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Krystal Burger Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Krystal Burger Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Krystal HQ in 2012
One Union Square Suite 1
Chattanooga, TN 37402
Corporate Phone Number: 1-423-757-1550
Customer Service Number: 1-423-757-1550

Krystal Burger’s main competitors in hamburger restaurants are Mcdonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Culvers, Sonic, Jack-in-The-Box, Cookout Burgers, 5 Guys, Hardee’s, Whataburger, Carl’s Jr., and In-n-Out.

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  • Krystal store #408 on Nine Mile Road, Pensacola, FL, (05/24/2017 12:52PM(CT)). Upon entering, there was no employee at the counter; at the drive-up window; in the cooking area; or anywhere else — except for one employee at a table, sound asleep. An employee eventually came from the back room to take a drive-up window order. In a minute or two, 2 or 3 other employees came into view. I commented that the entire restaurant area was filthy beyond words. Mud had been tracked in and was all over the floor, along with food particles, spilled condiments, and trash. Several tables had not been cleaned probably since before the lunch crowd. The rack that normally contains condiments, straws, eating utensils, and so forth, was at least 98-percent empty. There was absolutely no packets of mustard, or pepper; only 2 small packets of ketchup; about 6 packets of salt; a dozen or less straws; and a few packs of eating utensils. One napkin rack was totally empty, and the other was almost empty. After reading several customer reviews, apparently FILTH is the norm for Krystal outlets. If the customer area is allowed to get this bad, imagine what is going on in the back with the food.

  • I've long been a fan of Krystal. I live in another county so I drive 40 miles round trip to visit either Krystal in Jackson, Tn. Recently I went to both Krystals in Jackson on Mon. & Tues. and neither had chocolate shakes and to save the 40 miles I tried to call and they were having phone problems. What's a fellow to do? How do you run out of shakes? If this was the first time this has happened I wouldn't say a word but it has happened numerous times in the past. Tell me how and when to order the shakes and I will do it.

  • Tried to eat a Krystal's in Lake City, Florida and after we got our meal including burgers and fries , we were told no ketchup, hello? We got our money back and we started out the door to go to Wendy's then were told they found some, really. We told them to feed our cold meal to Mike Moses. A burger place with no ketchup is like a BBQ place with no BBQ sauce. Maybe the owner Mike Moses needs to start finding out what's going on in his krystal, instead of running around trying to look cool.

  • Ordered a sausage biscuit and two coffees at 8:45. Cashier told us to get our coffee and they would bring my order to me. Fifteen minutes later, she came to our table to ask me if I wanted toast instead of a biscuit—that it would take about 10 minutes to bake some more. To that I said I would wait. After another 20 minutes I went to counter to inquire why I had not received my order yet. Another "attitude-infused" employee told me she had called for it to be picked up—she did not. My party and I were there alone and sitting close to counter. After realizing she was not going to back up on her lie, I asked for a refund, showing the receipt with the time on it! Obviously, this second employee decided she wasn't going to bake any more biscuits and just didn't serve me! THEN had the nerve to smart off, give the "evil eye" and act very, very rude. P.S. the first employee was very sweet and even called the "rude employee" by name—meaning she was not acting properly. Apparently, after reading other posts here, there needs to be a major overhaul teaching your employees how to treat your customers—of which I am no more!

  • So I have tried to call, I've contacted the store, I've emailed and nothing seems to work. I was parked at a Krystals in Tuscaloosa Alabama and was towed I had been there for less than 15 hours with no signs of tow warnings or hours of acceptable parking. My car ran out of gas and I was assured my car would be fine but then it got towed. I asked the tow owner why and the General Manager told them it had been there for weeks!!!! I had to pay $200 to get it back which is a steep fine for someone in college. I demand to speak with someone who will at least look at this problem!!

  • I have got take out breakfast from the drive thru on Manchester expressway in Columbus Georgia 3 times in last two weeks. I will not be going back. Each time there has been something wrong with my order.
    original scrambler with bacon had no meat on it it
    original scrambler came without any salt pepper, no spoon and I ask for biscuit and got has browns. coffee tasted sour and cream was curdled
    today it went even worse: original scrambler with bacon was something not even near. it had hash browns, sausage and gravy with cheese. the coffee creamer again was curdled. I had to ask for spoon to eat with and salt and pepper. I don't get to know these problems till I am already at work. I am allergic to spices in sausage and can not take it back since I already at work. they need to check orders as they bag them up and ensure all items are in bags.

  • Stopped by the one in Union City,GA this morning. Wanting the biscuit and gravy. Well when I got my order it was in a bag with a wrapped biscuit with a whole sausage with a little gravy added to it. The young lady at the window said they don't put it in the little box anymore. It comes wrapped. Needless to say gravy was everywhere in the bag. I use to stop by there all the time, well sorry Krystal you just lost a customer. I didn't ask for a whole sausage on my biscuit. I know the gravy comes with sausage but I pick it out. Thanks for ruining my breakfast this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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