Long John Silvers Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Long John Silver’s Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Yum Brands

9505 Williamsburg Plz.

Louisville, KY 40222

Corporate Phone Number: 1-502-874-8300

Fax Number: 1-502-454-2410

Customer Service Phone Number: 1-502-815-6100 or Online Form

  • I used to LOVE LJS. That was until my trip today! I went to the LJS on Garner Rd. in Spartanburg SC. I had to go through the Drive Thru because the dining room was closed. I guess they can't get enough workers. I ordered 2 #12 with fries and cole slaw and a #6 with fries and rice. My bill was $34…. We was then told to pull forward and our food would be brought out to us. When our food was brought out, we immediately checked our order. Not one fry was put in our meals. So I had to go through the drive through again and let them know. They did give us our fries. When we started to eat (yes, we was eating in the car) we didn't get a fork or spoon to eat our cole slaw nor did we get napkins. With as much grease that this food had, we DEFINATELY needed napkins. The chicken was almost burned and didnt have a taste at all! I understand that supplies are scarce due to the pandemic, but this was just the WORST food ever! The food didn't even remotely look like what the menu showed nor did it look like the food from before the pandemic! I understand that the prices of everything has went up, but the quality of the food should have stayed the same! Also, in the South, we use terms of endearment all the time, but it is extremely unprofessional for the drive through cashier to be calling everyone "Baby"! I have went in food service long enough to know that if I was managing this particular store, I would make sure everyone was trained to do the job they was hired for and food would be much better!

  • I visited the only LJS we have left in town today for lunch. First of all, I could not understand the girl through the drive-through speaker and she got 'smart' with me and mimicked me. After waiting about 12 minutes for the two cars in front of me, I got to the window. I had a coupon that was for 2.99 for two pieces of chicken. The cashier told me my total was $3.70. I reminded them that I had the coupon and with %6 sales tax that would be $3.17. He responded that the prices had gone up. I told him "yes, but I have a coupon. He closed the window and got someone else to the register. after a few minutes, my total was $3.17. The crew there is slow, rude and argumentative. there is a sign in the window that help is needed at that site and I agree! The service is terrible. The store number is #31036. Thank you for your time!
    Kathy Bierley Erie, PA

  • I went thru the drive thru at the store in OKC. 7609 S Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73139. There were two cars in front of me and all total was a 30 minute wait in line. While I was waiting I counted the number of customers they lost. in 30 minutes 8 customers either saw the line and got out or placed their order and got tired of the wait and left. I mentioned this to the drive thru attendant and she replied…"Oh Well". I had ordered an L2 and good thing I checked cause I got two fish, 1 chicken and fries and hush puppies. I had to honk my horn profusely to get her attention and when I did and ecplained what I got and what I ordered..She coped an additude saying she knows what an L2 is. Obviously she didn't or my order would have been correct. I've notice the drive thru is always backed up and several times I've pulled thru and went somewhere else due to the long wait. The food quality was good when I got is…but 3 cars and 30 minutes seems excessive and it's always a wait this long. I think Corporate should investigate this store. They could be making much more money that they are.

  • Went to the store on rock road in Wichita Kansas. Absolutely filthy. floors, counters, the sauce dispensers, even the order numbers and stands were filthy. Asked for tartar sauce. Never got any. Husband complained to manager. She could have cared less. We usually visit the stores on the West side and never had any of these issues. Won't come back to this store.

  • Beware…the LJS located in Adelanto, CA does not accept LJS gift cards, only cash or credit card. Per the manager at this Franchise location, his payment terminal is not set up to accept gift cards only credit cards. When it was suggested to him that he update his payment methods/machine he shrugged as to say "who cares"? What is the purpose of selling/buying LJS gift cards if they cannot be used? And this is the only LJS within a 50 mile radius of my home.

  • Long John Silvers Fayetteville NC. This LJS Is a dishonor to LJS.
    They do not honor the LJS gift cards or coupons and just went there and the chicken planks LJS is known for was a chicken tender like you buy in the frozen food section of a grocery store. If you have the LJS name then sell food like the original and honor the gift cards and coupons.

  • My wife and I are frequent patrons of the Springboro Ohio location and find is somewhat pleasantas well as we find the staff friendly. How ever the attire of the employees doesn't reflect a professional image. We do however enjoy the food even though the fish needs to be blotted before eating it to remove the excess cooking oil. On our most recent visit, we both tried the "Beer Battered Cod" and found it to be most flavorful .
    We were told that this item is only available on a limited which is disappointing and we hope that you would give serious consideration to making it a regular-offered item on your menu, Dave & Bev C.

  • I feel the Corporate offices need to make all the resturants clean up before they loose all customers, Oakland Md, was one to close, I stopped in Cumberland Md and it was filthy, dirty floors, tables, I am going to spread the word on this shack now. It is a place I will ever go again.

  • I visited the LJS at the 6130 East Mockingbird Dallas location on 3/1/17
    I do realize it was ash Wed. but that store is the worst staffed and managed eatery I have been in. I arrived at 7:50 p.m. and did not leave with my to go order until 8:30. That's unacceptable !!!

