Little Caesars Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Little Caesars Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters
Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc.
2211 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, MI 48201 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-313-983-6000
Fax Number: 1-313-983-6390
Email: Online Only
Customer Service Number: 1-800-722-3727

  • I know this wad listed a while ago, since it is 2022 now, but I just wanted to say to you gentleman (disabled vetrans) thank you so much for your service for our country and every American out thier, Including the rude person you got your response from, for fighting for our freedom of choice as americans! If that person had had some respect instead of telling you to read fine print, he could of offered a free pizza and thank you for your service. Unbelievable. I my father was in the service and several uncles, one retired from the army. . Thank you gentlemen again for your service to our country, God bless!!

  • Really a shame the Little Caesar's don't take the time to read their complaints. I guess they can afford to loose business. We paid $4.oo for f extra dipping sauces and received zero. I have called, e-mailed, written, posted my complaint all to no avail. Little Caesar's is no longer an option for us.

  • Your store in SAGINAW Texas is telling me that little Ceasars is associated with door dash. And your app says nothing about doordash , I want nothing to do with door dash either fix you app or the store in SAGINAW Texas so we know not to order from little Ceasars.

  • Why is the LC closed on Sundays in Caro Mi.this is the busiest day for pizza in this town…YOU are giving all the other pizza places in caro mi your business. This is not a smart move…we do not eat pizza on any other day…REOPEN LC ON SUNDAY'S

  • I spoke to the Akron Ohio owner last year about this same issue. Last week, Akron Copley Rd. Lil Ceasars dropped the ball on my order. I spoke to the manager who told me he would remake the pie if I bought it back. I live in Fairlawn and wasn't coming back out. I told him I would pay to have it delivered, but he said he couldn't do that. He SUPPOSEDLY left my name on a credit list for another pizza at my convenience, which was Friday the 12th. I got to Lil Caesars and was told there was no record of my talk with the previous guy. Manager "Sam" asked if I had a receipt. I told him I doubted it but would look. I got home and found it and called Sam back. NOW he was saying that I needed the "old pizza" from the prior week to have my replacement honored! I know you have issues with customers trying to scam pizzas, but they don't spend $800 a year with you…I do. I wasn't even given the consideration of a viable alternative to this situation, just screw me and my time. Your customers aren't appreciated or valued. If there is ANY type of issue with your order, you just assume that the customer is lying, have you thought that just MAYBE we are telling the truth and your people fumbled the ball?!? I don't appreciate the aspersions this casts on my integrity or character, I'm pretty sure I can buy myself a pizza. I have better things to do with my time than try to scam a pizza from you OR drive NEEDLESSLY to you from Fairlawn.

    I drive past 3 pizza parlors to get to yours, and I do so because of the taste. It's FAR superior to your competition. One thing admirable about the competition though is that if they screw up, they except the responsibility and the constructive criticism, they know NO ONE is perfect and the CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT–we pay the bills. They make their mistakes right instead of trying to twist the blame on the customer. Something HAS to be wrong because it seems every time I go on Copley Rd there are new employees. This very lack of continuity could be the basis for error. I never expected Lil Caesar's to exceed my expectation, but you certainly have to meet it–that's why I come there. Make that "came there". I'm done with Lil Caeser's. I am tired of giving you my money only to have you give me what YOU want to give me, that's not how it works. I REFUSE to be treated like a doormat and pay for the "privilege". Honestly, Pizza Hut is not as good as Lil Caeser's, but that will balance out by the fact that if they make a mistake they fess up without insinuations against a customers integrity or honesty.

  • First off Sir I would like to say Thankyou for your bravery and courage to serve this great country we live in so that rude people that gave negative comments on this thread does so under the very freedom that Men and Women like yourself have fought for. Although like myself I would say they have no idea what sacrifices are made by Men and Women of our armed forces! Instead of a kind well deserved Thank you and showing compassion for your situation they try and tear you down for buying a Mickey Ds ice tea in which personally I think any veteran or former service member should by all means be among some of the highest paid people in the country. I am truly sorry for your experience and am shocked this was posted on a Corporate site and Nobody cared enough about the Companies image to offer an explanation. My family and I eat frequently at our local Little Caesars but after reading your story will boycott the chain of Restaurants after today! And I might add the Company has less than five bucks in making the Hot N Ready so I am not sure what the other post was referring to about getting a deal think about it if they was breaking even it would not have lasted this long. Again Thank you for all you have done.

  • I thought an order of wings came with one dipping sauce. Am I mistaken or has this changed. Payed 6.99 (basically $7) for wings and then she charged me an extra buck for dipping sauce. Wilmington NC location

  • Have to give a Big applaud for the Young man working by himself at the Sunnyside little Caesar's in Winchester,Va.This man was taking orders and also making the pizzas,while wearing a smile on his face,going above and beyond!

  • After having repeatedly visited my local Little Caesar's in Ravenna, Ohio, for a 'Hot & Ready' pizza, which they NEVER have available, (they're never hot, and certainly never ready), I've decided it's time to vote against their license renewal due to the false advertising. I'm a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and their license renewal applications are voted on in our office. I believe it's time to hold the franchise responsible for it's advertising claims.

  • OK-wanted to not throw anyone under the bus but the Foley, AL Lil Caesars has hit an all time low. Last week we waited in line 27 minutes in the drive thru during the hours the hot-in-ready – got to the window and was told they have NO pizzas but will make me one. It appears that no one was making pizzas so they took your order at the window and then you parked in the parking lot and waiting another 20 min. to get your pizza if you were lucky. I was told that they had no ready-made and was making them as they were ordered??? Then, yesterday, trying again – I called 20 times to a busy signal – finally went in and three employees were there, one was sitting and "playing" on her phone, one was standing watching people come in and out and then one was greeting people and taking orders. No phone to be seen. This Lil Caesar's is giving the brand a terrible reputation. I'm not sure if it is management or lack of employees but the other thing I've noticed going in is that it is not very clean. So, all this being said- I've made my last trip into this location. Someone needs to do something because this is a terrible situation especially since your advertise on tv a lot and raise expectations to only have them flop at one of your busiest locations due to tourists, retirees, etc. So Sad……

  • After watching the post of the recent attack at Little Caesars in Augusta GA I vow to NEVER EVER purchase another item from your corporation. Granted, "LC" is not responsible for a patrons' actions. However, to stand back and take NO DIRECT ACTION whatsoever is beyond conscionable. This happened on your premises with your employees present. To simply alert the local authorities is nothing more than a virtue call in an attempt to appear to have taken all reasonable action necessary.

  • I went to your restaurant last night to purchase 2 hot and ready. I was refused service because I did not have a mask. I explained that I am disabled and am exempt from wearing a mask, even showed them the scars from open heart surgery but was still ask to leave.
    I returned with the ADA exemption to help this manager understand the ADA act but all he did was talk over me and refused me service once more.He was very rude.
    I suggest you educate your managers on the disabled. He went as far as to say "how do I know you are disabled" something he is not allowed to do EVEN after showing him the scars in my chest which I did not have to do.

  • I went to your restaurant last night to purchase 2 hot and ready. I was refused service because I did not have a mask. I explained that I am disabled and am exempt from wearing a mask, even showed them the scars from open heart surgery but was still ask to leave.
    I returned with the ADA exemption to help this manager understand the ADA act but all he did was talk over me and refused me service once more.He was very rude.
    I suggest you educate your managers on the disabled. He went as far as to say "how do I know you are disabled" something he is not allowed to do EVEN after showing him the scars in my chest which I did not have to do.

  • The US website has been down for 3 days. How are you supposed to order online? UK site, Mexico, all others, fine. problem is, I am in the USA. How about firing your IT department and hire some competent people?

  • The store in Livingston Tennessee charges $6.08 for their Hot & Ready pizza DO NOT GO TO THIS STORE !!!!!!! Hot & Ready Pizzas are advertised by their corporate office as being $5.00 each BUT their Corporate office, when you call them , will tell you that their individual owned stores can charge you whatever they want for any pizza—-I WILL NEVER GO TO LITTLE CAESARS AGAIN !!!!

