Lexus Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Lexus Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Toyota USA
P.O. BOX 259001 – MAIL DROP E3-2D
PLANO, TX 75025-9001 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-255-3987
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-255-3987
Roadside Assistance: 1-800-255-3987
Lexus Financial: 1-800-874-7050
Lexus Credit Card: 1-844-271-2709

  • I'm not getting a response from anyone at Shottenkirk Desert Lexus in Cathedral City California. I purchased a UX200 approx 35 days ago and noticed that the tire is worn and chuncking. Im unable to replace the tire because the tire key lock is missing. Diego the salesperson is not responding to my calls or emails. The sales manager Kyle was of no help.

  • Im not getting a response from anyone at Shottenkirk Desert Lexus in Cathedral City California, I recently purchased a 2019 UX200 approx 35 days ago and its in need of a new tire. I noticed the tire is worn and chuncking. Im unable to replace the tire hecause Diego the salesman failed to provide the tire key lock. Diego is not responding to my calls or emails. I called yesterday to speak to a sales manager and still waiting for a call back.


  • Totally frustrated with Lexus. My 2019 Lexus UH hybrids brakes failed as did the pre collision braking system. Lexus will not own up to the failures. Luckily I wAs only traveling at 5 mph when I hit the car in front of me. That car suffered a broken tail light. No one at Lexus even cares about this. I have owned 6 Lexus vehicles but that does not seem to be important. Not sure what my next step will be but I will pursue it if I get no satisfaction.


    For LEXUS to assume its rightful mantle as the Best Car Made, it must take a page from Steve Jobs and present itself as the driver's personal mobile operating system.

    Every year, as did Apple, introduce its new models with various upgrades and end with an innovation "…and one more thing".

    You're losing market share to Korean manufacturers who (almost) match you for comfort and reliability…but not in service and dealership, where you continue to shine.

    Let me also suggest a "lexus family trade", an active trade-in database that can match buyer needs with current owners on soon to expire leases that might expedite a purchase.

    Your excellent autos deserve more owners.

    Best wishes for a successful 2021!

  • Gentlemen:

    If you desire Lexus recoup its once lofty position in the market take a lesson from Steve Jobs, focus on INNOVATION!

    At the end of every new model year announce "And one more thing", a functional and/or design innovation new to the market.

    EG INTEGRATED FASTRACK, your car automatically goes through toll booths or highways, no need for separate fastback hand held device glued to the windshield! Works in any freeway, any state.


  • I am the lucky owner of a beautiful Lexus IS300h FSport 2018.

    I report the damages my car was victim of, in occasion of the first scheduled maintenance (15.000 Km) at official Lexus dealer “Giuriatti Futuro Vicenza” (ITALY).
    Leaving the car to the dealer, I asked to get rid of some tiny noises coming from the door seals.
    Soon after I retired the car, I starter noticing damages inside and outside the car.
    Here is a list, and attached you’ll see some pictures as a proof. A first, rough estimation is about 2.000€ (official quotation by Lexus to be received):
    – Carbon look plates close to inner front handles (damaged)
    – Right-front inner door panel (scratched)
    – Right-rear inner handle (scratched)
    – Radio consolle (bumper and scratched)
    – Cup holder (bumped and scratched)
    – Plastic external profiles at sides of the windscreen (corroded by washing chemicals)

    Further to these permanent damages, the car was given back to me in indecent conditions, with many oily stains and spots both outside and inside (Dark Rose leather, door panels, door seals, dashboard) and with detergent residues on the body.

    As an answer to my prompt and documented claim, I have received an extremely unsatisfying and non professional answer: 1) No our fault; 2) You can easily clean stains by yourself.
    I am extremely disappointed by how a 52 K€ car has been treated, especially by an official dealer, and by the indecent, frugal answer provided despite of my immediate and detailed documentation of the damages, supported by 100+ detailed pictures.

    This is definetly not the high standard expected from a luxury brand.
    I kindly prey you to take into deep consideration my claim, forwarding it to the right Lexus/Toyota persons. They must know there are dealers damaging the brand image and reputation, further to owners cars.
    Thanks a lot for your precious time and support.

    Yours sincerely

    Dr. Nicola P.

  • At the Hennessy Lexus Dealership in Georgia, I am displeased from the service there since a few weeks ago I got my car battery changed and when I got the car back a part of the retractable trunk cover part was missing. I went to the dealership so they could look at the part but they repeatedly said that they couldn't do anything about it and said that they wouldn't touch the part however how come the part was gone. And after a while they told us and sounded like they blamed us about taking the part off but after looking around the house we couldn't find the part. Overall my experience at the Lexus dealership was a waste of time and a disappointment. Also the service there was not helpful and one person even left after blaming us for the missing part.

  • Purchased a 2015 Lexus Rx 350 under certified program. Within two weeks the sunroof exploded. No external cause. Either missed on inspection or a material defect. Lexus will not honor it's warranty. A 20 year Lexus owner, Gs, Ls and now Rx. Highly disappointing that Lexus will not stand behind their product and honor a warranty included in the sale price

  • Hello, April 2019, I purchased a 2019 RX350 Premium Lexus. I am not happy with the stats. The suv is intrigued, sculptured, designed…greatly.

    The suspensions sucks, the information system sucks. I have that large screen and all i can select is a MAP, One phone charger outlet. Navigator voice can not be turned up over the music sound. Air takes to long to cool. I will be giving it back to the dealers. I just don't know what else to buy.

  • While perusing a list of cars that should not have been made, I happened upon a slide for the lowly Edsel, citing its supposedly ugly grill, among other flaws. I must tell you that that grill looks appealing compared to the hideous maw you have replaced your former grill with. It resembles nothing so much as the mouth of an alien predator intent on doing harm. Simply awful in its takeover of practically the entire front of the car, as though someone were too lazy to attend to detail. That alone would deter me from purchase, even if I were so inclined.

  • —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: gail pass
    To: gail pass
    Sent: Friday, May 3, 2019, 6:57:56 PM CDT

    Please see below for my complaint, however, let me add a few suggestions that I would recommend you inact .

    1) Fire 3D0W
    2) empower your representatives to write off charges that are under a certain amount at their discretion
    3) If you are not willing to do that then have them tell the customer that they are not empowered to resolve any disputes so the client, like me, does not have to talk to 5 people who all just say you owe ????
    4) have them be all on the same page when they talk to the customer. I talked to 4 different people and received 4 different amounts that i owed and different reasons why I owed what they said.

    Lexus has done a wonderful job of making sure no one can contact a supervisor or a person who can make a decision, perhaps you might be of some help but I doubt it.

    Please give me a phone number or email address so I can take my concerns concerning the incompetence of your department, as they clearly need to start at the top or the bottom and start a new way to conduct business rather than treat people like a piece of feces.

    If you need additional information: email or 541-499-6509.

    Last thing the last person was very nice and confirmed that she and others had no authority to do anything other than nothing. K5AH—- Again retrain 3D0W or fire her.

    On Friday, March 22, 2019, 1:05:38 PM PDT, gail pass wrote:

    Lexus Financial Services:

    Needless to say please do not expect a check in the near future.

    The $269.56 for excessive wear charge is absolutely ridiculous. What you are saying is that if a Lexus is driven for 11,807 miles over 3 years you can expect the Lesus to start falling apart?

    In addition I paid around $500.00 per month or $18,000.00 and you hit me with a $269.56 excessive wear charge?

    One last thing. When I called Lexus Financial the woman I spoke to said I could turn at any Lexus or Toyota dealer, drop it off and there would be no charge,however the Medford Toyota dealer would not take the Lexus even though we were going to lease a new Toyota?

    As to to the bogus disposition fee of $300.00 please see above. Again the woman said Lexus would send someone to pick it up with no charge.

    Please respond.

    William Pass

  • I Hope you will read this. You might be the only person in the Lexus Financial and Lexus Car, separate operations, that can make a 270.00 charge go away.

