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  • LensCrafters Corporate Office Headquarters

LensCrafters Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact LensCrafters Corporate Office Headquarters

4000 Luxottica Place
Mason, Ohio 45040-8502 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-513-765-6000
Fax Number: 1-513-765-6294
Customer Service Number: 1-800-406-5034

  • Lenscrafters NORWOOD COMMENDATION- I had a pair of Rayban frames fall apart. This cost me a job opportunity. Lens fell out. The sales reps I spoke to
    were very professional and they immediately got me a matching new frame. This is a great location for customer service

  • yes, i agree with all of you. They should have never buy DOC> I had better luck with DOC than Lenscrafters. My store closed and said my records went to that store. Then they said no we do not have them. DOC WAS THE BEST>

  • I'm a veteran and just had my eye exam done here in town at the local VA. I took my prescription into the local lenscrafters and they would NOT take my prescription because the Doctors name wasn't on it. I bet they were more than willing to get me to pay for another eye exam though… I was willing to pay top dollar for what I wanted but now neither me nor any of my family will EVER step foot in your store again. Now I know why there was only a 2.5 star rating on YELP before going in! Unhappy Vet, Santa Rosa, CA

  • I am 1000% disgusted with your company. I've been a customer for over 15 years and never had an issue but now it's so awful, I wouldn't recommend you to a single person. Tried calling and all you get is bounched around. Called the executive line — voicemail. You've lost one very loyal customer for sure!!!

  • A decade ago their customer service was very bad, Now, presuming they would have changed their business service, ordered glasses on 2/25 and the glasses came without the standard reflective coating on the high power lens. We paid $400+ in all. My daughter who is a senior high school A + student, started getting headaches and eye pain and we called the store to find out when the replacement lenses will come in. Their blunt answer was we do not know. Talked to the head quarters and finally the store agreed to pay back the money once I return the product, with no compensation whatsoever for the lost time, energy and inconvenience to the student of a high school who is in her last semester, getting ready for college. Total RIPOFF in the first place and absolutely arrogant behavior with no Customer service. Never to recommend anyone to Lenscrafters.

  • I was at your store and requested a repair (just to tighten a screw on my glasses). What do you think. They asked me to buy a new pair. Very very dissapointed as my family is a regular customer of your company.
    I went to Costco and they did it in a heartbeat no charge.
    SHAME ON YOU LensCrafters. I will never ever buy glasses from you.

    • They have a customer service number, but you can never speak to a person. Everything is automated, and if you want to make a complaint they text you a form to fill out. They don’t care if they keep you as a customer of not. Just my two-cents for what it’s worth. Robin

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