  • I just wrote in about my visit to the location at Harlem/Dempster in Niles, IL on March 12, 2019 at 930pm. I wanted to add I overheard and saw the employees making at least 5-7 pizzas for themselves (friends and family) instead of selling them to customers. I personally heard and saw 3 customers walk in to buy food and be turned away. They were told, "The store was out of everything". Although there was plenty for personal use.

    Not to shocking from the staff I saw working there that night!!! Pretty crummy way to run a restaurant. Stealing food from your boss and denying paying customers!!!!!!

  • This evening 3/12/19 at 930pm–I just picked up my online order from the Little Caesars at Dempster/Harlem in Niles. I ordered 3 pizzas (1 cheese, 1 pepperoni pretzel crust, 1- 4 topping veggie thing crust with extra sauce well done), also 2 orders of crazy bread and garlic butter dipping sauce. When I walked in, the long dark haired young man looked higher than a kite!!! He didn't seem to understand what I was asking him. I had to repeat my pickup order multiple times. SERIOUSLY!!!! It was a pre-paid order and to my surprise there was only 1 order of crazy bread left in the store. I came in 30 minutes after I placed the order and 2 of the pizzas were still in the oven. So to compensate for not having the 2nd order of crazy bread, they gave me an extra pizza. (Nice!) I waited for that one and the other 2 from my first order to be baked.

    I noticed while waiting the same VERY HIGH young man was wondering around the back looking very confused. The brownish-red haired girl with glasses was on her cell phone the ENTIRE TIME with the speaker on. COME ON!!! As she was boxing a pizza, she took her hand and rubbed her runny nose.
    NOT VERY SANITARY IN THE FOOD INDUSTRY!!!! The only person who seemed to be working was the short dark haired young man.

    I got my order home and it was COMPLETELY SCREWED UP!!! We only got 3 burnt and mutilated pieces of crazy bread. Also, 2 of the pizzas were completely incorrect!!! It's pizza, how hard is this!!!!!

    I've never had such a terrible experience with both food and employees!!!!

  • Reverse discrimination. Only white employee in that store. He does not mind working with anyone at all, very non-biased. The restaurant manager has singled him out and harasses him on a daily basis. Shadow creek Ranch location. Thank you.

  • what is the deal! commercial advertises 5 dollar pizzas, such lies, you go to pay and get charged 7 and change! WTF!!!! are the employees pocketing the extra money they are charging!!!! if you advertise hot and ready for 5 bucks then that is what we should be getting charged!!!!

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  • I must echo and strongly agree with the above comments regarding your disgusting new advertisement featuring the bratty kid ripping off his dad's #1 hat emblem. My fantasy addition to that ad would be for the father to open the pizza he has and smash into the face of the kid. Oh, but that's child abuse. No concern for elder abuse, however. Whoever created this ad most likely has a kid at home just like the one in the ad. Little Caesar – dump this ad, NOW.

  • I want to know why you continue to advertise pizza for $5 bucks. The Little Caesars in Tumwater WA tells me it hasn't been $5 for several years.

    • Hi we are very good customers for many years @ Jamestown.NY 14701 Foote Ave Plaza location today my wife stoped in for a pizza and wanted it uncooked that we were going to have it latter tonight — they told her WE DON'T DO THAT –WHY ??? BEFORE WE GO BACK I will wate for an answer — thank You and have a nice holladay — Sam

  • Your latest commercial where the boy is scolding his father for a bad deal on pizza, is demeaning. Why do companies think it is a good idea to belittle adults and make the children the Your latest commercial where the boy is scolding his father for a bad deal on pizza, is demeaning. Why do companies think it is a good idea to belittle adults and make the child the brains and authority over their parents? It is a stupid selling idea. Good luck with that 6 to 7 year old buying your pizzas. It is the parent with the money, you know. Why belittle the adult who is paying for your product. STUPID…

  • Little Caesars Pizza has an advertising insert in the local newspaper from time to time that states "$5 Hot-N-Ready classic – HOT-N-READY ALL DAY, EVERY DAY – Large pepperoni or Cheese." Have been in the store at 10212 East Northwest Highway in Dallas, Texas, three times and each time the $5 Hot-N-Ready Pizza was not available without a 10 minute wait. The store says they no longer offer the $5 Classic as Hot-N-Ready. This is false advertising and an inconvenience. Also, the employees preparing the pizzas handle the dough and pepperoni slices with bare hands and it is my understanding hat the Dallas City health code requires food handlers to wear gloves.

  • The commercial from your company showing a disrespectful, spoiled brat kid tearing the # 1 from his fathers cap is despicable ! The is a perfect example of a liberal Snowflake in training ! Do we get to guess WHO in the corporate office approved this monstrosity of a commercial? I realize family values are almost a thing of the past but this commercial has got to go ! Until it does I will not be purchasing any of your products. Your pizzas are great, your commercials stink !

  • Your commercial with the boy removing #1 from his fathers hat is not funny and a distasteful slam on dads . do not appreciate it and will recommend to my friends to boycott your business until it is removed

  • I am appalled at the content of your newest commercial! Who is the authority here? You are teaching our children that they run things and undermining parental authority! And shaming a dad, unbelievalbe! I will no longer buy your product until you remove this horrid commercial!

  • I can't believe the commercial that they have running now. The kid sits in the chair and humiliated the dad because he bought the wrong pizza. The Dad is sweating and then the kid rips the #1 off his father's hat. REALLY!?!? What are we teaching kids with this commercial? How about disrespect, that they are the boss, they get everything they ask for, parents are there to please them…i can go on and on. It is no wonder this is a me,me, me society. I will never buy another pizza from little caesars.

  • Can someone please explain to me. I order one or two deep deep dish every week. I order Black Olives and I have to pay $1 for that one topping. If I get a hot and ready I pay $1 less. Is it the oven I have to pay for or is it olives are cheaper and greed kicks in.

  • Went to Little Caesars in Newnan Ga last week. While waiting in line the girl at the register told the man ahead of me that she would right back. She went to the area where food was prepared and began taking out cheese and pepperoni with her bare hands and began preparing pizzas. All the customers in the store could see this as well. I was so disgusted that I left and will never order anything from any of your stores, my friends and family were also told of this. You should be reported to the health department and I will be sure to do this. You should be ashamed of this and should be monitoring your employees !! DISGUSTED FORMER CUSTOMER !!!!!!!

  • I went to the Jefferson, Ga 30295 location of Little Caesars today. Just this summer, the did an entire renovation of the place, so you would think it looked great and clean , right? Wrong. Day after renovation once it reopened there were spills on the counter, the underside where customers can see, the drink cooler is disgusting with dead flies and dust, as is the floor right beside the machine well within reach of cleaning.They had dirty rugs laid on the 2 out of 4 chairs available to customers which was gross. These dirty standards have been there over a month now. No attempt has been made at cleaning that counter spill (not stain…spill) and the drink cooler just keeps getting nastier. If we are seeing this gross area where the customers are, how are the food prep areas that we cannot see. Address this please or you will lose customers.

  • I went to the Little Caesar's in Conyers, Ga. today at 4:23pm their Air was not working, extreme Heat for today heat index over a hundred degrees.
    My complaint is that no worker should have been working in that heat even with fans on, I think the manager should have been more compassionate in the way she spoke to the young people about being pleasant to customers. There are Labor Laws this was in human the store should have been closed until the Air is working, but no someone is thinking of making the money for the day Very disappointed to see this.