    I still cannot believe I have to go to Lexus Headquarters to help resolve the issue.

    gail pass
    Lexus Guest Experience

    May 10 at 4:16 PM

    Since there does not seem to be anyone at Lexus Car division who has any authority to make a $270.00 go away for a long term Lexus owner if they have problems with Lexus Financial. Since that is the case why do you even go through the process of assigning a case manager? Just tell the customer if they have problems with Lexus financial to just go pound sand and you are impotent when dealing with Lexus Financial>

    Since you can do nothing would you provide the name of the CEO who is in charge of Lexus USA? I hope you at least have knowledge of who you report to.

    Bill Pass

    On Friday, May 10, 2019, 1:16:50 PM PDT, Lexus Guest Experience wrote:

    Thank you for contacting Lexus.

    Below is a summary of your most recent email message received and our response.

    We appreciate the continued opportunity to be of service to you.

    Fiancial Services

    Response By Email (Mandy) (05/10/2019 03:16 PM)
    Dear Mr. Pass,

    Thank you for replying to our previous email, following your conversation with your Lexus Case Manager. We understand that this concern is important to you and how it can be frustrating.

    Wi e more i learn and talk to your people the more I am astounded that you have turned over your financing of your cars to a finance company that has the Lexus name but the Lexus Car co has no control over them. The case manager was very nice however she was like everybody that say they are lexus employees but they have no power.

    When I called Lexus Financial I thought it was controlled by Lexus car co. Not so. Since they have no reason to care about my concern and can tell me to go fly a kite they know you as the car co you can't do anything either but tell me that you might be able to have a Lexus financial supervisor talk to me. Again why should they?

    You should, I think, have some say since you are the ones that put customers like me at their mercy.

    Your thoughts?

    William pass

    On Tuesday, May 7, 2019, 1:08:26 PM CDT, gail pass wrote:

    Best number is 541_499-6509 not the 707#


  • Hi, I bought a ES300h 2013 with 50,000 18 months ago, the hybrid system has an 8 year warranty. Last week the hybrid battery failed, its only 6 years from new with 2 years on warranty and being a Chauffered hire car, I have done 130,000 so a total of 180,000km, 20,000km over the warranty limit. Lexus wants $3,700 for a new battery. they normally last over 250,000km up to 400,000 Ive been told, and mine is the worst premature failure many have seen. I have emailed my dealer in South Australia with no response. Not good that a $70,000 Lexus can only go for 180,000km, before a $3,700 bill. I expect this battery to be replaced under warranty. can you help me.

  • Lexus Chatham Parkway in GA. The manager Mike and his associates do not know Lexus policy. Make up thing as they go they do not have proper training for Lexus. They stand around all day smoking instead of learning the Lexus policy. They we lie and Rip you off. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS LEXUS DEALERSHIP. They are a bunch of con artist.

  • You read it, means many others do to. If you email corporate, one person will see it. Also the information is now updated.

  • I recently purchased a used 2008 Lexus LS 460. I purchased my vehicle in Texas and I live in Florida. This experience with Lexus has been a complete NIGHTMARE! Now we all know once you purchase a car from the Dealership Its all shiny and pretty. I’ve noticed that the material on the inside of all 4 doors are literally MELTING. It looks HORIABLE!!!!! I tried to have it professionally detailed and it still looks BAD not to mention its STICKY to the touch. If that’s not the worse, it gets worse than that … I went to go to work and my vehicle would not START!??? I tried to get a jump, thinking it was the battery, or the starter. Nothing Worked! I got my vehicle towed to The Lexus of Clearwater Dealership…. Thinking they can help… (WRONG). I felt like all the DEALER care about is MONEY…MONEY…MONEY (How DEEP are your POCKETS!!!! I’m a SINGLE parent, my funds are accounted for. Lexus advised me that I would need to get a diagnostic test done first on the vehicle so they can see what is wrong with it, which is $100.00. Then Lexus advised me that my Fuel Pressure Sensor has went out, and need to be replaced by ME and the cost of that will be 1500.00. They didn’t mention Any RECALLs or Anything ELSE. I had to do my homework. When I looked up RECALLS for Lexus 2008 LS 460 it stated there’s a recall on the Fuel System, Gasoline, delivery Hoses, Lines, Piping and Fittings. So I called the Dealer back, and they advised that according to my VIN number my vehicle was already repaired for the recall. So I would be responsible for 1500.00 bill, I then asked to speak with someone at Corporate, So the Lexus Rep passed the buck and gave me Corp. number. I then called and made a complaint and was advised someone will call me back in 2 days. Still not having a LOANER vehicle and No source of transportation. I finally spoke with a CASE Manager at Corporate and was advised that he will look into the matter and he will call me back in another 2 days. Meanwhile I’ve been without a Vehicle for an entire week. Yet still there is no guarantee on if my vehicle would be covered under the Recall. So long story short. … I thought very highly of LEXUS and now with my material MELTING and Fuel issue’s this has been a REAL LIFE NIGHTMARE. To anyone out there reading this …Please think twice before purchasing an LEXUS, I’m being RIPPED OFF! If a Recall part went bad again, Lexus should cover that with out question.

  • I bought my first Lexus 2006 GS300 thinking that this car would be better than other cars. The car has 115k only. The engine has three cylinders not working. I took the car to Midlothian Lexus dealer at Richmond, Virginia to fix it. They spent 10 hours diagnosis and find out that the engine is damaged before repair. I called the main office at Lexus to seek some help. Unfortunate they told me that the car has high mileage (115k) and they are not supporting any repair.
    The headquarter is not interested in keeping the good quality of their cars. They also higher um-experience manager who does not know if the 115k is low mileage.

    My advice to everybody: DO NOT BUY LEXUS.

  • We purchased a used ES350 series in August 2017. In September, we noticed a sticky substance forming on the driver's side of the dashboard and then it spread to the passenger's side. I later read that its being called "melting dashboard", due to heat, and this is an issue with the ES350. I called Lexus Park Place and was told to bring the vehicle in. The service guy told me, Lexus had a program that was correcting this problem, but for my vehicle, based on VIN#, it was no longer available; for my vehicle, the program expired January 2017. The manager there, advised me to call Lexus Customer Service, which I did. I gave the first person, Andre, all the information, and was told a case manager would call me within 2 business days. When I didn't hear from them by the 4th day, I called and spoke to Joyce. She told me, none of the information I gave to Andre was in the system, so I had to provide the information again. She asked, what did I want the outcome to be. I told her I wanted a new dashboard. The case manager, Joy, did call me and I was told there was nothing they could do. She asked me why did I buy it with the stickiness there? I told her, per the notes given, the damage occurred about a month after purchase. Why would I buy a vehicle with obvious damage!!! She said the previous owner was contacted, but since he didn't bring it in, there was nothing they could do. I asked to speak to her manager and was given the name Jennifer. I called Jennifer on 3 separate days, and each time was told she was not available and I was on her schedule to call that day. I have yet to speak to Jennifer. I phoned today and was told the same thing – not available, I was on her call list for today. I told the rep, Michael, no reflection on him, but I know she is not going to call because I had been given that line for the last couple of days. Total avoidance. We are very surprised at the way Lexus is handling this. They called the previous owner because the dashboard needed to be replaced. Why not replace it now? Again, this is a used vehicle, we don't know initial location that it came from, but damage didn't appear with the original owner. I'm in Texas and the damage is definitely there. It was in the plan to replace with original owner and we feel Lexus should still do so. Based on other complaints we’ve read, we are not the only owners with melting/cracked dashboards being ignored. Lexus obviously used a substandard product that had to be replaced. The right thing to do, is reinstate the replacement program. We are very disappointed. This is the company that represents vehicle Excellence????

  • Johnson Lexus of Raleigh has a tech doing CPO inspection without L005. The preowned service manager changes the tech number to certified Lexus tech when it gets flagged. Doesn't look good for company.

