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  • Kubota USA Corporate Office Headquarters

Kubota USA Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Kubota USA Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 3401 Del Amo Blvd
Torrance, CA 90503
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-888-458-2682
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-888-458-2682


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  1. I just was disconnected from the salesman during a call about my tractor maintenance check. when i delivered my tractor to their shop, i was told it will take 2 weeks at the maximum. Last Friday, the last day of 2 weeks, i called them, was told it will be ready early next week. I called again today, Monday, I was told they will start see my tractor from tomorrow. I complained, and the salesman it is wrong that I was told it will take 2 weeks from the beginning, or it will be 3 weeks. he said i need to choose whether they start maintenance from tomorrow or take my tractor back by myself, and he hung up the phone with saying another customer is waiting. what a poor salesmanship.!! I already bought a tractor, 2 mower, a rtv from them, he seems to say the customer who is waiting is more important than me because he is willing to buy something. i try to submit a complaint and reached this page, and saw there are lots of complains already posted. but seems no one related to this company is willing to see these post. i promise that I would not buy any more equipment from them in the future. i do not recommend this company for any farm equipment what so ever…..

  2. I have an L35 Kubota and it built up enough pressure that it cracked the transmission case all to pieces. you can still buy the bottom piece but the Ass. Case (part # 3275134130) is impossible to find making my tractor a front end loader because I cannot put anything on my 3 point hitch. So basically I have an unfixable tractor while my buddy has a 5 1958 massy that he can still get parts for. Unreral

  3. Q&S Angus Farms in alabama, purchase an 2019 Kubota Tractor M6-131 and attachments. Tractor operated for 6 months, now the Deaf Header is bad and they informed me it may take up to one to two months before they locate the part. My farm is running over 200 head of cattle and it's already fall, must put out hay. They don't even know when they will have the part, please don't bother on purchasing these tractors, they don't even have the parts in stock. Poor Tractor.

  4. I just made this offer to ASV; Ask ASV if they want to swap me 16 of these machines + 2 of your drum mowers and 4 of Carolina Attachments Mowers ( the ones I been talkin to them about ) for 1, one of those sites I told you about right now and lets watch takeuchi Squirm as the Public is in Awe of What can be Done?
    Then I saw a video about ASV's small cab and the exposed hydraulic hose behind the track that worries me. The worlds Best ATV Park needs The Best skid steers to maintain it! 901-835-3691 or creekman@rittermail.com

  5. Charles,, Louisville Ky. Having a Kubota tractor with backhoe attachment. In ordering hydraulic lines, on back order for over a month. watch out new buyers, parts availability is not there.

  6. I was very disappointed in the Kabota Corp. after receiving a letter from the dealer that in December '14 I spent $25,000 on a Kabota tractor includng 5 attachments. The dealer informed us that Kabota is more interested in units sold then in customer service. This is my second Kabota and it will be my last just because I don't care about the way you conduct business. It's really a sorry commentary when customer care comes in second to sales!
    Very disappointed customer

    1. 100% with you , took my lawn tractor to them because starter went out after only 53 hours on it and also ask to do service on it head over service department was very unprofessional rude and would not even try and listen . Told me one price for service and ask what it consist of he said change oil and oil filter and sharpen blades and check over 125.00 when went to pick up mower it went to 193.00 and he said what did I tell you it would be I said 125.00 he said no and not going to argue which I wasn’t arguing was answering his question and he also said he couldn’t remember hardly yesterday so how could he even dispute what I was telling him and lady at desk said you don’t know what we go thru everyday here and I said so what you all experience with others you take it out on me that’s not fair to good customer . Point being they suck at customer service here in statesville nc and would never return there if only place left would do it myself .

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