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Kwik Kar Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Kwik Kar Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Kwik Kar Corporate Address and Main Head Office:

4725 Nall Rd.
Dallas, Texas 75244 USA

Kwik Kar Phone Numbers and Contact Information

Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-458-9761
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Support Phone Number: 1-972-458-9761
Website: KwikCarOnline

Company Profile and Bio:

Kwik Kar’s competition in the oil change industry includes, Grease Monkey, Jiffy Lube, Pep Boys, Valvoline, Speedee, and Take 5 Oil Change.

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  • I am writing in regards to an incident that happened on Friday August 20, 2020. I drove to the Kwik Kar at 65633 K Avenue. Plano, TX. 75074 between 10 am and 12 pm. Upon arriving I went to the lobby and paid for a full synthetic oil change for my 2009 Infinity G37. The crew was very polite and one of the workers drove the 2009 Infinity on the automotive lift. The oil change went without a hitch, however while bringing the car down off the lift, a shop wire hanging from the ceiling got tangled in the Infinity's front hood. The employee was able to cut the cable and prevent any more significant damage from being done. Their is body damage to the hod of my car. The employee explained that he has someone that could fix the damage and I just needed to bring the car to Kwik Car at the above mentioned address on Sunday evening. I was told the even after hours would be fine, as I could leave the keys in an overnight box their onsite. I will be turning in the car to Kwik Kar this evening as told. I want to make sure that I am doing this with the full expectations that:
    1) Your employee has the authority to speak on the company's behalf, as he stated he was a manager up there.
    2) Regardless of Kwik Kar's internal processies, that my 2009 Infinity G37 will be made like it was prior to taking it for service at Kwik Kar.
    3) Kwik Kar stands by their employee/manager's agreement to fix any and all damages that would have been a resolt of the comp anys lack of oversight of their facilities at Kwik Kar 6533 K Avenue Plano, TX. 75074.)
    4 If the contractor that Kwik Kar enlisted to fix my car is unable for anyreason, then I have the right to take my vehicle to be fixed at any facility that I deem capable.

    I cannot find the owner of this establishment to get this resolved if anybody can help please email me at jeffhouck90@gmail.com Thank you
    Jeffrey Houck

  • DO NOT GO HERE. Take your business somewhere else. I went to this place on April 2021 for my inspection, the guy Broderick said I needed to replace the front breaks, which I did. Four months later the tires of my car locked in the middle of the street, I had to called a tow truck for them to take it to the shop, the guy had told me that the reason for it was because whenever he replaced the breaks didn’t lubricate the parts and didn’t tighten one of the bolts, the bolt went through the wheel, which made my car to lock, luckily I was on a street where I was like 30miles an hr, imagine if I was on a highway? Going 70 miles an hr? I would have been dead. I went back to them, and the guy said he will called me the same day, before 5pm. He never did. He called next day saying there were nothing he can do about it, because it was over their 90 days warranty. But then again, I don’t drive long distances. Which obviously it was gonna take longer for the bolt to fall off. Then he said I should have to take it to them, but I was an hour away, and why I would go back to a place where they did a bad job to begin with? Pls don’t go there. It might safe your life.

  • I will NEVER go to Kwik Kar again and neither will my friends! I was a loyal customer for 3 years until now – they do not appreciate nor take care of their customers. And most importantly, they do SHODDY WORK!

    I just got my oil changed there recently and my check oil light came on not longer after. Naively, I thought maybe they had just forgot to reset it. I had to drive to Dallas for work and was in Dallas when my car started beeping like crazy and the check engine light came on. Totally panicked thinking I could be stranded on the highway, I went to the Lexus dealership closest to me.

    Lexus checked out my car, told me (and showed me this picture) that Kwik Kar had incorrectly installed the oil filter o-ring, so it was cut and leaking oil badly. They said my engine had absolutely no oil. For now, they said my car doesn't show damage, but that there could be damage in the future since I was driving around with NO OIL after I paid around $90 for my oil change at Kwik Kar!

    As soon as I got my car back, I immediately drove to this Kwik Kar and told the manager available what happened. He told me to wait and said he would look into it. He had me wait for over 30 minutes and then finally looked at my paperwork from Lexus. He confirmed that YES it was Kwik Kar's MISTAKE and that they had installed a bad gasket! He said "the gasket must have come broken in the box, but we don't check them in the box – since they are new, we assume they are good to go". He said he spoke with the technician who worked on my car and said the technician did a "final check" on my car and that it was fine when I left with it. The manager of Kwik Kar said I should have called them or brought my car back when the issue occurred. I told him I was panicked in Dallas when the engine light came on and that I didn't know what that meant so I went to the closest place! I'm lucky I even made it there with my car still running! How was I supposed to know in that moment it was all due to Kwik Kar's mistake? I believed in them and thought maybe something else had happened – that's why I did not call them first, I went to where I could safely make it.

