in to pay for the night and informed him I have a res for the next to night, he asked me to cancale with my online deal and he could give me the same rate,and when I said I wouldnt, and they have already charged me, he then said the room would be 60.00 after saying 44.00 before. and the room it self was not clean I had to buy me some sheets, and towels, and took pis of the lamp shades, OMG nastey, and the rmote only work when it wants to and you have to get up and turn the TV off, and on, Hot water dose get hot, it just gets warm, and toliet was broken in to ways then one. Curtin hjad so much dust on them I could stop caugthingthe only thing that was clean was the freg on the inside. I would never do bussiness there ever or tell any one about it.

    • I understand, I too had the worst experience of my life this weekend past! Front desk clerk was very nasty and mean using profanity at me, put me on the 3rd floor with a handicap child and no elevator, roaches in the room so bad we had to take our suitcases back out the room to be safe, and bugs crawling all over the walls and ceilings!! Smh

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