Liberty Tax Service Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Liberty Tax Service Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
1716 Corporate Landing Parkway
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-757-493-8855
Fax Number: 1-800-880-6432
Customer Service Number: 1-800-790-3863

  • Worst TAX service EVER!!! I have tried to have them fix the mistakes made on my return since February. I've gone into the office and Stacy the woman who prepared my taxes is NEVER there, only the other woman and she claims that there's nothing that she can do. I've called the corporate office and I was told that I would hear from Stacy, well it's December and she's NEVER called or returned ANY of my calls, I go in and she's NEVER there. I paid $479 up front to have my taxes done. I want my money back and my taxes fixed!!! I'm going to be spreading this all over social media and I have almost 3,000 people on my FB alone… I'm sick and tired of the run around! This is wrong! I'm a widow with 5 children. I need the money that's owed to me s I can get a place for me and my children to live!!!! My husband passed away last Dec 18th. My children are staying with their grandmother until I can afford to get a place and with the money owed I can do that. My minimum wage job isn't doing me much good. I will NEVER recommend Liberty TAX to anyone, not even my worst enemy. I will be letting the IRS know about these people too. I think a class action lawsuit should be filed against this place!!!!I'm think about looking into that!!! 100% satisfaction guaranteed my butt!!!! I'm FAR from being satisfied and I will be taking this matter to a lawyer now!!! It's caused me to have worse anxiety and depression my nerves are terrible and they're making my condition worse by giving me the run around…. it's affecting my health!!!!

  • Temple, PA location screwed up my taxes so bad i had to take them to an accountant, after they said I owed $1400.00, he is getting me $3,000.00 back. Now, I find out that they didn't file my state taxes. I WILL BE GETTING ALL THE MONEY THAT I HAVE TO PUT OUT BACK, GUARANTEED!

  • I had my taxes prepared with Liberty Tax this year after being told several times that they had everything that was needed and if anything else was to come up they would contact us we were told we were to get our taxes back on March 1st however received the letter from the IRS saying that they needed the 1095-a not knowing what a 1095-a was the locations manager basically said we had to get it from some website went to website that I was told to go to was unable to find it finally tracked one down after several days and calling every government website available once located Liberty Tax finally faxed it in for us however they were asking for more information as well and did not and failed to send the other information in as well causing our taxes to be held yet again when we tried to speak with the branch manager we get that with hostility so we go to the branch location that we filed our taxes at when we walk in instead of them saying hi welcome to Liberty Tax how may I help you they simply looked at us and said hi welcome to it's you which I thought was extremely rude so I asked to speak with the manager who was opposed supposedly not in that day and asked to have them call however the next day we receive a phone call saying that I'm no longer welcome in that building because they met us with hostility and I basically told him I thought it was a rip-off for them to charge us $300 to do our taxes and yet we still not received any of the help that we were guaranteed to receive needless to say I will never go to Liberty Tax again in my life nor will anybody I know

  • I was a devoted customer of Liberty Tax Service but in 2014 the girl dont remember her name. This was in Paducah KY never asked me any questions never told me that I needed a couple 1099 forms and here it is 2017 and I find out that the IRS will be keeping my refund because she screwed it up and never put in my reported income now I have 9068.00 in unreported income I am having to pay. I will never use Liberty Tax again because I am without my refund which is not fair. They give you this gaurentee that if you get penalties or anything that is not correct they will fix it and pay the penalties and interests it is a lie. I have been waiting since January to get my 2016 taxes and then they throw this at me. They are unprofessional and there needs to be something done to this company because they are a rip off and they cheat you out of your money and they charge outragous fees for doing your taxes. Kannapolis NC is just as bad as the rest.

  • There is a Liberty Tax Office in Charlotte NC which is preparing fraudgenlent tax returns. The owner/instructor is teaching his preparers to ask customers leading questions directing them toward stating they own a business. He is bragging about his banner season however these customers are being lead to believe they are doing the proper thing. It is against the law to enter bogus information on a non-existing business profit and losses to increase your return.

  • I worked for Liberty Tax for 2 years in lake Havasu AZ. Jimmy was slow to pay his employees and now the office is closed and they have not paid any of their employees their bonus. Who do you contact? There seems to be no control.

  • Cant expect much from a corporation, who has a hacker ring working at their main office tech support, with no oversight.