  • My husband visited the bellaire & hwy 6 location on July 18, 2017 @ approximately 10:50 pm. Here in Houston,Tx. He requested a 3 meat pizza. He was told that they didn't have time to make it. This location closes @ 11:00. He was told the only thing available was a hot & ready. Which he agreed to take because he wanted pizza. They gave him the pizza which was not fresh, didn't give him a receipt & shut the drive thru window. He came home with the pizza & told me the situation. I called the location & asked for the manager. She told me that he couldn't get the pizza we wanted because all the cooks were gone. Im am truly dissatisfied @ the service & the lie I was told. My husband told me that there was three people inside & an elderly employee sitting @ the table in the dining area. I feel the customer service was very poor. I wish to never visit this location again. Therefore, I asked the manager for a corporate number to complain she told me it wasn't one. Also that I could contact the GM in the morning. Very rude & unprofessional..

  • Went into 925 diamond spring rd
    Va beach va on fri july 14, 2017
    At 3:56 pm, ordered 4 pizzas and recieved 3 so i said exuse me to the guy, he said yes i stated as my reciept states i ordered 4 pizzas but only got 3 he looks at the monitor and tells his co worker what happened and then turned his back to me i kept saying exuse me but he refused to talk to me.
    A girl came from the back and said what is wrong, so i told her and ask why is that guy being rude and ignoring me she said cause he didn't take your order. So as long as he didn't take the order he can be rude? I asked for his name and she said why and i said so i can file a complaint, she said his name is dilon.
    Went back to store twice to file complaint with ron the big manager and was told he just left, i asked when he would be back and phil said in little while i said I'll wait for him and phill said i don't know.
    In my opinion i feel i have gotten poor service and the run around.
    Maybe I'll stop going there and buying little ceasers pizza.
    I know I'm just one customer but how many other customers were treated as bad and walked without a complaint?
    Rick b

  • I will never return to Little Caesar's here in Logansport, In. Reason: I had picked up a sausage pizza on my way out of town (20 miles) to take to someone for dinner. I was staying with her mentally challenged son while she attended a class reunion. The sausage pizza I ordered had very little sausage on it and it tasted like it had been in their warmer all day! The breadsticks were like rolled up down and hardly brown like they were cooked long enough. Took the uneaten pizza back to the store the next day and told the manager what the problem was and she more or less said too bad u should have brought it back that same day but I was 20 miles away and it was after 11:00 pm before I got back to town. It was 3:30 when I got it but made do with the pizza even though we ate a couple of pieces. Never again will I return to that place again.

  • employee of franchise owner DKolby takes employee off work schedule due to pregnancy and district manager says they will fight unemployment claim and employee has not been given any reason and was not released from working by doctor was forced to take maternity leave because of owner of franchise and has been told to refile unemployment claim what this tells me is she was fired due to pregnancy and not because of issues with work ethic and corporate has said there is nothing they can do but if you read your own franchise contract you know it was illegal to just remove the employee from the schedule with out good cause and they are now running the business with out hot water and that is a health code violation

  • I had the worst experience ever at the little ceasars in Dalton Ga . I went ordered my 2 hot and ready pizza they had none what so ever . I usually order 2 pepperoni pizzas for the usual $10.70 but being tired and ready for home from a long day i asked if they had sausage since pepperoni was out and they then tell me they are out of those as well and cheese pizzas to she then says we might have that bbq one i giggled and said the bbq one she said maybe I said and its 4 dollars more right she says ya or you can wait 11 to 15 minutes for fresh pepperoni pizza i said ok Ill wait well they park me bc this storr has a drive thru window so i park and watch these teenagers play around for 20 minutes and begin there clean up i go in and tell them i been waiting now 25 minutes for my pizzas i paid for and told 11 to 15 minutes they said that they needed tto make more and i had to wait 20 minutes longer bc they started messing around agIn so all in all i waited 45 to 50 minutes for 2 wht are suppose to be hot and ready pizzas . i call the store next evening to speak with ms hernandez manager and she was extremely rude and wasnt willing to do anything about the matter said did you eat the pizza i told her yes i paid for them and by the way they were under done bc they pulled them out quickly serving several pizzas undone looke to me but we did eat them my family was tired and hungry having late dinner double time due to the terrible service of walnut ave little ceasars and the manager was unprofessional as well.

  • Bought a hot an now pizza from a store in Lambertville Michigan 3 31 2017, quality WAS LOUSY, crust like cardboard, hardly any sauce or cheese on it, I would not recommend this pizza to anyone. If you want a cheap pizza go there, if you want a good one go else where. Mike

  • My husband just left the Little Caesars location on 1015 S.Gen McMullen Dr. He ordered 3 large stuffed crust pizzas (2 pepperoni and 1 supreme). He ordered and within 5mins a female employee brought back 2 pizzas and only 1 was stuffed pepperoni and 1 supreme regular. My husband then asked where is my other pizza and she said well that's your order and my husband said no it was 3, she then said oh yeah. She went to the back to retrieve another pizza and came back to say it was going to be a 12min wait. Then my husband saw it was it was only 1 stuff crusted from the two he received. He didn't want to wait with two cold pizzas so he asked for his money back on the missing pizza, cashier and another female employee gave him a look of disgust and made my husband feel like he was being a bother so he was nice enough to say ok just give me any other pizza (not stuffed crusted). We have never been treated this way before and felt you should know how your employees are treating their customers. You can call my husband if you'd like to hear it from him 210-286-0936. It will be an Unhappy Valentine's day for our family. 🙁

  • Your "Love Kitchen" provided lunch today in San Angelo, TX at the Wesley Soup Kitchen. We appreciate this so much. Thank you.

  • FYI f u know I have a store &I just termed someone &they're going around calling other stores n my area trying to make my store bad but its tha best its been n months!! So keep trying ur an adult let's act like it! Ur a 50 yr old man acting pathetic & immature but u can't back me!! U didn't do ur job now stop harassing my team cuz its now retaliation ur making it worse on urself! Most of all HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

    This was posted on social media by a store manager and as I recall the company does not allow this kind of behavior. That's not very professional of her.

  • I would like to know why you cannot order and pay for a pizza online in Michigan. Pizza Hut and Dominoes offer this convenient option.

  • Does your commercials really need to include holding a kid upside down and dumping his pockets for money? This promotes parental abuse and shouldn't be a commercial for Caesar, Caesar's!!!!!

  • And more about the Taylor, Michigan store. They illegally take money out of employees paychecks for any shortages that the store has. They fire me with no good reason behind it and then they want to play with my paycheck. I have always had direct deposit and they want to issue me a paper check now. They are doing it out of spite. They are not the kind of people who anyone should work for. They fire people just because and you don't know that you are fired untill you see the next schedule and realize that you are not on it.

  • I am very concerned about your recent commercial when a man hangs a child upside down to get coins for payment. what does that have to do with your product. The commercial borders on child abuse. I will complain on Facebook about it. I'm surprised I haven't seen more complaints about it. Please find another way to tout your product, leaving kids hanging by feet at the counter by a tall man. Yuck!

  • Location: 172nd in Arlington, WA

    Closes kitchen half an hour early so you can't order fresh. Sells 'hot n old' not even cut and the Crazy Bites were a solid brick. Then when you say something about it, management is directed by the franchise owner to tell you 'so what' even though I played the video of the rubbery pizza! Franchise owner is RUDE and treats anyone calling him like they're tryin to rip him off. They overcharged me previously and he treated me like I was lying, trying to get something from him. They put full charge on my card and pocketed the cash!

    Worst customer service I've ever had! It's one thing to be known for 2nd rate pizza but another to have 2nd rate customer service! This franchise owner has more money than sense…

  • We just got a Little Caesars here in La Grande Oregon. I have eaten at other Little Caesars and the pizzas here taste terrible. I have heard it from other people here in town. They need to make them pizzas better if they want to stay in business.People will go elsewhere for pizza.

