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  • Kwik Shop Corporate Office Headquarters

Kwik Shop Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Kwik Shop Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-513-762-4000
Fax Number: 1-513-762-1575
Customer Service Number: 1-513-762-4000


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  1. I frequent the store at 6th and Wakarusa for the past 10 years.. Today I was talking to the clerk while getting my coffee and the supervisor who knows me told me to get my coffee and get out. That there was no loitering aloud. I have never loitered there or any place else. Rhonda was her name. She was very unprofessional and showed a BAD example to her employees. I said I wouldn't give this store my business anymore, her reply was Good.. When I asked for corporate phone no. To contact, she said she had an employee sick and a lot on her mind.. That's no exuse to take it out on customers…She should be reprimanded or fired..

  2. the store in Dighton Kansas is a very friendly place… they talk about another store and rude… the manager is bossy… the store they talk about is 30 mins away and is always about the lottery. saying she goes in there all the time and tells them that they need to take the old ones that have already had the big winner won out.. the Dighton store also don't get Hutchinson papers and wanted me to take paper from my other store to give to them….. and the girl her name is Kaitlyn is rude and don't want to wait on people standing in line… I think something needs to be done with everyone there or you will start losing a lot of people……..

  3. Dodge City, KS. Kwick Shop on Central Street needs to give their employees some better training of customer service! And then Kwick Shops new rule of making EVERYONE, EVERYTIME show an ID for a pack of cigarettes is a little ridiculous! All that new rule did was drive your business away! Because this daily money spender at the Kwik Shop will drive a couple blocks more down to Love's who don't do that to me and they act like they want my business regardless of my bad day!

  4. Kwik Shop on 17th and plum Hutchison, Kansas is refusing to take checks even though on the pumps it says they accept checks. The clerk didn't know if this is a permanent situation.

  5. Store on 14th and Adam's in Lincoln is disgusting. Pop area had pop all over floor counter dispensers. I wasn't even sure who worked there. The guy was in plain clothes outside smoking when I arrived. The whole store was filthy. Trash overflowing outside. I thru my fountain pop away when I got home. It tasted nasty and I'm sure nozzles were full of mold. Way to go kwik shop

  6. I find it ridiculous that they TRAIN their staff to KEEP hold of their customers food stamp card, which is GOVERNMENT PROPERTY & they have ABSOLUTELY NO rights to at all! Seriously, if the transaction is declined they STILL HAVE TO GIVE the card BACK to the customer! They can ask for another means of payment, but they can NOT hold onto the card for any length of time or for any reason! I believe that it's WRONG of them to train their staff to hold onto the card, I think it should be just as ILLEGAL as stealing, but with a more strict punishment since the card is GOVERNMENT PROPERTY.

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Corporate Office Headquarters