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LG Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-243-0000 or 1-800-793-8896

  • To Whom IT May Concern:
    February 18th, 2022
    Our 6 year old LG refrigerator broke down on December 27th (the LG warranty is for 5 years). On the 27th I contacted LG for a repair contractor in our area and they suggested we contact Asurion in Nashville, TN. We contacted Asurion and a Tech came out on Dec. 30th to determine the problem. A new part was ordered and upon arrival another tech came out and said the wrong part was ordered. The correct part was ordered and the next 2 Asurion appointments were cancelled (no one showed up). Someone ordered additional parts but no one from Asurion knows who ordered the parts. At the next appointment (5th) 2 techs arrived and installed all of the new parts and the refrigerator began working correctly. However three days later the unit broke down again (not cooling but it was running). I contacted Asurion requesting a service call. A new tech arrived and after a thorough inspection he said we needed a total re-build. Parts were ordered and the same tech arrived with a helper a week later and installed all of the parts. While installing the new parts the tech tripped our circuit breakers twice, indicating he shorted something out and in doing so he burned out the new circuit panel. A new circuit panel was ordered and installed on the next appointment and it proceeded to burn out. New re-placement parts were ordered (replacing the parts just installed – compressor, evaporation coil and another circuit board) parts were installed and once again the circuit panel burned out. The Asurion Tech said the unit was not repairable and that we would need to purchase a new refrigerator.
    Now 53 days have passed since my original call to Asurion) totaling 12 appointments (4 were cancelled by Asurion) with 8 different technicians ordering and installing new parts (LG shipped the wrong parts twice), LG told the Asurion tech we would not be charged for the parts or labor. The Asurion tech clearly “burned up” my refrigerator with the 2 short circuits tripping the homes circuit breakers.
    During the 53 days with no refrigerator we lost over $300.00 in spoiled food, had to eat numerous meals out, purchased several coolers and bought ice daily at a cost of approximately $2,000.00. Now I am told I have to purchase a new refrigerator. LG refuses to refund the original purchase price of the refrigerator since our unit is out of warranty.
    After this fiasco you can be sure I will never purchase another LG product.

  • We purchased an LG top-load washer in Oct 2018 for ~$950; in December 2021, the steel shaft connecting the agitator to the drum FRACTURED. This is a 3/8-inch diameter STEEL shaft that should NOT fracture with ANY type of load that a washer would EVER see. Of course, LG said "too bad" as it's out of warranty (despite it being a manufacturing problem) and sent me a list of LG-preferred repair shops. I contacted them – the part has a lead time of 6-8 weeks with no guarantee of delivery…. which is total BS. Needless to say, we purchased a replacement washer (non-LG).

    I emailed their "contact the president" email with the specifics; they responded with a form e-mail, "I’m an LG Customer Advocate following up on information I was given regarding a quality of service…. blah blah blah." In other words, they are just trying to placate people without doing one damn thing.

    Next step is a physical letter to their New Jersey HQ. I have to agree – their "service" is non-existent.

  • I cannot get anyone to work on my LG refrigerator. Bottom freezer is not working but my french door refrigerator above freezer is working. LG Customer Service has not called me back for days like they said they would….they must still looking for someone to work on it (yeah, right). I WILL NOT BUY LG PRODUCTS AGAIN!!!!!

  • Please, please, please do not purchase an LG. The customer service in HORRIBLE!!!!! I purchased a refrigerator in 2012. It has stopped working. The compressor is still under warranty. I have called LG's 800# 1-800-243-0000 and have gotten a complete runaround. They even gave me a company to call as one of their authorized service centers. The company called me back and said they do not work on LG's. UGH!!!!! This has truly been a horrible experience. My refrigerator is still out and I have lost everything in it. And still no resolve, still waiting.

  • I bought a washer and dryer in June 2020. The dryer has not worked since day one, they sent me a new one still not working. I called LG and made an appointment for service, the night before the scheduled appointment LG called and cancelled. Its now November COV-19 is rising I wont be able to go to the laundry. So I wasted money on a dryer that the company wont even repair, swap out for another product. I will now be contacting The Better Business, Consumer Report anyone that will listen and help during these trying times.

  • It's sad too say that I also have received less than a satisfactory response from LG customer Service. I purchased a LG stove Model# LRG3194ST.FSTELGA, SN# 906MMLA05544 in July 2019. By Dec.19 the blue oven coating started to flake off, at times falling into the food. I started calling LG Customer Service in Jan 2020 and all I have the show for my efforts are (3-CNN#) (1-TCC#) (1-RNN#) (1-DRN#) No phone calls and one email. Still no real action coming from LG. Still no usable oven. The date is 3/16/2020 and still waiting.

  • 12/6/19: LG needs to better train their customer service representatives. Our LG refrigerator stopped cooling. We called a certified LG repair provider who was great. He told us that in order for him to order the parts we needed (compressor and dryer filter), LG needed to send him an authorization letter for parts only. Our refrigerator is still under warranty. He has worked with LG for a long time and knew that an authorization letter was needed. So, I called LG to request the letter and was told it would take 24-48 hours for them to email the authorization letter. We let the person who will be doing the repair know that we had requested the letter and he would call us when he received it. Well, after 48 hours he received nothing so I called LG back and was told by the customer service representative (who's English was not very good), that we didn't need the letter because the refrigerator was under warranty. While on the phone with LG I called the repair person's office and had the other person he works with listen to what LG was telling me. They disagreed that a letter was not needed but said they would go along with what we were being told. Well, you know what happened next. The repairman called me to tell me he had to request an authorization letter which "was" required, and the parts were now on order. So we have lost 4 bags of food and can't get our refrigerator fixed until next week. The customer service person I spoke to had no clue what she was talking about. Very disappointing experience. LG please get all of your customer service employees on the same page and give accurate information to customers. Very frustrating experience. I don't expect anyone to do anything about this my experience will prevent someone else from going through the same thing.
    Dissatisfied LG Customer

  • sitting here on phone for 3rd day trying to get some help from Customer service in Panama. Purchased a 55inch smart tv that worked 14 months …still under the 2 year warranty and all I get is put on hold….tv is done …customer service sux… do not buy any LG product…

  • these is the reason why i dont like companies using other countries for tech support. i called yesterday. first most of them do not articulate so they cant be understood, but the young lady i spoke to yesterday i could understand, but the problem with her was she was giving me false information, she had me reset the TV, and kept telling me that i needed an hdmi ethernet cable with a certain number which i have but without the number, after putting me on hold and doing all this stuff she ask for the model number and then tells me that i have a plasma (which i told her i had)and that i could not use my plasma to view my computer. so now im really annoyed because i can see my computer screen on the tv its just not showing anything else. so i go online this morning and i look up for help and thank god for the internet i had to press the windows icon and the letter p and click on the lg and there it was, now i can see every thing thats on my computer. you need to get people that know what they are doing so they can help the people who buy your products. maybe you can use americans instead of people from india or that region.

  • From: Mark Wood [mailto:woodmdw@live.com]
    Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2019 1:23 PM
    To: Matt Cyrulnik; Alex Trautmann; Mark Wood
    Cc: anthony.riffe@lge.com; CHRIS WOOD
    Subject: FW: Invoice# GCP4520 – Almo

    I feel that if LG WOULD PROVIDE SERVICE THROUGH ABA IN ALL SURROUNDING COUNTIES like Samsung has setup to do their service we would sell more products in both locations of over 200k people. I will be going to the LG plant as we have been invited to do so in early April yet I am not waiting tocontact those to know that where the plant is they have NO SERVICE. I have called Coleman at the LG plant as that is my beginning contact to go further to see something gets done once and for all.. Whether I carry LG or not. Thanks and I only hope that with myself trying to help, things will move a little faster, as to me this is very embarrassing on LG and what’s worse they absolutely would want to know firsthand.

    Mark Wood

  • I will never EVER buy anything from LG ever again!! Horrible customer service and company protocol! I bought a washer and dryer less than a year ago. The washer is a complete lemon! It leaks all the time! Ruined my hardwood floors! Every repairman that LG has sent out (6 of them) said they cannot fix it and that I am basically screwed. You can’t get anywhere with customer service and LG has denied a replacement or to fix my hardwood floors. I’ve been dealing with this for over a year and the leaks started 3 days after it was delivered. LG has wasted my time, money and business forever! They are crooks! Never buy anything from LG unless you like to throw your money away

  • Well, yet another dissatisfied customer. I purchased an LG refrigerator for $1800.00 and within 2yrs it stopped working during the night. When I woke I noticed that all of my food in the freezer had melted and the top part was warm. I immediately contacted LG customer service to exercise the 5yr manufacture warrantee and have it repaired or replaced. I too got the run-around for a week.Promises made but not delivered. I'm now going on the seventh day without a working refrigerator. Just spoke to Roland the 6th customer service associate/supervisor who scheduled A&E to come to my home for the second time to repair it. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER LG PRODUCT AGAIN!!!! BUYERS BEWARE!!

    Catherine – Woodbridge, VA

  • Frig has broken down 3x. Called LG and I got customer service never answered the question. No one would give corporate #. Got it on my own. Left 3 messages for Joy at corporate. Nothing. I am putting this experience on Facebook in Kansas, NY & NJ as well as Twitter and the newspaper etc.. Horrible, I am pursuing Theft of Services.

  • Ordered a replacement left door assembly for my refrigerator on December 29th, 2017. Still have not received the part, and keep getting notices of BACK ORDER!!!! Still haven't received the part. Horrible customer service!!!!!!

  • There are no words too say put do not buy there products. They do not care about the customer only your money in your pocket. Never say I didn't tell you. MD


  • Something should be done about this. It's unbelievable that a company with all these issues gets away with it.

    I purchased a french-bottom freezer refrigerator (model # LFXS29766S) less than 3 years ago and the compressor went. It is taken LG over 4 weeks to get a compressor to me. This is totally unexcitable considering that they knew about the problem. I have lost everything I had in the refrigerator, spending money every day eating out and, the worse part is that I have two children and no food in the house. I would think that after waiting so long (it's now 6 week) that they would, at least, cover the cost of labor – they told me that I would have to pay for it. UNBELIEVABLE!! I will NEVER EVER buy another LG product again.