  • I was at home (Flint, MI) for a funeral this past weekend. A family member who is a vegetarian and LOVVVES the Stromboli's from home asked if I would bring her one back seeing as how they don't make them in Atlanta and of course I obliged. My brother and I were driving back out 6am Tuesday morning so went by Little Caesars a little after 10p Labor day night. I let the guy know at the drive thru that I wanted a Vegetarian Stromboli. After he asked what veggies I called my family member and placed the order with her on the phone. I jokingly informed the guy to make sure the pizza was great since it was traveling back to Atlanta with me. He asked was I serious and I stated that in fact I was. A few moments later we were off with our pizza. After traveling all day and night Tuesday, I placed the pizza in the fridge for her to eat for lunch Wednesday. She was so excited until she opened it up to find ham and sausage along with mushrooms and onions. She was devastated and so was I as obviously this was a pretty big deal to travel this far for some hometown food that couldn't be digested. I am extremely disappointed and have called the corporate office with no avail so far…

  • Why discontinue your stuff crust pizza right before the NFL season kicks off? Do you want to lose customers to Jimmy Johns and Pizza Hut? The stuff crust was the best pizza on your menu and you discontinue it right before football season? What corporate braniac thought this was a good idea,I could care less about your new toppings for crazy bread and you have lost a loyal 8 to 12 times a month customer along with many other football fans until you bring back your stuff crust pizza!

  • My husband and I recently visited one of your locations here in Jacksonville, 13740 Beach Blvd to be exact. We ordered two hot ready pepperoni pizzas and upon almost finishing the first pizza my husband felt something hard and abnormal, he immediately spit the mouth full into a paper towel and noticed what looks like a rotten tooth. We then promptly contact the assistant manager Travis and forwarded a photo of the object to him via text. He was very upset and promised to have the GM contact us the following day. The GM never called so we decided to contact the store once again and asked to speak to the manager who would not identify himself and said he would contact the GM himself. He returned our call in about 15 minutes and was very rude and said that he had checked his employees teeth and found that the tooth did not come from anyone there so, there's nothing that they could do to help us! I have placed the tooth and the piece of pizza it was in, in a ziplock bag in the freezer to make sure that the object is preserved. This is truly unacceptable and I am appalled at the fact that clearly there was something in a pizza that came out of this store and nothing is being done! I will be contacting the news and an attorney if something is not done about this! I will send you a photo of whatever came out of that pizza and I am trying to find out where I need to send this to have it analyzed to find out exactly what this is! I would like for someone to contact me in-regards to this matter as it should not go unattended to!

  • I was discriminated againt at the Little Caesars located at 3907 Branch Ave Temple Hills MD 20748. I am disabled and have a service dog. According to the AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT I can not be denied service. I have been frequenting this location for a few months and advised the cashier of the same. She stated no pets were allowed in the store. I asked if she was sure this applied to service animals and she "Yes…no animals are allowed in the store" I advised I was disabled and this was a service animal and she was breaking the law. She told me I had to leave the store. I was so embarrassed. I'm sure they young lady simply needs to be educated on the law but she was just so rude. Just because you can't see the disability doesnt negate the fact that I'm disabled.

    • It should be noted, I went back to the store WITH OUT my dog and spoke with the GM. I didn't just complain on this site lol

  • We got crazy bread from Little Caesars Topeka Kansas and as my friend was pulling out a bread stick he also removed a large amount of brush bristles. The person who answered the phone thought it was funny, Bryan the manager informed me that it happens all the time and he can assure its sanatary! This is not a small amount that would have been easy to miss, this is a large amount. Bryan also told me i can talk to the store manager tomorrow but refused to give me corporates number. Oh im mad. If my 5 year old would have been the one eating them she might not have known. These morons thought it was funny. Im MAD!

  • We got crazy bread from Little Caesars Topeka Kansas and as my friend was pulling out a bread stick he also removed a large amount of brush bristles. The person who answered the phone thought it was funny, Bryan the manager informed me that it happens all the time and he can assure its sanatary! This is not a small amount that would have been easy to miss, this is a large amount. Bryan also told me i can talk to the store manager tomorrow but refused to give me corporates number. Oh im mad. If my 5 year old would have been the one eating them she might not have known. These morons thought it was funny. Im MAD!

  • This store has gone to the dogs. It was a good place to get pizza a few years ago, but now it offers the worst that can be had in both quality ,and service. Whatever you do don't call them and complain, or Jordan will tell you how "ignorant" you are for it. I have never been treated so badly at a place of business, and we will never go back. Monmouth, Oregon desperately needs a real pizza joint.

  • Please tell me why I found pieces of black plastic on my pizza at one slice no problem started on second and crack…my tooth!

  • The guy that owns 3 stores in Auburn and Rocklin California is a complete A Hole to work for!!!! I have never worked for a company that allows the owner to treat there employees like dirt! He makes you work off the clock!! He keeps people who do not do there work and show up late and call in sick all the time! And the ones (including myself) that work hard, get crapped on!! I will be filing a complaint with corp. office against him and the company! 10 people have quiet in the last week! He treats the customers crappy too!!! Costumer service?! I got into trouble letting the customer know the pizza they ordered is coming out now and I got yelled at for telling them! There's so MUCH MORE!!! I am so HAPPY that I am leaving!!! NEVER GO TO AUBURN, or ROCKLIN California!!!!!!!!!!! SO SAD TO LEAVE 'cause I really enjoyed my job! 🙁 It will be ok I got a better job with Papa Murphy's 😀

  • I didn't mind the $11.51 I paid for the pizza, what I did mind was the fact that the extra cost was for 3 extra toppings one which was cheese, and if there had been any less cheese on my pizza it wouldn't have had any cheese, the pineapples were tough and tasteless as was the sausage. What really made me decide I would never go to little caesars again was I had explained when I called the order in that the last two times I had ordered a pizza there I had stipulated I wanted the rise fat crust, or whatever it's called, and I kept getting the thin almost lack of crust around the pizza and I wanted rising crust pizza, and the guy said sure ok, and again I get home and it's thin crust. I'll never buy another pizza from them I can get the fixins I want and buy a digiorno (again, not sure about the spelling, but I'm sure you can figure it out) which only cost 5 bucks at wal mart for the pizza and I have delicious dole pineapples and black olives and cheese left over for later in the fridge. Never again little caesars, you have truly become little in my opinion.

  • For years Little Caesars is the only pizza I would buy. Two years ago I moved to Seneca s.c. I went to the only location for my usual pizza only to find the sauce was do spicy o could not eat it. My son and I went back a couple times more and the same thing. We could not eat it. O
    I inquired about the change in the recipes and asked if they had a less spicy sauce. I was told "it depends on who is making the sauce.". I remarked that they were supposed to follow a recipe and she laughed and said " it depends on who's making the sauce. ". Well, two customers just went to pizza hut. At least there I can eat the pizza. Too bad the franchise owners don't monitor there business any better.

  • Little Ceasars in Shepherdsville, Kentucky short my bother $5.00 and there ain't no manager in that place. We asked who in charge to run this place. She replied said she the one in charge. She can't auto count to see if she short or over. She said she couldn't do it cause she not allowed. She refused to call her manager about this whole situation. How hard to pick up the phone to call the manager really. She refused to do it. She told us that it have it take care Monday morning. There should be no wait til Monday.

  • I am very upset with the employees at the Point Pleasant, WV 25515 store. I had ordered 2 of the 3 meat treat pizzas. They had asked me to pull to the side and they will bring them out. After about 45 minutes and watching at least 10 vehicles go through the drive through a guy came out and asked if I was waiting on something. Of course my pizza I ordered 45 minutes ago. I would have went in but my 2 year old was asleep in the truck. That was the reason I went through the drive thru. I would rather start buying from dominos. I should have got a free pizza or discount of some sort.

  • The little Cesears in Hammond Indiana is nice,although the store manager has a bad attitude. She talks to guest very rudely and her employees she treat them like can she be a store manager with an horrible attuide like that.everytime I come in she always on her phone,and I hardly ever see her doing any work I guess her phone keeps her busy; need a new store manager with more respect


  • I know how all this f you feel I went to the little caesars in Donna tx and the general manager APRIL ISAGUIRRE was very rude and I did not like that at all and she was saying that this was her store and about that she was not going to buy water for the workers cause no one pitches in for the water she says that she pays for the water after an employee said you don't pay for the water you get it from the box and just by that I think it converting stealing from the store .Now that is very un excepptable …. And I have a friend who works there and all the talk about is the 3G's but eith profanity and dirty language .What's going on ..