  • The basketball guy who says "Empower the drive" is very badly coached. I am not in advertising (HS teacher and so not in the market for a Lexus), but any decent ad agency would have known enough to have him stress either "power" or "drive" and not both. The power of spoken English is in the stress. The ad ends on a weak and flat note. Just a bit of free advice as you probably spend a lot on ads.

  • We purchased a 2007 Lexus LS 460 with a little over 50K miles as a work car for me. This is an absolutely beautiful car except that the dash and door panels are sticky and cracking. We have been so pleased with the performance but the issues with the dash and doors is getting worse in the Oklahoma sun even with the use of a sun shade and garage parking. Through the Lexus Forum online we discovered that there was a service recall on these items. We contacted the dealership and were told that the VIN number fell outside the parameters but the manufacture date was within the recall time and our car had already been evaluated and did in-fact have the issues that they were addressing in the service bulletin. We were advised to call customer service to see if we could get an override. We spoke to a Miles in customer service, he called back a day or so later and spoke to my husband and said that our car fell in the date range and would qualify for the repair. My husband being the up front person he is said "even though the dealership said the VIN fell out of range?" and Miles changed his story and said he forgot to check that part and he would have to get back with us in a few days. He called my husband today and told him we in fact would not qualify for the repair because of the VIN parameters. During this conversation with my husband, who was upset with this news given the circumstances, Miles had said that had we not recently purchased the vehicle or if we had owned other Lexus products they would have repaired the vehicle under the recall.
    Needless to say that was insult to injury. We own several cars and granted we purchased this one this way when you know there is a repair and your car obviously meets the criteria but they refuse to honor the spirit of that promise because we "aren't loyal enough to your brand" it leaves a bad taste in a customer's mouth!!
    We were told several times that exceptions are made after an evaluation of the vehicle is made, by posts in the Lexus Forum, by the local dealership and by Miles in your customer service. And find out it boils down to how loyal you are to a brand. Hmmm, well I don't care how well your product is if you cannot trust or depend on the company to stand behind their product it really doesn't matter. I am just glad we had not made a final decision to trade our 16 Corvette in on a brand new one which is what we were considering doing since we are getting older and were so impressed with the power and performance of this one.
    My husband is currently awaiting a call from Miles supervisor, however, Miles told him already that he would only tell us the same thing…..
    The jury is still out as to whether we will trade this one off too. It really boils down to how we were managed by Lexus.

  • I think that your tv commercial showing a lexus driver being disturbed by a man accidentally dropping his papers in the street is exactly what a lexus driver is — a selfish self centered person who thinks he is important — the lexus driver should have stopped and helped the other man. That would make a good impression of a lexus driver.

  • I have a Lexus IS250. I love my car especially the color desert sage. But unfortunately the color started fading on the passenger side only and the dashboard and the door panel material has melted due to the sun. I got the dashboard replaced first because that was the only thing damaged at the time. A year or so pasted and Lexus sent out a recall to replace all dashboards and door panels because of the material they used was not conducive for hot weather. Well it's been three years I have been on a waiting list to have my door panels replaced. Every time I call to inquire about the recall they state the same thing (the parts are not in yet) really after three years. As far as the paint job problem, I have spoken with different people both from corporate and the dealership and this problem is yet to be resolved. Also about three years. Last month I called corporate and the young lady stated that my case was closed because a never answered the phone and to state the obvious no one ever left a message. They reopened the case and the case manager stated that he will contact me in a week. Well he did with information about the door panels saying that the parts are not in. Okay I have heard that a million times already, but what about the paint job. His reply was I haven't heard from the dealership yet. Aren't they the corporate office and shouldn't they have the last say so. I will never purchase another Lexus if my life depending on it. Once they get your money the rest is history. You are completely on your own. You hound people to purchase your vehicles but don't respond to issues or complaints. I guess Help me Howard a local news reporter will be my next move.

  • I never had rodent problems chewing or nesting my wires in my cars until I got a 2013 Lexus RX 350.
    Do not use wire insulation or tubing, etc. that are made of food based products and encourage rodent problems.
    Auto makers need to stop using these parts.

  • I and my friends can't hold back anymore. Last year we were all planning on purchasing a new Lexus but your new front end design is the ugliest design we have ever seen. It looks like a big mouth Bass. Cannot believe it passed your market research. Please do a re-design ASAP.

  • Dear corporate Headquarters: I am a very dissatisfied customer of not of the Lexus products but of the dealerships and corporate offices. I have purchased 3 Lexus cars in the past and was very happy with the cars. However, I made all my previous purchases from CARMAX. I recently purchased a 2013 GS 350 F-Sport from Hendrix of Charlotte NC. I first had to call the Corp. office to receive my registration for the car. I call and e-mailed the sale rep, sales manager, title dept. and etc. but couldn't get them return my calls. I was forced to open a case with a case rep to get them to return my calls. I received my registration in about 6 weeks of the purchase. I went to start the car on Sat. November 12, 2016 and the car wouldn't start. I had the car sent to Lexus of Greenville only to be asked to pay for a battery replacement! I only had the car for 2 months and was asked to pay for a new battery. The service at Lexus of Greenville SC has called Hendrix Lexus for (4) straight days and is unable to get them to respond to him to finance the battery replacement. I also have call the dealership numinous times but no one will answer the call. I filed a case with a rep on Monday, November 14 but the case rep is still waiting for the dealership to respond. I haven't had any transportation for 4 days waiting for your case worker to simply do what is right and take care of the repair. I call the Greenville dealership and agreed to pay for the battery because I need my car. The process of resolving customer complaints is a joke!! I will indeed buy another Lexus but not from a Lexus Dealership! Kenneth Jackson, Unhappy Customer!! P.S, The Greenville service manger was very helpful and has even discounted the battery.

  • Hello I purchased a 2017 Lexus RX 350 from my Credit Union. Dade County Federal Credit Union in Miami Fl. from Ms. Liza Gorgora. Ms Liza Gorgora was very professional and kind. She help me find a good price with all the bells. I went to pick up my new Lexus from Lexus of Kendall. The Fleet Manager Mr. Terry Bean was the person who was suppose to deliver my truck. hen I arrived at Lexus of Kendall I was advised to go to Mr. Terry Bean office. When I arrived at his office, Mr. Bean rudely asked me to wait with his rude action. I waited for abouit 20 minutes and he then stated, Hello Hello How can I help you. At this point I knew Mr. Bean was having a bad day. I stated, My Name is Julie Butler and I'm here to pick up my new Lexus. Mr. Bean Yelled, No one told me you was coming!!! He Never asked me if he could help me. He just looked at me like and never try to rectify the problem. I then proceeded down stair and I called Ms. Liza Gongora and told her how I was just treated. Ms. Gongora try to contact another sales person to help me. All The Sales men would deliver my truck to me because Mr. Bean is the Son of the Owner. I walked out very unhappy and super sad to when I begin to have stomach pain from the great disappointment. I have desire a Lexus RX 350 for about 10 years. Now that I have all my ducks in a row with my credit and money, Lexus Of Kendall alone with Mr. Terry Bean killed my spirits. I got myself together called the Credit Union and cancel my contract for Lexus of Kendall. My Friend and I drove to Lexus of North Miami. The minute I walked in the door Mr. Val McKenzie greeted me with so much love and respect that I felt good to be there. We sat down with Mr. Val McKenzie and in about one hours I had my same Lexus RX 350 again!!!!! I'm so very happy with the service of Lexus of North Miami. If you ever want excellent service the place to go is Lexus of North Miami and ask for Mr. Val McKenzie. The young man who I signed my paper with was awesome to. (I forgot his name). pray Mr. Terry Bean get the help he needed and learn how to treat people.