    The manager acknowledged that I have been a customer of theirs for years, but that there was NOTHING they could do for me! He refused to AT LEAST refund the HORRIBLE oil change I paid for (see picture!) that was shoddy work and refused to pay for my $260 service bill that was CAUSED BY KWIK CAR!

    Unbelievable. He didn't do anything for me AND made me wait for over 30 minutes. After my husband and I have been customers for years. I work in sales – I know how it works. Your customer is always right and you should always work hard to give the best service and make up for it when you make a mistake!!

    THIS PLACE DOESN'T DESERVE YOUR BUSINESS! They are clearly understaffed and rushing, therefore messing up and doing shoddy work. They definitely don't care about you nor repeat business.

    You get for what you pay for here – cheap work and super crappy customer service. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else!

  • P.S.In the meantime, I found out that all the Kwik Kar 's are franchised, is that correct??? So informing "Corporate " is not going to get me/us any resolutions. Is there even really a "Corporate Office"?? Is all of that fake? Does anyone know if there is a "Regional Mgr"?? This is absolutely Nutts! **!! Wait !!** something else: The return address on the envelope that was sent to the house, from Michelle @ Kwik Kar Automotive is business stamped :
    8551 S. Hampton Rd, Dallas, TX 75232 which matches the falsified Vehicle Inspection Report, yet Ive searched and searched and am unable to locate a Kwik Kar Automotive in that area. WHATS REALLY GOING ON HERE?? Can they falsify that also and still are able to obtain the tags? Unlawfully!!! I bet DPS will know how to handle an
    entrusted company to act on their behalf, who is being shysty

  • I am a concerned driver on Texas Roads. I too am very confused in why Kwik Kar Automotive will not call me back concerning a dishonest person working for Kwik Kar. This person, Micelle Roosbinn Avezlar is falsifying State Vehicle Inspection Reports. She has been doing this, I know for a fact (and I now have evidence), for at least 5-7 years straight. One of the vehicles she has been doing this for happens to be my husband. His 2006 Red Chevy Silverado 1500. This truck hasn't been able to pass emissions in 10+ years. And also has the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT on very brightly. It should not be on the road at all. Yet she gives him a "PASS" every year, I also doubt he pays for it!! Why are these two people above the law?? Especially a safety law.???
    Most of the time he doesn't even have to go to the store in Dallas to pick up the inspection report, (unless he needs her to give him a free oil change or needs her to pay his cell phone bill), she will usually meet him afterwards to receive his false report, while using another vehicle for the inspection and falsifying the input in the computer. In June of 2018 she happened to mail the report to the house for him, thinking I wouldn't see. Up until now he has kept all the info hidden from me, except for her signature on the stickers that we all use to have on our windshields. I couldn't get any where with just searching her oh so common name. However, I have located the 2018 Inspection Report & just in time for his next inspection next month, June 2019. Stay tuned to see if she does it again (Texas Eyes are upon you Michelle!!)
    I believe this is against the law, and she is a known Felon for theft from her previous employer, who pressed charges on her. I'm pretty sure that my husband is not the only husband or male that she has helped in this way. She is known to brag about the many male friends that she has.
    If this is not a theft of some kind, I'm sure it runs along the lines of falsifying legal documents?? I guess I will just take it to Dept of Public Safety, since Kwik Kar Corporate office isn't concerned enough to respond to me. What kind of shady business is this?
    I definitely do not want to spend MY money at a place who hires thieves and lets them continually break the law especially when it comes to the safety of Texas drivers & families.
    *** I have misspelled name intentionally to protect the innocent,as she has not been found guilty yet. CYA! ***

  • I have a customer complaint against Kwik Kar Lube & Tube at 4398 Western Center Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76137. Please keep in mind that I’m a teacher/coach and a single mom raising a 17 year old son. This is another attempt of trying to reach Kwik Kar Corporate to get assistance. I feel like I'm being ignored in hopes that I will go away. I can’t do that, because due to the Kwik Kar on Western Center's negligence I’ve had to purchase another vehicle for my son. Spending $5000.00 right at Christmas time, on a teacher salary, is not a good situation. I know $5000 doesn’t sound like much to a lot of people, but it’s quite of bit of money to me. Please know that I didn’t give negative reviews or post on social media until I had tried all options of trying to get in contact with someone other than a store manager.

