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  • Kohls Corporate Office Headquarters

Kohls Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Kohls Corporate Office Headquarters

Kohl’s Address:

N56 W17000 Ridgewood Drive

Menomonee Falls, WI 53051 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-262-703-7000

Fax Number: 1-262-703-6143

Customer Service Number: 1-866-887-8884

Email: n/a


  • I am sorry for all of your bad experiences, however it seems to me that every store is different and certainly every state. We would NEVER treat our customers like that at my store in Minnesota. I haven't been working there long, but it's a great store with WELL TRAINED employees. I can't speak for all stores, just what I know from my own. I am very sorry you all had such rude people helping or not helping you at the stores you've visited in your prospective states. I hope you'll visit a store in another state if you ever get the chance and let us change your minds. Good day to you all. Again I am very sorry!

  • I'm sorry but some young people who have no life experience don't know the meaning of the words "customer service". They are just trying to hold on to their jobs by doing what they are told. The people telling them what to do don't know what they are doing either. They can bring down a good company; the problem is at the top.
    Once those who built the business retire, the new batch doesn't know what it takes to run it!

  • Kohl's Call Center Dallas, Texas
    If you are a real call center professional, please save yourself time and don't accept the interview. This call center a mecca of unprofessionalism, from HR to the staff! Perhaps that's why only 9% of its revenue was from the e-commerce side of the business last year. With this type of environment and unprofessionalism, no wonder the ship seems to be sinking for Kohl's. Fix it or continue to go down this horrible path.

  • 3 times I have done online orders and even though I get an email days in advance saying item is ready for pickup it is never ready for pickup. I am wasting away my lunch today in the meriville Indiana location. Because either they can't find the product or no one pulled them. Order said it was ready Wednesday and clearly they do not know how to do their job in this store or Michigan city Indiana.

  • My daughter bought her father two coats from Kohl's in Phila. and one fit and the other one I took back with the receipt. The coat was $29.99. They would not give me money back even with a receipt, but gave me $23.99 in a cash card to be used in the store, they took off $6.00 as a Trans. disc whatever the heck that is. so they will never see me in their store again.
    and I will be telling everyone I know about it /all of the Senior Centers That $ 6.00 should have been given back to me since I had the receipt.

    • That trans disc was probably your senior discount.or any discount your daughter had If you look on your receipt, you got back EXACTLY what you paid out of pocket. You people always complain that we are ripping you off. Just read your receipt!!!!!!!

    • Hey, Anonymous, April 2 – Make your receipts READABLE; how about that? Train your employees to explain things with respect and compassion. The real rip-off is in customer service; we are being ripped off in respect to good will and positive experience! – If you mean Transaction Discount, SAY SO! Explain yourself, OK?
      You guys have a corporate ATTITUDE problem.

  • I was at your Delavan store (#0484) and was in the JR. Dept. I am part Handicap and to say the least there were no chairs or stool to sit on. I had to lean on the wall and almost fell three times and there was no one to call (I tried) it took me 20 min. to get a pair of jeans off, I would think that even being the JR. Dept. there would be a place to sit. Again to say the least it was not a good day at the store for me. I did tell someone, don't know if it did any good.

  • It sounds like you are an insider, not. Learn how to write in English before you post. While you are at; learn about loss prevention.

  • I am hearing of this more and more often. I wonder if the Loss Preention personnel are receiving bonses for getting rid of employees. People are not going to shop at places that abuse their employees…I heard where a Loss Prevention person told some one that "if noone told me not to murder someone and I did it, does it make it right" Comparing murder to an honest mistake (no stealing involved) ……………… This is the type of employee Kohls want to represent them, to bully people with their power…. Maybe someone should policy the Loss Prevention people …… instead of the hardworking person who made a mistake…and was honest about it… Shame on you Kohls…….

    • I had a friend of mine that works with calls unfortunately he has seizures now because loss prevention scared him so bad he's paranoid and won't leave his house good job calls way to go morons

  • Kohls is having a problem at the Gilroy, California store and it is due to there Loss Prevention person. Who is looking at what the employees own(cell phones, cars, purses, clothes)and catagoring them as" if they have all these nice things what are they doing working at kolhs. They are stealing," and he is harasing the employees. This Loss Prevention person is being unfair to the employees, and it can result into a Law Suit, if someone doesn't look into this Los Prevention Employee.

    • he is now living in Mobile, Alabama and Louisville Kentucky from what I hear…… A "Bully " is not acceptable at any level at any company, in Mobile, Louisville and or Gillroy….. lets develop plan and actions…… find out the bonus plan….# of people let go, was a purchase discussed….threats made, persons allow to discuss, or simply told out/ video and tape made by disinterested party when dismissed … understand other employee fearful of the LP personnel and must go along…. lets complile give corp opportunity to address if not, then to media…talk tonight

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