Kraft Foods Corporate Office Headquarters

Kraft Foods Corporate Office Headquarters
Three Lakes Drive
Northfield, IL 60093-2753 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-847-646-2000
Fax Number: 1-847-646-6005
Customer Service Number: 1-877-535-5666

  • Kraft being such huge company,why do i HAVE to rely on my cousin In Australia for Vegemite.Made by Kraft over there since 1923? Why cant you make it here in the USA?

  • I have seen on the internet how people take your box top off of Velveeta cheese and switch to a generic brand. So they can get your cheese cheaper. Needs more packaging So That They Cant do This! It Is Stealing!

  • Dear Kraft Foods, myself and my entire family have decided not to purchase Kraft Food Products in response to your advertising on fake liberal news and talk shows especially Rachel Maddow.

  • Hello – I LOVE the single serve Maxwell House International Latte Iced Vanilla or Hazelnut
    but I can not find any stores n Tucson that now carry it. I used to buy th boxes at Walmart
    but they have stopped having it
    PLEASE tell me where I can get it from
    Thank you

  • FYI…the large curd cottage cheese, is NOT large curd. It is not even small curd. It's a sour tasting, puree almost. It's nasty. I have changed brands

  • i have two 2kg peanutbutter jars that just got open and found they our no good i love my kraft peanutbutter creamy always have since i was a kid, but for the fisrt time in all my life i open a creamy peanutbutter jar and i can't eat it cause it smell stall and waxy i just bought this jars only 2 weeks ago and i know peanutbutter doesnt go bad that fast ill need an adress to send them back to you my e-mail is

  • I bought the Ranch shake and bake and I didn't notice in the store that it contains high fructose corn syrup. I've done a lot of reading about this ingredient and it causes all sorts of health maladies, in addition to contributing to weight gain. Why is it necessary for this ingredient to be in shake and bake, or anything for that matter? Can you please leave this and msg out of your products?

  • I do not like the new bottle tops on the dressings either. I end waste more dressing each time I try to eat a salad or marinate meats. I also feel like the bottles are unsafe because the last few I have purchased no longer have the safety seal over the opening. Once you break the paper on the outside, the dressing is open. This seems very unsanitary and therefore I have stopped purchasing all Kraft dressings. It is a shame because they are my favorite, but I can't risk it anymore.

  • Your competitors are marketing their products by pushing the shaker tops, because that's what customers want. Learn the lesson before I finally find another good italian dressing.

  • I'm not very happy you guys got rid of the zesty bbq chicken velveeta skillet it was the best thing I've ever tasted I ate it once a week it's mine and my boyfriend favorite

  • is there anyway i can get the shaker tops just like everyone i hate the new tops and u waste a lot of dressing ineed to find some cuz my in law and i use the red wine vinegrette and shes really working with one arm it very difficult truly i hope u consider we buy a lot of those cuz where she lives they cant find that flavor thankyou



  • I'm sure that they do not have shaker tops anymore so we will use more dressing. I've already changed to Wishbone even tho I don't like the dressing as much.

  • I hate the new tops. I'm sure they are cheaper to produce, but cheaper isn't always better. I'll be looking for another brand. I've tried the new ones, even kept some old caps for awhile, but hate the new ones. And there is more waste with the new ones also.

    Please bring back the shaker top

  • Absolutely! I am so annoyed. I have a few old bottles with the shaker tops and I have reused them, but that is not a permanent solution.

  • Agreed. I thought at first it was just a mistake but it looks like it's on purpose. Too bad, I guess I'll be checking out some of the other brands next time.

  • I noticed that the caps on Kraft salad dressings no longer have shaker tops. This is a very bad change. Already several family members have accidentally dumped half a bottle of Red Wine Vinaigrette into their bowl of salad. I hope it's just a mistake in bottling or processing, and not a new policy. Otherwise I'm changing brands.

    • I agree! And the cap gets so messy when you shake the bottle. I have to rinse it every time and/or wipe the cap with a piece of paper towel.

    • I agree 100% with the comment from Auntie and others regarding the missing shaker tops. I have now wasted a lot of dressing and also managed to make a few salads inedible because of the missing shaker top. In a matter of seconds, I can empty half the bottle on a salad. Please bring the shaker top back. It's sorely needed especially for the Italian and Vinaigrette type dressings. I too am ready to switch brands.

  • There was a coupon in my newspaper for your new Kraft Fresh Take Cheese& Breadcrumb Mix–problem is it was due the next day. I would have liked to try your product, but the next day just wasn't my shopping day. Please put longer dates on coupons, not all of us can use them that fast with our budgets. I miss using lots of coupons, because other items need buying more. Years ago coupons had longer dates and were used more. Thank You

    • WHY on earth would you WANT artificial food products from Kraft? Nowhere on it's packaging does it SAY cheese.
      What it says is possessed singles.
      NOwhere on package does the WORD cheese appear
      Disgusting killers pumping people with dangerous chemicals

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