    Here is the situation that has occurred and my post on my Facebook page:
    I hate to be the person who makes this kind of post, but I've exhausted all options of trying to contact Kwik Kar on Western Center to get a resolution. The reason that my son Jordan Mayo had to get a new vehicle is due to the negligence of the Kwik Kar on Western Center Boulevard. I recently took my vehicle, and my son’s vehicle, in for an oil change. The oil was changed on my car, but not on my son’s truck even though they said that they changed it, and charged me for it and a filter. Due to the oil not being changed and it being low, 3 weeks later my son’s truck threw a rod through the engine block and he was almost 2 hours away from home. The engine on his truck is shot. I contacted the Kwik Kar on Western Center and left pictures and a video of the small amount of black oil, that remained, being drained out of it on a flash drive with them. The manager, Darrell, said that the owner would call me. I have not heard from him. I have also contacted their corporate office, and haven't heard from them either.
    DO NOT GET YOUR OIL CHANGED HERE! I have used this Kwik Kar Auto location for many years, so I'm extremely disappointed by my situation and their lack of customer service and customer loyalty.
    And a big THANK YOU to Ty McKeever and McKeever Auto Repair in Yantis, TX for looking at Jordan's truck, taking the time to take pictures and video, and storing his truck at their shop until this is resolved. I really appreciate it.

  • Hello, my name is Jeff C. I live in Katy Tx. About 6 months, I went into a Kwik Car repair shop. After my experience, I swore I would never return to them again. they were rude, the place was filthy, and after having my truck in the bay for 45 minutes, they came to tell me they didn't work on diesels?? recently, I drove by there and it said under new mgmt., reluntenly, I stopped in. I was amazed, it seemed like a different place.they came out and greeted me,asked me how they could help me. they serviced my truck quickly and professionally.on my next visit, I had acheck engine light on, they checked it .It was only a vacuum line and they quickly repaired it. they could of said it was something more costly, but, they were honest with me and took care of it at no charge. I have told several people of their integerty . and, I know people are looking for an honest garage to take their cars to. although all of the staff seems to have the same goal in mind of putting the customer first, there is two people that I would like to mention is Ray and Daniel.These two guys are exceptional people that bend over backwards to make sure that I was completely satisfied with my experience at their shop. these guys will keep me coming back. thanks, Jeff in Katy Tx

  • TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! Arrived at Bellmead, TX location at 2:30pm for a vehicle inspection and waited what seemed like forever while "only inspector" visited with person who dropped his lunch off. Then was told it would be 30 mins before I would be helped as he was going on a lunch break. It should be noted I was the ONLY CUSTOMER THERE!!!! I asked if he was alone working to which he replied there was a guy in the pit and the other guy was clocked out. After I left, decided to call and talk to owner, however was only able to talk to manager who said he only had one inspector. Just my opinion, but a manager should be able to perform every position in the event an employee is sick, hurt, or maybe needs lunch!!!! Need to change their name from KWIK KAR to SLOW CAR as it is truly false advertisement.

  • I called an 800 number on 7/27/16. I went to the kwikkar on 6614 preston rd in frisco tx and i believe i been OVERCHARGED. I got a state inspection and air check. 25.50 state inspection with 5.00 coupon than 20.00 charged all the coupons from my area which is three atore have the same coupon. Then one store charged 39.99 and it included 1/2 which approximately 55.00. I was charged 49.99 and 29.99 for a 1lb frecon which total approximately 80.00. OVERCHARGED. And the attitude Sucked. I am not stupid by not means and i can add. I did try to hear the explanation and it made no sense. I don't understand why nothing can be done. It is crazy to me that a store almost around charged different amounts. I went to this store in the pouring rain.

  • I called an 800 number on 7/27/16. I went to the kwikkar on 6614 preston rd in frisco tx and i believe i been OVERCHARGED. I got a state inspection and air check. 25.50 state inspection with 5.00 coupon than 20.00 charged all the coupons from my area which is three atore have the same coupon. Then one store charged 39.99 and it included 1/2 which approximately 55.00. I was charged 49.99 and 29.99 for a 1lb frecon which total approximately 80.00. OVERCHARGED. And the attitude Sucked. I am not stupid by not means and i can add. I did try to hear the explanation and it made no sense. I don't understand why nothing can be done. It is crazy to me that a store almost around charged different amounts. I went to this store in the pouring rain.

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