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  • I work for kindercare and I'm in the process of finding a new job. My center is filled with gossip and favortism. My center direct doesn't let anyone who is sick call in except for friends that are close to her. She's fake to both parents and staff. I will never be able to say good things about kindercare.

  • The center where my wife works is ran by two young people that really could use classes on how to respect people and treat their teachers. They make them take 2 hour breaks to keep them from going in to overtime and make a mandatory meeting and o yea you don't get paid for it either. I feel this is against the law but I don't know who to call this company really needs to get with the teachers and ask them how these centers are ran,

  • I worked for CClC GWU Childcare center and it was cool for the first year. Everything started going downhill when my old director (Thanh)left and Aganas took her spot. I am much displeased with this place and how it is being ran. As a director she discourage her staff, she harasses them, and most of all nothing is kept confidential, your business will be told to other staff. I also dislike the fact that she never share with any of her staff the positive things but is quick to tell them the things that we do wrong. She is never on time but is quick to jump in our face and pick with us if we are late and she walks around on her phone all day texting her husband. she leaves the center unattend and go home early and pull a teacher out of their class to sit in the office. Overall this center is the center from hell and there is no turning back so to all the parents and former employers just watch ur back when u come here it is not what it is made out to be.

  • do not work at kindercare. it's all about the money being made by the company, not the kids as they state in the company's mission statement.

  • Kindercare does not care about its employees whatsoever. Hours are continually being cut because our DM keeps saying we "don't have enough kids" when we are always over ratio rushing to get people off the clock. This causes more incidents and chaos. We keep losing children and our CD does not seem to see why and always blames the teacher. Not a single teacher at my center works 40 hours. Kindercare just wants to pocket all the leftover money they can and do not care about the safety, well-being, and education of the students.

  • I worked for CCLC for three years and it was great when it came to my families children and co teachers but with Admin they sucked big time and didn't appreciate us teachers at all so much mis communication and never a direct answer they suck

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    Yes! the company 'SUCKS,' so much ignorama where some directors can not be reach or talk too because they think they are so so good that no one can touch them despite their lack of credentials….pathetic!

  • I work fork for Kindercare in Kenilworth worth nj and that center is Horrible!!! First off,, they have a young management team that acts as if they're in high school. Secondly the children are"bumped" back and fourth alll day long no matter their age or the time of the day. They never ever do what's best for the children, only what's best for them. Thirdly the cook microwaves a lot of the lunch and gives out frozen fruit or whatever comes to mind. The center director is barely ever there to witness most of anything and if she is there she would never speak on them. The director and her assistant treats the staff horribly and the assistant gossips and tks about all of the teachers and including the director. She's not a good person and brings a lot of havoc to the company but nothing never ever gets rectified because the district manager is too close with the director and the assistant. This place is one big front and everyone pretends in front of the tours and any other visitors because if anything was mentioned or brought up they would go for days without even acknowledging you or making you feel there. They have children sharing cribs/cots and treats the director's children as if they are the only children in the building. Someone, anyone needs to come out and speak to the staff privately because this place needs a better management team to stay afloat!! It's very easy to hire and enroll people but keeping them is extremely difficult!! This company needs to care more about the children because they are our FUTURE. There's every kind of bug that you could name inside of the building and the playground looks like a yard of a prison. AND THE PAY!!!??? This company makes a million dollars a day but will pay their employees$9.00- $11.00 to deal with all different types of children, to be abused by them mentally and physically, due the norm that most teachers do and then mop and vacuum while the children are still in the building,,, I've never seen anything like it!! You would be better off leaving your child with a loved one where they would actually be getting loved!

    • I myself actually use to work for that Kindercare company years back and everything that you published is right on the dot! The only thing that was not mentioned was the way that they would allow the particular teachers at the time to misbehave with the children. When I was an employee there the teachers were leaving children on the playground or classrooms alone and it was never reported,,, not to mention how some of them would use the N word, report it and the teachers were still able to work there (what a disgrace)! I don't condone that type of behavior and was happy to leave. I'm surprised that they're still opened for business or haven't been sued yet!! I wish you well

  • I have a degree in education (certified K-12). KinderCare hired me as a school-age teacher due to my qualifications, but to my surprise, had me with ages 1-4 for the vast majority of my hours, covering breaks for other teachers. In fact, sometimes my shift would end before the older kids came to the center from school! My fifteen hours of training were for school-aged children, and I was not given or offered any training on working with younger children whatsoever. One of the reasons I was fired was for not following procedures that I never learned… because I wasn't trained… because I wasn't hired to work with that age group. I was never even verbally taught these procedures! How silly!

