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Koodo Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. I really need to talk to someone today about my account. I can’t wait for Sunday. I am also sick of the way you guys do your 611 service. I don’t know of any other cell phone company that does it. I know Rogers doesn’t cause I have a friend on Rogers and she can get through to her cell phone provider in one call. So please I need to have a call back today.

  2. Had an account with Koodo for a few years…. and had to change to another service provider as your company didn't have the Phone I needed….
    so closed my account, ported the number to the other provider…. and paid all the out standing balance and was told by the woman rep over the phone there was no longer any balance owing….and the account was at Zero…..!!! which I confirmed with her repeatedly…. found out today after over a year…..!!! that they said there is a very small amount owing still……. this was NEWs to me….. called your customer service to try and get this resolved… and got nowhere…. !! was on the phone holding and talking for over 2 1/2 hours and then call was dropped also. I was rudely dealt with by some of your customer service reps… and then a supervisor of your company…. !!! one hand doesn't know what the other is doing……very bad customer service reps… and customer service in general…. ! I will not ever recommend your service to anyone ever again…. which I was doing until my recent customer service experience today… !! 289 273 2816

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