  • A class action again Liberty tax company is a must. Their offices use fraudulent practices such as not saying in advance the price for a tax preparation which are 2-3x higher than e.g. H&R or other professional companies. The quality of their ta preparers is extremely low, I speak about offices in East Harlem, NY. All the comments herein only confirm that Liberty HQ in Florida needs an FBI investigation because their offices can not act against laws protecting consumers without knowledge and action of their highest management. I have my own experience deserving a legal action against their office in East Harlem, NY.
    By the way do not ask for a preview of your comments because your comments will immediately disappear. Yes, Liberty in fraud, consumers' cheating and insulting. Also what IRS is doing about sloppy tax submission of this company?

  • $620 to prepare my son's taxes at the East Lyme/Niantic Liberty Tax in Connecticut.
    My son is single, no investments, no property, no mortgage. I asked for a written explanation of the fees and no one was able to explain why he was charged so much. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They do not have their fees posted anywhere and when I asked, they were unable to give me an explanation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have been going to Liberty Tax for 5 years. This was my LAST! Beside the fact that they charge ridiculous prices to do a single W-2 with no deductions. They don't even advise or suggest deductions you can take, like your car registration. They screwed me out $2000.00 this year. Also, they didn't tell me that my state tax was even sent out until Feb.15, 5 weeks after I filed my taxes. Thanks Liberty. NEVER will you get my business again. Remember, 1 unhappy customer tells 10 friends, and so on.

  • This was the first time we ever used Liberty and it will be the last. Just for completing an itemized tax form they charged us 474.00 and that is ridiculous. I will do straight E-file with IRS from now on or Turbo Tax, good way to loose a customer!

  • I am aghast! My significant other just went to apply for the job of putting on a costume – what is it called – "a waver". During the "interview" the person who interviewed him actually made comments that the last two people he hired, who by the way were black, didn't work out! My partner is black, I am white…. I CANNOT BELIEVE SOMEONE IN A POSITION OF HIRING WOULD ACTUALLY SAY SOMETHING LIKE THIS! I intend to follow up with corporate headquarters, maybe even further. I am far more offended than my guy. I guess, being black, he is used to discrimination.

  • The liberty tax on 64th and king drive in chicago il is giving false advertisement I will never file my taxes with them again nor would I recommend anyone to file with them

  • just recently filed my taxes for the very first time. lady didnt tell me anything on what she was doing.when she showed me the total to my understanding i thought it meant how much i had to payback which was $465. had i known that was how much she charged me for filing i would of NEVER went through with it. she never told me anything! from my understanding this isnt the first case like this and it has been done to several people leading up to the services closing due to fraud! i went back to the liberty to discuss why i was charged so much only for her to not have anything to say to me nor could she tell me anything about the charge and she was supposed to be the manager!called my legal council and got her on the phone to try to help us work this out only she wouldnt cooperate with us about the charge and hung her head in shame with guilt all over her face. my legal council has the recording and this will be dealt with. the IRS will be contacted about this service!!!!

  • OH that's just great to hear considering I've been using this company and that location now for years and years! I can only hope that our taxes were done correctly and I will be changing as of next year due to what has happened this year. I went i to do our taxes as always but this year was different when it was time to get our 50 bucks we were told we would be contacted tom. because corporate office hadn't put the money in the bank as of yet! I am flabbergasted to say the least and will be there bright and early to get that money and they better not be messing around with our tax refunds or there will be a war is all I can say about this place! I am already not happy with them and how much they charged us to do them this year!

  • We are in the position of having to file a lawsuit of our own for our taxes being prepared incorrectly at a California branch, causing us to be issued a refund that the government said was WRONG so we owe it back plus fees. They charged us $599 for preparation and had 3 people work on our returns in the office (which should have been a clue I suppose)but since one of them was the branch owner, we thought he would know what he was doing.

  • Alcora Verona Brunson, 45, of the 2200 block of Harbor Lane, Virginia Beach, Va., was arrested Oct. 13 and charged with failure to appear in court as required. An $800 bond was set.

    • I find this post extremely rude, personal and honestly a case for a law suit against you for defamation. I personally know this person and you are taking personal grievances out on her business. Your post should be removed as this is a very reputable company and she runs her office very professionally.

