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Kwik Shop Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Kwik Shop Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-513-762-4000
Fax Number: 1-513-762-1575
Customer Service Number: 1-513-762-4000


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  1. I was training at kwik shop #579 in Davenport,Iowa,on my last night of training I had a mild heart attack,had to go on medical leave,now kwik shop says I never worked there,and getting run around with HR,mgr has quit ,and new manager,don't know what is going on,

  2. I want to know what kind of manager leaves 2 pregnant ladies to do truck deliverys. They don't even allow them to sit in the office if they need to. That is not right. As a former manager I never did that. I find the lack of kindness disturbing. This store is located at the corner of blaris ferry rd Center point rd in Cedar Rapids Ia. Think you need to take better care of your employees. This makes me sick on how they are treated.

  3. I purchased a money order from the Broadway store in Council bluffs Iowa, when I got home I found out that the bill had already been paid so no need for the money I went back into store to get a refund and was told it's there policy not to refund money orders I was out done the clerks were standing around saying they were wrote up for refunding a money order how ridiculous is that I then contacted another location on G ave and was told that is not a policy handed down from corporate and gave me corporates number to complain about the manager. I will never get a money order or shop at this location ever again

  4. I go into the Kwik shop across from O'Reillys in newton kansas every day after work and honesty they are very rude and I've never seen any of the associates smile. I am a Kroger employee myself and I used to work at a Kwik shop and it horrible to see all these bored uninrested people it makes you not want to go in there. I often was thanked by customers for just smiling so I know how much it means to them

  5. The 40th and A Street location changed management a few months ago. Prior to the change the employees had been a team. The same regular five that all had been there long enough to know the customers by their names.
    When Jake was manager he always managed to have a smile regardless of the hours he put in. He seemed to care about his staff because they all stayed.
    Since Jake was moved from this location a lot of the neighborhood has concluded the drive to next convenience store is worth the service.
    Wherever you dug up the current manager "Kevin" you need to put him back. Bring back a manager that can keep a staff and is friendly to its customers.
    I have witnessed this manager belittle the people who work there in front of customers, complain about all the hours he works and act like he is the only manager ever to work for kwik shop.
    One of the employees has stated they do his shift work because he claims his paperwork is backed up.
    Kevin seems to think he is above the rest of the staff and is not a team player.
    It used to be a somewhat enjoyable experience to shop there, the staff knew our kids and usually knew what we were there for. The only original employee to remain is Kevin. If the second Kevin is still there I haven't seen him in a while. They seem to be only employees left at 40 th and A.
    Other stores have sent employees to cover shifts there. I had decided to apply last fall as it is close to home, there is no way I would consider working there now. It won't take much more before I join the neighbors and drive further down the street. Hopefully you will take some action, whom ever decided to move Jake was miserably wrong. If he lacked in management skills we the public wouldn't know, but as far as people skills and running staff skills he was one of the best this store has had in years.
    I can say as hard as it is to get good employees if you have an ass as a manager you don't have much of a chance of ever finding a staff to stay.
    The people who are willing to risk their safety when working for kwik shop should be able to trust their manager has their back. Working for someone like Kevin you would never have that benefit. How sad for your employees.

  6. The "manager", Kevin, at the shop on 40th and A is the rudest man I have ever met. a couple of weeks ago I was in and he went on and on complaining about how many hours he had to work. I do not know this man, nor does not know me, so why he decided to vent to me is ridiculous. this morning I went in to get a cup of cappuccino on my way to work. The machine was filthy. When I went to the cash registers to pay – there was only a female checking customers out, so I got in line. Next thing i know Kevin is at the other register saying he will take the next person in line and that he has no idea why people keep bunching up in line. I replied to this very rude comment that he wasn't at the register when I initially got there. he said "Well, I'm here now". I will NEVER go to this store again.

  7. On January 4,2016 I purchased gas and a car wash at the Kwik Shop on N Monroe St in Hutchinson, Ks. I did not use the car wash that day. I tried to wash my car on January 27,2016. The machine came back that the wash code had been used. I had not used the wash. I see I am 8 days past the 15 days on this purchase. When I went inside and ask the clerk all he would say is sorry man. I wonder how often others are ripped off after purchasing car washes and not getting there wash within 15 days. I also wonder why the car wash is only good at the location it is purchased.
    Gary Brinkley

  8. Kwik Shop #502 in Bellevue, NE was not out of all the coffee, yet a skinny young dark haired employee went and emptied out ALL of the coffee's to make new pots! My favorite Signature Blend was out, and one other one. I was able to get Decaf before he emptied them all out. I get a slice of breakfast pizza, that was under cooked (and it never is), and no pizza containers. Again I had to point that out the that same skinny young dark haired employee. To top it off, the young girl at the register rang up my coffee and pizza without asking for my Baker's Card, yet I was holding it out for her to take, and did not give me the Baker's discount for using the card. I think she over charged me by 57 cents. I was so upset, with these 2 employees this morning I left and didn't notice she didn't give me my receipt. Really, these items should have been ready and no way should the coffee be dumped out to start new pots at 7:40 a.m. on a Friday! I'm very disappointed with my favorite Kwik Shop today.

  9. I go into the Kwik Shop #642 on 40th and Ast Lincoln, Ne everyday! I was very upset to find out they had brought a new manager to my store. Jake was the previous manager he was very friendly and had nicknames for all the regular customers went out of his already busy day to make ours better! Kevin is the new manager over there he is unfriendly and was very irritated when I asked him to get me something that should have been stocked and ready buy and when I came back to the store after I got off work kevin was still there, as I was exiting the store I herd him complaining about me to one of the employees. I do not appreciate being disrespected by the "Manager" if he is even worthy of that tittle. The only reason I will keep going their is because of a wonderful employee Brian who has worked their forever! Get it together Kwik Shop or u will be losing valuable customers!!!!!!!

  10. The Kwik Shop #651 in Fremont,NE is filthy, the refreshment machines are so nasty I no longer use them.The majority of employees are junkies and are out of reality much of the time, and the provide free products for their junkie customers.

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