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Kool Smiles Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. I also had a bad experience with Kool smiles in Christiansburg va. They set me up with the surgeon to pull all my teeth which are all broke into the gums and I can't eat and I'm a diabetic. On the day of the surgeon the receptionist told me that I had to pay $517 before I can see the surgeon. But they never told me at anytime before the surgery date that I had to have any money to pay. I asked to speak to the surgeon and I was refused the right to talk to him and ask if her could pull them for me. I have emailed the numerous times and they have never responded to my email. I'm in dire need of a dentist in the christiansburg va area who will pull them and let me pay payments to them. If anyone on here knows of such dentist, please let me know. Kool smiles need to be closed down.

  2. Very Disappointed at the Falls Church, VA location. They have zero concern/care for their patients and customer Service is unsatisfactory. I am active duty military and I will caution military spouses and military personal look else where for their dental needs. This particular location is a waste. Customer Service and professionalism is below average. I used the Virginia Beach location for years and had zero problems with them but the one in Falls Church, VA is very disappointing in my opinion.

  3. I had a procedure done. Had a tooth removed and next to the tooth i had removed was a tooth that had a filling so i ask the dentist assistant when they was done would the tooth be ok or do i have to come to in particular assured me that i would be ok and that the tooth would be fine. Now i have a cracked tooth. The very tooth she told me that would be ok.

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