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Lexus Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Lexus Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Lexus/Toyota USA
P.O. BOX 259001 – MAIL DROP E3-2D
Plano, TX 75025-9001 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-255-3987
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-255-3987
Roadside Assistance: 1-800-255-3987
Lexus Financial: 1-800-874-7050
Lexus Credit Card: 1-844-271-2709

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  1. —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: gail pass
    To: gail pass
    Sent: Friday, May 3, 2019, 6:57:56 PM CDT

    Please see below for my complaint, however, let me add a few suggestions that I would recommend you inact .

    1) Fire 3D0W
    2) empower your representatives to write off charges that are under a certain amount at their discretion
    3) If you are not willing to do that then have them tell the customer that they are not empowered to resolve any disputes so the client, like me, does not have to talk to 5 people who all just say you owe ????
    4) have them be all on the same page when they talk to the customer. I talked to 4 different people and received 4 different amounts that i owed and different reasons why I owed what they said.

    Lexus has done a wonderful job of making sure no one can contact a supervisor or a person who can make a decision, perhaps you might be of some help but I doubt it.

    Please give me a phone number or email address so I can take my concerns concerning the incompetence of your department, as they clearly need to start at the top or the bottom and start a new way to conduct business rather than treat people like a piece of feces.

    If you need additional information: email gailp1@att.net or 541-499-6509.

    Last thing the last person was very nice and confirmed that she and others had no authority to do anything other than nothing. K5AH—- Again retrain 3D0W or fire her.

    On Friday, March 22, 2019, 1:05:38 PM PDT, gail pass wrote:

    Lexus Financial Services:

    Needless to say please do not expect a check in the near future.

    The $269.56 for excessive wear charge is absolutely ridiculous. What you are saying is that if a Lexus is driven for 11,807 miles over 3 years you can expect the Lesus to start falling apart?

    In addition I paid around $500.00 per month or $18,000.00 and you hit me with a $269.56 excessive wear charge?

    One last thing. When I called Lexus Financial the woman I spoke to said I could turn at any Lexus or Toyota dealer, drop it off and there would be no charge,however the Medford Toyota dealer would not take the Lexus even though we were going to lease a new Toyota?

    As to to the bogus disposition fee of $300.00 please see above. Again the woman said Lexus would send someone to pick it up with no charge.

    Please respond.

    William Pass

  2. I Hope you will read this. You might be the only person in the Lexus Financial and Lexus Car, separate operations, that can make a 270.00 charge go away.

    I still cannot believe I have to go to Lexus Headquarters to help resolve the issue.

    gail pass
    Lexus Guest Experience

    May 10 at 4:16 PM

    Since there does not seem to be anyone at Lexus Car division who has any authority to make a $270.00 go away for a long term Lexus owner if they have problems with Lexus Financial. Since that is the case why do you even go through the process of assigning a case manager? Just tell the customer if they have problems with Lexus financial to just go pound sand and you are impotent when dealing with Lexus Financial>

    Since you can do nothing would you provide the name of the CEO who is in charge of Lexus USA? I hope you at least have knowledge of who you report to.

    Bill Pass

    On Friday, May 10, 2019, 1:16:50 PM PDT, Lexus Guest Experience wrote:

    Thank you for contacting Lexus.

    Below is a summary of your most recent email message received and our response.

    We appreciate the continued opportunity to be of service to you.

    Fiancial Services

    Response By Email (Mandy) (05/10/2019 03:16 PM)
    Dear Mr. Pass,

    Thank you for replying to our previous email, following your conversation with your Lexus Case Manager. We understand that this concern is important to you and how it can be frustrating.

    Wi e more i learn and talk to your people the more I am astounded that you have turned over your financing of your cars to a finance company that has the Lexus name but the Lexus Car co has no control over them. The case manager was very nice however she was like everybody that say they are lexus employees but they have no power.

    When I called Lexus Financial I thought it was controlled by Lexus car co. Not so. Since they have no reason to care about my concern and can tell me to go fly a kite they know you as the car co you can't do anything either but tell me that you might be able to have a Lexus financial supervisor talk to me. Again why should they?

    You should, I think, have some say since you are the ones that put customers like me at their mercy.

    Your thoughts?

    William pass

    On Tuesday, May 7, 2019, 1:08:26 PM CDT, gail pass wrote:

    Best number is 541_499-6509 not the 707#


  3. Hi, I bought a ES300h 2013 with 50,000 18 months ago, the hybrid system has an 8 year warranty. Last week the hybrid battery failed, its only 6 years from new with 2 years on warranty and being a Chauffered hire car, I have done 130,000 so a total of 180,000km, 20,000km over the warranty limit. Lexus wants $3,700 for a new battery. they normally last over 250,000km up to 400,000 Ive been told, and mine is the worst premature failure many have seen. I have emailed my dealer in South Australia with no response. Not good that a $70,000 Lexus can only go for 180,000km, before a $3,700 bill. I expect this battery to be replaced under warranty. can you help me.

  4. Lexus Chatham Parkway in GA. The manager Mike and his associates do not know Lexus policy. Make up thing as they go they do not have proper training for Lexus. They stand around all day smoking instead of learning the Lexus policy. They we lie and Rip you off. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS LEXUS DEALERSHIP. They are a bunch of con artist.