  • I had my taxes done for my business for year 2013 at the Wilmington Ohio liberty tax office and the owner was arrested for allegeable embezzlement of a client and I went back to my CPA from the following year for 2014 as the office had closed. He reviewed my 2013 and they were done wrong and we had to amend them and now I get stuck with paying more and paying $144.00 in interest charges because they were done wrong at Liberty. I think Liberty should have to pay my interest and charges from accountant for amended my taxes. I will never use Liberty again!!!

    • Liberty has a written guarantee that states that if you have any interest or penalties due to an error made, they will reimburse you for those. If you contact them, you should be reimbursed.

  • I am employed by Liberty Tax. Payday was Friday January 30, 2015. I received a text stating checks would be ready after 2:00. OK that is fine. Well I was scheduled to work from 4-8 and could not do so due to family medical issues I no longer had a babysitter for my kids. I was called by the manager of the store and I told her I was on my way up there to get my check and speak to the owner face to face about a decision I have to make. The manager then tells me not to go up there that they are to busy and it would not be a good time to go… (also the same manager that told all employees that we did not need to ask the owner any questions…we should go thru her first and she would ask owner) Well I Finlay got a call from owner and Wes informed that we would not get paid until Monday February 2, 2015 and the reason is because they were to busy for her to do our checks. I am sorry but that isn't a reason to not pay someone. I have bills due and now I can't pay them because the office I work at decided it was to busy to pay. This is not my first year in doing taxes either so I know how this ship sails and i have never been told I have to wait to be paid bc they are to busy….not how to run a successful business. Yes I have called corporate and they submitted an issue but that is as far as it has gotten. Still no paycheck and still no answer. I will never again work for a company that is ran this poorly!

    • Liberty tax were suppose to be in the office 10hr an 30mins ago no one can get them to open.. This place needs repair they lie snake your money they will not have my business ever again randleman the. Greensboro now. C. 2832 r am slam rd.has people an no ones even in the office doors locks they robbing people
      Any one else would go to jail.. They need to be closed down

  • Dont ever work for this stupid company they treat you like your nothing. My so called boss just tild me that I needed to show her my son schedule to nit work at 2pm tomorrow. What and why are you treating me like a child

  • I worked for Varshay Jack in Conyers, Ga and all I have to say is she is very unprofessional. She is ugly inside and out. She uses people for what ever she can get. She should learn how to talk to people. She doesn't pay her employees on time. She shouldn't ever be a franchise owner because I'm going to make sure I tell all of the people in Conyers Ga to never go to her liberty tax office.

    • The fact that you "worked" for Ms. Jack (past tense) and this was posted in January says a lot about you. I worked for her also. She was AMAZING. She's prior military so I wasn't upset that she didn't coddle. I appreciated that about her and it's actually helped me grow so much professionally. You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to bash her instead of first examining yourself!

    • I forgot to mention I worked for her the same season you did. I can only imagine which one of the rejects you are. We NEVER had pay issues. Lol shame on you

  • I will no longer be doing any business with Jackson Hewitt, Liberty Tax Service & Liberty Tax Inc. due to the way 1 of your affiliates does business I had my itemized taxes prepared In 2010 & 2011 at Liberty Tax In Granada Hills, CA owned by a CPA.. In late 2012 I took tax preparer classes, passed tests, paid fees totaling $500 and registered with IRS and CA as a tax preparer, paid for a bond. I was hired by the owner/CPA to work at 3 of his franchises. I worked 2 nights in the Canyon Country, CA Liberty Tax office & did not get paid for the 8 or 9 hours of work because it was early in the season & the software was not working. I didn't complain because my goal was to earn a few hours of CPA work credits. I worked a total of 54 hours Mostly at the Granada Hills, CA but also at the Northridge, CA offices directly under the supervision of the owner/CPA. I got paid for these hours but the owner refused to sign for any of the 54 hours of work experience towards my CPA requirements. He claimed another manager who is not a CPA was my supervisor. I worked weeknights & weekends and manager that was not a CPA usually left shortly after I got to work to go home or to the Northridge office. The owner/CPA however was at the office many weeknights & weekends & watched us closely. The owner was at work approximately half the time I was working & often gave verbal instructions directly to me. One example I remember clearly of an incident of receiving instructions directly from the CPA was on a Saturday with a 1 room office full of customers. A sign twirler was complaining loudly that he didn't get paid for all the hours he worked. I was trying to calm the employee down, when the owner instructed me directly to have the employee call the Northridge office & ask for the manager who could check how many hours the employee had. Their were many instances of receiving direct instructions from the owner but he refused to sign for 54 hours of CPA work experience. The telephone & internet connections & computers & telephones were inexpensive & flimsy, didn't work at times & were not reliable enough for a busy office with a high volume of tax returns being prepared.

