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  • London Fog Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

London Fog Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact London Fog USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Iconix Brand Group, Inc.


1450 Broadway

New York, NY 10018

Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-730-0030

Fax Number: n/a

Email Address: info@londonfog.com

Stock Symbol ICON

London Fog has been making outerwear (coats) since 1926. London Fog is now part of the Iconix group of fashion lines. Their offices are located in New York City, New York, the address and phone number is listed below.


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  1. Looking at my post of December 4, it looks like I was asking how long I might have had the coat I'd been wearing for several years. My intent was to see how long ago I purchased the "new" one which I have not yet worn, and which still has the tags on it from the day of purchase! Any ideas from you folks at London Fog?

  2. I bought a London Fog trench coat (?) a few years ago and have never worn it because the one I bought it to replace keeps on being worn — for many, many years. I'm curious if you can tell me how long I have had it?? The tag (still on it!) show this information: MRA1500; FLAX 251; bar code no. 05440354715; MASON; X-LARGE/REGULAR. Outside of the size information I have no idea what these words or numbers mean! It's a lot longer than my older coat, and I like the older coat better but couldn't find one like it when I bought this one. What are current styles, and where in Lincoln, Nebraska or Omaha might I find men's coats by London Fog? Thanks for any help you can provide!! Again, you have a great product!!!

  3. Glasses frames, picked London Fog of course if you wear glasses you can't see a thing why you try them on…
    thought I would be happy with this well made and known brand I picked them up today now I can see them.. made in CHINA really?!! Wish I had been able to see that before I bought them. The stems are not the same length, that is what made me first begin to inspect them was that the two ear pieces are not the same length…. this is so sad… pretty large mark up for made in China goods don't you think?

  4. My sister & i bought a London Fog jacket from The Bay at Christmas time thinking we're getting a good deal, but it turns out the down filled jackets we bought were completely useless for winter. The down filling comes out from every pore that it could find to come out of. It's supposed to be a winter jacket & if u get out on any given day & it's more than below 5 degrees you freeze. Feels like there's no barrier from the wind. And everytime you take your jacket off there's feathers flying everywhere or stuck to ur clothes!!!!!!!I WILL NEVER BUY LONDON FOG AGAIN & MAKE DAMN SURE EVERYONE I KNOW KNOWS IT TOO!!!!! I think they're only out to make money & not care about if customers are satisfied or not!!!!!!!

  5. My husband purchased a London Fog raincoat with a zip out winter lining in 1968 when we lived in Bowling Green, OH. For years it was the only long coat he had. He traveled for his job as a college coach and that coat was folded up and stuffed into airplane overheads and who knows what else. He still wears that coat and it has always looked great. Thanks

    1. wow! thats great. I have know London Fog Since 1990 and had many products and was fortunate to closely associate them till 2005. the quality and design was so great. hope they do well.

  6. The Director of E-commerce with London Fog is one of the most condescending people I've ever had the misfortune of dealing with. He has turned me off of London Fog products forever and I will make sure that everyone I come in contact with stays away from them as well.

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