  • I work at the Penn Hills long John silvers on Rodi Rd,I am a disabled man who is under attack by the loud mouth ,mood-disorder ,poor managerial woman is in charge.This woman acts like a schizophrenic ,I'll advised psych paitent.When competent help arrives like myself I have been greeted with mixed ignorant supervision because of her lack of communication skills.I have been under attack since they hired me an was informed that was her way of discipline and she informed me to take the door if I didn't understand her ignorance.I was hired as a disabled individual but was told I had to perform all the tasks of an able bodied individual, this moron had the nerve to have me sign a disability latter giving the company a tax rebate.My faith in humanity is broken ,this organization seems to cater to the spaced out drug crowd more than those of us who are trying to assimilate back into the work force!Shame on the corporation who allows this ignorance to persist in molding char as character!

  • my name is Harvey McGee at 708 west Durant,wilburton,okla74578 I am using my brother's internet info.i have an great idea for your company. if you are interested and can pay me $13 million tax free u.s. dollars. please send me an email to guthriedavid14@yahoo.com with your reply.

  • Hello I was the RGM at the long John silvers/A&W in sand springs,OK #31515 I still have not received my last check which would have been on October 24th I believe my salary was 1500.00.I have not gotten this and it's a month later plus at the time I left I had 40 hours of vacation pay vowed to me and 8 hours of PTO. Why have I still not received my money? Please get in contact with me about this matter.Thank You

  • Receiving an SMS about a great deal good for 2 days only, I arrived at the store on Karl Rd Columbus, Oh., and was told that the equipment was broken. Ok it does happen, that part didn't bother me so much as what I was told after. Apparently this is an ongoing problem at this store, and this time the supervisor (Area manager) had gone out and purchased space heaters to keep the food hot. Wrong on so many levels, but it is against food safety protocols and health department regulations, then there is the fire hazard. Oil from the fryers pops out and hits one of those and the entire place could go up. I actually felt bad for the team-members working there, if this was my place of employment, I would have called the health department myself (which I have done several times before at other places). The actual store manager wasn't very nice to her people, but given the circumstances I could understand her not being in a good mood that day.

  • Dear Longs,
    How come there are no Long John Silver's in valdosta or even Tifton, GA? It's been years since I've dined there. The one in Albany is just too darn far. Thank you.

  • Dear Longs,
    How come there are no Long John Silver's in valdosta or even Tifton, GA? It's been years since I've dined there. The one in Albany is just too darn far. Thank you.

  • Well, Yet Again the Shelbyville, KY Long Johns SIlvers has inconvenienced My wife and I, Randy and Diane Compton, by yet again not completing our order…and FOR THE BONUS, when we call to let them know our order was incomplete (Ticket #1812 on August 28, 2016 at approximately 7:30 pm est) and we let the know exactly what they DID not put in the order, they YET AGAIN implement a 7 day rule of if you don't pick it up in 7 days you lose it. This complaint was once before made an issue to Corporate and Corporate confirmed (via Facebook) that the 7 day pick up IS NOT a policy but the Shelbyville, KY Long John Silvers continues to enforce this policy and is ripping their customers off. If they continue to do this, I will be filing an FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Complaint as this is improper business practices. Please feel free to contact us on this issue via Face Book Messenger. Thanks You.

  • The store in Stillwater Oklahoma is a nasty, rude, filthy rat hole. The people working here are incompetent and horribly rude. It took 30 minutes to get food in a "Fast Food" restaurant, with no other customers in it. Everyone was either standing around talking, wandering aimlessly around, or just plain stupid. I wish LJS would just do us all a favor and CLOSE DOWN!!!!

  • We had dinner at the long john silvers on Cobb parkway. The people that were working there were all African Americans. They had attitudes towards us because we were white. The food was over cooked. The fountain machines were all down. All you drink was water or ice tea. I called corporate office to complain left a voice mail because no one picks up the phone. Nobody called us back. We were very dissappointed not only in the food but the horrible service we received. We will never eat at another long john silvers. We will eat at captain d's. Long john silvers needs to get there act together because they suck something aweful!!!!!!!!

  • We visited the store in Richardson Texas. My husband fell in a hole outside the door and when we went inside the manager acted like he didn't even care. We will never visit another one.

  • I was in the Aurora Store 31173, And the Manager in which is Melissa Beckman is very very Rude to her Employees and Customers I hear her, from out in the Dining room I think she needs to be fired, I know people that know her and that also she had stolen before also, shes Cuss's and Swears at them a lot in which is not right they are doing nothing wrong I can hear the conversation I just haven't Contacted you yet till today BUT something needs to be done about her now, I say she need to be FIRED, or you are going to have a lot of people Quit I just now that it will happen.

