Logitech Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Logitech USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


6505 Kaiser Dr.

Fremont, CA 94555 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-510-795-8500

Fax Number: 1-732-214-0332

Email Address:info@logitech.com

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Stock Symbol: LOGI

Logitech Head Office in Switzerland

Moulin du Choc D

Romanel-Sur-Morges, CA 1122


Logitech is famous for computer accessories like computer mice, speakers, and wireless devises. The company is one of the largest computer peripherals makers in the world.  Logitech’s main competitors are Creative and Microsoft.

Logitech’s toll-free customer service 800 number is 1-800-231-7717. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

  • Wow I thought I was the only one having issues out a terrible product I just reported the treatment I received from them to the BBB

  • I am going to suggest stopping payment, if you used a credit card on the defective Logitech product. Unfortunately the retailer will need to get involved because the charge will reflect back to them. Maybe in time all retailers will cease to purchase Logitech products.

  • Logitech customer support is consistently HORRENDOUS and INTOLERABLE – to the point I will NEVER buy another one of their products again for any reason, even if free.
    – case# 04205685, 05338473, etc.
    My issue involve 2 new input devices, bought last fall to replace good old (3 years) but failing Logitech USB Illuminated Keyboard and MX Anywhere 1 mouse, for which I purchased new equivalent wireless input devices: K800 wireless illuminated keyboard & MX Anywhere 2 mouse.

    These devices were DOA (dead on arrival), so the vendor BestBuy replaced them the next day after purchase; then both items on my newer high-end Win 8 OS began to malfunction: mouse would scroll pages without my touching the mouse, and keyboard types erroneous ascii characters – the FIX was to reboot my PC, and then the items worked a few hours to few days before again malfunctioning. I spent 6 hours with senior tech support rep, who agreed the items were defective, and Logitech replaced them in Sep. However, the exact same errors began to occur with the new items, and got worse over time (more frequent), so I contacted Logitech in Dec for replacements; but it took 4 email submissions and about 6 repeated phone calls to finally get the RMA processed to replace the defective items. The new replacements in Dec also began to malfunction in Jan of this year, and steadily worsened over the months; emails to tech support went unanswered this spring, so I called Logitech in May to explain the recurring issue and was told that new replacements would be sent to me in a couple days after I filled out a new RMA form and sent in receipts – which I did on May 26. I got and heard NOTHING despite assurances, so I called early June to inquire about my RMA – which Logitech had NOT processed nor responded to my RMA submission with an email as they promised to do. The tech said they would send my RMA info to the warranty department and would send an email this week (I got NOTHING) and that they should send replacements by the end of this week – NOTHING received. I called back today on Friday, June 9, and my RMA had NOT been processed at all – after repeated calls and repeated emails from me. Logitech claimed they sent me emails with e-labels, but NONE were received. The support tech today was an obnoxious Indian who was of absolutely no help and refused to get a supervisor or manager for me to speak with.

    I have had it with this unscrupulous doomed-to-failure company, that used to have a decent reputation which is now in the bottom of the sewer. Customers do NOT matter to Logitech. Avoid this company and save yourself future problems with defective products and poor service.


  • Glad to see it's not just me having trouble dealing with Logitech customer service. They shorted me an item in my shipment, and basically called me a liar on the phone: "We shipped the order complete – call UPS – it's their fault". Never again will I bother with this company.

  • Their poor customer service continues. While they seem to have the avenues for support in place, it's been over a month that I have been communicating with them and only today did they acknowledge the have a problem with my product's software. Other users have been complaining on the support web site for what appears to be over 6 months. They even went so far as to blame Microsoft even though they have not updated important portions of their software since 2012.

    Good luck finding anything about their quality assurance system in order to register a complaint with it!

  • My Logtech Webcam Pro 9000 is the best webcam ever produced. I have used it for several years and it has never failed. Not one time. I sometimes have dropped, spilled and abused this poor camera. It reminders me of the watch commercial “it takes a liking but, keeps om ticking”. Thanks for a well made product. All my logtech are always more than I expect. Except the old 9000. she just keeps on ticking. Dave

  • Agree with all comments. I have a K750 solar keyboard that wouldn't charge. I was told to put it in sunlight (duh) but mentioned I had done that and asked what the battery voltage should be for the unit to operate correctly. I was then told if I opened up the battery compartment, my warranty would be void, like they would actually honor it. I opened up the battery compartment, replaced the battery, and all is now well. Why couldn't they actually recommend that? Sad …

  • i had a problem with my logitech Gaming keyboard G19s and the support was offal, their response was very slow and after 1 month they sent me a replacement that is broken !!!!

  • How can Logitech built good products and tech support is horrible!! tech support give me wrong information, will not answer my questions, keep me on the phone so that I can speak to a supervisor and no one can back to me!

  • I completely agree – Logitech support is the WORST. For over 2 months I've been emailing a support tech for a gaming mouse. The tech can't string an intelligible English sentence together and he seems to know nothing about their mice. First he told me it isn't a gaming mouse (it is). He is completely unresponsive to my questions. Now he says the mouse won't work with my game but I never told him what game I'm playing. I won't buy a Logitech device again.

  • For over a month I have been working with *various* Logitech reps regarding a Warranty Claim. I *think* we're finally making some progress, but it's been a lot of back-and-forth through email. Someone would request information; I would reply; then 3-4 days later I would get a reply from a DIFFERENT rep and that person would ask for more information. In my opinion, this process would have gone much more smoothly if I had a "dedicated" rep for my Case rather than multiple individuals. My latest reply to Logitech was today, Feb. 24th – I wonder how many days it will be before I receive a reply this time.

  • I've never dealt with a worse company in terms of customer service!!! God help you if anything goes wrong. I will never buy another logitech product.

  • This is absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with!! Customer service is horrible and no one can give you a straight answer. I even had my installer on the phone with the tech department and they absolutely could not give him any answer and are so good at sorry, but I can not do anything to help you with even though my installer said one of the cameras was defective and needed to be replaced ( 750 series) and tole us they would not have a replacement camera in until 2015. WTF!!!

    • Wait… what? I have logitech product for almost 10 years and never any problems and even when i contacted the customer service(on their Twitter) no issues it's the best tech accessories and peripherials in the world!

  • I agree. I have spent more than $4K on cameras this month and after the tech idiot had me turn my firewall off, and never had me turn it on again, my computer is destroyed. The cameras still are not connected and all you can say is "we are not responsible"!!!!!! I don't know the first thing about computers, but somhow it's my job to know to turn the firewall back on? DON'T THINK SO!!!!! LAWSUIT N' BAD BLOGGS!!!! I wonder how a company like this is still in business?

    • Logitech makes some high quality products and their customer service is top notch. you should have paid someone to install your cameras for you since you're obviously clueless. ever try typing into google "how to turn the firewall off?

    • Logitech is probably the worst company in the world when it comes to "customer support". I have a very tiny tech. problem with the new 615c HD camera that i just bought, however after being on hold for over 15 minutes the phone was taken over by someone from some third world country that doe's not speak english at least in a way wich i could understand.When i told him i could'nt understand him he transferd me to someone else where i was placed on hold for another 15-20 minutes to have the phone picked up by another person who didnt understand english either.I will never by Logitech eguiptment again.And i will destoy them on the internet!!!!!!!

  • Your customer service OS terrible, and your apps for android phones sucks. Nobody wants to help all I get is emaila saying sorry your having problems.
    Jeff myhre

    • I totally agree the person I am talking to keep repeating herself, avoid what I am saying and give me wrong information. When I ask for a supervisor no one came on the phone been on hold for over 30 minutes !!!!!

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