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  • Kohls Corporate Office Headquarters

Kohls Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Kohls Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Kohls Corporate Headquarters Address:

N56 W17000 Ridgewood Drive
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051 USA

Kohl’s Corporate Phone Number: 1-262-703-7000
Fax Number: 1-262-703-6143
Customer Support Number: 1-866-887-8884
Email: n/a
Website: Kohl’s

Kohl’s is famous for their departments stores. They retail women’s clothing, men’s clothing and various home products. Their competition includes, Macy’s, Amazon, Home Goods, and Target.

Kohls Corporate Office
Kohl’s Corporate Office

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  1. I bought 2 fitbit versa watches from kohls on Thanksgiving day online and never received my kohls cash of $90. I was just told since the date has expired I will not be able to get another one. I spend a lot of money with this store buying for my family, because every bit helps when there is only one person working. There need to be an unlimited time period to use your kohls cash. In this case it really wouldn't matter for me since I never received mines, I am very disappointed in Kohls for not being able to honor my request, because the time period has passed.

  2. I would like to make you aware of a situation at the Hillsborough, NJ Kohl's (store #478). The HR policy regarding breaks and meal periods is being applied in a discriminatory manner. This has been going on for the past several months and I have finally reached my breaking point.

    If someone works an 8 hour shift at this location, he/she is supposed to get 2 15-minute paid breaks and 1 30-minute unpaid break. Now why is it that when I do an 8-hour shift at this location, I have only gotten a 30-minute meal break at a minimum? It's not ethical that two associates who each work an 8-hour shift get treated differently with respect to meal and break periods. I know there are laws for minors regarding meal and break periods but that is not what I am complaining about.

    I really hope this situation gets addressed.

  3. Customer in Virginia
    I am trying to reach Corporate Customer Service, as I had an unsatisfactory response from the store. Trying to find the phone number for Corporate Hdqtrs is a frustrating experience; the numbers listed take me to Kohls.com Hdqtrs, which can do nothing about a store purchase; I have tried 3 numbers and end up at kohls.com or ecorphdqtrs. Every on-line search takes me to the same dead end. No wonder I am seeing such negative reviews on all the on-line reviews.

  4. I recently worked at store in Marlboro NJ -as a seasonal hire. I was hired as a POS – which meant working at the register- on my third day a got a new supervisor – it appears she did not like me – I was sent to the store room were I had to unload and open boxes – I don't mind a little work but I am 62 years old – the work was to much for me – so I was forced to resign – I thing they were unfair – the supervisor was rude

  5. I recently moved back to Augusta GA and am shocked at the condition of the Augusta Kohl's store. For the past several months I kept hearing it is because of Christmas and after Christmas returns/sales that has caused the chaos that is abound in this store. As soon as you walk in, the ladies active wear section is a big pile of pants on a table. Nothing folded…nothing stacked neatly and sorted in sizes!! This went on for several weeks!! It is a madhouse and creates an unpleasant shopping experience and even more unpleasant staff!!! And for those expectant mothers…Good Luck in finding anything there!! Does corporate ever visit stores to make sure they are properly managed??? I believed what I was told about the after Christmas chaos until a recent visit to Kohl's in Myrtle Beach, SC. Their store was a pleasure to shop in!! So organized and eye appealing!! Friendly staff!!

  6. i have been fighting with kohls to credit my kohls charge card since 12/30. after more than 4 hours on the phone with them, here i am with my money still floating around in a cloud somewhere. this is ridiculous to say the least. took them 7 seconds to take that money off my charge, should be that simple to put it back on. i pay my bill, theres no need to TAKE money from me!!!!

  7. I have had several issues with the online department- I received some stools that were damaged that I ordered online and then picked up in the store. The online department refused to pick them up and send new ones because it was a store pickup. I was transferred several times, talked to 4 different people and basically was told I needed to take the already assembled items (4 barstools) back to the store- now I am stuck dragging the damaged items which are too big to fit in a car back to a store that I will not be able to replace them at. Very poor business-terrible customer service and frankly a waist of 3 hours of my time so far. I was willing to accept a discount on the damaged goods so that I didnt have to go through all the extra trouble but since that was not an option, now they can have the boxless random pieces of junk back so they can throw them away because they will not be able to resell them in that condition. Unbelievable!!!!!

  8. I bought a candle at your store in Port Orange Florida. It was a Sonoma Balsam Fir with three wicks. It was burning normally when it exploded and the bottom broke off and it was a huge fire. It ruined my coffee table and the two towels that I had to use to put the fire out. Thank god nothing else caught on fire and I was right there in the same room. What can I do about this, I have the container and the bottom with the upc code on it.

  9. I think your Kohl's Cash is a scam. I do not believe that there should be a deadline on the Kohl's Cash. We shop in your store and spend our money in your store to earn that cash and then we can't even use it when we want and if we miss the deadline, then its no good. WE EARNED THAT CASH. Many of us on facebook have been discussing this and lots of other people agree with your tactics.

  10. The managers/supervisors at the Kohls in Chgo, IL on Elston Ave are by far the rudest and unprofessional people to deal with. They roll their eyes when dealing with customers, they are not nice to their employee. The employees at the customer service, not all of them, but, the younger ones, use foul language in the presence of customers. I hear their employees complaining that the training is awful. I spoke with one of them, and this individual was frustrated because he/she was trying to provide great customer service but, couldn't because of the lack of training. Kohl's doesn't train their employees, they are just thrown in and left on their own.

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