  • I went to little Caesars in oxon hill, MD and the said manager give a person a free pizza and drink jokey I asked what do I get free Stephen started yelled telling me that he was going to refund my money in which he did and told me to get out of his store that he was the manager, I was in shock when the guy called 911 and stated that he had a crazy customer that he had ask to leave the store. All of this behind me seeing the manager giving away free Pizzas please. I will never go to another little Caesars if they employ Rude lying managers as such. The Lord sit high and look low, may this store be shut down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • our store in Anderson ca isn't bad but only because of the employees. the manager they have there doesn't know jack about proper management skills, hes rude, and he is very rude to his employees..women I've noticed more than the few, and i mean very few, male workers he has. while in the front waiting for my pizzas, i have heard his remarks to them and they are very suggestive in nature. there have been alot of people quiting of late, and i noticed this as i see almost all new faces when i go in, i personally have tried contacting the bosses of the "manager" there and explained what i have heard and seen and have been ignored. When you do catch them in the store, they are to busy speaking another language to respond and when they do finally respond, they look at me like I'm stupid and right back to talking together in their language. I have heard them yell at a male employee for speaking Spanish with a fellow worker and he was told it was rude because they could not understand what he was saying. this is done in front of myself and other customers waiting. not professional at all. I'm not the only one either. the whole thing is a joke on how it is ran and i am hoping corporate will do something but after reading on here, I'm losing that hope. its sad that one bad manager can ruin a good store but that's exactly what I'm seeing here. and they have only been open here just less than 3 years. I don't see another 3 years sadly.

  • My family bought 1 cheese and 1 pepperoni pizza and an order of crazy bread at the location in Eastdale Shopping center in Albuquerque, NM on Saturday, December 19, 2015. The 3 adults and 2 kids that ate the food have all been sick since last night. The 1 adult that did not eat the food has not been sick at all. The food from your restaurant is the only common food they ate that day. What is the process of making this location aware of food poisoning and ensuring that there isn't an ongoing issue?

  • You bought ice tea before the pizza???? no wonder they were disappointed. Water or homemade ice tea is very cheap. Dont be mad at Mike. These pizzas have been this low price for nearly 15 years??? How can any restaurant do that? & make them before they are ordered.

  • I am not pleasesed that little ceasers pizza is not bringing back the bacon raped pizza ever seen domino's got rid of one of my favorite pizza's and now little ceasers got rid of the bacon raped pizza which was my favorite until u got rid of it that just does not make me Happy and therefore until u get the bacon rapped pizza back I am never coming back to little ceasers again to order a single pizza so therefore .number one I am not a happy costumer and .number two how dare u get rid of the bacon pizza when it was a good seller you people are crazy.number three I will go somewhere else to buy my pizza thank you very much and have a nice day oh and by the way I did not get the costumer satisfaction at all.

  • Well, some of the comments doesn't surprise me for some reason. I realize in this day and age every one is so overly sensitive and dramatic, but I have to comment on the commercial where the guy forgets his password and the "hint" is his cat's name, well, he like like 100 cats. One of the cat's name is "Ducktaped". Now, as a cat person I take total offense of this. I try to tell myself to practice not being sensitive like the rest of the world, it's like grow up, get a life, BUT, this is sadistic. This isn't about whether you are a cat person or overly sensitive, this is about some, probably man, who thinks that "ducktaped" like ducktaping a cat is funny because I KNOW how men think about cats, or a lot of men. So, I would NEVER eat at this pizza place. Never have and now I never will.

  • So my fater in law worked at little ceasars in Mandan north dakota. He told the GM that he wasn't suppose to lift anything heavy but she wouldn't listen to him. He now has to have surgery cause he has six hernias that are twisted in his stomach and can hardly stand or even sit anymore. I went with his wife to turn in his keys and she was yelling at the employee's and being rude as can be to them. Yes my faster in law was the assistant manager and his wife stays at home with their son because he has allot of health problems. I couldn't believe that the GM could treat her employee's as bad as she was and get away with it. I will never go back into that little ceasars again and either will my father in law or his wife. Not only that but how can you be a GM if no one can understand what you are saying. She is rude as can be and you can't understand her at all. I hope she loses her job for treating her employee's that way.

  • I'm sorry that happened to you and that some jerk on this site gave you a very rude and uncalled for comment. I won't say what I really think of that person since children can access this site however, know that it wouldn't be very nice.

    I am also a disabled veteran and know what it is like to live in an extremely limited budget because I had to for many years. If I was anywhere near you and knew who you were I'd treat you and your family to a couple of pizzas and everyone would get their own McDonald's Sweet Tea. Sir, I was raised to have manners and respect and I also know that if us veterans don't have each other's six that nobody else will. I will pray that God blesses you and your family.

    Disabled U.S. Air Force Veteran

  • The location in the Hickory Plaza shopping center in Nashville have great pizza and the customer service is good. However later I received a call from my bank regarding an large amount unauthorized charge after leaving this location. Recommendation: Pay using cash and don't call the district manager or you will be hung up on after being accused of slander!!!!

    I am from Parkersburg West Virginia. My uncle passed away a couple weeks ago and as we make our way to the cemetery to pay our final respects we pass your location at the South Parkersburg location.
    Your gentleman that usually stands on the sidewalk drawing attention to your store stopped what he was doing, took his hat off placing it at this chest with his head down. I think this was so respectful of this gentleman and wanted to praise him for his kindness. If I ever thought anything negative of Little Caesars before this gentleman has changed my mind. THANK YOU to the gentleman on the sidewalk at the South Parkersburg West Virginia Little Caesars! I hope you acknowledge his act of kindness

  • Little Caesars in Las Vegas on Tropicana & Rainbow, has got to be the nastiest place. It is a complete joke, and the health department is getting fooled. It states that you are suppose to clean the pans once a week for the pizzas, however that never happens. The mamangement is an even bigger joke. The one in charge is the training manager at the store, and all she does is stand around on her phone sometimes all day long, talking and talking, then has a problem with the rest of the crew trying to pick up her slack. She takes her breaks whenever she wants and lets her empolyees work hard labor with no breaks. Worst company to work for, Cashmere Brown is not a fit training manager. Corperate, your customers are even complaining about specifically her management skills, and you're building a very bad reputation here in Las Vegas. Look into it.

  • I wish they would stop advertising Hot and Ready Large Pizzas for $5 because every store in my area charges $5.99. I would be glad to pay the $5.99 for a pizza if only you could be honest as a company in the first place.

  • Customer service SUCKS! – They NEVER answer… the recording says that dept is closed whatever time of day you call…

  • i took a trip to little Caesars pizza on Keith bridge road in Cumming Georgia at 7pm eastern on August 5 2015 mind you including my wife and myself,…there are 5 other people in the house….(we are one big happy fam damily)…..any who, i had plans on placing an order for 6 large pizzas……as i began to place my order the manager stopped me and said that they dont have any dough because they didnt make any today……ummmm excuse me?……your a pizza place and your telling me you didnt make any pizza dough today so you cant take my order?……i told the manager "congrats, you just lost an $80 order and my future business"…..

  • HELLO.



  • Someone from corporate needs to investigate work practices and ethics as well as hours and wages violations.Futhermore the district manager is creating a hostile work environment utilizing intimidation tactics affording information to other employees about specifically why they are out sick. Has other employees ordered to log her out at specific times that she has not worked. She handles her employees in a unprofessional manner living in fear of retaliation with threats of firing. This is not how you manage and provides Little Ceasers with a bad name as a whole. Please investigate little Ceasers in Jacksonville, NC located on Richland's highway. Oh there is one more thing it has been witnessed this certain district manager has shown what can be considered rasism by throwing away applications that were turned in by black applicants. I believe that the Little Ceasers name does not want to be synomous with rasim, hostile work environment, hours and wages violations, disclosure of personal information about employees health situations. Do the right thing and investigate this thoroughly. FYI I do not work for your company and the reverberations have extended outside the walls of Richland highways Jacksonville north Carolina Little Ceasers.