    My center director also said I was being fired for speaking too abrasively to the children, and said that several parents had complained about me. I have NEVER been told that I speak abrasively, in all of my years working with kids! I speak to them frankly and refuse to baby-talk in order to further their development of language, but abrasive? Frankly, that's absurd! I asked why she had never brought it up and discussed it with me so I could meet her standards, and she insisted that she had. That is a bold-faced lie! Even if I were one to speak abrasively, this is no means for dismissal without discussion and review first!

    Hours were also cut to barely full-time, and I know many of my co-workers were concerned that they would lose their benefits. And that's not the only reason they're unhappy! Another teacher (who also has an education degree) said this was the worst job she's ever had, and I think that sentiment is shared by many.

    That center's numbers are dropping. I'm not surprised, with that kind of management. The director can pretend she has everything under control as much as she wants, but the parents can see the incompetence, and it shows in the enrollment numbers. The competing childcare center up the road has maybe triple the amount of kids! KinderCare, it's not me, it's you.

  • I have worked with kids for five years since 2007 in two different day cares facilities, I have had good experiences until I worked for Kinder Care in San Antonio located on Culebra and I had a not good experience there. First, the director has not experience working with kids, a fact that surprised me, for experience and a degree or college hours are required by the state. The classrooms are always over the ratio and they keep taking more and more kids. They do not have enough staff plus the director and the assistant and other employees take several cigarettes brakes throughout the day while in the classrooms help is needed. The director does not even bother to see if any employee needs to use the restroom or something. Clearly they have not idea that having too many kids in one classrooms is dangerous, also they combined classrooms of different ages, that are not allowed, for some children are to little to be with older kids that are hyper active. She tells the parents one thing about their child's accident how she is resolving to prevent that happen again, but she totally lei. She keeps telling the employees that she will hire another person in the classrooms that need help, but she lei again. She also keeps telling the employees to don't spend to much material because, they need to save money for the company. Money that is all she care about. She is reflecting the interest of the corporation. What a disappointment that there are places like these that see children as a business.

  • I have tried on several occasions to speak with a real person at KU and got stuck in automated phone service hell. Also sent an email using their online contact form and received a canned response that had nothing to do with my question. What is the deal? Nothing says "bad company" more than really crappy customer service. Also, this company needs to clean up its digital trash. There are a bunch of dead website links on the Internet. I am a candidate for a career position, but will voluntarily decline further interviews. I'm not even an employee and am very disappointed in the "public facing" aspects of this company.

  • I left this company after only 4 months as a director. The DM acts like she cares about everyone and that she wants what is best for the district but really she just wants to do what is easiest and quickest. I cant stand this company because of their low level of integrity. They cut our janitor service, but then would not give us any time to allow our teachers to clean and sanitize their rooms. I will never recommend to anyone and suggest any parents who go wish to enroll their children that they spend an ENTIRE day there so they can see how many licensing and labor laws are broken. As a director I tried as hard as I could do what was right, but there were too many people who were ok with doing the wrong thing.

    • I completely understand and feel as though I can even name the different employees mentioned. Our dedication to our classroom and families gets put on the back burner due to the nonsense, disrespect and humiliation from the administration. These are just a few opinions and I can't even imagine how many haven't been documented. I wish all past employees much success and strength in your future endeavors!

    • I completely agree with everyone. I was a Director with absolutely NO support! I reached out to my DM on countless occasions stating that I was overwhelmed and needed support since I did not have an AD and nothing. But then if there was a complaint she was all over it! I did everything I could and worked 50+ hours a week to make my school successful and at the end of the day it was all in vain.

  • Wow, I wish I would've read all these before starting there last OCT. Walked out today after my director lied to my face…..not a good place to work. Very negative, no breaks, no team work allowed because talking is considered "gossiping" The director is SO out of touch with the staff and clueless about how the staff truly feels. There is NO appreciation, no positive feedback, doesn't care if staff is sick as long as they show up for work. (Wichita, KS)

    • Kindercare is the worst company ever they allow teachers to squeeze little fingers as dicaplin who can I call

  • Knowledge Universe administration team STINKS, they do not care about their employees that render the services everyday!!! Worst company to work for in the whole wide world.

