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LabCorp Corporate Office Headquarters

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Laboratory Corp. of America Holdings

LabCorp Corporate Office Address:

358 South Main Street
Burlington, NC 27215 USA

LabCorp Contact Phone Numbers:

LabCorp Corporate Phone Number: 1-336-229-1127
Fax Number: 1-336-513-4510
LabCorp Website: LabCorp.com

LabCorp Corporate Office

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  1. I was at LabCorp 2300 Mst NW Washington D.C today around 12:30PM to have my blood drawn and the young lady Erica was so unprofessional yelling and using profanity when speaking to her co-worker. Every time I come to this site I experience the something but today I felt so bad for the other young lady she was speaking to because she was so sweet when you helped me. Someone needs to have a talk with her.

  2. 1/12/2022

    Wow… wish I had seen these comments before I booked a test with them. My experience was pretty frustrating and causes me concern about the efficacy of their reported results. I’ll be writing the CEO, copying the BoD and also bringing the reports on this site and my own experience to the agency in Florida overseeing their license.

    I had a refrigerated specimen to drop off the day after Thanksgiving so called first to make sure they would be open. No answer, as usual, because they don’t answer their phones.
    Went online and website said they would be open until 4:30. Went way out of my way to get there, only to find they were closed that day.
    Took specimen back home to refrigerator and drove to a different Labcorp on Monday, only to find THEY WERE CLOSED! I was on my way out of town so had to stop at a gas station to get ice to refrigerate the specimen. At this point, I don’t even know if the specimen is still good!
    Called Labcorp customer service today and spoke with Deja who had a horrible attitude and couldn’t care less about customers!
    When I mentioned that they should at least say on their website that they will be closed, she said, THERE IS NO WAY FOR THEM TO DO THAT!

  4. I was at the LabCorp office yesterday tp drop off a stool sample and the desk person insisted I check in. That is a total waste of time to go through that lengthy process just to put something in the basket 5 feet away. So I just put in the basket and left. 15 minutes later, while I was driving. I get a call from a woman telling me I have to came and check in. I told her I wouldn't and she repeated that exact phrase with an emphasis on "you have to". If it made any sense at all, I would have done when I arrived, but this policy is completely customer unfriendly. I will just mail it the next time. If I do not get results from the test, I will have a big problem with your team destroying samples out of revenge and I will take this up with my attorney. You guys need to get your act together and think about your customers rather than some effing policy with the policy police tracking you down.

  5. Horrendous service at labcorp at 2075 US-1, St. Augustine, FL. in Walgreens. Waited for one hour, as a walk in due to having another procedure today and did not know when it would be over to schedule lab. I asked after 40 minutes and was told I had 3 appointments and one other walk-in before me, although I was the only walk-in for 30 minutes. I waited another 30 minutes and asked why they bothered with a queue for walk-ins when we were ignored. I was told “we have over 100 people a day and the average wait time is 2 hours”. When I asked why they could not put a sign up or why have a queue with walk-ins being ignored i was told “if I didn’t like it complain to corporate”! First this and now I will call. I’ll be using another lab service going forward. A simple sign on the door or check in screen saying a 2 hour wait for walk-in would help ameliorate the upset and personnel who would NICELY explain goes a long way.
    Terry Shaw
    St. Augustine

  6. Richmond HIll NY location – horrific. 40 people in crowded conditions. refused to allow 86 year old to use bathroom to give urine sample. confirmed appt not honored – told too bad; waited another 2 hours and left without getting test done.

  7. This is the WORST company. I had labwork done and mislaid my invoice. I need that document to submit to my insurance company. I have called literally over 50 times. I get voicemail or disconnected or the facility is closed. When I finally spoke to someone, she promised to send my invoice and never did. Back to square one. Go to Quest. It's much better.

  8. Please do yourself a favor and don't go to LABCORP! My arm is still swollen from the bloodwork with multiple bruises. Extremely unfriendly staff, not only that all the collected specimen were stored by the window with full sun rays on them, when I pointed out their answer was, "well, the sun will go in few hours".

  9. Extremely long wait time at Bustleton Ave location (just south of countyline rd) The woman who handled check in had one speed SLOW

  10. Both LabCorp Corporate Customer Service and my nearby LabCorp (retail) facility believe that y'all can't perform a ''Venous Blood Gas'' test and must refer these tests out to outpatient hospital facilities.

    However, it is my understanding that a ''Venous Blood Gas'' is a simple draw that could be taken at the same time (through the same stick) as a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (also ordered in this case).

    Is it possible that your people are confusing this with the notably much more complicated and painful ''Arterial Blood Gas'' which I would not expect of a retail lab. Is LabCorp needlessly turning away business by confusing these two DIFFERENT (venous vs. arterial) tests?

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