  • I just came from Little Caesars in Rapid City, South Dakota on Mount Rushmore Blvd. Pizza was great. We Walked to the store next door and bought a diet Pepsi and chocolate milk. Then we came back for our pizza and ate it at the picnic table outside. When we were done, I went inside to throw our used napkins since there was no trash can outside. then as we were getting on our motorcycle, the employee came out and accused me of stealing a soda! I told him I just came in to throw my used napkins. He said, "I saw you steal it!" how in the hell could he see me steal it when I didnt. He claimed I took a Mtn Dew. How very sad some people are. I am visiting from Colorado and I was truly upset. so very sad!!!

  • My experiece is as so.
    When filling out my application i specifically said i could not work tuesdays 6-8, as my girlfriend and i had baby classes at those times.
    I had to go to the hospital saturday after getting no sleep and physically couldnt stay awake to call my general manager to tell him i couldnt come in. I woke up after my shift would have started and talked to him about what happened. He told me I had a "freebie" and that i worked 4-8 the next day. i went to work and he had someone else doing my job as if he expected me not to show up. when my job was finished i did dishes (i am new so i dont know much else to do) until an hour and a half past my schedule. Then i asked my manager if i could leave and he allowed me to. I knew i was off monday. But monday evening i went in to see what my schedule was and i was not written in the schedule. I assumed because he forgot about me. So on tuesday i called them twice. The general manager and store owner were "doing an interview" for over an hour. Thats fine. But tge 3rd time i called, my manager answered and told my general manager i was on the phone. My general manager said that he would call me back. Its now thursday of the same week at 2:52 pm and ive never gotten a call back, but i refuse to call again.
    Dont get me wrong. The only problem i have with little caesars is my general manager who always complains about how long hes been at work that day. He was supposed to train me.. the first day i was possibly halfway trained. The second day i came in i had no help, and i was given a ridiculious amount of work to do. my shifts are usually 4-8 and ive never gotten out of there on time once. In my first 7 days, i didnt close 2 times; when i didnt go to work on the saturday and the sunday i asked to leave.. half hour until closing. The general manager does not have managerial qualities and should not be the general manager. I feel as though ive been terminated but ive never gotten called back so i cannot be sure.
    The little ceasars restauraunt in question is located on 6th and college avenue
    Vincennes, Indiana
    The General managers name is Adam.
    The store owners name is Joeann
    The 2 other managers who did nothing wrong are Daniel and Travis.
    I was never told my general managers last name, nor the storeowners
    I would like a reply.
    my email is

  • Little Casers in springfield doesnt treat there employees any better having managers that drink on the job in the back and trading pizza for pills. etc.
    oh and lets not forget none of it matter because the manger is the store manager family!!!

  • The Little Caesars here in Statesboro, GA does not abide by the EEOC regulations when hiring or firing people.. Its a disgrace.. I will never step foot in one again.

  • My bad experiences is the same as many others uncooked food and rude employees . Manager tried to help, but we could not get the crazy employee to make the order right, she was just determined that I was going to pay for something, before I left the store , this is after the Manager told her to do whatever I wanted to make it right, she wasn'the having that seem like she was running the store, the manager should have taken care of my order, and the employee needs to be fired. They need to be in the Newspaper everybody know how LITTLE CEASERS TREATS THERE CUSTOMERS WITH NO RESPECT.

  • Omg !!! they don't wear gloves when handling foods when i told the manager he said "its okay we don't have to wear gloves we wash our hands every half hour" that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard one of the girls scratched her head and put in her ear phones and then proceeded to touch the food disgusting !!!!!! when handling food always wear gloves!!!!! washing your hands every 30 mins isn't going remove all the nastiness underneath your nails.

  • Omg !!! they don't wear gloves when handling foods when i told the manager he said "its okay we don't have to wear gloves we wash our hands every half hour" that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard one of the girls scratched her head and put in her ear phones and then proceeded to touch the food disgusting !!!!!! when handling food always wear gloves!!!!! washing your hands every 30 mins isn't going remove all the nastiness underneath your nails.

  • I've had trouble with my store manager since she transferred to my store. She is disrespectful, vindictive, inexperienced, and immature. I've reached out to my district manager,she sided with the GM. No help. Called the Ethics line., who turned it over to regional. And she already spoke with my district manager, who helped in smearing my name because regional told me they had talked one day prior to her talking with me. And she said that I 'get snoopy' with my GM. Before I could even finish with my bad experiences, she asked me if I considered transferring, cause they had already discussed it!!!!! They are the WORSE PLACE TO WORK FOR!!!!!!! I don't even think Detroit knows how their stores run. And if they do, they should be shut down!!!!!!

  • I am a little Caesar employee. My boss Brandon hacker is nothing but a pot head. He doesn't know how to run a business. He sends teenagers on break then sends them home after 3 hours. If you don't need help then don't advertise jobs. This us just one of the small reasons that little ceasars in Rockwood; tn gets no business. You should really evaluate your so called store managers.

  • Hi yes store in Lower Burrell pa ripped my girl friend off money from her pay checks. There is proof on her W2 and pay stubs. Wev tried to contact the manager Chris who is a district manager and she refuse to listen or take 5 min out her time to look in to it. Wev tried to get ahold of main office and got nothing but your company being very rude and not knowing what there doing. What should we do? should we contact a lawyer or report you to better business AGAIN!!!! There is prof that little Caesar owes her money and ripped her off from her last pay check her W2 dont lie!! But this company dont care! plz email me at

  • On Friday,it is not a good idea to go In the one in 45st west palm beach ,floridaThe general manager is so disrespectful,she doesn't know how to talk to people. One thing I noticed is that they don't really put enough employees to work. People stay in line for too long.They are so cheap .They always time out of equipment And I don't think they wash the pizza pins.I notice that since that lady got there everything had change complety.This place disgust me now. They need a better manager ASAP Because she doesn't know what she's doing

  • On Fridays,it is not a good idea to go there. The general manager is so disrespectful,she doesn't know how to talk to people. One thing I noticed is that they don't really put enough employees to work. People stay in line for too long.They are so cheap .They always time out of equipment And I don't think they wash the pizza pins.I notice that since that lady got there everything had change complety.This place disgust me now. They need a better manager ASAP Because she doesn't know what she's doing. I saw her yelling at one of her employees , it really captured my attention.

  • The Little Caesar's located in Asheboro North Carolina was the worst possible choice I could have ever made for ordering pizza. The manager was actually the one in charge of making my pizza order and when she got it wrong she yelled at me from behind the counter "OH COME ON!!". The place had a full staff who were all standing around smirking at me. I felt bullied. But wait, that's not even the worst of it. So the manager comes up to the counter demanding to see my cell phone, which was in my car, to make sure I actually called to place an order. How disrespectful? Obviously her skill set is not there, she must not be qualified for her position if she doesn't know how to make a simple pizza. So she demands to see my cell phone, I tell her it is in my car, and she look up at me in front of everyone and leaves into my face and said…"LET'S GO, THERE IS ABOUT TO BE SOME PROBLEMS UP IN HERE!" And she follows me to my car. All this time, my 7 year old daughter has no idea why this lady is doing this and is crying in fear. This manager is screaming at me and telling me to "come on" and angrily marches me to my car! I am outraged by this behavior! Then after a few minutes I called to ask for her name and the guy on the phone laughed at me and said "why do you want to know?" Incident occurred 1/19/15! My family and I will never go back! FIRE THIS LUNATIC! ASAP!