    • I'm replying to my letter right above. I pray the right people who can and will address my problem I had at Lexus of Kendall. Thank you very much Julie Butler

  • An eye opener for me to you just to let you know what to expect or not expect from a Newer Lexus.
    This is my second Lexus ES model and I have always had great service from my vehicles and local dealer. The first ES was a 2001 that performed and held up beautifully. My most recent ES is a 2012 and I am already having issues with the upholstery where it has spider webbed on the panels leading into the seat.
    I have contacted Corporate and noted the problem which has been brought to their attention before by others per local dealers, and they are not interested in rectifying the problem. I mentioned that they are producing a premium vehicle and charging a premium price while providing lower quality materials. They seem to recognize this fact and said they will keep that in mind going forward.
    With this in mind I have no other alternative than to not look at Lexus as my next replacement vehicle going forward.
    I hope that you will all keep this in mind as you go forward also.

  • Hello, Lexus Corporation. I just read about your new Kinetic Seat, and I can't help wondering if anyone in your organization has realized that it could also be marketed for home and office use, with some slight modifications to the frame. It looks like it would be supremely comfortable. I am not a Lexus owner, nor do I expect that I ever will be, but I would definitely consider buying a Kinetic Seat for my home office.

  • Looking at purchasing an RX360 ut the headrest is so far forward that I dont think I can over look the issue..and after reading all these comments, Im not sure I sbould risk getting a Lexus

  • I just received a letter that my airbag is takata and needs to be replaced. while lexus decides what to do, just don't let anybody sit in the front passenger side. ((Last lexus for me)). That certainly sounds like a lawyer told them to mention this so as to avoid any future lawsuits. Honda is having a problem with airbags on back order and is allowing customers to get rental cars at honda's expense. Now that is a company that cares. Again I won't support a company that is more interested in limiting liability than customer satisfaction.

  • I own a 2007 Lexus LS460 when I bought it in June of 2014 it had 68,000 so we purchased the Hendrick Extended Warranty. First thing that every LS owner should be told is that your car per Lexus spec should/could/will burn a quart of oil every 1200 miles….WOW! I learned the hard way at 94,000 my low oil indicator light came on. I pulled over to find the oil with barley a drop on my dip stick. I contacted Lexus in Kansas City and they started an oil consumption test at that time I will 2 1/2 quarts low. So he we start every 1000 miles I was told to take a picture of the dip stick and the miles and email it to my service advisor in which I did and by the time it was due for another oil change once again I was barley registering any oi on my dip stick. Now the second oil consumption test was started and now every 1000 miles I have to drive 65 miles there and back for them to record the information( NEVER ONCE did they apolgize for time lost at work or basically my time in general) Now the third oil consumption test begins once again about 3800 miles into it my dip stick is down to the fill knot on the dip stick. I called the dealership and told them we have to do something about this problem cause I only have 233 miles left on my warranty. After having my car a week they call back and and first say that they have the okay to tear down my motor and find out why its burning oil then minutes later the service manager calls me back and said she was confused and thought I had burned more oil that what she had thought and now they cant do anything about my issue. So today I pick up the car and go into the service managers office to be told that normal wear. I asked then were is the oil going she says that you probably have some ring wear….Okay since there is ring wear way dont LEXUS stand behind there vehicle and fix the issue??? The GM told me that they have to go by Lexus Specs and standards. I get that but I run a Class 8 Truck Dealership and we are independently owned we too have specs and standards but no matter what we always do what is best for the customer and alot of those times we have to break rules and standards. I buy and sell to Thousands of Fleet owners across the country and in the customer service field THE CUSTOMER has to be taken care of. My standard is it takes years to have to opportunity to have a customer but it only takes seconds to loose them….LEXUS might want to train people with those standards. I currently have a "CASE" working with Lexus but now I have 150 miles till my warranty runs out. I did mention when meeting with the GM and Service manager that at least they could do since this car has been burning oil was to put another 3/36000 mile power train warranty on my vehicle. Before leaving I asked again about the warranty and they said it would cost me $2400 and did not offer nothing just a SORRY…and we will follow up. To say the least not buying a LEXUS ever again unless LEXUS is willing to take car of this issue. Feel free to contact me anytime by email or my direct line 816-916-1398

    Jamso Amos
    Blue Springs, MO.

  • I have purchased Lexus vehicles for many years and have had them maintained at the dealer.
    I recently brought my 2008 RX 350 with 72,613 miles to the dealer for routine service and was informed that I needed a power steering rack with front toe alignment as it was leaking. I was given a quote of approximately $1784.
    You can imagine my concern for my safety, as well as others who often ride with me.
    Because I did not consider this problem a natural "wear and tear" issue, I did some research and found that this is a common occurrence with 2007-2009 RX350's.
    I don't mind paying for routine service or wear and tear repairs, but I am pretty sure that Lexus is well aware they have an ongoing safety problem with these vehicles.
    Needless to say, I am not happy with paying for this expensive repair, as I believe it is a safety issue that Lexus should address and cover.

    A reply would be appreciated.

    Thank You,

  • I purchased a Lexus 2005 RX330 off the showroom floor in Fairfield,Ct. I've had nothing but issues with this car. I have had the radiator replaced heater core replaced my moon roof is dysfunctional my front end makes noise my front headlight has been replaced my middle console broke years ago my rear end has locked up on me and has been sitting in my driveway for the last three and a half months also my starter had to be replaced I plan on getting the car up and running to possibly move on to BMW Mercedes or Acura

  • PS my oil pan is leaking and my dashboard is cracked and my car has only 150,000 miles which is not a lot considering Lexus is supposed to be a top brand vehicle and I also paid good money for the vehicle

  • I purchased a Lexus 2005 RX330 off the showroom floor in Fairfield,Ct. I've had nothing but issues with this car. I have had the radiator replaced heater core replaced my moon roof is dysfunctional my front end makes noise my front headlight has been replaced my middle console broke years ago my rear end has locked up on me and has been sitting in my driveway for the last three and a half months also my starter had to be replaced I plan on getting the car up and running to possibly move on to BMW Mercedes or Acura

  • When I wanted a luxury vehicle, I did not buy a BMW, or a Mercedes, or an Audi, or an Acura. I bought a Lexus – a Lexus RX350 (2007)
    At about the same time, needing a vehicle for commuting, I purchased what some might say is the antithesis of a Lexus – a Hyundai – a Hyundai Elantra (2008), to be precise.

    Here’s what happened since:
    Date Lexus
    Oct 12th 2012 Battery failed (32830mi) mi)
    Nov 12th 2012 Idler pulley for drive belt failed failed (36362 mi)

    March 11th 2014 Ignition coil #5 failed (42891 mi) ) (on highway – nearly hit by truck)

    March 30th 2016 Rear Caliper blown (61498 mi – $654.40)

    April 20th 2016 Ignition coil #6 failed (62562 mi – $293.47)

    April 20th 2016 Dealer diagnosed leaking steering fluid
    Recommends steering replacement
    ($1600 estimate – not done yet)

    Please note that maintenance items such as regular mileage based servicing, brake pad/rotor and tire replacements, or oil changes and such, do not appear in the above list, as also any repairs prior to 2012 (have not kept records). All repairs have been performed at the local Lexus dealer. The vehicle has been run for pleasure, under normal operating conditions.

    You will agree that the failures are premature, and entirely unexpected, at these mileages. The vehicle is a Lexus! You may say that this particular Lexus is a manufacturing or QC anomaly – but it is an anomaly that has been a source of continued and considerable expense, time and aggravation for me. In contrast, the Hyundai, surprisingly ran fine at 90000 miles +, with no significant breakdowns or repairs, apart from a battery replacement at about 50,000 mi and drive belt replacement at about 85,000 miles.

    Could Lexus please look into the matter and address it suitably?