    I will speak of my experience whenever the topic of Liberty Tax Service, Liberty Tax Inc., Jackson Hewitt or tax preparation recommendations comes up.

  • I've been waiting 2 months for my tax return and when it finally shows up liberty tax dosent their store hours on Sat are 9 am to 1 pm I waited and called now I can't fly out to Wyoming tomorrow no I no longer have a job thank u liberty tax thank u

  • What no one seems to realize is that for one after we transmit the files at the end of the day unless your return gets rejected then we have done everything we were suppose to. The irs sometimes just is slow. As far as the complaints about the fees compared to the return amount its simple we let you know what your expected return is and how much the fees are before you sign. We at Liberty Tax Services love our customers and well help has much and in anyway that we can.

    • I am in Ringgold Ga. and I have been going to Liberty for many many years now without one problem at all! This year I go in and after everything is done and paperwork is all signed they inform me that I will be called tom. to get the 50.00 they are suppose to give you for filing with them. I am outraged not because I'm going to die without the losey 50 bucks but because I am not used to being lied to in the first place and I feel it could have all been avided had they just told us this in the first place and not tried to pull this shadey game on us. If this is how they are going to conduct bussines in the future then I will be filing some place else in the future! I don't like getting the run around plus they said we could get a 750.00 advance which was a lie. Don't send us false advertisements and not expect folks to get pissed off and then go in and get the run around again on top of it! I don't like liars or thieves! Good Luck in the future! I'm sure my 250.00 you've been getting wont make or break you all but I at least will feel better knowing I'm not encouraging your bad behavior!

  • I have have Yet To receive any Of My returns And Im highly Pissed!! On behalf of Rome Ga… NEVER WILL GO BACK!!!!

    • Liberty is not the one you need to be pissed at it is the irs once they accept the return there is nothing else we can do until the checks come.

  • I went to liberty tax service on 72 Main Street, Hempstead, NY 11550 to file my 2013 taxes they totally did my taxes wrong used a address I never gave them and don't know where they got this address from and to make matters worse gave me a copy of someones elses taxes which had allthere personal information..there address, social security number and phone number..when I called and told them this they did nothing so I took it upon myself to contact the lady and let herknow the situation and then mailed them to her…I also was told I would receive one amount and received much less..when I called to find out why they told me the IRS would be sending me a letter explaing…I told them I would never receive the letter bcuz I moved from that address 2 years ago and asked them how they got that addres buz none of my paperwork had that address and I got know response…

  • Mt. Vernon Washington office is so stupid. Don't go to them they will f… up your taxes and do nothing about it. Now I have to pay again to have my taxes done again. 350.00

  • I went to the 64th St location in Kansas City, Ks & they made many mistakes. I have been trying to contact the owner for over 2 weeks. Even called corporate & they can only send the owner a message, they cant enforce any follow up. I will be contacting legal & Fox 4 News for this foolishness.

  • I worked four days. The office screwed up and couldn't get the taxes out. They lay ed me off for two weeks. I worked for them another two weeks. And havent seen one paycheck in three pay periods. I'm filing a suit tomorow.

  • I work with them this season, and trust me it will be my last. I have never been around so many 2 faced people in my life. Fyi: this is in Norfolk, va. They lie to much to the client's. And that is not right at all.

  • So Bellatrix Kuma is at it again, now they supposedly have a manager in the Torrance office however that office is never open during business hours and when it is the manager is so rude I HATE LIBERTY TAX

  • I find it very disturbing that a tax office can't seem to get their employees and ex employees w2's to them. What kind of lame brain out fit is Bellitrix Kuma

  • I too worked for Bellatrix Kuma Angii and Oneida do not give a flying f about their employees none of us have gotten our W2's, they refuse to return calls –

  • I also worked for the Bellatrix Kuma DBA Liberty Tax last season and not only do we not have our W2's they didn't take the amount of taxes out of our checks that they were supposed to, they have a manager who worked for another franchise who would take customers checks and deposit them into her own bank account then charge the customer to get their cash she also would take people that had 4 dependents only use 3 on their tax return then sell the other dependent to some one who didn't have a dependent, Angela is now the manager of the Santa Monica and Torrance store – beware of FRAUD with these franchisees

  • Liberty Tax is Bellatrix Kuma DBA Liberty Tax. As of 2/17/14 has not sent out W-2 forms to last year's employees in Los Angeles area. They keep blowing us off and corporate says to call the IRS on the local office even though paychecks are from corporate. As for the tax preparation, you can do the same thing they do on Turbo Tax or any other web site. Employees are encouraged and taught to lie to you to increase their fees. These people are not trained tax professionals.

