The Limited Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

The Limited Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
The Limited Stores and
107 Heritage Drive or PO Box 182651
Pataskala, OH 43062-9805
Corporate Phone Number: 1-877-583-1963
Customer Service Number: 1-877-583-1963
Limited Credit Card: 1-800-888-3257
Sun Capital Partners – Parent Company of The Limited Stores
5200 Town Center Cir., Ste. 600
Boca Raton, FL 33486 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-561-394-0550
Fax Number: 561-394-0540

  • I was told by the local Limited store manager that all of the call-center employees were laid off, and the responsibilities for call orders have been outsourced. I placed an order online on Dec 8th, and it still has not shipped. No one is answering the Customer Service lines. The store manager told me that they aren't even able to get in touch with anyone. The only thing they are able to do is send emails to Corp. The Limited has totally blown this whole situation. I'm hoping the media gets wind of this, cuz public scrutiny will be the only way anything gets fixed.

  • Buyer Beware is an understatement. I placed an order on December 1 that was for Christmas. I called four times to check on the status as it had not arrived only to be told that it was in processing. I even asked them to check stock to ensure that my items were indeed in stock and was told yes as I was in a local store and could have purchased the items while I was there. I continued to call up to yesterday and was still told that it would arrive for Christmas. I then called the local store but they are now out of stock. Today I received an email telling me that my items were no longer in stock. Sorry. Four days before Christmas!!!!This is the worst experience and customer service that I have ever received. I even asked to speak to a manager and was told that no one was available but I could leave my name and number which I did. Surprise no return call. I hope that they enjoy their holiday. Buyers find another website as this one lacks truly in customer service.

  • Buyer BEWARE!!! They trap you into a purchase and then after will send you an email saying items could take up to 14 days (5 days to process and then 7-9 days to ship). And then to add injury to insult they say that some of the items I ordered are no longer in stock. Even though when I ordred these items it said they WERE in stock!! And then talk about the customer service WOW I called three times a day for a week. Every time I called the person answering would say the same exact thing. That the item is being processed and is going out for shipping. It didn't take me long to realize they must be reading a script. So I ask to speak to a manger and each time I would be put on hold and it would either magically hang up after on hold for 20 minutes OR they would come on and say I am sorry a manager isn't available but I can have one of them email you. And then when they email they say the SAME exact thing that the initial girls were saying from SCRIPT!!! And you cant reply to them in the email. Which tells me its probably NOT a manager but an automated email response because I did it three times and got the same email back everytime. What upsets me most as had I been told at the time of my purchase that it was going to take this long I would not have had a problem at all with paying more for shipping. However I was not told until after I paid that it was going to take so long because they were backed up.

  • I spent $150 dollars on Christmas gift on limited online, when I paid online it offered their credit card, my credit card or paypal, so I used my paypal acct, today I get an email stating order was shipped, the in tiny writing it says that if you paid with paypal you cannot return to store you have to mail back. So I called customer service and asked why they offered paypal and didn't mention separate return policy, the girl said I'm sorry, it's policy. So I told her I was going to return my package and cancel order to which she said you can just refuse pkg. I can't wait to get my money back and will never shop with limited again unless in store. WHAT A HOLIDAY RIP OFF!

  • I have been waiting for an order to arrive that is being shipped. I live in Canada and I have been waiting almost a MONTH for an order that I supposedly received Nov 25 – guess what? no order!!! I have called DHL and The Limited only to be told that I have to WAIT for a tracer to be put on the package (that was nov 27). Called today to find out that the trace wasn't put on until Dec 4 and now I have to wait until next Tuesday to find out if the shipping company will own up to losing the package ($1600 order BTW)… I cannot believe that this is the way that you do business. The people I spoke to today told me that they don't have a phone number for your head office! SERIOUSLY? this is pathetic and I will never shop in your stores or online with you again… I will tell everyone my experience as well. Hire some more people, empower them and give them some manners for godsake!

  • My card was fraudulently charged and the rude Indignant Rep Tina told me it could not be stopped or canceled even though the order had not been shipped, and when I asked her for a supervisor I was on hold for 20 minutes only to be told a supervisor would call me back…. Then to add insult to injury Tina hung up on me, I have never been so disrespected in my life I will never shop here again in life

  • live life without complaining so much. you don't know what retail people go through dealing with increasingly rude customers day after day, year after year. maybe you should FORGIVE, develop understanding, and be nice to people everywhere you go. GIVE THEM THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT.

    • If someone is upset by a retailer handling of a transaction you are entitled to air your grievance. You are paying for the product and therefore have a voice. The whole forgive and let is go nonsense is very defeatest. Address your issues in a healthy way

    • These people have charged my account for a returned item in the amount of $150.00 plus and refuse to credit me because of their mistake in entering the account number through the register! This has been ongoing since March 2014 and Commenity bank will not open another dispute, I have gone to the BBB, the State AG, Consumer Bureau, so now I am to pay a lawyer on my behalf??? I would never shop at this store, their corporate representatives are rude and careless, they stole from me and I will continue to fight this!

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