  • I went to Little Caesar's to get a hot-n-ready pizza because they were for $5.00 to my surprise they charged me $6.52 I asked why when it is advertised for $5.00 I told him about the add on TV, he said the add says participating stores. I went home to eat my pizza and low and behold the add came on TV and it said nothing about what he had said. I have taken my kids to Little Caesar's for years. They are grown now, but I will not go back after I feel I have been lied to. I am sure that a lot of people feel the same.

  • The pizza quality is getting worse and worse! If it's not the cheese running off the top because of no crust it's the pizza having too much crust, a 2' border to be exact! I don't know who's doing the training but they need to start doing something!

  • surprisingly Little Caesars, Northville mi, instructs the employees to use 4 blend cheese on the pretzel pizza that has been left out all night in order to save money by not throwing the cheese out. Always thought cheese was a dairy product and was suppose to be refrigerated. Think the health dept. should know. Won't be going back there any time soon.

  • I worked for little caesars in corpus Christi texas for almost three years, I was the assistant manager of my store #728 at 5717 Saratoga blvd and always prided myself on my customer service skills, even having letters sent to the store from corporate commending me on my customer service attitude and about the compliments I was receiving. I was recently terminated for running late after being made homeless the night before on 12-5-14 being terminated on 12-6-14 i was told i should have called my managers when it was impossible for me to as i was now homeless and had been mugged the night prior my phone and money were taken my car has been out of commission since 11-24-14 i do not feel that was right and am still currently homeless and jobless since then i do not recommend going to any little caesars or ever working for the company

  • Why is it that the little Caesar's in pueblo Colorado allows makes there employees carry change for 50s and 100s when in the corporate manual its specifically says not to carry change for anything larger than a 20? Guess they don't care about there drivers safety

  • I keep thinking about what I witnessed last night and wondering if there is an appropriate response to it? (Writing a district office)
    I went to Subway last night at a location that is directly next to a Little Ceasar's Pizza (in a small strip mall). A woman employee from Little Cearsar's came into Subway while I was there, with a subway soda cup, to get a soda refill. The Subway employee stopped her and said that refills were for same visit only. (Apparently the Little Ceasar's employees have been taking advantage of Subway by buying a soda in the morning, and walking over and refilling it all day.)
    Her response was to get angry and she dropped/threw her cup to the ground in the middle of the restaurant, and walked out.
    The Subway employee shared with me that the Little Ceasar's employees use the Subway like an employee lounge, bringing boxes of pizza inside, sitting at tables, and then not cleaning up after themselves. Once they were confronted by a visiting Subway district manager, and they loudly used profane language at him and became verbally abusive and left a mess inside the Subway with all their pizza boxes and cups left behind.
    I'm a customer of Little Ceasar's, and my kid's school does buy all their pizzas from them for our events. Frankly, I'm really bothered by how they treat the Subway restaurant and employees. The Subway guys are always super polite, friendly, and they keep their store clean. I really hate how this Little Ceasar's employee treated them, and want to avoid doing business with Little Ceasar's until an apology is issued to the Subway employees and a promise given they will stop abusing the neighboring Subway store.

  • After going to the store in Bridgeport, CT I will never go again. First thing when I walked in there were lots of guys talking to which seemed to be the manager. They were cursing and yelling. There were also kids in the lobby, I wanted to walk out at that moment. It's took 10 mins just for someone to take my order. While I was waiting there were people smoking pot in the front. When I got my pizzas it was burnt and little cheese. But what made me never think about walking in this store again was there were guns in the store. The manger was taking pictures in the store with guns

    • I FEEL YOUR ANGER! The location in Asheboro, NC was the most terrible place I had ever been! The employees were all standing around with a dumb look on their faces just staring at customers waiting for service. The manager and the employees gang up on you and ask what your problem is if you even asked to place n order. The manager is a woman by the name of DESEIRE and hates white people. She even made the comment to a customer. What a lovely business? Not! These idiots should be held accountable for their actions! Someone should really clean up shop and fire all these losers! Plenty of decent people are in need of jobs out here. This manager should be ashamed!

  • After reading some of the complaints above, I see that I have it pretty good. The store in Livingston, Tx is a good one. Every store has its problems including mine.
    A few weeks ago, I was standing in line after having ordered my usual 3 Pepp's. The other two had similar orders of one or two pizza's.
    About ten minutes into the wait, a lady comes in with her daughter and they order 13 specialty pizza's. We waited some more as other customers came in. Next thing we know, the lady with the 13 pizza's is getting her pizza's and we're still waiting! I stepped up to the counter and loudly asked the manager, when our pizza's would be done. He kind of looked surprised that we were still there. But by standing at the counter I was letting those behind us know that they were in for a very long wait because my pizza's better be the next ones off the line. And the three of us that had been waiting for more than an hour by now, did get our pizza's with no comp for our wasted time.
    Be that as it may, I realize that they were very busy and these things happen at the best of places. So today, Halloween, I figured I would beat the rush and while on the way, I had an idea for an advertising campaign. Make it the 3…2…1… Special.

    3 Pepp's
    2 Go
    1 Price

    The 3..2..1.. special could be priced at 12.99 or even 14.99 and people will be coming in like crazy. And I'm betting that those that swear to 'never go in there again! will come back if they haven't already.

  • I 2 pizzas from the little Cesar's off alameda and tejon In Denver co the where burt and hard when I called the manager he was rude and told me the pizza are cook fresh but it was it was horrible the worst pizza every that manager does not deserve his job at all

  • I am an employee of a Little Caesar's in Georgia. So recently I have been struck with this horrible sickness. I say horrible like that because I'm miserable puking and etc., anyway I messaged my manager Chris, (i failed to mention I've only been working there for maybe two or three weeks so far) telling him I am unable to work. Respectfully I don't think customers want someone who is coughing and sneezing and just sick to handle their food because I know I Damn sure wouldn't!!!!! Either way I say to him that I don't want to be fired and if that was the option then I would come in regardless.. his response has me appalled!! He says to me "Thanks for waking me early. ���� .. This is why I don't give people my number. I HATE dealing with texts like this and I refuse to!!! So, I will add another person to my block list. Two options and a third unspoken option.

    1. Come in
    2. Find someone else to.

    This is coupon week (the most important week of the month). So, YOU can figure it out. … I'm going back to sleep and won't receive any further messages. .."
    OH HOW PROFESSIONAL YOU ARE SIR!! I'll be damned to be disrespected and degraded in such a way and be expected to respect him, work under him, or even speak to him. I QUIT 🙂 the foods nasty anyway. This is my second lesson learned to not work somewhere I don't like the food.

  • I worked at the Little Caesars in CHULA VISTA (Broadway) for about a year and its the worst. They made us keep the dough for DAYS and we would use the toppings even tho they smelled bad. Also the pizzas that we didn't sell had to go back in the fridge for the next morning. Yuck! There was roaches since I started working there and the manager said a couple of times that they were going to fumigate but he NEVER DID. It was the worst working experiences the manager would even make me clock in after I had already started working so he didn't have to pay me over time, I only stayed there for that long because I needed experience. Don't waste your money on a nasty pizza

  • The new pretzel pizza is awesome! The little caesars I go to in wyoming mi. Is great its usually hot and fresh. I went a couple days ago close to closing and got the new pretzel pizza, as I was waiting for them to make it I happened to see someone throw 4 deepdish pizzas in the trash. It has just been bothering me since I saw it and makes me wonder how much pizza gets thrown away in a week when some people have no food. I just wanted to make the suggestion to donate them to homeless shelters.

    • Unfortunately after the pizzas expire it could be harmful to give away that would be different if it wasn't cooked and then sitting but that's just not how it works.

  • as it is advertised nationally at $5, it states that locally the price may differ. read the fine print and maybe you wont disappoint your 4 kids that are sharing one iced tea. ALSO, if you had $5.44 it wouldnt be enough because with tax its $5.52.

  • The Little Caesars in Kingman Arizona is the worst! Complete and utter pandemonium. I have never seen a place that disorganized in my life. It would have been funny if I weren't trapped in there. I called and ordered my custom pizza ahead. They told me 15 minutes. 30 minutes later I was still standing there without my pizza. I finally just made them give me a refund and I left. Never again will I get pizza from there.