  • Just to let you know how the Lexus of Orlando, FL is treating their customers. I leased a 2013 RX 350 my leased is ending and I wanted to pay it off. I went to my Credit Union and obtained financing for the pay off. When I went to Lexus of Orlando to pay off the lease I was told that they don't provide that service there. The finance department told me I need it to call Lexus finance department on the phone and pay off the RX 350 with them. I asked how? They said give your routing number and that's all. I called the Lexus finance department and they apologized for the miss info. And told me to contact the dealership directly. The dealership called and told me that they do not take money from other financial institutions for lease pay off. So the choice they offered was to finance with Lexus, get another lease or find a Lexus dealership that will take money from another financial institution. I told them that in the lease contract doesn't say any where what he told me. I explain that I bought another lease before through my Credit Union the dealership finance manager told me that the rules have changed and that they were not taking the pay off. What is wrong with this dealership? This is completely outrageous! Please someone help!

  • 2007 THRU 2010 LEXUS OWNERS BEWARE!!! Recently purchased new LiftMaster garage door opener and was upset to find the HomeLink (remote control for garages, gates, etc.) feature that came in my 2007 Lexus RX350 does not work unless you purchase a bridge device called "repeater kit" to link the car with a newer battery back-up garage door opener. Why should I have to pay for this feature to work when it was already paid for when I purchased my car (worked perfectly with my old LiftMaster). I was never made aware of this when I purchased the garage door opener either. I have contacted both HomeLink and LiftMaster and they do not care you have to spend more money to have the car remote work. The HomeLink remote in all Lexus models from 2007 to 2010 (probably all cars with HomeLink) will probably need the bridge "repeater kit." I'm very upset and it was very annoying to find this out after spending so much money for a new garage door opener. Lexus should not contract with HomeLink if the companies cannot stand for their own products. Very upset at the "NO" customer service at these big companies.

    • I bought a 2007 Lexus Es350 and been having bad rattling noise. Lexus isn't doing anything to find out what's the problem. I taking this on CNN. I will never by another Lexus.

  • The Lexus is a great car. However, when you need repairs, the service department is clueless and they will guess as to what is wrong and continue to ask you to pay for repairs until they figure it out. I paid for one sensor to be fixed. Left the car lot and the problem was still there. I was asked to pay for another sensor. After much back and forth. They claimed they would install a different sensor to correct the problem at not charge. I picked up my car and I had the same problem!!!! Thank God I didn't pay for the second sensor. So, as it stands, I have had two sensors installed. One for free and one I paid for and I still have the same problem I had when I took the car in for repair. I will contact the corporate office to see if they will fix my car or refund me for what I paid so far. I had this issues with the Smyrna, Georgia dealer.

  • I am stationed in Germany with the military and bought a 2015 RC 350 F sport that was also PROMISED world class customer service and warranty. I am about to take my car in for the second time in one month for the squeeling brakes. I have been told by the dealership service manager that my brakes warranty expired at 500km and that the 30,000 mile warranty is different in Germany than it is in America. I am sorry… but Lexus is Lexus and if they are not going to uphold a 30,000 mile warranty because the car is bought in a country they CONTRACT with, then they shouldn't sell cars in other countries!!! ALSO, of great note.. I paid for the Cila Jet. What a waste of money!!! There is absolutely no difference in the protection of your car with or without and another shocker, they don't have the ability to uphoad the warranty on that either!!! This dealership is Pentagon Car Sales in Ramstein. So, if you find yourself heading to Germany, buy a BMW or bring your Honda with you. Saddest thing is, Lexus is made by Toyota and that is a shame. I drove Toyotas for the past 15 years and never had a problem, I fo ahead and treat myself to a 55,000$ vehicle and it might as well be a parade float. DON"T BUY LEXUS!!!!!!

  • I purchased my very first Lexus December 8, 2015, from the Lexus of Tulsa. Lexus of Tulsa quickly informed me how great their vehicles were and provided great customer service at the time of purchase. Fast forward February 8, 2016, (not even 90 days) the vehicle shuts down and I am stranded on the highway in a brand new 2016 Lexus and I am pissed. I received great service from the online operator in getting the vehicle towed to the Lexus of Mobile. (I live in Alabama but purchased the vehicle in Tulsa. When I contacted the Lexus of Mobile to explain what had happened and that I needed a loaner car I was told that the department closed at 5:30 that issued rental cars. I exclaimed Lexus is going to leave me stranded? She said to call her back once the tow truck gets my vehicle. Now I am panicking because I may not have a ride home So I call Lexus of Tulsa and talk to the Sales Manager named Todd and explained what was going on since I purchased this vehicle from their car lot and I was thinking maybe he could contact his sister branch (Lexus of Mobile) and talk them into waiting until I get there so that I would not be stranded. He proceeds to tell me that there’s nothing he can do I am all the way in Alabama and he didn’t know where or what dealership to call. By this time I am even more pissed because this was not the customer service they had shown me when they wanted my money. So I told Todd that this was unacceptable and great customer service would have been to apologize to me for selling me a 2016 vehicle that didn’t last 90 days, and to find out where I was so that he could contact the dealership and make arrangements for me to get home once I got to the dealership. I thanked him for doing nothing and contacted the online service again explained what was going on. Finally Lexus of Mobile contacted me and informed me that a loaner vehicle would be waiting for me. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH LEXUS. I CAN’T BELIEVE I WAS ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD IN A 2016 LEXUS WHICH I ONLY HAD IN MY POSSESSION LESS THAN 90 DAYS. NOW I AM GOING TO BE UNCOMFORTABLE DRIVING THIS VEHICLE LONG DISTANCE BECAUSE I DON’T BELIEVE IN THE RELIABILITY OF THE VEHICLE. I SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN THE HONDA FAMILY. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!

  • My mother purchased a 2001 Lexus IS 350 in 2002 from Lexus of Merrillville, IN. So when I needed a new vehicle, I asked for the Sales Asso. my mother had. My experience has not been satisfactory. Mark Lovejoy was my mother's salesman and mine too. The 2007 Bmw X3 that was offered to me according to Mark Lovejoy, was the only vehicle Lexus had for me. Although there were other vehicles that were priced the same. Yes, the X3 was an as is purchase. Mark Lovejoy was aware of issue's that the X3 had prior to me taking possession. The sunroof had issue's closing. I made Mark aware of it at that time. This month will be my 4th payment I will make since I purchased the X3 in September 2015. Today while trying to close sunroof shade, the sunroof opened, and will not close now. The extended warranty I purchased will not cover repairs of $3,000! It will need a new track. No I did not have to buy the X3, I believed Mark L. when he stated, "we're family". I trusted him. It is very cold here in the midwest Gary, IN. I believe now, that Mark L. and dealership needed to remove the X3 off the lot and I happened to be the person who needed to build my credit back. The rear wiper motor was not working. Lexus did repair, it took me contacting Pete Takacs to have motor repaired. Mark always told me a he's working on it. VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH BELIEVING IN MARK LOVEJOY.

  • It would be useful if you could push a button and have the 360 degree picture on the screen save the picture on the hard drive for download to digital camera or sent to owners e-mail incase of accident. Car's position would be noted for insurance purpose.

  • Certified Pre-OwnI am so sorry I purchased a Pre-owned certified Lexus from Len Stoler. Before I was able to take the car it was damaged buy the guys who cleans it before you take the car off the lot.

    I found out that that they had to paint the side back panel and the back right side door panel due to they damage. I wasn't offered any monies off the car because of the damages. I was a fool to purchase it anyway. The finance office quoted me 4% and that ended up being 4.99%. The vehicle was dirty and had smudge marks all through it. I found out later because it was dark by the time I took possession of it, the car is noisy and not smooth like other Lexus's I've purchased in the past.

    I informed the used car salesperson but nothing was done. I asked about the 6 CD disc that was suppose to come with it but I didn't get it and the manager Armon Tuscani said who needs that when I have a disc player and USB port.