  • Want to complain about customer service on new refrigerator I purchased. No loaner policy when new unit dies, no way of getting service out their as they have to be certified LG folks which is fine. I live in metro Tampa not in small town in nowhere, but it took 5 days to get a tech out here and now a week to order part. I was told to put my food in a cooler. Ha I purchased a large French door unit with bottom freezer…how is a cooler going to work? LG needs to be more responsible for their products and not just advertise how great they were. Best Buy told me to get LG and now other companies as they were the best. Ha, did that mean they had a better mark up on them and got more commission. I am in sales and that sounds like a possible reason or they are just drinking the cool aid about the great LG reputation.

  • Company doesn't care for anyone but themselves. They won't honor their warranty, they take your money and leave you hi and dry. Stay far away from them.

  • LG does not honor their warranty. Do not buy any product from them. They will tell you what you want to hear and then not follow through. They sell you a bill of goods and that's all, nothing more. It took me 4 months to get a cell phone fixed and that's after yelling and screaming. They said they would compensate me for the phone service that I could not use and paid for during that time but it had been a month and still nothing after several emails. I suggest you email them and not call so you can have documentation if you decide to go to court. Run from this company. Life is only good for them no one else. I will be selling my 55" lg g4 TV and cutting them out of my life. I will never use a product from them again. Their customer service is so sub par I didn't think things got that low.

  • The worst business to do business with. Took 4 months to get a cell phone fixed, got fixed after I called the vice President. If anyone needs her contact info feel free to contact me at abandab19023@yahoo.com They don't honor their warranty, will blatantly lie to you, don't treat you as a valued customer, and expect you to be OK with it. They said they would compensate me for the time without phone service but it's been three weeks and haven't seen it yet. It's always some type of excuse. Run from this company fast and far. The only people life is good for is lg. They will rip you off, and say oh well. Never will I do business with them again.


  • I just purchased an LG 5 phone less than 90 days ago. The battery will not hold a charge. I called customer service and explained my situation and they said I would have to mail my old battery to their Home Office and it would take two weeks before I could receive another battery. I asked them if they could send me another battery and they said no. They told me to use my old phone. Who keeps and old phone when you purchase a new one. I didn't and not many people do. They said I would have to purchase a new battery in the meantime. I was not happy and asked to speak to a supervisor and they said there was not one available. They would call me back. They didn't.I called back and finally told my story to a supervisor. I told him I did not think it was right for me to spend $42 for a new battery for a defective battery that was in my new phone. He said that was their policy. I asked him if the roles were reversed how would he feel. He said he would be upset but there was nothing he could do. I explained to him policies can be updated and changed to provide better customer service to the consumer. He agreed but I could tell he just wanted me to stop talking. After getting nowhere, I thought I would alert anyone who is thinking of buying an LG phone to save yourself money and hassle of purchasing this product. Customer Service will not be on your side if anything goes wrong. Look at all of the other comments regarding LG products. I will say one more thing, don't purchase LG phone and read the internet on comments regarding Customer Service. I will never purchase another LG product.

  • I bought an LG 5 phone less than 90 days ago. The battery will not hold a charge. I called customer service and they told me I would have to send the battery to their office and in two weeks I would get another battery. In the meantime I now have to purchase a brand new battery which wil cost me $42. I don't think this is right. I talked to the Supervisor at Customer Service and he agreed with me but said that was their policy. I told him policies need to be changed to provide customer service for products that are defective. He said there was nothing that could be done. I would not recommend an LG phone to anyone who is thinking of buying one. Their customer service is terrible. People you talk to don't understand very good English and they just give you the run a round. This company needs to review their customer service standards because, if you read all the comments being submitted they will not support the consumer if their products go bad. One more time, don't buy an LG phone!!

  • if u we like to know more I post a video and I tape the conversation from spt staff member telling me the my insurances dosent cover my damage from my phone the I have to get a knew phone… I tape it. and I in facebook for every one see it.becuase is not ok. to paid for insurances to sprint for 2 years the is about 2 thousand dollars and when I need to replaces a phone I have to get a new one..

  • my name is wanda vargas when I enter sprint I left tmobil big mistake sprint company never pay the last bill the that call brdg and contracted also sprint company never tell the customer if u get a lg phone by law lg company will have a insurances for 1 year that mean the u don't have to get a insurances inur phone because lg company have a insurances for free for 1 year. my phone got damage . and I asked sprint to change my lg phone because I been paid for a insrances for the past 2 years in my in phone no one tell me the lg is insurances. sprint company take the insurances money but sprint don't send a phone to u is ur phone is damage. sprint sale u another phone to make there sale asking u for 100 dollars extra also if the staff member make the sale the staff member make 35 dollars commition and u get stock with more bill and ur bill from 120 dollars ur bill will be up until 160 dollars. because sprint refuses to used the insurances the u been paid. and make u get another phone. my phone is damage and is been cutting my fingers and sprint still the I have a insurances sprint will not give me another phone or replaces my phone sitill the my phone have a insurances. sprint company is under a violation on the consumer law… sprint company never tell customer the lg is insure for 1 year by lg company and if u phone get damage u can send the phone to lg company and lg will send u another one. sprint company get u a insurances the u have to paid at onth and if u phone get damage. sprint tell u. is not cover by ur insurances u have to get a knew phone only because there sale and there comisions

  • Wish I knew about this website before I purchased an LDF5545ST dishwasher. Got it to replace a Samsung ( had no problem with them, they refunded price of dishwasher immediately after just 1 phone call AND it was out of warrantee)
    Bought 11/15/16, has worked a total of 6 weeks since then. LG first says no one to fix, then they get a repair person out who deems the control board bad. He orders parts, LG cancels parts. I am trying to get a refund to just replace and I just get the run around. Been 2 months now. Im going with Kitchen Aid and will NEVER buy ANYTHING that says LG on it again.

  • I have the LG Premium Care Plan for a washer that is 5 years old.. The Plan does not cover NOISES… Are you serious???!!!! A NOISE IS AN EARLY WARNING SIGN THAT SOMETHING IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!.. Also the Bleach dispenser has NEVER worked right. Still had no success with Customercareless.. She never could get a Supervisor to talk with. OK!!!!! Fine… LG just lost another customer and no more extended repair coverage from me… What a rip off….

  • In June 2016 I purchased a cricket LG Escape 2 phone from Walmart. After having issues with it I contacted LG in Dec 2016 and they had me return it and thus sent me a new phone. Now it is early March and I am having issues again. I contacted the chat line and explained what was going on. The representative was giving me a difficult time.
    I am intensely upset with LG as these issues have not been my fault yet I am made to feel as if they are. I am to once again send my return my phone once I receive the RA/Return label. This is upsetting as I will be once again without a phone for several days. Living in a rural area is the reason I bought the phone.
    Since this is a repeat occurrence why not not just do the right thing and send me an updated phone at no charge.

  • Sir, I have purchased LG Refrigerator GR-P267BTB on 02 May 2009 in Delhi. Now the product is not working and went off. We have lodged complaint to Delhi LG Repaire Centre through customer care number. They visited and inspected the product and said it can not be repaired as mice has cut the wiring fitted in the refrigerator. So please instruct Delhi repairing centre and send mechanic for repair. We are residing at Shiv Sagar Farm No 25, Kapashera Estate, New Delhi-110037. We are hopeful for a positive solution.

  • My LSG4511ST came to us in November only to find out it did NOT come with a Self-CLEANING feature.

    On LG's OWN website it says that this model number AND the LSG4513 BOTH have an EASY CLEAN feature AND a regular

    SELF CLEAN feature of 2.3.4 hrs.

    Within 2 days of getting ours through HOME DEPOT we read the manual to find out OUR model number does NOT have the self clean feature of 2.3.4 hrs…it only has the EASY CLEAN feature for 10 minutes. The oven barely warms up and NOTHING comes off the oven.

    Both LG and HOME DEPOT (and LOWES) are BIG brand names and i'm thinking any ATTORNEY in his RIGHT mind would take that law suit in a heart beat!!

    I first only wanted an upgrade at the same cost as the FALSELY ADVERTISED one…but now i just want HOME DEPOT to pick it up and help get it out of our house. LG AND HOME DEPOT have been NIGHTMARES with NO returned calls and NO returned emails from LG.

    Everytime someone is SUPPOSED to help me they CONTINUE to drop the ball!!

    I am the one who has to keep calling them to do their jobs…which SHOULD BE


  • There is no service from this company. LG directs all customer complaints to a call center overseas. All the operators can do is recite a canned response which usually translates to "Sorry, we are not going to do anything to address your concerns!" NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • We purchased an lg refrigerator a year and a half ago.the compressor quit working and the 10 year warranty it was supposed to have is not valid. they sent a repair person out who put in the wrong compressor supposedly and now lg says since the warranty is up they are not responsible for any other repairs and its now the repair persons responsibility to fix it. so sorry you paid 2000 for our junk and now we have to oay to haul it to the dump. this frige should have lasted for more than a year and a half.we will never buy lg again and will tell every one we know not to buy lg products. lg does not stand behind products. james bemrose

  • so lets see my phone call #3 to #LGelectronics for the same issue. 1) The call is picked up by "ERWIN" in who knows what country
    2) well your warranty expired so we cannot help you
    3) did you think that after spending thousands of $$$$$ on all of our appliance that are LG one would think that maybe #LG would say hey let us send a tech out and see what is going on being that it is the same issue the part has been replaced twice already and you would maybe think that the unit is malfunctioning…….ugh HORRIBLE COMPANY IF I KNEW THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW I WOULD HAVE NEVER BOUGHT MY APPLIANCES FROM LG

  • If I only knew then what I know now I would have never had bought all LG appliances. Thousands of $$$ and no help.