  • Look at all these folks, Wow!! I went to liberty tax in Olathe, KS and they gave me an I-owe-you for the 50 dollars. It's been 2 weeks and every time I stop by it's the same thing we don't have it now give me your number and we will call you when we have it here for you. IT'S BEEN 2 WEEKS i CALLED THEM AGAIN AND WAS TOLD THE SAME THING. WHEN I ASKED WHY i KEEP GETTING THE RUN AROUND, THE GUY ON THE PHONE SAYS "i JUST WORK HERE" !! LIBERTY HAS MADE ALMOST A 1000 DOLLARS OFF ME IN A CALENDAR YEAR, tHATS THE LAST TIME i EVER GO THERE. BE WARNED THEY WILL TELL YOU ANYTHING TO GET YOUR MONEY!!

  • I will never get my taxes done with them as long as long as I live don't do it people my check is only 388.00 and they took 201.00 go else where not to these robbers.

  • I went to work and was called into the office. I was told that the reason was, that I was over heard saying I can't wait to get out of this monkey suit. I told Trisha Ruby that I did say one day, that I couldn't wait to get out of this outfit. She then told me I was fired . I busted a hump for these people ! I'm going to tell everyone I know not to do business with them period !

  • To whom it may concern,I am very angry and upset with Liberty Tax on Preston Hgwy in Louisville Kentucky.We have had our taxes prepared there for the past 7 years and never had a problem until this year.Every year the preparer has always explained the refund process fully and it has always been a easy and simple process that is up until this year.On a routine basis usually within 2 to 3 weeks our fedral refund would arrive at Liberty the fees would already have been subtracted and about a week or so later the state would arrive.This process has ran as smooth as silk for the past 6 years we were very happy and comfortable with their services and was planning on always using Liberty.But this year was horrible first thing that happened was the printer was down so we did not receive our copies but we knew we would get them so we did not let that bother us.About 13 days later we got the call to come pick up 1 of the checks so we were happy because we were having a little moetary issues at that time so going on the normal process we assumed it was the federal refund as it has always been in the past,so I called the few places I needed to call to avoid anythiing being disconnected or turned off.We arrived to pick up the check and imagine our surprise to find out that it was the state return which was odd but ok because it was enough to take care of the issues I had phoned and assured them payment within an hour or so.When the check was handed to us I nearly fainted to see the sum of 74 dollars when we were expecting to se 570 dollars so assuming there had been a mistake I tried not to panic.The woman in the office then told us that the filing fees had been sutracted and this was the reason for the amount on the check so at this point panic was starting to set in.So we asked why we were not infformed beforehandd that it is taken out of the ffirst return they receive this was never explained at all at the time when we filed also we filed on the 25 of January yet the federal was not submitted until the 30thwith no explaination why.As a reult of the poorest of training I am unfortunately up the creek without a paddle. But Liberty has their filing fees and the worst preparers and after 7 years and what I was hoping to always have Liberty Tax do my taxes I will no longer use their services and all of my friends and family that I have gotten themto use Liberty will most likelly cchange back to their previous tax preparers and this truely upsets me because I never saw this coming. Thank you.

    • Federal e-filing did not start until 1/31 because of the government shutdown. Fees are always taken out of the first transfer by the bank not the tax office. The preparers should have let everyone know about these policies, especially in a office that has been there so long.

    • Federal e-filing did not start until 1/31 because of the government shutdown. Fees are always taken out of the first transfer by the bank not the tax office. The preparers should have let everyone know about these policies, especially in a office that has been there so long.