    I deserved to have the options that came with the car especially for the price I paid. I tried to return the vehicle but they wouldn't take it not withstanding it had 68,000 mile on it. Yes, I was stupid and I have been depressed ever since. There is also something that looks like putty in the back of the vehicle in the trunk that leads me to believe that vehicle was damaged. Why did I wait so long to complaint? I have been very depressed since the purchase of the vehicle and couldn't talk about it without crying, I feel like I was ripped off by Lexus. I have purchase two other vehicles from Lexus in the past and was very happy with my purchases but not from Len Stoler. Len Stoler stole my hard earned money and now I'm stuck.

    This is it!

    I will never ever purchase another vehicle made by Lexus/Toyota. I'm extremely dissatisfied with the vehicle and I have lost money on this one already.

    Plus the car has wheel locks and the sales person and I've called the sales manager and he has not returned my call or given me the locks nor offered to have them removed, so I will have to pay someone to have them taken off.

    You will never get me again! I hate the fact that they got me but they did… Trust and believe it will not happen again.. Anyone want to buy it?


    A very dissatisfied customer…

    Dissatisfied Customer with Len Stoler Lexus CPO

  • To Whom It May Concern. Why would Lexus make a commercial that has young men skateboarding…even though it's a hoverboard looking board…without a HELMET!!!


    • I own a Lexus and have got many years of services from the dealer where I bought my Lexus. I am also very dissatisfied with their services. Cut the long story short, they are not only inexperienced on the fixing the problems of Lexus, but also very much over charge the customer for their services. I feel that I have been ripped off many times for their unsuccessful services over the years. I don't think I want to buy any new Lexus from them anymore.

  • Purchased the 2015 Lexus RX450h because it is a beautiful example of automotive excellence and style. Love it,love it,love it. Turned off completely by the 2016 RX. Sure hope they regain their perspective on design and what people want. It is Butt ugly. I usually trade ever few years. Not now. Not with that beast of a transformer type vehicle.
    Fire your design chief before he sends your entire Line up down the tubes. That ugly duckling looks like a pregnant Ford Excape and nothing more. Cheap plastic wheel well inserts— pleaseeeeeee— you can do better.

  • A dispotion fee for not buying anothe Lexus? Disgusting. I was never told nor was it mentioned when signing my lease. I would have loved to purchase another Lexus but the salemanwas was nothing short of disinterested or attentive during my search and test drive. I have NEVER been charged this fee in my over 20 years of leasing. I will make sure to tell everyone I know to stay away from Lexus.

    • I agree! Horrible over priced and lack customer service! Not what my previous Toyotas were…never will be…Spread the Word.

  • Is anyone at corporate Lexus taking notice of the large and rapidly growing number of 1 star Yelp reviews for Lexus of Marin? We went to post a very negative review and discovered a long, long list of customers who'd had the same dismissive, disrespectful experience dating back two years. The GM suggests he'll make things right but that doesn't happen. This once excellent dealership now is a poster story for how to turn once loyal customers who were promoters into detractors who are spreading the word not to go to Lexus of Marin. Very disappointing that corporate isn't stepping in to change the culture.

  • Why I would never purchase another Lexus:

    I managed to break my key for my car. I also apparently misplaced the credit card wallet sized spare that has the "keycode" for cutting a spare key (all I need is a blade that I already have to cut it somewhere else – no programming needed). I spoke to the local dealership in Van Nuys and I was told that they can't release that information to me (with the pink slip and vin number in hand to prove I am the owner), and they can only cut a key for me at the dealership at exhorbant costs. So the info that is probably 5 keystrokes away that would allow me access to MY car, is not being released to me. What kind of customer service is that? Not something I expected from Lexus anyway, and I am sure not giving them repeat business for something ridiculous like this.

  • An addition to my previous comment. Bethany suggested that if I wasn't happy with the decision that I should take it back to Putnam Lexus where the vehicle was purchased which I would have been mor than happy to do….IF THE CAR WASN'T IN VIRGINIA! Maybe she should have read her notes before making such a stupid comment or paid attention to the beginning to the conversation when we said the vehicle is now in Virginia.

  • My daughter purchased a Certified Pre-owned 2010 Lexus Es350 from Putnam Lexus in Redwood City California. When she purchased the vehicle there was a slight noise but the sales person said don't worry we will take care of it. After a few days the car went to Service where it would spend a week and a half. My daughter was given a loaner and told again they would correct the problem. The vehicle would be in and out of the shop for the next year on and off for the same problem. After such a horrible experience the dealership she no longer wanted the car. The dealership wanted to put her in a different car but because she had such a horrible experience after the sale she didn't want the car at all. Lexus Corporate also did not offer to buy their lemon back even though the car was always in the shop and sighting that it was not in for the same repairs. The vehicle was never diagnosed properly they just kept guessing and just fixing anything they thought might be the problem.Recently the vehicle headlight went out so my daughter took it too Charles Barker Lexus in Virginia. The service advisor said the inside of the headlight was damaged from the headlight being improperly installed….What does that mean exactly? The he says it could have been tampered with or maybe condensation got in the headlight….ok so the answer would be you don't know, but you do know that you want to charge me $700 to fix it. I didn't agree with this so we opened a case with Lexus Corporate. The case assigned to Bethany Alsonso. The first conversation was with my daughter and she was told it would take a week to get back to her. Really? a headlight is a safety issue and it takes you a week to resolve the issue? So now I get involved. Two weeks later and playing phone tag I decide to call again. Still only speaking to someone at the 800 number I again explain my frustration. It took Lexus 2 weeks to decide that they would only give as a GOOD WILL GESTURE a $200 credit…..on an unclear diagnoses that was probably only visual. When I spoke to a service advisor at Putnam he said it wasn't possible for a vehicle headlight to be "improperly installed" but regardless Lexus should address the issue. Hmmm how ironic that Bethany would tell me that we should take it back to the dealer all the way in California and there is absolutly there is nothing they can do. She was absolutly no help! There is no reason for Lexus to have "CASE MANAGERS" who according to her has to go by what the dealers says….What sense does that even make? I brought my own car to Firestone who has provided exceptional customer service so I will NEVER buy another Lexus and would not ever recommend the service. We have had such a terrible experience with this last car and with the service that I would purchase a Hyundai before I ever purchased another Lexus.

    • I got the same thing. Lexus refused to get involved with the dealer, Rohrich in my case, and all CPO repairs was up to them. So the hard fails on my are still there and the warranty is basically void because because they have blamed the problem on any outside party who touched the vehicle

  • I recently had an oil change done on my 2013 IS250 and was horrified when I noticed how badly worn the inside of my two front tires were ( to the point of a potential blow out at any moment). I purchased the car "certified pre-owned" in February of this year, had an oil change and alignment done in April and now I'm being told that I will have to pay for two new tires because this is "normal wear and tear" for the IS model of Lexus. However, after speaking to a number of mechanics and other service associates at other Lexus dealerships it has come to my attention that his is NOT normal wear and tear but either an alignment issue, toe-out issue or toe-in issue. I have spoken to a few individuals at the South Atlanta location (when I can get a live person on the phone and not someones voice mail) and no one is able to give any solid answers. My car has been sitting at the dealership since 10/01/2014 (2 WEEKS)! Although they did give me a loaner car this has been the absolute worst experience ever and the fact that this is supposed to be a "luxury" vehicle makes it all the more horrid that customers are treated this way. And after all the drama they come back to "work a deal" and agree to pay for one tire and I am responsible for the other one ($241)! Needless to say the Service Manager Jack Machado has yet to speak to me, he prefers to hide behind his employees!

    • I have to say i noticed the failed not under warranty items. I Question whether the CPO inspection is even done. First year battery replacement? Come on. My lemon is the last Lexus for me

  • I can honestly say Lexus of Massapequa Service Department does not provide quality customer service. Do not depend on these people to provide decent customer service, they do not respect and value their customers. All customers are not given the same level of treatment if you know what i mean. Very shady!