    LIFE'S GOOD you should be ashamed for using this

  • Yes I purchased a very nice LG fridge for $1799.99 and even purchased a 4 year extended warranty and it went out after 5 yrs. And the compressor and enclosed coolant system were still under warranty so that was good except for the labor is not covered which Cost, after two visits and weeks waiting on parts, $750.00 dollars later. And it still doesn't work. Now they want the condenser and evaporator replaced which they cover the parts again but labor is $886.00. But the appliance warranty company they have under contract were told the original compressor caused oil to leak into the closed coolant system and contaminated the lines and it should not be used. But they will not replace the fridge even though it was the compressor that caused and just want me to pay labor to replace all the insides of the fridge which in total would cost me $1636.00 and if it still doesn't work they will only give me $399.00 as a prorated amount to purchase a new fridge. Do the math………what a rip off!! And the customer service are like drones and keep repeating the same thing over and over. Well that's a Korean company for ya!

  • Anyone want to join a class/act lawsuit???? We have many people on our side. I spent $150 on a headset that broke in less than a year and they won't warranty it. Something needs to be done about this!!

    Chef Louis

  • Bought an LG SMART TV January 2016 and now it no longer works. The customer service is horrible. They refuse to help me. The supervisor hung up the phone while I was talking to him. LG should be put out of business.

  • Bought two LG flat screen Smart TVs, 39" in Jan of 2014, the 47" in Mar of 2014. Both had the same model number LN5700. after two and a half years both TVs had major problems. One had to be scraped and the other we paid over $300.00 to repair. We are not buying LG anymore.

  • Are you kidding me? This place is a joke if you need ANY kind of repair with a WARRANTY still in place. Everyone should BOYCOTT them, call the BBB or 60 minutes. Just about ripping off the consumer. Do not BUY their products.

  • Agreed – Customer service system needs to be changed. While agents try to be helpful – in the end, nothing gets done or fixed. Stand by your products LG! I would encourage everyone to no longer buy LG – I won't even consider their products anymore.

  • I purchased a Bluetooth headset on 17 Feb 16. The device will not hold a charge, which according to consumers comments on the internet this seems to be a common problem with LG headsets.
    Upon executing the warrant for the defective headset, I did not have my original receipt. However, I was able to provided a copy of my credit card receipt (attached) reflecting the store information and transaction details can be verified as proof of purchase for the headset.
    I am a logistics manager and receive shipments in all the time; with that being said, I am certain my headset purchase can be tracked back to the store by the Serial Number on the shipping document from the LG distributor to Metro PCS. No, I'm not asking for this to be done, but I am requesting LG to replace the defective product.
    I am extremely disappointed by the lack of concern for customer satisfaction displayed by LG management team (Josh, ID 410-391) in my attempt to seek his assistance with resolving this issue.

    • Anyone want to join a class/act lawsuit???? We have many people on our side. I spent $150 on a headset that broke in less than a year and they won't warranty it. Something needs to be done about this!!

      Chef Louis


  • This company has the worst customer service ever. We had a washing machine go out in June of 2016. I have spoken with LG's customer service many times. The last two times they ask me to send a copy of my receipt and service invoices. The email address they gave me does not work. I get a message that Delivery to the following recipients failed. The last rep told me to upload the receipt via the LG web site and someone would call me. Nope, not call, no surprise.

  • The customer service at LG USA has to be the worst I have ever dealt with and this includes having to deal with Comcast. I mistakenly purchased LG's new curved tv 65EG960 in December 2015. in the 8 months I have had this tv it has needed to be repaired 2 times and the second time it actually caught fire and and burned a hole through the nice curved screen. After having to replace two electrical components and one causing a actual fire that caused physical damage the logical conclusion would be to replace the 8 month old tv, but no logic is not part of LG policy as their customer service likes to say. After 4 weeks of being passed on to one LG representative after another and being told it is not their policy to let their customers talk to anybody in management , and having a $6,000 piece of wall art hang in my house LG must have decided that fire starting is a new feature for this TV and will not replace it but repair it. Will they repair it better then the first time? I doubt it because after the first time it caught fire, maybe this time they will install a fire extinguisher in to it. To anyone that is even thinking of buying a LG anything please reconsider because if anything ever goes wrong with your product it is LG policy to give you the run around and to pass you on to anyone else. BUYER BEWERE!!

  • LG products are nothing but disposable. Bought a refrigerator and had to have the control panel replaced 4 times now we are in the same situation. Called the Supervisor's office and they said they needed a receipt. Called the store to see if I could get and could not, the woman at LG called and she could not get one either. Called the LG today and the woman was like a parrot and keep repeating we need the receipt. After she read the notes and no can get the receipt she insisted on having a receipt. I told her to shut up about the receipt and do something and she we are trying to help but we need……ya know, the receipt! We have had no refrigerator for over a week several hundred dollars of meat is ruined with care in the world by LG. They should change their name to LGB Life gone bad! Never purchase an LG product you will not get anything for your money but rude customer service and a product that will not work more than a week or two. Now I am being told without a receipt they will do nothing even though they have repaired the unit before. These people will do anything to get out of having to do anything. They will take your money but you get anything for the money you give them. I am calling my lawyer today and filing a suit against.

  • My email to them. No response. No corporate phone numbers.

    I have with an LG television. My product is within the warranty period. I have not used this television often and one night it just had no power. I was unable to resolve the issue over the phone with the tech and was told I had to mail it in to be repaired. I had major surgery and said it would be nice to have my tv back when I came home. LG repair services received the unit and said that it had “no power and was a totally inoperative unit”. Doesn’t sound good. They made an “internal adjustment” and sent it back. The same unit.

    After 5 days being in the mail it arrived and the power comes on but the television does not. I have been told I will have to send it back 3 times before they replace it. Per my doctor’s instructions I am only allowed to lift an object that weighs the same as a gallon of milk. I am not allowed to talk to repair services to see what they did nor is your customer service rep. That is why I am emailing you.

    I have never heard of a completely failed unit being repaired and the customer not being allowed to hear what was done to fix it. I think I am entitled to a new unit. The more this already inoperative unit is mailed the more likely it is to be broken in other ways. Your policy does not make sense economically or from a customer service perspective. It is as if I did something wrong. All I did was purchase a TV that no longer works. The mailing labels if we do this 6 times will cost more than the TV.

    I hope you can help facilitate my getting a new unit. I really haven’t done anything wrong. Nor have your customer service reps. Their hands are tied. Please advise.

  • I purchased an LG washer and dryer from Home Depot and in about a year the product got burnt causing damage to my floor and LG accepted that they would repair the washer. Upon coming out and ordering the parts, they noticed the coil was also burnt and the washer needed replacement. They stated they still wanted to repair the the washer and I advised I did not feel comfortable with repairs as the washer was rusted as a result of the delays in repairing it and their faulty product. I sent them supporting pictures for my claim and LG came back to share that they will not be responsible for it. I have been with out a washer for over a month now and they have refused to replace my washer. The smoke from the burnt washer put my family in harms way and the washer leaked causing damage to my floor. I am asking that they replace my washer, floor and address the smoke hazard their faulty product has brought to my family.
    Oh by the way, you have the worst customer service ever.
    Sam aka @robincline49

  • They are horrible and they do not care either. Dented 65 inch out of the box and these idiots make me eat the cost of 1200.00

  • I will NEVER buy another LG product again. I will also tell everyone not to they do not honor their warranty. Worst customer service ever! 5-7 business days to replace an item. After not receiving it I spoke with EIGHT agents who did nothing but tell more lies. Called again and they said 5-7 day turnaround again! What?! To replace not repair an item? This is terrible. I have asked for a supervisor they keep putting me on hold and then the line goes dead. I have been given the runaround for almost a month.

  • Trying to get wire clips for my bluetooth. Stated in april with they are on the way. Its now June and still no clips. I call the 800# number and get some song and dance of how it is being taken care of. As soon as I asked for a supervisor they hung up on me. I asked for the repair centers phone number and was told that they dont have phones there.
    Let me start by saying if there was a negative stars they LG would get that from me. Worst customers service EVER.

  • Every comment here is right. LG is the worst. Called N.J headquarters 201-816-2000 then was told to press "0" for my issue was told "that extension was busy please leave a message" WTF????Operator's line busy????
    My issue now has been going on for 2 months guess next step is consumer affairs…..NEVER AGAIN !!!!

  • 205th comment. Went back to the beginning. I'm challenged to find ONE (1) positive comment. Here's another common one for the list. FRAUD is a strong word and I use it only once in a while. The LG warranty and what it allows is FRAUDULENT. They warranty their "motor" for ten (10) years, they do not warranty they other part which HAVE to be replaced for the same period. They cannot change the motor without changing the "Sump". This is per the technician who will be repairing mine. Two years, two months out of the box, the motor seized. What a piece of garbage. Two person household, little use (couple of times per week with Blue Apron dishes) and the thing seizes up on us. The case number I initially received was for the service center phone number, not the repair. Caused nothing but problems when I had to call back to ask for "concession" (their term). Ten more phone calls and a trip back to the store I bought it from because I only had the Credit Card receipt, not the actual receipt. Their internal policy, not in the warranty. Again FRAUD, just another stalling tactic. No one is empowered to offer an exception to policy, all they do is transfer you to another number and another person. If I worked for this company, I would keep my resume handy and up-to-date. If I can impact or cause ten people not to buy this crap, then I've succeeded. I will do my part, believe me. Buy the time I pay for the technician and the repair, I will have bought this dishwasher twice. 515 initially and 474 for the repair. Never, never, never again will I buy LG in any shape or form. I wish you, the reader, better luck with these people than I had.

  • OMG I wish I have read all this comments before buying a refrigerator from LG. I Paid almost $3,000 and after 2 1/2 years it stopped working. I called LG and they told me that I had to buy an extended warranty which we did. The company that they used was the worst. They came to my house once to tell me what was wrong, then rescheduled another appointment and never came. I have been waiting for more than a month to have my refrigerator fixed and customer service did not help at all. I was left on my own to have my freezer fixed. Still they have not return the money that I paid for the extended warranty.
    I will not buy anything from LG EVER in my life!!!

