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Kobe Steakhouse Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Kobe Steakhouse Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 468 W Hwy 436
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-407-862-6099
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-407-862-6099

  • Andie We seleccted Kobe Steakhouse in Lawton Oklahoma for our Grandsons graduation from basic training..Six out of 8 of us ordered Steak combinations. All of us weren't able to ear our steak. Although we ordered different doneness, our steaks were all cooked to death. Beyond well done, Since we paid the entire check we feel we should be compensated and wish to find out how we can accomplish that please advise

  • My company decided to order take out from your 1609 Murfreesboro pike C, Nashville, TN 37217 location. THE SERVICE AND FOOD WERE HORRIBLE! The togo waitress gave out incorrect information and ended up charging an extra $4 to an order because of her mistake. She then says " Take it or leave it." The person who picked up the order paid the difference to keep from waiting any longer than the 30 mins it took to pay for the orders. The charged $0.75 for eel sauce. Its a small watered down yum yum sauce. The charged for two but only gave one. Then the same waitress proceeded to argue that she included two in the order when in fact she did not. The food was very bland. When we called to speak with the manager Pu or Poom, she was just as unprofessional and was dry and did not listen to anything we had to say. She asked us to drive 30 mins in rush hour traffic after work to return the food uneaten and she will then give a refund. We ordered the food at 11:30am. We waited over 30-40 mins to get it after we got there. She rather have a dissatified customer drive go hungry all day long before admitted that they were at fault. The outside is also in very bad shape. They have lost quite a few customers and have given KOBE as a whole a terrible name. I will not return for sure.

  • OVERCHARGED AND UNDERSERVED>… visited the Oviedo location last night and couldn't get our server to refill drinks. Had to keep hunting him down. Then, our cc was overcharged almost $10. Made celebrating birthdays no so fun and very expensive.

  • This place is terrible there was bugs crawling on the the over charged me by 47.00 I will never be back poor customer service the place is just horrible staff is not nice at all just poor service all around I will never ever go back.this was the location 3884 MORSE RD COLUMBUS OH

  • I had scheduled a priority seating for party of 12 for my daughter bday 17 party. Upon arrival the hostess, Spanish girl, was rude by making my daughter wait for all 12 parties altho 9 were already there. she had 9 ppl waiting and was asked to wait till all showed up. She waited and by then it was 830 and total party of 10 she was asked to wait again till the 12th arrived. Once sat down at the table they sat two other ppl, a couple also celeb bday. Chef tatsu accidentally dropped some food at the male guest from the other party and the male guest got angry and caused a seen as well as threatened the chef ALL this happened in front of my daughter and her friends, all 10, all girls and one boy. My daughter was so scared she went to restroom and then mentioned it to the hostess to handle the situation. Nothing was done the angry guest was not escorted out nor police called. His meal was written off so he received free meal. The angry guest and his partner got up and left and didn't pay the balance of their meal. I'M VERY DISAPPOINTED ON HOW THE SITUSTUON WAS HANDLED AND THE LACK OF SYMPATHY FOR MY DAUGHTERS SPECIAL DAY AND THE TORMENT SHE EXPERIENCED AND KOBES STAFF DID NOT HANDLE THE SITUATION THE RIGHT WAY! Very disappointed.

  • Hi Kobe Japanese Steakhouse President and Vice President I drew you a picture of the new Kobe Japanese Steakhouse for Southwest Blvd Grove City OH what it's going to look like?

    Ps can you write back faster please?

  • My friend and I was at your Clearwater, Florida location on Friday APRIL 15th. We got there about 5:30pm. We had a couple glasses of wine at the bar. What we observed was absolutely disgusting.
    Your waiter, Duckie has some habits that are really bad. We observed him touching his hair then putting his hands in the fruit at the bar and putting the fruit in some drinks. He rubbed his nose with a receipt then placed the receipt on a tray with some drinks and some food on it. He rubbed his face with a napkin then placed the napkin on a tray full of food. This was my second time at this restaurant and I'm not sure we will return. We spend at least $100 when come there and that does not include the tip.
    We was really happy that Duckie did not serve at our table.

  • I took my family of American top team family( including my sons) out to enjoy a meal after a weekend of successful combating. The Orlando alafya kobes was the worst ever. I've been before and couldn't believe what I was seeing. The food was burnt; the cook had no idea what he was doing, my kids were asking why the flames was so high at other tables while ours was candle high. This guy Huey had a mess everywhere.( I packed my food to finish cooking it at home) I told the waitress that he brand new and she confirmed that he just started and asked how I knew. I told her because the service was horrible and explained. And she's extremely apologetic while she's collecting my check and still bowing and apologizing while collecting my hard earned money and the tip. If nothing is done I'll never take my family again and I'll use my influences to assure none of my people go again. This is ridiculous. As a business owner I understand how that should've been handled; especially knowing he was new!!! Frustrated!!!

  • Someone really should visit the Tuscaloosa, Alabama location. The food quality is in serious need of improvement. We were seated at a table, not a grill, so the chef was under no pressure to perform. We have eaten here before so we expected the food to be of the same quality. Not even close. We do have much better options for Japanese food available if you feel Kobe in Tuscaloosa isn't worth the time and effort to improve it.

  • What a disaster our Christmas dinner was this evening at Kobes Steakhouse on Dale Mabry Hwy., Tampa, FL 33624. There were eight of us in our party. We have eaten at Kobe Steakhouse many times before on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. When I went to make my reservation online a Holiday menu appeared. There were only four choices on this menu with no vegetarian dishes or child's meal on that menu. So, before I made our reservations online I called the central reservation number to inquire about the menu. They assured me that the holiday menu was an additional add – on with seasonal choices in addition to the regular menu. Therefore, I went ahead and made our reservations.

    When we arrived at Kobes they wouldn't even let you look at a regular menu. I spoke with the manager and told him about the central reservation agent that assured me the regular menu was still available on Christmas evening. The manager stated it was the loss of the reservation agency and I corrected him and said no it is the loss of your customers at this Kobe restaurant. Every other Christmas Eve or Christmas dinner we have eaten at Kobe in the past the regular menu has always been available as well as the sushi appetizers, etc.

    Last year the restaurant was so crowded there wasn't an extra seat to be had. This year there were only a few tables of patrons. I am sure the manager will find out the bottom line when he calculates the sales for the Christmas night 2014 and compares them to last Christmas (2013). Our family of 8 eats out together several times per year at Kobe. However, after this experience I don't anticipate we will come back to Kobes.

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