    • Lexus dealers seem to feel that if you dont buy the high end than you are not the ideal customer. I have and ES350 CPO and get treated like garbage by Rohrich Lexus. Looks like the standard and not the exception

  • My 2008 Lexus is250 is in for bodywork repair at this time. I have on loan a 2014 lexus is300h. All I can say is what a fantastic car. After having driven Saab's all my life, all 23 of them, I bought my lexus in feb 2013. Great car, but after driving the 300h..there is no comparison. Beautiful to look at, great to drive, great road holding, lovely quiet engine.
    Me thinks that I will have to save some pennies up and buy one !!!. Thanks Lexus for delivering such a great car to us and keep up the good work.

    Derek HB…..Shrewsbury Shropshire

  • Have any leasees recently had their payments returned and marked as late because the electronic billpay from any bank was returned without explanation?? Mine was returned twice, I called both times and asked why, no explanation from Lexus except they didn't receive a payment. Since I work for a large financial institution I was able to determine Lexus had changed their address for accepting payment without notifying either the bank or myself. I paid the back payments and changed to the ne waddress, but was hit with a negative on my credit report. This was a Lexus produced problem with the potential to have caused a great number of the same problems for others. If you or someone you know were effected by such a problem please post something here. We can see what the total effect has been and look into a class action case.

  • I bought a new IS350C in 2010. A few months later I brought the car back for a horrible rattle in the roof. Approximately 10 times the car was in the shop for same only to find out from the employees in the service department that it is a known fact that the model I bought has that problem and they can't seem to correct it. I had been out on several test drives with the techs at Lexus who hear the rattle , determine the location but can not fix it. They even used 2012 parts and had the main lexus corporate tech in to have a look . Its now the end of January 2014 and still the problem exists…. I stuffed a rubber glove in the one side but the other side still rattles. Its like driving a box of bolts! In the past few months the passenger door began slightly opening as the car was in motion causing the window to lower and rise and the interior lights to come on. REAL SAFE with my son sitting in the passenger seat. I mentioned these problems when Lexus had my car two months ago and was told the problems were looked into only to find that the rubber glove was never even removed and nothing about the door. However I was told by the manager of the service department that he would have a staff member or himself reach out to me when a corporate lexus tech would be at their location. NEVER GOT A CALL. I'm beyond ticked that I bought this car after months of searching for the perfect hard top convertible with the least amount of noise…. since lexus is know for their "quite" ride and after my test drive I thought it was perfect. LITTLE did I know its a piece of garbage ! I originally bought it at Lexus in Edison NJ , an hour and half away from my home. Had to pay for gas, tolls and rack up the miles on it to constantly drop it off get a loaner and then pick it back up a couple days later. AND WAS CHARGED for OIL changes !!!! I complained two times until they took the charge off but had to pay other times and they wanted to charge me $650. for the recommended 30k mile service. GREAT customer service. I was then told to take the car to Atlantic City Lexus. I'm sure anyone can guess ….. still not fixed !!!!!

  • To Whom It May Concern:

    This past summer, my husband was in Houston doing rehab following a stroke. We live in New Orleans but were living in Houston temporarily. We had a problem with the tires on our Lexus and went to Sterling McCall Lexus at 10025 Southwest Freeway. While encountering some problems, Mr. Jack Schnitzer, Parts Director, came to our rescue. He helped get my husband settled where he could sit and got the service department in gear to solve our problem. They ordered new tires and he arranged a loaner car. We would like to commend Mr. Schnitzer for going above and beyond and showing us why we continue to buy Lexus.

  • To Corporate Headquarters…. I have a 2004 LEXUS GX470 … my car is in MINT CONDITION except the dashboard ..which has totally cracked from one end to the other. I have heard from the place where i get my car serviced ..that many of his customers with that Lexus model have had the same problem. He used to also be employed with Lexus and now has his own autoshop. I feel Lexus should replace the dashboard at no cost … Its a manufacturer defect… My car is protected from the sun/heat /cold… nothing else in the car is damaged /scratched… but the dashboard …and the way it is cracked is A MANUFACTURER DEFECT.
    Please contact me at … I would appreciate it ! Have taken to the dealership several times and been told that it will cost $2000 to replace… I don't feel .. I should pay for something that was not built correctly in the first place…and yes… i don't know that i would invest that kind of money again on a Lexus vehicle …advised several physicians I work with about this issue..they decided to go with other Lexus vehicles …

  • please remove my name and imfo from your mailing list at this time I refuse to have any further contact with Lexus so do not send me any advertisements do not call me or send me an email. Lexus dealership especially Lexus of Pembroke Pines they are the worse. Jerry, Anthony, and many more please do not waste your time with purchasing a Lexus. Alexis family does not care about their clientele.

    are the worse

  • On the subject of commercials, the commercial for the Lexus I-S with the young couple meeting and making their way through the crowd to the white IS…very dressed up in suit and fancy dress and heels…he doesn't open the door for her. Give me a break and show some class…that's what you're tring to sell, isn't it!?

  • To whom it May Concern,

    I want to congratulate you on the really great commercial for Lexus that you put out. It is the one with the French accompaniment song where the couple is out on the town, and they return home and are in bed together-and their children come running up and join them there. It is delightful to watch. In this age of foul commercials or just not decent, you came up with one that was really wonderful to watch and well done….If I was driving, I would probably want to buy a Lexus because of that commercial….Keep up the good work!

  • To whom it may concern:
    I was called by JM Lexus in FL three times to trade my 2008 GS350 for a new car. Even though I love my car, due to personal reasons I need to lower my payments so I went in to try and trade. Today (4/21/13), I was called by their sales person about great deals and that they would be able to eat up my negative equity so I should come and try to do the trade. After a couple of hours, I was told yet again that they could not get my payment down because of the negative equity. Upset that I wasted my time yet again, I was then told that they could not find my car keys. After waiting another couple hours on a Sunday, they still could not locate my keys which has my house key on it. It ended where the sales person drove me to my house to get my spare key and then back to the dealership to get my car. You would think after this ordeal they would try to at least make a deal or offer some kind of incentive. Now I can only hope that no one tries anything with my house key. This is the worst experience I have ever had at a dealership!!!

  • Frank Galante deserves your recognition as an outstanding General Sales Manager. He works at Lexus of Smithtown and you couldn't ask for a better person to represent your company!

  • I recently did business with the Lexus of Smithtown dealership and came in contact with a General Sales Manager that deserves recognition. He is a Genuinely Wonderful person and handled my situation with Class & Grace. His name is Frank Galante and I highly recommend doing business with him!

  • I am shopping for a used Lexus 2008 or 2009 which was a stunning vehicle. Do you notice all of the 2008 & 2009 Lexus RX350s on the road? The reason is from 2010 and through today the Rx350s have changed so that the bodies are extremely unattractive. You should think of going back to the old design, you would have a lot more people purchasing the RX350 if it looked better than the new design you adopted for 2010—who designed them? They are UGLY.

  • I leased a 2010 RX350 from the Lexus dealer in Southampton, N.Y. The DVD system that the manager of the dealership sold us was installed by his service department and only allows for the audio to be transmitted by connecting to the FM radio on certain stations. The problem that occurs when we are traveling with our children on road trips to Boston, Vermont, Philadelphia or Washington DC is that connection to the local FM station fades as you enter a new geographic region and we eventually have only the video picture with no audio component. The initial response from Southampton Lexus was to "try and find an alternative FM station that will allow the audio to be transmitted". The reality is that in rural or less populated areas there is frequently no FM station on this DVD system to work. Upon further conversation with another Lexus salesperson I was told that I should have bought the factory installed DVD system in which the audio is integrated into the system and does not need to rely upon the local FM system. Is this feedback correct and if so, what recourse do I have. In my opinion, Lexus of Southampton should have informed me when I started my lease of my options ; a system that will work sporadically and not outside of major metropolitan areas or a factory installed system that will always work!