    I will agree with "LIFE IS NOT GOOD WITH LG"

  • I sent my lg v10 to LG because of the battery issue, the phone worked perfect but the battery would not hold a charge. They sent it back because they said the warranty was void because of liquid damage. I never got the phone wet. I put the battery in and the phone did not work at all, I even had to snap the power button back in place from them taking it apart. They actually broke my phone and will not do anything to fix the situation. Will never purchase anything from LG. Did the homework and found out they have the worst warranty and customer service. DO NOT PURCHASE LG PRODUCT. IM OUT 700.00

    • I have an LG French door Fridge that developed a problem in the freezer section with some icing issues. The service company A&E (A sears derivative)came out and evaluated the problem. They advised that it was a cover on the coil that causes the problem. It is actually a manufacturers flaw that was never declared for a recall. One service company alone replaced 19,000 of these in 2016. I have been promised it would be covered, but have been fighting it for a month. Then when you call LG they say the service company needs to call for an "APN" Number to get the service performed. When you call A&E they say LG has to call them that they don't make the calls. Then you fight for hours on the phone with LG and A&E to get it resolved. I have been on the phone for two days several hours each and still no resolution. Yes LG is not on my list of future purchases and I noticed that LOWES isn't carrying as much in LG appliances.

  • Let me stsrt by saying if there was a negative stars they LG would get that from me. Worst customers service EVER.

    Bought a Brand new OLED 65" TV in February and screen goes blank in March. With in 2 months the TV stop working. (The TV was manufacturer in January 2016). They already changed two boards on it and it still didn't work. Since there are only 4 board on the entire TV they are now ordering the main display with 1 board built on it.

    Customer service representatives can't do anything but and they can't even schedule the appointment properly. One representative tell me Friday is the install for the display and when I called Thursday to make sure what time it would be they tell me it's scheduled for next Tuesday. It's been over 3 weeks now and can't get the TV repaired that was manufacturered 3 months ago. They will not call you and tell you it's scheduled, you have to call them and find out.

    Life is NOT good with LG.

    • I am horrified to hear all of these complaints against this company. Any company, if they are reputable, would resolve these issues as soon as possible to protect not only their brand name but their reputations as well. I just purchased a 65" LG 4K TV and nine months later the picture goes out. This TV is still under warranty and a repair person is supposed to be here on Monday 10/3/16. I pray that I don't have the same experience as you guys have had. I always thought LG was a good company, but if these types of experiences these customers have had gets around, and it will get around, I see the downfall of this company in the not to distant future.

    • I completely agree with the statement above! I purchased a 65" 4k tv and in the first week we had it up on the wall the screen went white! Contacted customer service multiple times telling me a tech would be out to fix to do a diagnostic on the tv and nobody came to fix the tv. Asked to speak with a supervisor, the first one Cyrus I believe his name was promised me I would have a phone call and a tech scheduled within 24-48 hours, a week goes by and nobody calls. The next week got Jenna another supervisor gives me the same story saying I have to submit new photos and she would get back with me….take a guess nothing. Its funny how we spend over $1500 on a tv that you think you would get the customer service with this is defiantly not the case! Its funny how you can not even return the tv from where you purchased it without a box… who saves all their boxes? I have worked in customer service for over ten years and if you call yourself a customer service supervisor with these traits I would fire you in a heartbeat! Learn to do your job and respect and care for your customers, returning customers come from experiences they have after the purchase as well, but maybe this company hasn't found this out yet! If someone would like to redeem there company my email is jeperusk@svsu.edu

  • It's a sad day. Talk about brand. Your last contact with the brand impacts your entire experience. I have been trying to get help with my LG Ventless Washer/Dryer combo. It's 3 years old. Warranty is only good for a year. In those years, I've replaced the mother board, the pump, and now the mother board again–because the unit won't turn on.

    I get the need to outsource overseas. These people don't care and don't have the ability to do what is right for the customer. $1500 for a unit and two service calls at $300 on a 3 year old product.

    Remember the days when a washer/dryer lasted 20 years? Apparently neither does LG.

  • Bought a 65" smart tv and last month the remote stopped working. Still within my "one year warranty" so I asked LG to replace it. After 4 calls they told me they won't honor the warranty because mine was a floor model. What difference does that make? I'm still the original owner! $2000.00 for a TV and they won't replace a lousy remote. Will never buy another LG product!

    • We have had the same thing happen to us with our brand new refrigerator. They have tried to fix it five times without success and they still won't replace it. I am an Attorney and will be suing them in the very near future. I am also considering filing this as a class action. If you have had a similar experience, please do not hesitate to contact me at (412) 519- 2274.

    • Just left a message on your phone. Would like to join any class action suit. Same problem with $3500 refrigerator. After 1 year and 3 months, it stopped working. LG won't replace after trying to fix it 9 (yes, nine) times.

  • I purchased a LG kitchen suite of products from Home Depot on 7/10/15 as I was upgrading my kitchen. In December, we noticed that the icemaker stopped working and that some of the freezer items were soft. A call to LG Customer Service went well and a local repair service came and diagnosed the problem as a main circuit board. The board was replaced and all went well for 3 weeks and then the same set of problems happened again. The same service team was dispatched and the local repairman said it could be a weak compressor or a problem with the internal coolant flow. Since this fix was outside their scope, another technician was sent. This LG specialist indicated that it was probably a weak compressor, advised LG customer support and a new compressor was ordered.
    That piece was replaced on 1/22 and the refrigerator stopped cooling the next day. We lost food in both the refrigerator and freezer compartments.
    on 1/28, the same LG technician came and diagnosed the problem as a system restriction on the high side( the internal coolant was being stopped from circulating) and declared the refrigerator as unfixable.
    We called LG support who told us that they wanted to send a technician to diagnose the problem. I asked them who they would be sending since we already seen 2 different companies. no answer from the support person who purported to be a supervisor. Then she detrmined that she needed to speak with the LG specialist and would get back to us. 18 hours later I'm still waiting. In the meantime, still no refrigerator and we have two young children in the house.

    My question is LG just how many times and things have to go wrong before you admit that the merchandis is defective and either replace or return my money

  • I just received the worst Customer Service from LG. I bought a HB-900 headset off Ebay back in December 2014 and it started malfunctioning in September of 2015 (still under warranty) so I shipped the headset back and received a refurbished headset. Then the refurbished headset started doing the same thing (Turning on and off by itself, dropping call, just like the new one I bought) anyway. I call LG early to mid January 2016 to return the refurbished headset, they send me a Shipping Label and I send it back. LG sends me the same refurbished headset I sent them to replace and says that there was no PROOF OF PURCHASE which I gave with the original Headset when I sent it back. So I do not have a POP anymore. All this information should be on file already so there was no need to send the POP, they told me all I had to do was to make sure I had the RA# inside the box with the headset and the RA# written on the outside of the box.

    So I call LG and they tell me that the headset is no longer under warranty and they will not replace the replacement headset sent.

    I have left messages with the Corporate office so I can talk to someone to fix this issue. I feel as if LG doesn't care about me (as a Long Time Customer) spending my hard earned money for their product. This is unacceptable and bad business. I want this issue fixed and fixed ASAP.

    I will be posting this to all my Social Media Sites if nothing is done and will NEVER buy another LG Product.

  • I advise you not to buy anything from LG they will not repair anything and you are on your own. Have had 3 ductless brand new units go bad and they refuse to see what the problem is and keeps giving me numbers of people that MIGHT HELP ME, and they all have answering machines that never call back. Do yourself a huge favor buy from Sears, Best Buy, Home Depot and don't ever buy LG!!!

  • I advise you not to buy anything from LG they will not repair anything and you are on your own. Have had 3 ductless brand new units go bad and they refuse to see what the problem is and keeps giving me numbers of people that MIGHT HELP ME, and they all have answering machines that never call back. Do yourself a huge favor buy from Sears, Best Buy, Home Depot and don't ever buy LG!!!

  • I am contacting the Federal Trade Commission. I have asked you to simply replace my headset that I purchased in March 2015. It stopped working in June 2015. I have repeatedly contacted you and your customer service keeps stating they will mail me a headset. It is Dec 2015 and I have not received my headset. BUYER BE WARE DO NOT BUY LG. I DID NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM WITH SAMSUNG OR APPLE PRODUCTS.

  • DO NOT BUY ANY APPLIANCES MADE BY LG. CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS. Bought an LG refrigerator from a local home improvement store on Nov. 4, 2015. Scheduled delivery for 3 Weeks later or Nov. 28, 2015. Delivery made Sat. Nov. 28, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. We were the last delivery even though we scheduled delivery 3 weeks earlier to avoid holiday rush. Plugged in. Placed a thermometer in. Reading 72 degrees. Went to bed. Got up Sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. Thermometor still reading 72 degrees. I called LG. Told them of problem. Told me to wait 24 hrs.. LG would call back later. I called home improvement store. Told them of problem. They would call LG Monday morning as it was Sunday and everything is closed. Spoke with home improvement store Monday. LG told them we had to wait 24-48 hrs. Before something could be done. I called LG myself Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2015. Was told frig ordered. Expected delivery Dec. 10, 2015. I told rep no way. That would be 2 weeks without a frig. Move us up. Rep. Spoke with delivery ppl. Moved delivery to Fri. Dec. 4, 2015. I called LG Thurs. Dec. 3, 2015 at approx. 11:00 a.m. They confirmed delivery date of Dec. 4, 2015. 7:45 p.m. Thurs. Dec. 3, 2015 got a phone call from LG telling us delivery date changed to Dec. 11, 2015. That is 2 weeks after first delivery of defective product and over 1 month since we made the purchase. LG sucks big time. DO NOT BUY LG products. LG may stand for Life's Good but they are making my life a living hell.

  • worst customer service repair that I have ever experienced but they say it is about the customer. I sent my bluetooth in for repair. They received it on the 5th of Nov. it is now the 18th and they continue to say ck back in 5-7 days which I have done. They give me a tracking link to check the status and everything says pending. It states that it shipped but it can provide me any information and when I do a live chat they say it still in repair. just awful.

    • I am totally on board with all of these complaints. I F'king HATE LG CUSTOMER SERVICE. I retruned a sound bar 3 times and was promised a replacement if the issue was still going on the 3rd time. Guess what happened? NO REPLACEMENT AND NO REFUND. They kept the sound bar and never gave me any money back. I am fighting with there office in Alabama and am about to take out a lawsuit for numerous reasons. NEVER will I buy LG electronics.. EVER AGAIN.