  • Ennis tx is the worst. Rude people. They had the heat on today, in summer. Employees looked sickly, and could hardly work in the heat.

  • I was in Little Caesars on Friday in lufkin, tx on timberland and the manager was so rude. She was having attitude with a lady in drive thru then came to help me and was still rude

  • This afternoon I went to little ceasars pizza to buy a pepperoni pizza and my surprise was that all employees were eating in front of his store manager and shift manager.
    1 Women cooked with, fake nails, which is forbidden by the health department of the state of california.
    2: all the women had long flowing hair, which should have a hair net. according to the codes of the public health department.
    3: cashiers were cooking after being charging customers.
    and the only ones used was a hand sanitizer without washing hands. that's inappropriate and unsanitary conditions Which will expose the customer to bacteria. by cross contamination.
    without offending anyone, what if any of these employees were sick, and his manager does not know, she did not say anything, because she does not want to lose a day's work, or went to the bathroom and do not wash their hands, I think, being in front of the customers do not wash, much less where customers do not see.
    the worst part is when you're looking out to the store manager out of his own office inside the restaurant. looking at all that is happening without saying a word.
    might not want to have problems with their employees, or does not know how to appropriately couching their employees, and in turn the same store manager forgets his work and safety rules on handling food to the public . for wanting to go home early could we say that he is the manager of the year and we would give the prize for it.
    those rules not only important if not california state rules and city san jose california regulations within the public health department.
    it's a shame to watch that people who supposedly should be concerned about your safety when they are doing their work are eating pizza at the same table that are cutting food customers.
    there is no doubt that every day we are worse, and the worst is that when you go and tell the manager what is happening, the store manager will look ugly, the bad answer you with an angry attitude, compared to Other customers making you know your attitude, as if the will annoy you to tell when something is not right. instead of telling them says nothing and only responds to the client ok ok.
    (So ​​if it's a very good way to serve the customer., And above all very professional in a general store manager right?)
    unacorporation talk to who does not take calls from customer complaints and you answer a machine that tells you to talk to the store! the question is to have a corporation that does not work? It is a bit ridiculous.
    in turn, this is not professional or if it is?
    if in fact there is a decent and responsible corporation in little ceasar pizza do something or this will be reported to the county health department of santa clara have if so get to work gentlemen.

    atte his faithful and I have very distinguished buyer unsatisfied
    Store number is 5049 is located in the city of sanjose california.
    between the streets and road tully (Little Caesars # 0001-5049. 1075 Tully Rd san jose ca.)
    I have two awards for this one is the best manager of the year for the store manager.
    2: the best recruitment year for the corporation to have the best manager of the year .. who assume time is the best to put at risk the customers with the worst safety rules

    atte his faithful and I have very distinguished buyer unsatisfied
    Store number is 5049 is located in the city of sanjose california .
    between the streets and road tully (Little Caesars # 0001-5049 . 1075 Tully Rd

  • I would like to know when exactly you started using canned mushrooms on your pizzas????
    We just tried to eat (and i do mean "tried")a pizza from Little Caesar's Pizza, in Alamo, Texas, the crust was paper thin and so soggy it was just mush!!!! We also ordered pineapple on it, which was the only edible thing, the problem is, there was only 4 or 5 pieces on it. The mushrooms were like leather, you could try to rip them apart and it couldn't be done, not to mention trying to chew them and the disgusting taste of them.
    I never knew how hard done by this so called Pizza place is because there is no way on this Planet that canned mushrooms should ever show up on any Pizza (still soggy from being out of the can, and RAW!!!
    We called the store and told them about it, it was like they were proud of the canned mushrooms, not one apology about the soggy crust or lack of pineapple.
    I guarantee you this, I will tell everybody I know about the Service and the Garbage you call Pizzas, that aren't fit to feed a dog!!!!
    I hope the cost savings in the mushrooms, make up for a lost Customer forever.

  • I have gone to the carroll Iowa little caesers 6 times over a 2week period and was told no pan pizza had no crust..I love the pizza wish could get it more often.

  • I wrote in earlier today with a complaint for your store off 72nd and Sheridan in Westminster, CO. I complained about a few employees. One of them being Desire (the shift manager I believe)and her lack of professionalism. The district manager, Brett Christian had her call me to find out my issues. I told her, I had no interest in speaking with her so Brett got on the phone. When I spoke with him and told him what I saw, he told me I was wrong. My question is…How would I have seen it, if they were in a managers area doing it. I am a customer and was out front waiting for my order. I am not sure how you run your stores but the lack of friendliness and professionalism surprises me. With as many people that are out of work, I don't think as a customer I should have to deal with such rudeness. Dissatisfied Customer!! All I can say is being rude to customers, laughing at them and acting like children should not be tolerated!

  • Little Ceasar located in Daytona Beach Florida on International Blvd near Bethune Cookman University suck. First of all the Manager Rodney is very Rude, you can see the mice traps around the store some traps still have the mices in there, his attitude is I don't care. You don't keep many employees there long and when you ask the employees when you see them later or right before the quit it is because of him. Get rid of the managers,owners and put new people/students in the store and fresh food and watch the place come back to life

    • I work at a Little Caesars in NC and my manager has been giving me hell since the day I got there. When I first got there she was just an employee like me and then when she became a manager she started to treat me even more like crap. Id like to call corporate but apparently we aren't allowed to have corporate number only managers are and i'm trying my best to get in touch with corporate and Im not the only person she treats like crap there either there are two others that has had to put up with her crap. Ive talking to the district manager and the only thing he has done is tried to get her to take attitude classes but they aren't working. Ive been there almost 2 years and there not as professional as other stores like mcdonalds,taco bell or burger king everyone there does things there own way and if your not in the in crowd there you can forget fitting in. Every since she started being mean to me no one else ill talk to me there. 🙁 It's a horrible work environment.

  • service at this store sucks order a deep dish pep and a deep dish sausage received a cheese deep and not my order went back too the store and was told by Dan Cappello that he wouldn't fix the order or replace it i had too spend more of my hard earned money. charged me 8.80 for a cheese pizza

  • Haha wow.. come to Canada, you can buy anything from mcdonalds for under $5… you american have it so easy!

  • I want to the Little Caesars in Belleview Florida and all the food that I bought was raw. almost $20 worth I get home give the food the food to my kids and they tell me daddy just don't look good so I call the branch why I bought the pizzas and I was hung up on not once not twice but three times. I called the corporate office and they refuse to help. they said they would give the information to the branch manager cause they had no say so in the account this is two weeks later and I still haven't heard hide nor hair of anybody. needless to say this is a customer that last forever

  • I went to the Little Caesars in Belleview Florida. after a long days work bought two pizzas and some chicken wings and went back home to my kids. upon arriving home I realize that my pictures for still raw my chicken was still raw and when I call the office back they hung up on me not once not twice but three times I have to call in the corporate office I was told someone would get in contact with me to between two to three days but they need to contact the franchise manager its been over a week almost two weeks and I haven't heard from nobody . then I call the corporate number again and I was told they couldn't do anything but relay the message is to the franchise owner. I got pictures of all the food that I bought up close. to prove that the pizzas o as well as the chicken r bad. and I'm not getting not even the slightest call or show of remorse Thank You Little Caesars for getting my kids sick

    • I work at a store where the manager dose nothing to fix the problems. 1) pizzas are prepped and left out all day. Like 8 hours. Containers are not changed. The new employees are lazy and very rude. I even called the local heath dept. Haven't seen them yet. They need to be shut down.

    • Maybe they shouldnt charge 5.99! You must work for little ceasers since every single one i have been to all the employees are rude, you fit in perfect 🙂 Keep up the great work!!

    • You shouldn't be a JERK. Telling him to order 5 McDoubles was rude and disrespectful. Show respect for veterans because we are the very reason you have the right to free speech and other freedoms. Quit being a little prick.

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