  • I took my 2012 RX350 Lexus to my local Lexus dealer to check my navigation system because it would not accept the city of Kentfield, CA. When I input KEN the GPS would only come up with Kenwood. The Lexus GPS would not allow me to enter anything after the "N". The Lexus dealer said "unable to find Kentfield due to not a major Metropolitan area and I may need to call destination assist to add the search area". My free year for destination assist is up at the end of February, 2013. Why must owners pay for destination assist @ $264.90 annually because Lexus not input all addresses into their navigation system. I owned a 2006 Acura MDX for 6 years and never had any problem with an address not coming up. If a cheap Garmin GPS has all addresses why doesn't Lexus. Is Lexus trying to nickel and dime their the Lexus car owners. As far as I am concerned the Lexus navigation system is inferior!!! I have called customer service and asked for a response but still no response after 2 weeks. The local service department suggested I get a portal GPS or pay for destination assist. I will never get another Lexus and have told friends who were considering buying a Lexus to look somewhere else. If you fail to approve this comment, then I know you do not want anyone else to see any negative words about your product.

  • I took my 2012 RX350 Lexus to my localLexus dealer to check my navigation system because it would not accept the city of Kentfield, CA. When I input Ken the GPS would only come up with Kenwood. The Lexus GPS would not allow me to enter anything after the "n". The Lexus dealer said "unable to find Kentfield due to not a major Metropolitan area and I may need to call destination assist to add the search area". My free year for destination assist is up at the end of February, 2013. Why must owners pay for destination assist @ $295. annually because Lexus not input all addresses into their navigation system. I owned a 2006 Acura MDX for 6 years and never had any problem with an address not coming up. If a cheap Garmin GPS has all addresses why doesn't Lexus. Is Lexus trying to nickel and dime their the Lexus car owners. As far as I am concerned the Lexus navigation system is inferior!!! I have called customer service and asked for a response but still no response after 2 weeks. The local service department suggested I get a portal GPS or pay for destination assist. I will never get another Lexus and have told friends who were considering buying a Lexus to look somewhere else. Who decided what should be added to your GPS????

    • I see you are having trouble with your GPS. I have come to learn Lexus installs systems designed to be obsolete. I have just purchased a 2001 LS430 Ultra Series. This car sold for over $75,000
      new. Now one would think the very best equipment available would have been in this luxury car. Truth is a Garmin or Magellan GPS from that exact time would be still working and up to date with FREE map updates!
      My GPS will not read a new disk that is only up to the 2003 date, I also had to have the laser replaced $280.00 just so it would read a 2001 disk!
      I call Lexus headquarters customer service. The lady took my call and was very understanding and said she would refer this to a "specialist" Well he called me today. Doesn't matter that it will not take an updated disk (I bought at Lexus of Henderson Nevada for $160.00 and they knew it would not work) but the dealer tried to rip me off for $1,750.00 for a rebuilt unit! I asked if they would just fix the one I have and they said they do not fix them but would do an exchange for a rebuilt. (So where do they get the rebuilt units from I asked? This upset the Service director and he made an excuse he was needed else ware. I hate being lied to.
      Well THE Lexus corp. "SPECIALEST" call today. his answer was it's an old car, you never had it serviced at Lexus of Henderson ( I JUST BOUGHT THE CAR SIX WEEKS AGO) I did not bring it for service since, so they are not interested in helping me out!
      It would have been nice if he offered some type of a solution, but no just end the call. I asked to speak to a supervisor, He replied that it was his decision and it was final !!!
      I am 65 years old, on social security, cannot afford $2000.00 + to have a REBUILT unit installed by this rip-off dealership. So I guess I will just live with the defective GPS that I cannot even input an address or get directions. It wont even give the correct N, E, S, W, directions…
      Will I suggest to my friends that a LEXUS is a sound purchase ? NEVER AGAIN, NEVER – NEVER EVER AGAIN.

  • I would like the address of whom I should contact regarding a theft while my car was at the dealership being serviced.
    They of couse deny the problem, but it is the only place that had access to my car with the keys.
    The theft will cost me over $1500.00.
    I still have the blue plastic over the Lexus emblem in the door, and only have 9,800 miles. Stays in garage locked.
    This is my 3rd Lexus, love it. I am embarressed for the dealership, it used to be 1st class.
    I never thought I had to worry when I took my car in for service, that it would be stripped.
    I would appreciate the address.
    Thank You,

  • Dear Lexus Corp,

    Two years ago I bought a 2007 pre-owned certified GS450H. Therefore, it is still under warranty. I love the car. However, about 3 months ago the front brakes started squealing. I had them checked by Stevinson Lexus of Frederick (CO) on 10/29/12 when they performed the 60K service. They wrote "Front brakes in good condition at 5mm. Noise due to excessive brake dust and rotor lip on either side of pads. Customer will need new pads when replacing front brakes. Rear brakes in good condition. Recommend cleaning wheel and rotors area when washing". Of course Stevinson washed the car before I picked it up, and I assume they made sure they washed the front wheels/rotors. I also make sure that I wash the area thoroughly when I wash the car. However, the brakes keep squealing. My wife said recently "it's embarrassing to have a Lexus (luxury car) that sounds like this". Therefore, a couple of weeks ago I called Stevinson service and said "can't you fix this under warranty"? I was told that warranty wouldn't cover it, and I was told that this is a rather common problem on certain Lexus models. If so, I can't believe that Lexus doesn't fix the problem; or at least, fix the cars under warranty that have the problem. I would like to get a call or a response. Thank you,
    720 641 1175

  • I just moved to Heber City, Utah. I originally bought my IS250
    AWD car from the Greenwich, Ct dealership, their sales and service depts. are exceptional!!! Where can I have my car serviced near me? I only find one authorized dealer in Murray. Is there a place in Salt Lake City where I can get my car serviced properly?

  • Dear Lexus Corp,
    In 2006 My husband and I just left a year long stay in the hospital treating our child for cancer. To celebrate her health we purchased a 2004 Lexus 330. It was a treat. To this day we have that same car. From day one to until today the drivers review mirror shakes and changes positions when the control is in "neutral". When I go into reverse, it changes from up to down, when I go forward it changes, sometimes it changes and shifts while I am on the freeway!!! Sometimes when I manually try to change it back to a position useful and safe to me it wont budge and at some point I have to stop the car and try to manually move it. Only to have it move yet again should I go in reverse or simply start the car. It is a major source of frustration. I have records with Lexus tightening it to make the shaking stop, and records of them trying to fix the problem of movement. Nothing has worked to the point that I have stopped trying. I guess a car manufacturers dream – the customer will get tired and just go away. But then there is social media, a manufacturers nightmare. I actually stopped the purchase of ONE Lexus by a person that wanted to get one like mine. Instead I directed them to Mercedes. I let them experience my review mirror personally. So if you chose to help me and consider this safety issue seriously great, I will tout your wonderful standard and service, if not then its just day to day operations as I mention to people one group at a time "Yes, its a good looking car, but I have this safety problem that Lexus does not care about…." I hope you care enough to contact me.
    Kind Regards, S Salem

    • Hi
      I sympathize with you. I have a 2006 IS250 Lexus, the brains on the dashboard are not in working order, so I can not use the touch screen. The cost to fix it is $2,000, the shocks are completely gone, the car makes a rumbling noise.My car has 87,000, I have been complaining about 2 years and they don't want to help.
      Your letter is written so well. I wish we could get some kind of satisfaction from them
      Regards Lisa email

  • Dear Sirs:
    Please direct this to the correct person. I have been told that you are one of the sponsors for the 2013 USOPEN in Merion, PA. I represent a three year old, 10,000 sq ft home there that would be perfect for your corporate use. Please allow me to send you pictures and any needed information.
    Thank you,
    Ginette Wendelken
    cell 610 283-8739

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