  • LG customer support is depressing. 1st call, rep couldn't answer question on how many LED Zones where in the 43UF6430 4K Smart TV. Called again, asked for supervisor, couldn't answer either. Called Corporate Headquarters, Technical service couldn't answer question either, said I would have to called engineering, but didn't have that number. Most all the competition states how many LED Zones each model has. After reading all these depressing reviews, and going through a 45 minute phone prompt nightmare, and getting no answer from the very people that want you to purchase their merchandise, decided I needed to look elsewhere for something the rep's know about. Good luck to all you that don't do your homework.

  • LG is known for cheap quality at low prices. Their corporate level doesn't accept complaints nor do they warranty any item. If people would stop purchasing their junk, LG would be gone. Don't buy price buy quality from a better company

  • Was always very happy with LG, but this customer service experience has been awful. Sent my phone in on 9/6 for a defective headphone jack. They updated the apps and sent it back. Contacted them again about fixing the headphone jack. Sent it in 10/16. FedEx lost it. LG contacts them for an insurance claim, and I have still heard nothing from both LG and FedEx. Horrible customer service. Essentially a "too bad, so sad" attitude leaving me without a phone for 2 months.

  • We just spent over $5,000.00 on all new LG appliances and have had them for 3 days and they came delivered with scratches, they are willing to replace the doors on the fridge, with a lot of run around, but there is a huge gouge on the top of our stove that has not even been used yet and they are saying they will not do anything because its considered "cosmetic" again they are brand new and only had them 3 days!!! HORRIBLE customer service!!!!! unless they resolve this issue I will NEVER buy from LG again!!! Not happy at all, and completely agree with the review above mine and wish I would have read it before we made our purchases!

    • I agree with your comment about customer service. It is horrible. We purchased a refrigerator August 29th and it has not been working right for almost 3 weeks. I keep getting the run around with when the new part will be in. I was told December 20th, then November 9th then my husband was told later in November.

  • I came on this page to contact LG Corporate because I am SO dissatisfied with the customer service and WOW, I wish I had seen this page BEFORE I bought all these LG appliances!! I have an LG TV, LG cell phone, LG Refrigerator and the latest acquisition is an LG Washer/Dryer which was purchased in February. It went out 3 !/2 weeks ago, took them 2 weeks to get a repairman out here and of course, LG doesn't send them parts!! So, he ordered the parts and now they tell us another 9 days before repair can come back!!! My new stove and any future appliances WILL NOT BE LG !! I am shouting to the roof tops and on any social media I can find "Don't buy LG products" ! Once they get your money, they don't care. A bunch of crooks! I would gladly leave my name if this thing would allow.

  • LG Corporate:

    The following is a copy of the email I sent asking for my issue to be escalated past the "Supervisors" who claim to be the top:

    "I have phoned your customer service department too many times. When my phone began to constantly restart itself (unless it was plugged in), I started doing research online. I found that there have been issues with the battery.

    When I called (the first 3 times) I was told to send it in with the battery. I did that. When it was sent back after being there ONE DAY, the only things that were done was replacing the flash memory (not a power fix), resetting the phone (not a fix) and removing the screen protector (not a fix). The phone and old battery were sent back. So, of course, I still have the same problem since they did not troubleshoot or even address the issue.

    I called again numerous times and was only told to send the phone in for repair, which obviously does not fix problems. I asked over and over for some goodwill by sending me a new battery. It is the most efficient, cost effective thing to do. If it didn't fix the problem, I said I would send it back again. I was also lied to by being told that I was given a new battery. NOT TRUE! I was also told that my issue could be resolved by them emailing a manager. Now, I keep getting told by customer service "supervisors" that they are the end of the line and my issue cannot be escalated further. I do NOT believe that LG could possibly run that way. If the supervisor cannot help or give goodwill to a customer, they are not the final decision makers.

    I took it upon myself to fix my phone. I ordered a new battery online and it has worked ever since. It has not shut off once in the last month of use.

    Customer service (in which I have worked many times) means to offer the customer a service. It does not mean to read a script and state "policy". There is always a way to help.

    I paid FULL RETAIL for this phone. I need to be reimbursed for the battery.

    It also needs to be noted in LG's customer service information that THE BATTERY IS THE ISSUE if someone is having power trouble with their phone.

    Please save your other customers the frustration that I have been through.

    Please have someone in a higher position handle and respond to this."

    The following is the responding email I received:

    Hi Julie,

    Thank you for contacting LG. We appreciate that you're sending this email so we can better assist you with your concern.

    I see that you were already transferred to a supervisor and they were able to provide the resolution for your concern. May we ask if its still the same concern or a different concern


    Note: This email address is used for outgoing mail only. Thank you.

    Interesting that I cannot reply after they ask me to. I did reply and it did not bounce back. Hmmm… received and ignored?? Most likely…

  • I sent in my defective LG G4. First person at the call center said I would have it back 5 to 7 business days after they recieved it. I then saw online on the 8th business date that the phone needed more time to be repaired. Got the run around and then insulted telling me that 7 business days from Tueaday 8/25 was Sunday 9/6….WHAT???

    Called 5 different times and every time the escalations department was in a meeting….uhhh what are they there for? Every time I got a floor supervisor who did nothing to help.

    He said he would call me by the end of thme day with status on the phone…guess who didn't get a call? This is just a low integrity company who give a rats @$$ about the people who buy their products

    Never ever have I dealt with a company that didn't have an actual cumstomer service department. You can't reaxh anyone to actually help you. Just people who are paid to give you excuses. So crazy

    • Escalations Dept??? I've been told over and over that the "Customer Service Supervisor" is the top. "It cannot go past them"! I have been trying and trying. They answer the call with MY NAME!!! Crazy! I will be posting my own complaint but needed to laughingly respond to there being an escalation department!! Will never buy their products again. Even though I fixed it myself. I can't seem to get through to them that I know why my phone stopped working. I say I want to speak to a real manager who will act in good faith and listen to their customer. All I am told is to send it in for repair. AGAIN!! After they didn't fix it the first time!!

    • I am having the same issues. I followed all of there instructions for an LG G4 phone that would not stay on. They received June 20th and the tracking website said estimated deliver was 9 days. After the 9 days I called support. No answers, told me there was not time frame given for repair. They were unsure why it hadn't been repaired. I asked to speak to a supervisor. The "supervisor" told me the same thing and that he would escalate the issue. I told him I needed a call back the next day with answers, before end of business. No call. I emailed and received a generic reply with no details or explanations. Today, business day 17 since they received my phone, I called support again. They couldn't find the repair request, then they could, then they didn't have answers, then they couldn't find the request, then there was no further information, then they saw it was escalated, no additional response from the escalation. So very frustrating. After reading all of the complaints I am no longer hopeful for a successful resolution. Very disappointed in all aspects of LG.

  • I am going through the same issue right now! They have the worst customer service department and no one at LG knows anything about the LG product!!! All their responses are inconsistent! They rely on computers to tell them what is wrong with the system, so if the computer does not detect an issue, then there is NO issue although, the system is not functioning! So frustrating!

  • I made a huge mistake in purchasing a LG french door refrigerator on June 19, 2015. The day it was installed the main board shorted out and it STILL sits in my kitchen not working. LG has the absolute worst customer service in the industry. A serviceman tried repairing it on multiple occasion, only for the same problem to happen again. Now, I've been waiting for parts from LG since July 16, 2015!!!! That's almost a month since purchase. Now I'm over 6 weeks into this purchase the this beautiful refrigerator sits in my kitchen like a giant door stop!!! I purchased the refrigerator at a discounted price from a local home improvement store. So, I want the item repaired or replaced since it came with a FULL 1 YEAR warranty!!! I spoke to Barbara from LG, AP department this afternoon and she offered to give me the purchase price for the item. I would have to dispose of the refrigerator myself and still have no refrigerator for my family of SEVEN!!!! I have 5 children and this GIGANTIC GLOBAL company will not replace the LEMON of a refrigerator. The price I paid for the product should no matter since it was NEVER plugged in at the store. So I wasted my hard earned money thinking I was purchasing a quality product!!! Boy was I ever wrong!! By the way the last woman I spoke to from the corporate office told me she doesn't know when the parts will be available. And the refrigerator is a few years old. When I reiterated the stores DO NOT plug them in, she was silent!!! What a joke!! I WANT A NEED THIS REFRIGERATOR REPLACED AT NO COST TO ME AND MY FAMILY OF 7!!! That's 5 children and this company doesn't care at ALL!!! They can come take the piece of garbage they sold me out of my kitchen. I WILL BE FORWARDING THIS MESSAGE TO EVERY LG EXECUTIVE I CAN!!!!!!

  • I made a huge mistake in purchasing a LG french door refrigerator on June 19, 2015. The day it was installed the main board shorted out and it STILL sits in my kitchen not working. LG has the absolute worst customer service in the industry. A serviceman tried repairing it on multiple occasion, only for the same problem to happen again. Now, I've been waiting for parts from LG since July 16, 2015!!!! That's almost a month since purchase. Now I'm over 6 weeks into this purchase the this beautiful refrigerator sits in my kitchen like a giant door stop!!! I purchased the refrigerator at a discounted price from a local home improvement store. So, I want the item repaired or replaced since it came with a FULL 1 YEAR warranty!!! I spoke to Barbara from LG, AP department this afternoon and she offered to give me the purchase price for the item. I would have to dispose of the refrigerator myself and still have no refrigerator for my family of SEVEN!!!! I have 5 children and this GIGANTIC GLOBAL company will not replace the LEMON of a refrigerator. The price I paid for the product should no matter since it was NEVER plugged in at the store. So I wasted my hard earned money thinking I was purchasing a quality product!!! Boy was I ever wrong!! By the way the last woman I spoke to from the corporate office told me she doesn't know when the parts will be available. And the refrigerator is a few years old. When I reiterated the stores DO NOT plug them in, she was silent!!! What a joke!! I WANT A NEED THIS REFRIGERATOR REPLACED AT NO COST TO ME AND MY FAMILY OF 7!!! That's 5 children and this company doesn't care at ALL!!! They can come take the piece of garbage they sold me out of my kitchen. I WILL BE FORWARDING THIS MESSAGE TO EVERY LG EXECUTIVE I CAN!!!!!!