  5. I recently purchased a used 2008 Lexus LS 460. I purchased my vehicle in Texas and I live in Florida. This experience with Lexus has been a complete NIGHTMARE! Now we all know once you purchase a car from the Dealership Its all shiny and pretty. I’ve noticed that the material on the inside of all 4 doors are literally MELTING. It looks HORIABLE!!!!! I tried to have it professionally detailed and it still looks BAD not to mention its STICKY to the touch. If that’s not the worse, it gets worse than that … I went to go to work and my vehicle would not START!??? I tried to get a jump, thinking it was the battery, or the starter. Nothing Worked! I got my vehicle towed to The Lexus of Clearwater Dealership…. Thinking they can help… (WRONG). I felt like all the DEALER care about is MONEY…MONEY…MONEY (How DEEP are your POCKETS!!!! I’m a SINGLE parent, my funds are accounted for. Lexus advised me that I would need to get a diagnostic test done first on the vehicle so they can see what is wrong with it, which is $100.00. Then Lexus advised me that my Fuel Pressure Sensor has went out, and need to be replaced by ME and the cost of that will be 1500.00. They didn’t mention Any RECALLs or Anything ELSE. I had to do my homework. When I looked up RECALLS for Lexus 2008 LS 460 it stated there’s a recall on the Fuel System, Gasoline, delivery Hoses, Lines, Piping and Fittings. So I called the Dealer back, and they advised that according to my VIN number my vehicle was already repaired for the recall. So I would be responsible for 1500.00 bill, I then asked to speak with someone at Corporate, So the Lexus Rep passed the buck and gave me Corp. number. I then called and made a complaint and was advised someone will call me back in 2 days. Still not having a LOANER vehicle and No source of transportation. I finally spoke with a CASE Manager at Corporate and was advised that he will look into the matter and he will call me back in another 2 days. Meanwhile I’ve been without a Vehicle for an entire week. Yet still there is no guarantee on if my vehicle would be covered under the Recall. So long story short. … I thought very highly of LEXUS and now with my material MELTING and Fuel issue’s this has been a REAL LIFE NIGHTMARE. To anyone out there reading this …Please think twice before purchasing an LEXUS, I’m being RIPPED OFF! If a Recall part went bad again, Lexus should cover that with out question.

  6. I bought my first Lexus 2006 GS300 thinking that this car would be better than other cars. The car has 115k only. The engine has three cylinders not working. I took the car to Midlothian Lexus dealer at Richmond, Virginia to fix it. They spent 10 hours diagnosis and find out that the engine is damaged before repair. I called the main office at Lexus to seek some help. Unfortunate they told me that the car has high mileage (115k) and they are not supporting any repair.
    The headquarter is not interested in keeping the good quality of their cars. They also higher um-experience manager who does not know if the 115k is low mileage.

    My advice to everybody: DO NOT BUY LEXUS.

  7. We purchased a used ES350 series in August 2017. In September, we noticed a sticky substance forming on the driver's side of the dashboard and then it spread to the passenger's side. I later read that its being called "melting dashboard", due to heat, and this is an issue with the ES350. I called Lexus Park Place and was told to bring the vehicle in. The service guy told me, Lexus had a program that was correcting this problem, but for my vehicle, based on VIN#, it was no longer available; for my vehicle, the program expired January 2017. The manager there, advised me to call Lexus Customer Service, which I did. I gave the first person, Andre, all the information, and was told a case manager would call me within 2 business days. When I didn't hear from them by the 4th day, I called and spoke to Joyce. She told me, none of the information I gave to Andre was in the system, so I had to provide the information again. She asked, what did I want the outcome to be. I told her I wanted a new dashboard. The case manager, Joy, did call me and I was told there was nothing they could do. She asked me why did I buy it with the stickiness there? I told her, per the notes given, the damage occurred about a month after purchase. Why would I buy a vehicle with obvious damage!!! She said the previous owner was contacted, but since he didn't bring it in, there was nothing they could do. I asked to speak to her manager and was given the name Jennifer. I called Jennifer on 3 separate days, and each time was told she was not available and I was on her schedule to call that day. I have yet to speak to Jennifer. I phoned today and was told the same thing – not available, I was on her call list for today. I told the rep, Michael, no reflection on him, but I know she is not going to call because I had been given that line for the last couple of days. Total avoidance. We are very surprised at the way Lexus is handling this. They called the previous owner because the dashboard needed to be replaced. Why not replace it now? Again, this is a used vehicle, we don't know initial location that it came from, but damage didn't appear with the original owner. I'm in Texas and the damage is definitely there. It was in the plan to replace with original owner and we feel Lexus should still do so. Based on other complaints we’ve read, we are not the only owners with melting/cracked dashboards being ignored. Lexus obviously used a substandard product that had to be replaced. The right thing to do, is reinstate the replacement program. We are very disappointed. This is the company that represents vehicle Excellence????

  8. Johnson Lexus of Raleigh has a tech doing CPO inspection without L005. The preowned service manager changes the tech number to certified Lexus tech when it gets flagged. Doesn't look good for company.

  9. The basketball guy who says "Empower the drive" is very badly coached. I am not in advertising (HS teacher and so not in the market for a Lexus), but any decent ad agency would have known enough to have him stress either "power" or "drive" and not both. The power of spoken English is in the stress. The ad ends on a weak and flat note. Just a bit of free advice as you probably spend a lot on ads.

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