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LensCrafters Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact LensCrafters Corporate Office Headquarters

4000 Luxottica Place
Mason, Ohio 45040-8502 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-513-765-6000
Fax Number: 1-513-765-6294
Customer Service Number: 1-800-406-5034

  • 07/06/17 i spoke with Jerrad who is a customer rep. He apologized for the manner in which the broke fame was mishandled by manager Blanca in Brea CA and said the matter would be passed to a RGM(Regional Manager) who probably will fix or just replace the damaged glasses.I let Jerrad know that I do not have any glasses with the correct perscription to use and it is urgent that I have the mater resolved.I have not received a call by the RGM. It looks like LensCrafters does not honor treat long term customers who have been going to them for over 20 years. This time, unbeknown to me, I was old a poor quality frame and I had to return 11 times to LensCrafters because the lens popped out and finally, the frame just broke. You would think at loyalty would be appreciated by a Business. That fact that they are giving only a one month warranty, a you need to purchase an insurance policy after if you want help, shows that quality they used to have in their products nto no longer present. Where is that call to help.Hope I don't have an accident because I don't have my correct glasses and Jerrad said wait, the problem would be resolved!!!
    larry canter 714-738-3414 m-f 9:30am-5pm m-f and cell 714-350-6790

  • I recently purchased a pair of glasses from the San Jose Valley Fair Mall Lens Crafters store. As we entered the staff was very polite and asked if we needed any assistance. The young lady assisted me with all the documentation that is required, additionally, helped with the arrangement for the eye exam. The exam Doc was very slow and exact with all the different lenses she placed in front of my eyes. The past eye glass place was as if we were on a roller coaster ride. The Doc would say, "One better, Two Better, three now four and so on till your eyes are spinning. I said, Please slow down so I can made a clear decision as to which one is good and clear. So going forward, the Lens crafters store at Valley Fair 2nd floor is not like the ones we read in the other comments. Good Job Valley Fair Lens Crafters.

  • I am tired of being hassled by the time I get six inches in the door at
    Lenscrafters. The employees are tired of being told by Corporate to
    hassle the customers. You are headed out of business with your conduct.

  • I went to your store in winter garden Fl. I have never had bad exparice with any doctor or in this case buying glasses from any other store except from Lenscrafters. I ask to use bath room they told they don't have a public bathroom and I had use the one at Fire house or Panera bread. what the hell kind of business are you running when a costumer can not use a bath room. Then to add insult to injury the high pressure sale tactics when it comes to buying is a joke. I rather go buy a car where sales pressure was less then deal with your people. Here is an odd question why are you shoving down people throats a protection plan when you can not cover simple repairs . you would think for the amount you pay you would at least give something in return. Walmart eye cent treats its client heck of a lot better then you do. I can promise you this I wont return to lens crafters again . I rather deal with Walmart Pearl or another eye class center before I go back.

  • I have gone to lenscrafters for many years and to the same place in Moline Illinois. 3 weeks ago I received a phone call from them that it had been 18 months since my last visit and could they set me up an appointment. So I agreed to it. They told me November 14 at 11:00 am. On November 13 they called my voice mail to remind me. Today I went to my appointment and they did not have me down and was full for the day. I live a 40 minute drive away. I was very upset. I played my voice mail to them and they said it must be a third party doing it and to call the # that had called me. So I did right there in the store with my speaker phone on so all their customers could hear. The lady answered lenscrafters and I said where are you located at. She said south carolina. I said do you know where I live , IllINOIS!!! why would you set me up with an appointment there? She tried to say it was some customer center that must have done it. And I said well some one better contact their home office on whats going on , because you just lost a customer that had been coming to you for quite awhile.Every one in the store heard the conversation and I will tell everyone I know. I will not recommend them ever again!! I went across the street and got right into another eye center and they gave me the same exams , and very polite and helpful. I gave them my $500 for my exam and glasses.

  • My family and I (including my children, grandchildren and friends whom I highly recommended)have been your customers for numerous years. My husband bought me a $200.00 gift certificate as a present and I misplaced it. We have made numerous calls and even told them we have the transaction on our bank statement. We were told there is nothing they could do for us because they don't keep records of gift certificate purchased. I never heard of any store that doesn't keep track of any purchases, including gift certificates. I am very disgusted with the many phone calls we have made to no avail. A company of your magnitude should be able to honor any purchase made and not give the customer a run around. If this issue does not get resolved, you have just lost a long list of customers, including the ones we referred to you. What a lousy policy, if it is true at all!!

  • I just came back from your Mississauga, ON, Canada (Erin Mills Towncenter) location with a refund. I have never been so disgusted with customer service and quality of work in my life. I've worn glasses since I was 4 years old and Lenscrafters is by far the worst place to go to for glasses. Not only did I show up today to pick up my glasses but after 20+ mins, your optometrist could not properly adjust my frames to sit on my face, it was excuse after excuse.. I ended up managing to get them to sit "ok" but still not comfortable enough.. The optometrist kept on apologizing and asking me if I had a few mins so she could do things and I repediately told her no.. but she kept repeating it.. not listening in the slightest. She then proceeded to try to complete the sale of a pair of sunglasses for me to which I replied, are you kidding me????? you can't get my regular glasses right, and you think that I'm going to give you $400+ out of MY OWN POCKET to likely be disappointed with your quality of service yet again? Unreal… Just unreal.. Years ago, you guys screwed up my grandmother's glasses, my first pair that I got with you guys, the centers were misaligned.. and now this… absolutely horrible service.. Shame on your company for hiring such incompetent staff… I'll be sure to share this experience on every means of social media as well to ensure that everyone I know steers clear of your horrible craptastic excuse of a company…

  • I went to the Lens Crafter store in Mesquite Texas Town East Mall. I entered the store and was told to sit a the glasses fitting desk. I wait at this desk for over one hour without help. There were several new customer's that can into the store and were quickly waited on. I would hope than my race was not the problem here??? I will never buy glasses at this store and I will tell all I know about this selection of customers.

  • The coating used on the lenses has worn off in areas affecting my ability to see. Contacted the store and was told I would have to buy new ones. Then contacted the west hartford branch which is where I purchased them and the manager actually said he had no knowledge of there own policy when it comes to this. They all acknowledged that they have had problems with the polymer in the past, but never notified customers or have a solution. They have lost my business as well as my family and friends. A friend calls them lens crappers. I guess he is rigjt.

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