  • I made a huge mistake in purchasing a LG french door refrigerator on June 19, 2015. The day it was installed the main board shorted out and it STILL sits in my kitchen not working. LG has the absolute worst customer service in the industry. A serviceman tried repairing it on multiple occasion, only for the same problem to happen again. Now, I've been waiting for parts from LG since July 16, 2015!!!! That's almost a month since purchase. Now I'm over 6 weeks into this purchase the this beautiful refrigerator sits in my kitchen like a giant door stop!!! I purchased the refrigerator at a discounted price from a local home improvement store. So, I want the item repaired or replaced since it came with a FULL 1 YEAR warranty!!! I spoke to Barbara from LG, AP department this afternoon and she offered to give me the purchase price for the item. I would have to dispose of the refrigerator myself and still have no refrigerator for my family of SEVEN!!!! I have 5 children and this GIGANTIC GLOBAL company will not replace the LEMON of a refrigerator. The price I paid for the product should no matter since it was NEVER plugged in at the store. So I wasted my hard earned money thinking I was purchasing a quality product!!! Boy was I ever wrong!! By the way the last woman I spoke to from the corporate office told me she doesn't know when the parts will be available. And the refrigerator is a few years old. When I reiterated the stores DO NOT plug them in, she was silent!!! What a joke!! I WANT A NEED THIS REFRIGERATOR REPLACED AT NO COST TO ME AND MY FAMILY OF 7!!! That's 5 children and this company doesn't care at ALL!!! They can come take the piece of garbage they sold me out of my kitchen. I WILL BE FORWARDING THIS MESSAGE TO EVERY LG EXECUTIVE I CAN!!!!!!

  • I bought an LG Frig. Cheapest frig I ever had in my life. Also bought a ductless air conditioning / heating wall hung unit. In two years it has been replaced 3 times. Now the newest and third unit is broke and wont blow out cold air. My installer wont answer the phone and LG was very rude and snide and told the original installer had to repair or I would have to pay all labor for a brand new unit only 6 months old, even though it is still under warranty. Original installer wont answer the phone or went out of business. The LG tech actually hung up the phone on me when he got annoyed in speaking with me. I vow NEVER TO BUY any LG product as long as if live. They back up nothing and make the cheapest crap on earth..

  • they are the worst people to deal with going on headset number 4 and they always need to send in and wait 3 weeks before you hear anything on it never will i by another lg product

  • Hate my LG washer!!!! My clothes are dirtier after I wash them. I use the Affresh, wipe out the rubber around the washer, empty and clean the filter. But, who in the heck wants to clean the washing machine, it's suppose to save us time and I have had to wash the same load three times before they are clean! I always tell friends and family NOT to buy anything by LG!



  • recently purchased an LG portable ac unit..model LP0814WNR…it worked when it was not real hot out.
    soon as it started to heat up in the 90 it wont cool past 78 degrees..now we have this unit in a 168 sq ft room that is basically air tight…when we called customer service they told us that since we used it in our business that our warranty was void..it was designed for residential use….they refused to warranty it but would gladly give a number to a service department that could fix it. Now I have to ask ..is there a difference between a residential 168 sq ft and 168 sq ft in my office …the product is crap and they know it..i could not find anywhere that the advertising or description said void if used somewhere other then your home… Its companies like this that are driving our economy in to the ground…LG you are responsible for this product and as far as we are concerned have purposely left out information in order to sell it…We will never buy any LG product again ..Will be telling all my friends to boycott LG from this day forward

  • loved my fridge until it broke after 20 months. Very upset that the fridge is broken after spending $2,500… and I get very poor customer service to resolve the problem. If LG was taking care of these problems, they would continue to be a good company. But they are manufacturing poor products that look nice. Shame on you LG. LG Lousy Garbage. take care of your customers before you go out of business.

  • Is this Customer Care center for real? THE WORST CALL CENTER EVER! I've called four times today asking for an update on my defective headphones. First chick hung up on me, second put me on mute and never came back and now I'm on hold again. I'm in the US and it's Friday… I keep asking for a supervisor and am being told that I cannot talk to one because it's Sunday there. What a joke! Sure wish I would have known before I bought all my kitchen appliances and washer/dryer from LG. LIFE SUCKS!

  • I am pissed off after following up with service center to install AC to my flat. They are dragging installation day by day giving one after other excuse. They have shortage of technicians, makes false promises. There seems to be no difference in buying a large company AC or small company if service is same. Thought after buying LG AC I will get good timely service but that's not the case. Even if I call customer care, there is no benefit…all they do is send reminders to local service centers and that's all…no solution as nothing happens after that its all at their mercy. Even after all these delays, technician will still charge me, what respite a customer gets??

    I am also working in large company with a strength of 3L employee, I know what type of customer service we provide to customers. We have SLAs for every complaint and an escalation path…but here in LG looks like they are way behind in such things…seems no SLAs or escalation mechanism.
    I have no issues from product side. Customer may not be god but when I am paying and buying something I expect timely service in the timeframe you have slated. I am everyday being told that someone would be there in next 24 hrs but when that hour will come should I have to keep following it up with LG or their customer service team should own the responsibility that now when a ticket is with them customer will not have to bother but their team will make sure I get proper service…

    Will at-least share my story with others in my company's internal blogs and DLs so that people are aware of this kind of service and may think twice before buying LG products. I myself will better go with Samsung or other brand next time if LG continues like that.

  • The individual fines are as follows:

    Fine (€)*

    Includes reduction (%) under the 2002 Leniency Notice






    LG Display

    215 000 000

    50% and "partial immunity" for 2006


    AU Optronics

    116 800 000



    Chimei InnoLux Corporation

    300 000 000



    Chunghwa Picture Tubes

    9 025 000



    HannStar Display Corporation

    8 100 000


    (*) Legal entities within the undertaking may be held jointly and severally liable for the whole or part of the fine imposed.

  • The European Commission has fined six LCD panel producers a total of €648 925 000 for operating a cartel which harmed European buyers of television sets, computers and other products that use the key Liquid Crystal Display component. The six are Samsung Electronics and LG Display of Korea and Taiwanese firms AU Optronics, Chimei InnoLux Corporation, Chunghwa Picture Tubes and HannStar Display Corporation. Samsung Electronics received full immunity from fines under the Commission's leniency programme, as it was the first to provide information about the cartel. Article 101 of the EU Treaty prohibits price-fixing and other practices restrictive of competition.

  • To whom it may concern:

    I purchased a LG TV from one of your stores and after 6 months the TV would not turn on. I read online that many people were experiencing the same problem I am having with the light blinking on and off also known as the Capacitor. I have called several times for the past year and I have gotten no assistance. Spoke with a Mylo over the phone today and he was not compassionate and basically accused me of lying. He was not concerned at all about my situation nor the loss of revenue. I feel cheated by Sears and LG and will never purchase anything else from this company after this event and will cancel my credit card. Sears your organization does not value its customers at all. Very disappointing.

  • Never again will we purchase an LG appliance. Too much of a hassle to get service, parts and attention of the problem. Our 2013 refrigerator cannot be replaced because of the warranty. Waiting for 3 weeks for a part that's also under warranty. We've lost much food and patience. I agree with the above negative thoughts.%$#@$%^^^&

  • I had a dryer delivered and guess what did not work from the getgo, now having to wait for another one. Today was told on 1st phone call from lg that it would be delivered on 3/11/15, two hrs later another idiot from lg called to say that delivery wont be till 3/18/15. what a bunch of liars. As for customer service, what customer service. Its not Lg = lifes good but lifes crap with lg products

  • This is the worst experience I have had with any refrigerator After buying a new expensive LG french door refrigerator (Model: LFX33975ST/02, Serial # 304KRRE1Y558) in Aug 2013, we have had SO MANY issues with the refrigerator starting within 4 months of buying it and having them come out to try and fix the same issues over and over again: 1) Water dispenser leaking 2) Ice maker not dispensing 3) Crisper drawer freezing my vegetables (for months now) I now have the same issues again since Dec 29th and still wating for them to get addressed and being told that the refrigerator cannot be replaced because it is outside the manufacturer's 1 yr warranty (event though we saw the same issues within 4 months of buying it ) !! Massachusetts has a lemon law.. maybe time to call a lawyer ???

  • I agree with all the negative comments. LG is the worst. They use every excuse to not give you what you need. We bought a microwave when we remodeled the kitchen and it was missing the grease filters. Because the microwave was a floor model (and how they knew this I don't know) they said it was probably returned or out of the box and that they would not send me any grease filters. I demanded to talk to the manager and her name was Andrea and she didn't like what I said to her about never using LG again because of this minor problem which only cost them a few dollars and she was going to disconnect the call. I told her fine, but I would run LG down to everyone I know. We only bought the microwave a month and a half ago. What really gets me is I had to send the proof of purchase and it shows I spent over $3000 on kitchen items. LG is "LIFE BAD" not good!!!

  • LG products and services are horrible. Please stay away from LG front load washer if your house is not a 10 years newer model home. My house was built in 1956 and every time my 11 months old LG front load washer was in used, my entire water pipe system rocked and made loud noises LG called it as “water hammering noises”. The LG tech explained to me that this washer worked as its desire because when the valve shut off to stop water from coming in when it was filled, it pushed the water back into the pipe inside my wall and therefore it created the noise. I asked the tech to fix that problem because my previous Whirlpool washer did not do that. The LG tech said he can not fix the machine to stop pushing back the water into my house each time the valve shut off because LG uses the new technology and desires its product that way. The tech refused to fix the unit or to replace it because LG did not have a replacement option. He continued on and said “if there is a replacement option available, the new machine will still make the same noise.” I asked him why and he replied with “LG uses new technology to build their energy star washers and all of them will perform the same and create the same type of noise at this house.”
    The tech advised me to pay for a private lumber approximately of $10,000 from my own pocket to re-pipe the entire water pipe system of my home or to purchase a newer model home since this machine will not work for older model homes. Ridiculous, right?

