Lending Tree Corporate Office Headquarters

Lending Tree Corporate Office Headquarters
11115 Rushmore Drive
Charlotte, NC 28277 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-704-541-5351
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-877-640-4856

Email: tree.com-investor.relations@tree.com



  • Hello Partners, My name is Terri Hawkins, I am in the process of trying to claim my partnership interest's with your establishment…. Meanwhile I need to apply for a loan. We are in dire need of usable funds just for safety and survival needs. At this moment I look really bad on paper. Any suggestions are appreciated. I am looking forward to working with you. Terri

  • I am with Security Title Insurance Agency here in Salt Lake City, Utah….. I want to do closings for Lending Tree here in the state of Utah SO BADLY! I can't get any information on who to contact to be a vendor for you. if anyone knows anything please call Rhel at 801-355-2866 We are just a small company here in Utah and your business would make such a huge difference to us! I'm about to jump on a plane and visit your corporate office!

  • I had thought of doing business with your company. However, after the recent imbroglio concerning Rush Limbaugh, I will not, nor will I ever.


    Matthew Thomas

  • You have the freedom to advertise with whom ever you please. Thankfully, I have the right to buy from whom ever I please. That will not be you. I assume you made your decision based on your stockholder's interest. If that proves to be a bad decision, you have only yourselves to blame. If it works out to your betterment then good for you. If any of you attempt to come back, I hope he does not accept you as advertisers. BTW, as a student of the EIB Institute for Advanced Learning…shouldn't I be entitled to free stuff from you advertisers? Some of your products, "as you know, can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school."

  • As a Company your success is not based on public opinion but on public spending and as such one must be careful not to publicly expose your political standing by taking one side against the other but that is just what you did by pulling your ads from the Rush Limbaugh show. First of all I must say that I do not agree with the terminology that Rush used in discussing Ms. Flukes speech and I told him so but he is not the first person to use derogatory statements regarding women. I am sick and tired of the double standard that exists. If you are a Liberal then you can say whatever you want about whomever you want and it goes unnoticed but if your aren’t a Liberal and you do the same thing then Advertisers pull their ads. Why is that? Truth be told, if Companies pulled their ads every time someone said something that wasn’t up to their standards then there would be no ads and if there was fairness in doing this then that is how it should be right about now. Your actions have sent a message loud and clear to the American public and the results of those actions won’t be helpful in keeping your numbers in the black. When people listen to talk shows whether it be on the radio or on the Television they don’t always agree with what they hear but they continue to watch or listen and the fact that you pulled your ad won’t stop me or many other people from listening to Rush Limbaugh but it will stop me from purchasing your product and I’m not the only one. I am very disappointed in the stance you took. It’s your loss not mine!

  • Boycott Lending Tree and those who dropped Rush.

    In the past I and my family tried to do business with sponsors of Rush Limbaugh to show our support of him. Now we will make it a point not to do business with the sponsors who bailed on Rush. Most of my crowd is saying the same thing.

  • Although what Rush said was wrong, he apologized. But if Lending Tree can't forgive him and continue advertising, then I will wait for them to do so before I use your services. And I will encourage all I know, to do the same.

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