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  • Krups USA Corporate Office Headquarters

Krups USA Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. My name is Esperanza Diaz, I live in Puebla México and I am one of your millions of customers around the world.
    My voice is so little compared with the market you own; however, I am disappointed for buying a Fresh Mix KB710D11, the service was terrible!!!
    Is incredible that a simple repair delay near 3 months, how can you have a point of sales if you cannot give a worthy service, this is the last time I will by a product whose brand is Krups.

  2. We got the Kettle BW500 as a gift since it was on our wedding registry and of course I don't have the receipt. Your company knows its Kettles leak and the customer service rep is saying we don't read review no but you get calls. I asked for the corporate office and wasn't given it. I was told someone will call me in 24-48 hours.

    Next I have my husband a film maker post how rude your customer support is and how dangerous your kettle leaking is since it leaks on the base and that is a fire hazard. I am sure the video will bring out more people with this issue and if we have to we will take more actions to get this resolved. I just wanted this repaired since it is your company''s defect. I love the design and product but I will never buy Krups again and make sure everyone is aware of the poor customer service and products if this is not handled properly. Signed a very disappointed loyal customer who has a lot of Krups products… Kristijana Oravec

  3. I am very upset after a recent visit to my local Best Buy where I saw the BeerTender on display and advertised for 29.99 USD. Now some background, I have noticed this item in the very store on several occassions even as far back as December of last year while doing shopping for the holidays. The price at that point in time was what I believe to be 129.99. I did not purchase. However during my more recent visits I noticed the list price of the BeerTender item on display had been reduced more than once, dropping to 79.99 and then ultimately 29.99 as previously stated. This was very pleasing to me. I went into the Best Buy on 07/28/2015 and asked for assistance with the transaction. The employee told me that he would leave to retrieve a boxed BeerTender presumably from the stockroom. Upon return I was told that there were no other BeerTender's on site or within the premises other than that which was on the shelf on the display floor an arm's length away from where I stood. Not discouraged I happily expressed my interest to purchase the one remaining BeerTender in the Best Buy but I was met with resistance. I was told that the BeerTender on display was unsellable and needed to be packaged up and sent back to the manufacturer as per some standing agreement. I was beginning to become undone because I had anticipated the purchase of this particular item for several months and while I was under the impression that this was available to me it instead became an issue of semantics. The BeerTender was set before me and all the rest of the customers to view and deliberate the purchase of. I was able to speak with a manager who only repeated the same jargon. I am very upset over this encounter. Eric Calvert

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