    Please stay away from LG products. This company practices unethical business. LG does not want to stand behind their products or services. LG would rather find some thing else or someone else to blame for their bad product’s desire and services.

    I will never buy LG products again.

  • To all who have purchased from Lg,I simply agree with you all complaints,I all so have been a victim by LG,.i pushed a Bluetooth 700,LG headset from off of Amazon,with in 3 month I had to replace it,they sent me out another device the same model,with in 4moth I had to replace it,now I having to replace the3rd one again,all I ask them to do is to send me another model for the same price,it must be defects in those headset,I took it to different phone company,and store,I was told that those are the fake LG from amazon,they gave me a very hard time,rude,didn't care about you nor your,concerned all they wont is ur money ��,pleas if u purchased a LG Bluetooth headset pleas go to a real dealer,do not order of the internet,they only give 30day then u have to deal with LG u don't wont to do that they have a excuse for all the problems,I hope I was helpful to who ever read this Won't to buy from LG,pleas don't u asking for big trouble,they will pist u off,,,,!

  • I will never buy another LG refrigerator. I paid 2700.00 for a refrigerator had it 7 months. I also ready had two ice makers go bad, a fan replaced in the motor and these ill-mannered, nasty, know it all representative at LG want to do the same crap over and over. After literally 20 phone call to do the diagnosis over the phone crap, so they can sent another useless repair guy out here to do the same thing he's done three times before only to have the motor fan issue happen again the day after his visit!!! And they still don't want to replace this piece of crap product. So now for the fourth time the repair guy will come out. He had the nerve to list on his report we use to much ice…WTH. If two glasses of ice per day, that is on the days its worked is to, much ice, apparently the repair only uses a cube at a time. How dare he lie! And further more how does he know how much ice I use in a day!!!

  • Purchased a LG television from from Best Buy. The screen went dark after a few months. Called for warranty service. They sent a service person from Z best rentals. He said he need to order a part . He returned a week later and said LG sent him the wrong part. He called a few days later and said that LG did not have the part needed and had no idea when they would get it. It has been over a month and a half and still no part. This is the worst company I have ever done business with. I would not recommend buying anything from this company. They cannot support their own products.

  • Thank you all for validating what I experienced with LG. In life we are all providers in some way for a customer.. so … as a customer of LG (A well known provider of electronic services) I expect a certain level of service. By standard I mean common sense. There were so many instances of misinformination and deception that I experineced with this company but the epitome of hypocrisy from a Company that's logo is "Life's Good" was when a customer rep straight up LIED to me on a recorded line confirming to me that my replacement magic remote was being sent out. I even asked her if she had my address and she said yes and told me the zip code on file. Before I hung up I asked her to confirm again that my product was being shipped. She confirmed.
    A week later I called to follow up. I was told that their records showed that my last communication stated that I should recive a follow up call to determine when I had purchased my product.
    I was never contacted and I was obviously lied to by this company.
    Long story short…. just today I finally spoke to a manager that assured me he would review the recorded conversation in which the last rep had lied to me and in her notes.
    He also made it clear that they would have no way of approvig my request for replacement of a defective device unless I could provide them with proof of purchase.
    I find it ridiculous that a company as large as LG would not be able to easily access a record of purchase made directly through their website!
    These people are even so obvious that they can identify the caller by the number they are calling from and my mailing address but claim to have mo record of my transaction?! Really?!
    Unfortunately for them, I did save the confirmation email.
    I was sent an email which stated:
    It has been determined that a proof-of-purchase is required to proceed processing your case number consultationNo.
    Well… I provided it! Now lets see if they comply.
    If they do not I will seek legal action.
    P.S. Best part about LG is that when I posted a review on their website which was in no way inappropriate but definitely negative it was denied!
    HA! I just looked up the CEO and other execs…. These people obviously do not understand the value of customer service and should not hold a place in our homes.
    I will NEVER purchase an LG product again!

  • I mailed my LG Tones back to LG for a software update. It’s been 3 weeks and the customer service team (which is a complete joke) keeps telling me it will take 3 to 5 business days to complete. HELLO IT’S BEEN 3 WEEKS!!!Today I was told it was never received, which is complete lie because I have a tracking number and sign receipt.

    LG should be a shame of their customer service department. The people you speak to in customer service would not, I repeat WOULD NOT let you speak to a manager. I would NEVER buy any other products from LG ever again.

  • WORST, WORST customer service, the lady would not let me speak to her manager, she told me procedure was for chain of command to stop with her. We got an air conditioner and spent a pretty penny and it barely lasted 2 years. Customer service did not want to help nor could i understand what she was saying. I can not believe how awful I was treated and how THEY did NOT want to help with the problem. I was told they would find someone in my hometown to fix it, but for me to foot the bill. This company totally disgusts me.

  • Truly THE most horrible "customer service" ever. None of the contact methods work. "Live chat" is supposed to be available M-F 8AM-8PM M-F but at 6PM it says "LG Live Chat is currently offline. Our Chat hours are 8am-8pm CT Monday thru Friday Please contact Customer Service blah blah we regret inconvenience." Then below that is a box saying

    "Due to system maintenance, Live Chat representatives will not be available until 230 PM CD 07092012, we apologize for this inconvenience." Right. They havent even bothered to take down a notice from two years ago. As if it explained something.

    SO, we try to call. Get a guy in another country who says he'll transfer me, and 20 minutes later I'm still on hold. Listening to a bad 15-second music loop over and over and over and over and over.

    So, try the email! But wait, you have to specify exactly which product you're contacting them about before you can even send the email. And NONE of the choices is for model I have — 37LB4DS. No way to get past that. It won't even let you skip the question, you must pick one of their [wrong] answers to get through. Okay, try that. Ooops, after 3 days no reply to the email either.

    Why would anyone EVER buy anything from this company? If it breaks or acts up you're totally on your own, never mind their "customer service" promises.

  • On Dec 2007 Purchase all my home applicatice from LG. I purchase a refrigator, dishwasher, micromave and stove, I was very proud of LG. Very happy with my appliances. I show to all my friends. The lre30755st/01 Stainless Steel Stove Range , It a glass top. The glass top has broken 3 times with in the last 3 years, by just cooking meals. I paid to replace it once and the other 2 time LG warranty cover the cost. The last time LG extend the warranty and cover was Oct 2013 replacing of glass top. Now it Sept 2014 and broken again LG will not paid. Only 6 -1/2 years has going by and LG glass top is broken again. LG should build stove that broke so easy and the inside of the oven which is blue is peeling off. I will never buy from this company again. Repair my stove. Special the glass top all I want it. I can do without the oven because I only baked one a year. But don't build any more those blue oven inside and glass top. That paint will gets some sick I will not use the oven again.

  • Spent 2 hours on the phone trying to get a replacement part for an LG refrigerator. Could spend well over 2 hours talking about how awful the experience was, without any results other than they don't make that part any more. Also, most of the customer service folk were impossible to understand!! The worthwhile part of all of this is that we know never, ever to buy an LG product! So in the end, the lesson learned was invaluable.

  • Bought a 70 inch LED 3d HDTV with Smart link in June of 2012 – Only to have it go out in 23 months. LG does not give a damn how you scream and holler they won't repair or even act like they care. The cost to repair is $2100???? We paid $2900 for the TV and only watched in for about 6 months total, due to the fact it sits up front in our unused family room. I WILL NEVER BUY AN LG Appliance again.

  • Bought an LG refrigerator less than a year ago which is now not cooling and found out it's the condenser. This should not happen on a new fridge. I bought a refrigerator on July 20th, 2013 which was delivered to me on July 23rd, 2013. On Wednesday, July 2nd, I got home from work to find a puddle of water on my kitchen floor and everything in the fridge thawed out. I had to throw out about $300 worth of food items. I immediately called the place where I had I purchased the fridge and was told that since it's still under manufacturers' warranty, I need to contact LG. This is when my worst experience with a company's customer service started. I called LG right after hanging up the phone. LG gave me some names of repair services to call, and said there is nothing else they can do about it. I had a difficult time finding a repair company who had any available technician to come out to my house and again called LG for help. I was told that because I live so far away in NJ, they can't find too many companies to service my area. I asked what can be done and was told there is nothing they can do, but did provide some more names and phone numbers of repair services. I called and finally found one who could not schedule a service until Wednesday, July 9th. I called LG again and told them that I have 3 children and I work full time and have nowhere to store food or even milk for my kids. I was once again told that there is nothing they can do and that I need to wait for the repair service. The technician came on July 9th and advised that the condenser was leaking gas and he would need to order the part which would take about 5 days to arrive and then I would have to schedule a technician to come out to fix it. I immediately called LG again to tell them what the problem is and asked to speak with their corporate office since customer service couldn't do anything for me. They refused to give me the phone number for their corporate office, but did transfer me to someone who claimed to be from the corporate office. I explained the problem and asked if I can have my fridge replaced since that may be faster and with a major problem such as the condenser leaking on a new fridge does not seem right. I was told by Leroy at LG that they run a business and it's not their policy to replace appliances and that they do not guarantee the parts in any of their appliances and basically there is nothing they can do. I explained the human aspect regarding my 3 children and while the person (Leroy) listened to me, he proceeded to tell me again that they run a business and there is nothing he can do about my problem. He couldn't even help in expediting the part in order to get my fridge fixed as quickly as possible, or even to offer a loaner until the fridge is fixed. Meanwhile, I've been out of a fridge in my home for 8 days already. I called customer service again on July 10th to ask for help, and was told that there is nothing they can do so I again asked to speak with their corporate office. I was transferred to "Willie" who told me that while they understand the problem, there is nothing they can do. It's now day 10 without a refrigerator in my home with 3 children and it's summer. I have no idea where to turn to next. I will never again purchase anything made by LG. They're the worst company I've ever dealt with. Buyer beware!!!