  • The office in Brunswick ,Ga was open last week… wife and I have done our taxes with liberty for the past two years there unfortunately this is a new branch owner. We were told to come back Thursday with some additional tax information to finish filing WERE ARE YOU YOUR OFFICE HAS BEEN CLOSED SINCE1/30/2014 I WANT MY W2 BACK !!!!! This is withholding MY PERSONAL INFORMATION AND I WANT ANSWERS

  • Terrible service at 7257 Winchester Rd. Memphis TN. Told I could get loan. Then told I couldn't get it because they did not fill out the loan application when I completed my paperwork. The only reason I used Liberty and spent over $300 was to get the loan. I could have used Turbo Tax for FREE! They DO NOT know what they are doing,

  • The office that I was supposed to work at is doing taxes for people who didn't work and are getting the EIC because Liberty is doing schedule C's for everyone. Can you say FRAUD!!!! Im sure the IRS will be interested in this!!

    • Tax returns at Sebring, Fl liberty tax office are also are heavy with the EIC using phony sch C data. Favorite are hair dressers, small construction, lawn care, auto detaiing, etc. The list is endless. The staff uses a chart to guide client to know how to reach high tax refunds. Can you believe this. I left the office due to this scam.

  • I worked at the liberty tax corporate office in Virginia beach, they outsourced the back end of their new tax software to Vietnam, so yes the most important part of their new tax software is made in a different country. american tax software made in Vietnam.

  • I took the Roseville class like the person listed. I do not speak English that good and the instructor would not help me to understand. I told her I need help she said that's ok your are fine. I do not know anything and the last day she give the class a paper with all the things we have to work for liberty tax. I told her I did not know we had to do more things. The people in the class were very mad because we were told we would have a job not to worry, but there are a lot of things still needing to be done to finish and work. I do not like the way the lied to get us to stay to finish the class. they asked us if we wanted work full time or part time make us think we were going to work after we finish the class. The did not tell us we had to do a list of things to work for them until the last day of the class. They lied this is not a good company to work for everybody worked so hard to finish this class… they lied no job….

  • OMG!!! I took the the "LibTax" class in citrus Heights CA. the same owners and the place was a dump. The owner is a jerk and does not know as much as he claims to know. I asked him a few tax questions and he did not know the answer. he did not even look at me after I stumped him. during the last week of class he announced there was way too any steps we had to complete in order to be a tax preparer. I am very dissatisfied and STRONGLY SUGGEST NEVER TAKE THIS CLASS.. ALSO OTHER AREAS PAY FAR LESS FOR THEIR BOOKS THEN THE OVER 2OO.OO WE PAID RIPOFF!!!!

  • I took the class in Roseville, CA the Instructor was very nice, but did we learn anything? NO I complained to the owner and he stated "sorry about what happened but you can take the course somewhere else" uhhh NO I just want my money back. Sorry we cant use the books so your out the 229.00 and sorry you did not fit with the instructor that just read out off the power point. For the last 2 years not only did I use liberty Tax, but told at least 5 friends to use them. It was not about the 50.00 but about the services they offered. This year I not only will NOT USE them but I have told my friends and whom ever will listen not to use.

  • Do not get ur taxes done with liberty my husband did his there in 2012 and its almost 2013 tax season and he never got the 2012 tax results back.

  • Had a meeting set up today between 5-7pm to work on a letter from the irs where they did my taxes wrong and no one showed up. Same thing happened when during their normal hours when trying to this years taxes.

  • I worked for Johnson Dieujuste and he has not paid us our bonus. He will not return our calls and corporate will not do anything about it. DON'T go to work for them. They are a rip off! I am pursuing other things I can do to let people know how dirty this company is?

  • I worked as an office manager for Franchise owner named David Cepin, in 2013. He never paid on time and when asked why the delay he would say "well its a big company so it takes a while" Really? i have friends in Multinational Corporations that get paid the exact day they are supposed to. The icing on the cake is that the bonus that he issued to me as well as his whole management team was over a month overdue and even now, June 18th it does not have any funds on it, supposedly he is still waiting for funds to come. Horrible business owner. Liberty corporate will give anyone an office with no regard to their name. It is damaged beyond repaid at this point

  • Just thought I should let you know, that I ended up having to pay $90.00 interest because LibertyTax never sent me my information. The women I contacted to help me figure out what was going on was very helpful. However, it had appartently already been past due. So on top of paying $1,600 in taxes due I had to give them an extra $90 and it wasn't even my fault. I have been going through liberty tax since I moved to Charlotte. I can honestly say, I will never be back again.

