La Petite Academy Corporate Office Headquarters

La Petite Academy Corporate Office Headquarters
130 South Jefferson Street Suite 300
Chicago, Illinois 60661 USA
Fax Number: 1-312-382-1776
Enrollment: 1-877-861-5078
Corporate Phone Number: 1-312-798-1200
Customer Service Number: 1-800-527-38483

  • This is regarding La Petite Academy in Miami, FL 33126. My son has been singled out and the other children bully him. Every week he comes home with bruises, scratches inside his ear, on his face and arms, bites, dirt inside his underwear and scratches on his but from the kid that forced down his pants and underwear to put dirt in it, another kid threw a wooden toy truck at his face and hit him on the eye, his shoes cut up by scissors, and lastly pushed off the slide and into the ground where he busted his lip open and has bumps and scratches all over his face. When i ask the teachers to please address these abusive behaviors with the children and their parents I am told that "you're son is too hyper, your son is always running, your son is always jumping". So, because my son was diagnosed with ADHD it is perfectly acceptable by La Petite Academy to single him out and allow all the other 19 kids to abuse him. The teachers defend the other childrens actions and blame my son for getting hurt by them. The director and assistant director don't do anything other than defend their staff and not even look into the matter at all. They have cameras but they don't record anything so there is never any proof of the children being abusive towards my son. This center needs to be seriously investigated. They are discriminating my son!!! This matter will not go unnoticed!

  • The La Petite in Dumfries Va is horrible the Director Pam is very unprofessional and rude there is a huge turnover of employee due to bad management she talks to her employees in s very degrading manner in front of the parents she definitely needs to attend some leadership training

  • what a joke,these people are ONLY out for money !!!! no one cares about the kids,these kids go hungry because the feed them adult garbage food,absolute trash for 2 and 3 year olds,when ther is a teachers meeetings,noone speaks up in fear of nonsence from directors…if there is a meeting,you have to wait around a half an hour,you ARE NOT paid,such crap !!!!actually that's very an employee is on the premises and not working while made to stay and wait for a meeting,suppose they get hurt…get the drift ? poor poor kids and the abuse directed to them,so ashamed…check out the lunches and see for yourself. YOU REALLY NEED TO GO UNDERCOVER BOSS HERE unless this is the way u planed it all along. central fl.

  • I want it to be known that the Iowa city is petite has a HUGE turnover. Since I've taken my children there there have been AT LEAST 15 people that have left. Which I have learned is due to bad management. And I had heard the director got director or year. How??? They way I have HEARD her talk to her employees is terrible n degrading. She is very rude n uncaring. I'm thinking of looking into another place for my children as well as a few other friends of mine who take there kids there!

  • I want it to be known that Julie at Iowa city office is NOT a good boss. She is vindictive and uncaring. She KNOWS about children being mistreated n does NOTHING. 5 or 6 people who have been there for years have quit to go to other jobs. The turnover there is so high. I would NEVER take a child there

  • Deeply disappointed that my grandchild has contacted Hand, Foot and Mouth disease from the daycare. An employee was at work with this virus and needless to say my granddaughter along with who knows how many others has the disease. This speaks to the sanitation and managerial staff that would allow such to occur. If an employee is has any viral illness, she should not be at work. Daycare located in Birmingham, AL

    • If you are referring to the Chalkville Mt Rd center, I worked there until Monday. This place is ALWAYS out of ratio, the majority of the staff should not be allowed to teach there. There is an ongoing investigation with DHR for neglect and abuse. Please contact an attorney ASAP.

  • I am concerned because there are multiple staff members that work at the Aurora location that are also full time employees at KinderCare also in Aurora. I know everyone is friends and used to work together but isn't that a conflict of interest?

  • Very disappointed in this organization, central fl. area. In my opinion Wasted my time interviewing twice if that's what you want to call it. Interviews very unprofessional in my opinion. Directors in my opinion should be trained and knowledgeable in every area in their academy .I have several yrs of training in food, management & child care and I picked up on a lot that the Director and coworkers did not know or just didn't care about . very sad to see this type of people working at these Academies especially running one .

  • I want to make it known that nobody has a backbone to tell the truth. Everyone in the South Village location is a puppet being told what to do by people in loftier positions. My son was kicked out due to a progressive conversation with his mom and the District manager cindy crawford. My sons mom was trying to get information about a payment arraingement and was kicked to the curb like she wasn't a parent. Its sad when a district manager says i already talked to the other parent, and have a good day. According to all the teachers I have spoken with, they couldn't believe the kid was removed due to the way the conversation went down. Nobody wants to take the time to have a conversation, as they all want to brush parents off as if they don't matter. The lies amongst the people running this place was amazing to experience first hand. I can't believe you let the lunatics run the asylum.

  • It is sad that you have certain people in place who take it amongst themselves to judge and slander people. When they are accusing others of exactley the same. I will make sure none of my kids or my friends kids go to a joke of a day care that is run by hypocrites.

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