    • Worst Customer Service EVER! When I asked for the physical address for the corporate offices, with the intent of filing a summons in Small Claims Court, I was given a P.O.B. address. I told them I needed the physical address and was told they could not give out that information. After eight different phone calls to eight different numbers, I finally got a physical address. 201 James Record Road, Huntsville, AL, 35813. I suspect this is their Customer Service address. Don't know if this is their actual corporate offices, but I will attempt to serve a summons on them. I also obtained an address at 1000 Sylvan Avenue, Englewood, N.J. 07632. Don't know if this is actually their address either, but will try. At one point when I was talking to someone in Alabama, she gave me the same response – "she did not know the address." I then asked her what was the physical address of the building that she reported to when she went to work everyday and she said it was the P.O.B. #. I told her she does not report to a P.O. Box number and again asked her the physical address. She again informed me that she was not permitted to give that information! Unreal! Worst company to get any information or deal with! Never again an LG product. And, the companies who sell LG need to stop selling them!

  • I've just read all the complaints above and feel grateful that mine is not as bad as most of these. It certainly doesn't look as if I can expect any satisfaction either from LG or Home Depot where we purchased the appliance. If all of these complaints have been online for SEVERAL YEARS, why does HOME DEPOT, LOWES, etc. continue to sell these products. It's not as if there are just a few complaints on just a few items. Whose checking these items for Quality Control?!!! This is LUDICROUS!!! What are the state attorney generals doing about this? I'm sure they have been alerted. So much for CONSUMER PROTECTION!!! Like the rest of you, I will NEVER buy another LG product but it looks as if SOMEONE is PROTECTING LG!!!

  • hI
    we have LG 47LN5700 SMART TV. But sudenly lost digital signal. , Coul uou tell me what happen.
    We followed the cofiguration proccess acording with the manual, but did not work

  • Lousy Goods is the proper name for this company. I couldn't agree more with all the negative comments. The customer service is horrendous. The attitude of this staff is horrible and they obviously don't care. They seem to enjoy insulting their customers. My advice: DO NOT PURCHASE ANY LG PRODUCTS!!!

  • Horrible Customer service, I called about missing installation parts, They told me too bad, I will tell everyone I know not to by LG products It is not life's good more like LOUSY GOODS

  • LG washer model# WT5070CW was only 2 yrs old when the motor went. Good news it was covered under warranty. Bad news, I couldn't find the receipt and without it they would not honor warranty. $500 to repair without it, which I refuse to do. I will replace it first with another brand. Even sending in the warranty card does not suffice as proof of purchase and why does it matter anyway? Under warranty is under warranty. Customer service could care less if I couldn't find the receipt. Will never buy LG again.

  • FYI, LG. Given your plans to deface the Palisades in New York, your products are no longer under consideration in our household.

    • Before you worry about some building project in NJ, maybe thinking about the lack of customer service for LG products would be more important.

  • I received a LG Optamiz from sprint twice a it do not work at all don't respond to apps what if the killer was after me how could i call the police with a phone that don't work whats going to be done

  • Worst customer service, will NEVER buy a LG product again! Front loader washer stopped spinning only 3 1/2 years old. LG gave me a list of 8 companies that were LG certified to work on it …. but only one serviced my area…. they came out and it was part of the motor that is covered under the 7 year warranty … parts and labor covered. Now LG is telling me that company was Not certified to do the warranty work and they will not authorize them to repair it. Now they are sending someone else in 2 weeks to look at it. I've been dealing with this problem for almost 3 weeks already. Life is not good with LG!!!!!!!

  • So Bad So bad

    Muy mal es la pobreza de aplicaciones que hay, seguramente sea porque el sdk sea bastante chungo y las aplicaciones tengan que ponerles un DRM, porque las aplicaciones en si son fáciles de programar
    También que son bastante cutrecillas, lo bonito sería que tuvieses la opción por ejemplo de ver las notificaciones del facebook mientras ves la tele, o las del correo, etc. Pero en realidad no cuenta ni con un cliente de correo, algo que hasta el mas baratejo smartphone tiene hoy… En esto muy mal LG
    Y mal también en que para grabar la programación necesitas un disco duro externo totalmente dedicado (te lo formatea la TV de tal forma que no lo puedes usar para otras cosas) cuando cualquier TV barata te permite grabar en un pendrive
    En resumen que la plataforma Smartv tiene muchas posibilidades y simplemente adoptando Android como sistema operativo ya hubieran hecho mucho, pero hacen unos grandes aparatos vacíos de contenido, es incomprensible

  • LG SMART TV So Bad…
    APP very simply, no email client, no Facebook notifications in TV mode…
    Please engineerings copy the Smartphone system in TV and called de name SmartTV because this "SmartTv" is not Smart TV… 🙁

  • Our LG front-load washer is three years old. While cleaning the front with a soft paper towel and water, the labeling around the cycle selection knob started to flake off. I checked the LG support site and found this is a fairly common problem. Why don't they make it so it LASTS? I tried calling LG Support. After faxing a copy of the purchase receipt and calling back a week later, I was told that someone would call within 3-5 days to set up an appointment for replacing the entire front control panel. About an hour later the representative called back and told me that the replacement would not be covered since it is cosmetic, not mechanical. I asked how am I supposed to select the cycle without having to look at the instruction manual every time I use the machine. I was told that after three years of use, by now I should have memorized all (9) cycle positions on the unit. How stupid is that? the customer service representative was very nice on the phone but totally useless. DON'T BUY LG!!!!


  • I also bought a beautiful on the outside new refrigerator, came home one evening smelt something burning looked in frig and light had been on for I don't know how long all the plastic on frig was burning and melting.could of started a fire.After a few calls LG sent someone out to fix it, The light in frig has NEVER worked again! Also along with some other problems.This refrigerator is a piece of junk what a waist of money.Will never buy an LG again.

  • Here is an idea, maybe you should have parts in the area where your products are sold or more importantly, BREAK DOWN. EXTREMELY POOR !! I feel sorry for the service guy, completely not his fault, maybe the company should take responsibility for their products. We have been without a fridge for 5 days. Maybe those sitting in the comfy offices should be without refrigeration at their homes, or maybe they don't have Lg products in their homes. Probably the latter is true. Don't buy LG.

  • have lg spectrum 2 vs930, sent to texas for repair, after 7 calls and just short of a month later I received a refurb, phone, nothing but excuses, no one accountable. If I ran my electronic repair service like this I'd be broke! won't buy lg again!!!!

  • I purchased a LG refrigerator about 9 months ago. Last month it began making a loud rattling noise. I called customer service and was told I would hear back from them in 3-5 business days to let me know when someone would be coming to fix it. I was told the refrigerator had some type of recall. I didn't hear from LG so I called them back. I was told there wasn't anything they could do at that time because they were looking for someone in the area that could fix LG appliances and the refrigerator was not under recall. The person I spoke with on this occurrence hung up on me. Three days later I called them back to find out what was going on. I was told if they couldn't find anyone that could fix LG appliances within the next 24 hours, my case would be sent to the resolution department and I would get a new refrigerator. Surprisingly, I received a phone call from LG asking me to email my proof of purchase and they would resolve the problem. This was sent, I called back about three days later when water began leaking from the ice machine which had completely stopped working and was told that the resolution department was still working on my case. This customer service agent, if that's what you can call them, told me I may get a refund or a replacement. I have had to call back again today and they claimed they had not received my email and proof of purchased and asked me to re-send it. That was done and it was attached to my case and sent over to yet another department. I was told today that in the next 2-3 business days they will decide if they will replace my refrigerator so I have gone from my refrigerator will be fixed to we may replace it but not sure and I may have to live with a refrigerator that only 50% of it works The customer service supervisor, whom I asked for right away instead of talking to people that don't know what they are talking about, was very rude and disrespectful. She didn't seem to really want to help out. They need to replace their customer service department. How many more times am I going to have to call before I get a straight answer. Unfortunately, nothing will happen and the LG customer service will no improve because I am pretty sure the people that need to be reading these reviews are not paying any attention to them. All the executives want is people money. I hope I get a refund so I can purchase a different brand and throw my LG in the trash.

  • I have a LG top load washer. 6 months old and leaks all over my laundry room. I have been trying for over 1 month to get it repaired. They have attempted 2 times and still they won't replace it.
    I will NEVER buy a LG again. The customer service sucks!!!!

  • I brought one LG tv from Walmart. Had it 1 1/2 months. Broke. They return my money. I brought another LG at Sears. Broke. Trying to deal with customer service SUCKS. DO NOT BUY LG.

  • Let’s see if I can make short & sweet, and make sense. 95 yr old mother & 75 yr old disabled sister, new house, spent 3k+ for new fridge. 7 months later food in freezer thaws & fridge not cooling. Call warranty service, Arwin told me someone would be out next day (Wed.) to fix, service person calls to say have to order parts 2-3 days minimum maybe Friday else next Monday before can fix. Call warranty service back need someone with the parts, to fix and told by Ben that they would be out on Thurs.. Get a call from new service company, will have to order parts due Fri. or Mon. Call LG center back and tell them this is unacceptable and ask why if computer and printer parts ordered under warranty can be overnighted, why can’t fridge parts since it is an essential home item. Told they don’t do that. Today, Friday, no parts, no calls no nothing. Talk to LG again, call Service person told that parts never got ordered will be here Tues. or Wed. next week. By Tues. fridge down 1 week for elderly and disabled person – this is not only ridiculous, it is just down right WRONG!!!! Why with all of the parts houses here in the Houston, Texas area, can’t a service man go out and buy the necessary parts and fix the fridge? Or does that make too much sense? LG says that it’s not company policy to allow service personnel to do this – policy needs to change!!!! All in all – LG SERVICE SUCKS AND CUSTOMER SERVICE DON’T CARE JUST MAKE EXCUSEDS

  • I wish I had read this page before purchasing my lg blu ray player it worked for 4 days than stopped I contacted lg reps they keep giving me the run around now my store return policy has expired and still the issue is unresolved I paid a 100 dollars for this player I also will be filing a complaint with the BBB I have a year warranty with lg now there offering repair on the player that's only a month old something is wrong with this picture I feel the product is inferior and crap I purchased a Phillips blu ray 2yrs ago and it still works I should have stuck with that brand. lg reps are trained to bs you. I will never purchase another lg product or any product from there subsidiaries.