  • So I have a complaint I have delt with liberty tax for many years and I have not had a problem till now! I cant seem too get my money! they sent me someone else's check and I cant even get a loan for mine till mine shows up I think it is ridiculous. I want my money and I am severely upset!!! this is getting old someone has my money and I want mine I paid for my taxes too be done and now I have too wait till they can find my check y cant they just reissue me a new one or a temp check for some amount!!! Steven Johnson is who's check I received so why cant I get mine!!! someone please shed some light on this situation for me please!!!


  • There needs to be a class action lawsuit for SURE !!!! UNREAL !! DAMN why didn't I go to this site first !

    • Yes i do agree, i have went in to Liberty tax services in Sparks NV to have my taxes filed. I have been going there for many years. Last year one of the employees have been very rude, and said if you do not leave you will have the cops called on you. I have went to the corporate office and put in an complaint. Then i have call the office manager and have told what have happened to me. The office manager said i need for you to come to my office at Liberty and i will help you with your taxes, and you can come back in the next year. Well i have called liberty tax service at Sparks NV and they set me up and date and time for me to be in to have my taxes file. Well i walk in to the office, and there is the same lady that have threatened me last year, i have said i am here to have my taxes file. She have said to me no and i will call the cops on you, i said o you are the lady from last year, i have said there are witness here and walk out, and called the corporate office again. I will say that there must be a lawsuit on liberty tax service, and they charge very high prices. I really think the F.B.I should look into the Liberty taxes service offices all over the U.S and other countries.I am going to my loco police department of what have happen to me of a Liberty Employee have threatens customers.

  • Liberty tax in Fostoria,Ohio onPerry St. charged me top rate to do my taxes I paid up front for thier services and all i get is a run around I call them about a problem takes a week and a half for them .Had My taxes done the first week of feb. I stiil am waitingon my fiinal packet to be returned to me .I call two different times to see why my Ga. return is taking so long receive the run a round I call Ga. they tell me it is because they were not sent the correct paper work and I need to fax it to them I tell Liberty this and they tell me I need to call get the fax# and give it to them and they will fax them the paper work. what did I pay Liberty for when they can not send the correct paper workI have to do the leg work to correct thier top it off ,I call back with the fax# and now I can't get a hold of anyone or received a call back from messages I've left.SAVE YOUR MONEY and save yourself all the aggervation DON'T let Liberty do your taxes

  • The Liberty Tax Offices with Franchise owner Brad Haynes, who has not paid his employees but two paychecks all season, is located in Biloxi on Pass Road, and in Orange Grove on the corner or Dedeaux and HWY 49. He also has not provided last year's employees with W2's in order to file their taxes, nor has he given them their bonuses from last year.

  • all i can say is corporate office,district office and liberty tax offices are a screw up. They lie,cheat and over charge people. i would never go to another liberty tax office again!!! Harbor city,ca

  • I have had a horrible experience with Liberty Tax. I went through the tax class and was hired on as a tax preparer. After being hired on as a tax preparer, I was asked to do marketing. I agreed to do marketing but was not aware that I would not be paid for gas mileage. I promoted the 50/50 plan at several businesses and placed cards on several parking lots. Well, the 50/50 plan ended on Feb 15. I was told that I would be able to continue my employement as an agent doing taxes. Well, when I went to get my check on Friday, the manager advised me an another marketing agent that our services were no longer needed. I feel used. I also feel like I wasted my time going through the class. I was able to do a view taxes when I was not out marketing. The manager had us to sign a contract stating that if we did not work until April, we would not receive our bonus. I begged several friends and family members to get their taxes done at liberty because I was expecting a bonus. I feel bad now because we charged my family and friends high fees to complete their returns. Most of them usually complete their returns on turbo tax. They came to me because they wanted to help me out. Turbox tax would have been much cheaper for them. I am upset about how things went down. I asked why my services were not longer needed and was advised that the store is not making much money plus they do not feel like we were out marketing. I advised the manager that I was out marketing and when I was not out marketing I would be in the tax office working toward getting a bonus check. Im amazed at how things went down. After reading throught some of these comments, I realize that its not just in my state that things happen. Its happening in several other states. Liberty, if you continue to treat employees and customers this way, you may run yourself right out of business.