  • I work for KinderCare almost 2 years! I hate the company! We never got breaks…. then if you worked more than 40 hrs and got overtime during the week they send you home early or put it in your other paycheck. I worked in the Loveland KinderCare in Colorado. Out Director sucked some of our parents didn’t like her at all. We started dropping kids we had 67 and in 2 months we were down to 30 it was bad. So I decided to work for a different company. I highly do not recommend Knowledge Universe Corp!

    • I know what your saying. They always want you to work longer and stay later bhai it we as teachers do t get compensated and its our personal time. I average 45-50 hrs/week and always gets sent home early. No more will I stay past my shift. And if I can't get work done while at work then it is t getting done. Fed up with this place and looking to get out and quick

  • Dear Elanna Yalow and Linda Anderson. I will try to make a long story short, But you guys are so high up in corporate, that this little concern, problably wont even reach you. I worked for KinderCare for over 6 years. I got let go due to a parent complaint/co-worker complaint. In child care, you get complaints all the time from parents, because its their children your dealing with. But in my circumstance, I had a center Director who was in desperate need of friendship and comfort from her employees. She never had any back bone and always wanted everybody to be her friend. she couldn't seperate business from pleasure. She made alot of unfair decisions due to her personal feelings. When it was time for my situation to be investagated, there was no investagation. It was the co-workers word against mine. Not only that this girl had been working there for only 3 months, with no experience. This girl told the director that if I come back to work then she will quit. Well I got let go from the company the following Monday. Are these the people that you hire to run your centers. In the end, I ended up getting unemployment becasue, I didn't break any rules or company policies. The only thing I did was make the center director's best friend upset. If Coroperate only knew the things that go on in these centers, you would have no children in these centers. So instead of sending all your center directors to Disney you might want to use some of that money for better trainings for staff and better pay. Not a good company to work for. They don't take care of there employees. Northwest suburbs in Illinois 60108

    • I totally agree with you on this. I have been working for the company for almost 7 years now and it's the same here. They only care about the money not the employees

  • I worked for KinderCare for 2 years.
    I put in my two weeks, I worked for 1 week after that. The last week I was supposed two work my director called me and told me they had no need for me so she would call around to other centers and see if they need help and she would call me back.
    I went in the following Monday which would have been the Monday of my last week.
    I asked her how come they didn't give me any hours and she said, and I quote "we don't need you and neither does anyone else."
    So I walked into the back to get my belongings and as I was saying my goodbyes to the students and staff my director walked back and rudely said to me, you need to leave.
    Kindercare has been one of the worst companies I have worked for and I am still shocked by the way they treated me for putting in my two weeks after 2 years of my hard work.
    I would never recommend this company to any one who is look for a career or childcare

    • Well, by law if you gave your two week notice, they are required to pay you through you notice date. If they didnt, take them to the labor board its not to late to do so…. Good Luck!

    • So sorry but this company is the worst when we talk about how they treat the stuff. I was shocked myself when I heard the same thing they didn't need me, and happened after coming for a trip. Good thing, never work for corporations, they look for money and don't care for children or teachers aids. I saw myself other coworkers gone right away, taken from their class, awful.

  • I asked the director for the number to HR but they didn't know where the book was. So I can report a person that have been nick picking someone. Then this teacher would degrade co-workers..but the director do not see what this person is doing. Because the teacher throw a rock and hide her hand.

  • So a Kindercare called me today. They said
    So a Kindercare called me today. They said they had my resume on file from a while ago and wanted to know if I wanted to interview. I think I remember applying there long ago. We set it up for latter in the week, but then the person wanted it tomorrow I ask what position and they said they have several openings at a few locations in there area. The Kindercare is far from me but is in a location I am trying to relocate to. I have interviewed in the past with Kindercare. I do have experience and meet the daycare teacher and director requirements for my state. Yes I am a male. I think Knowledge Learning Corporation is now Knowledge Universe. Any advice?

    The interview went well.(I had good interviews that lead to nothing) They said they filled 2 positions internal and have one left. I sent a snail mail letter. I also sent and email, but heard nothing. I called today and got the answering machine. Were is the fine line between follow up and sounding crazy/desperate? Thanks! I did graduate from MVCC and GSU.

    I don't want to sound like a cry baby, I am just getting tied of places saying at the end of interviews: “We have other candidates to interview, we will let you know next week.”Even with follow up snail mail and email, you often never hear anything back. Is this normal?

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