  • I've had a horrible experience in the local office in Canton, GA. My tax money was promised from the IRS on the 9th, was told it was to be direct desposited on the 11th to my acct. Not only is the the 12th and still no money, but when you speak to the owner/manager Ginger, she plans on doing absolutely nothing to help until it's been missing at least 5-7 days. She will also talk to you as if you're stupid, although I'm pretty sure it took more college to attain my career than it did hers, working at good ole Liberty Tax. Well lesson learned! I filed with them for the first time this year and it will be the last, and will let family, friends, and co-workers know of my experience.

  • Liberty tax in anaheim California not only screw up our taxes 3times but also forgot to put in for our upfront loan. We finally got it done correctly and a week later still nothing so much for 24-48hours. I am requesting a refund for that loan causei contacted the IRS and my return will be here the 13th already and still no word on my"rapid" refund. This new office there workers have no idea what they are doing and some are rude.After being a loyal customer 5years because that one office I most likely never go back. I've had horrible service and will not be having any one I know go there.

  • The franchise in Chattanooga, TN owned by Chad Chastain and Darren (I cant remember his last name) well not only are they inaccurate in what they paid thier employees, shorting us and not paying on time, but they are also giving the 2012 staff 1099s instead of w-2s. This after we filled out w-4s. They will not allow us to get copies of our personale files, contract and so on which by law all companies are required to do.. Legal action needs to be taken

  • Ower at arizona tempe, chandler and mesa is awful to wavers. Pays way less. Only 8 dollars when others pay 10. Doesnt have pay checks on time. Up to 2 days late! (for wavers only !!) I go to school im only 20 years old. Maybe it means nothing to them. But i need my pay check just as much as they do. I worked for this liberty last year under a differant owner it was great. My name was left for referal fot this year. I traveld from ca to az thinking it would be the same. Definately a waste of my time. CAN I AT THE VERY LEAST GET MY PAY CHECK ON TIME

  • Just wis they would do what they say I paid $340 to get a check in 48 hours its day 3 no check…. This happend last year too corporate

  • Liberty Tax had a Help Wanted sign so I inquired Amy the Manager said I had to take the course first.

    I took the course in Santa Monica Ca. the course was to be 2.5 months 3 mos course. we had to complete the course in a month.

    Course was 200.00 then raised the fee to 250.00 after the course there was 110.00 additional fee for bond 25.00 Ptin 60.00 and Etech 25.00

    1/31/13 I was hired and went through the interview process but I have not been scheduled nor I have I been given hours.

    Very Disappointed and questions there credability. It seems like a pyramid marketing scam.

    • Unfortunately that is how this and other franchises operate, I happen to know the manager and she quit because of the way the Bellatrix Kuma franchise was treating their employees, by not scheduling who she advised had passed the course.

  • Nicely done Liberty Tax Service. You heard our concerns and responded. Glad you put up a tent for your employee in Swansboro, NC. 🙂

  • Liberty Tax Service in Swansboro NC has an employee standing outside in the freezing rain in costume by the side of the street. When i stopped and asked the agent on duty about it, he said they do give them frequent breaks. How nice. Please do not use this service!!! Any company with this much disregard for their employees' well being does not deserve our business!!! Please pass this along if you would care to.
    Unlike · · 9 minutes ago near Swansboro ·

  • I have been concerned for some time that Liberty Tax uses wavers–people standing outside with their sign in terrible weather conditions both in the summer and the winter. Right now, in Michigan we have had negative 3 and negative 5 degrees for several days, and will continue to have bad weather for some time.

    I believe it is poor corporate policy to have them standing out there waving to people in such conditions. Even on the news, it said that no one should be out in that weather because of frostbite.

    I think the corporate heads of LIberty Tax should stand out there in such weather to see the conditions they are sending people out in.

    Very poor business policies, Liberty.

  • The local office Palatka, Florida has closed without notification to consumers, didn't mind taking my money for the preparation and filing, now corporate doesn't want to tell me who the franchise owner is. liberty tax sucks, will attempt to deter all future franchise in this area thru state attorney's office, Any suggestions out there?

    • The same happened to me here in Los Angeles California at the Compton Office 810 W Rosecreans. The FBI needs to go after all Liberty Tax places nationwid have shady people and business owners !

  • They ripped me off 14 hours on my paycheck and my bonus… very pissed off and tend to do something about it!!!


    • Why do you want to blame every franchise for what ONE person done to you? Even if that is what happen, that is the owner of that ONE Liberty Tax. Everyone that I have meet has been honest and works hard to get you all they can back. All that you are entitled back.

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