  • On 06/16/2016 @ 11:45 a.m. my neighbor and I went to store #32011 here in Longview, Tx. My friend is disabled and has to walk slow and careful. I have to say this was the dirtiest LJS I have ever been in!! The food was hot and slaw was delicious but the tartar sauce container was nearly empty and what was in there was yellow and icky! Do y'all not refrigerate this stuff anymore?? I told the clerk and she brought out a box of packets so we had to spend several minutes opening each little pkt. The floor had not been swept or mopped since the night before cause there was no way that place had that many customers in 1 1/2 hrs!! My friend slipped "TWICE" just walking to our booth..We watched several other elderly disabled people who had to walk VERY slow to keep from falling…LJS,,THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE FOR AN EATERY!!! I'm not just a whiner, for "I" was one of the VERY first employees to walk into that door the day it opened in 1978! If our STORE had EVER looked like that when we opened up, our wonderful Mgr. would have fired the whole night shift!! We took pride in our LJS, but I guess now days, that just doesn't matter anymore…PLEASE address this immediately!! TY

  • Day before yesterday we ate in at LJS on West Central in Wichita, Kansas. After doing some work on a boat my husband and I decided to go there to cool off from the heat and eat. Well, we never cooled off, it was hotter inside the place than it was outside. I told the young worker first time and he said 'she' just turned it cooler. After about 5 minutes still nothing coming out of the vents, so I told him. Still nothing he said they're working on it and smiled. Nobody was working on the AC. We finished eating while sweating and no apologies were made or anything. We won't go back there this summer if it means we'll be hot. What kind of people you got working there anyway, certainly they do not know customer service.

  • last night be and my family of 3 came into the East Peoria, IL location for dinner, one of y'alls employee's Tyler, he was sick with a cold, sneezing and everything, he said the manager wouldn't let him go home, the manager at this location should be fired because he is working in a food restaurant spreading germs around, the manager should have sent him home, this isn't away to run a restaurant or treat employee's, the manager here should be fired.

  • Went through drive-thru ordered a promo over the speaker drove around to window sat for 10minutes to be told promo had ended. Why not say that while ordering at speaker or immediately at the window? non-peak hours only customer at that time, should've known by the empty lot & lobby visible through drive-thru window, should've kept driving.

  • I live in Tucson AZ and all the ljs disappeared so now I have to drive to casa grande which is 77 miles away just to enjoy ljs which is a bunch of crap.it would be nice if they would open some up back here

  • I visited a location in Spring, Texas on 2920, store D12025. All of the tables were dirty, the floor was dirty with dirt and food, the counters near the condiments and soda machine was dirty all while someone sat in the back of the store writing a report reviewing the store. The store scored 14 which doesn't seem to be a good score. All while this is happening, no one attempted to clean the store, not to mention I was served cold food and had to request my food to be made fresh. You would think since they were being inspected they would attempt to clean up the store, but that did not happen. Also, after I ate, I heard the inspector say they tossed all the cole slaw because it was not stored at the right temperature. The staff is really nice, but that store needs serious help, it's at a prime location but bad food and a dirty store can quickly go out of business.

  • What a joke LJS has become. We went to store#27993 in Acworth Ga on Cobb Parkway. We tried to order the clams, they didn't have any. We tried to order popcorn shrimp, they didn't have any. We tried to order fish tacos, they didn't have any. We settled on just plain fish and went to order our sides and were told they only had French fries, corn and slaw. This was at 11:30 in the morning. Why are they out of everything that is pretty much on the menu? What a joke. My business is lost as well as the business of my co workers. You people need to get it together.

  • I went to the Long Johns Sliver/ A&W on Chillicothe St. Portsmouth Ohio 45662 I arrived at 8:25 pm and pulled up to the sign that was not lit up at all. It had a sign saying the speaker was broke and to look at the menu and pull around to the window. I decided on what I wanted and pulled forward but there was 2 cars ahead of me. I waited in line for over a half hour while watching the cars ahead of me get their food. I pulled up to the window and waited another 5 minutes then a young guy came to the window and told me they were closed. I told him if the sign would have been in order I would have already placed my order and would be waiting to get my food. Then a manager another young guy maybe late teens early 20s blonde guy with glasses told me they were closed and said we don't have any more food. Didn't apologize, and just turned his head and continued to count the register drawer. Was just very rude and very short with me. I will be calling to talk to a manager above his head tomorrow and also calling corporate.

  • Went to the Long Johns on Woodville Rd Northwood Ohio location, they have new hours the hours say 11a to 8 pm. We were there at 7.25 pm doors were already locked. My husband called the store and they said well we're closing soon in about 30 to 35 mins so we just locked the doors. Really 35 minutes early who knows what time they locked them but the drive through was packed. People were backing out saying they set there for 35 40 mins and never made it to order yet. We'll guess they lost a lot of business last night. Doubt if we even ever go back.

  • I went to the one on Bristol Hwy in Johnson City Tn. There hours ok the sign and online said they closed at 10 I got there at 8:58. I waited for ten minutes then went up to the window and they said that they had different hours during winter and summer which if that was the case that would change the sign. So she says you can order if you want and so I do and she gives me my food in the bottom of the bag no box or anything. This is beyond rediculous and I will never go back there.

  • For those of us who eat at ljs do so because of the economy and entertainment…when we get bad food our money and our enjoyment is over…the best thing this corp. can do is to give a money back guarantee…return food to counter and without an attitude return money…my friends family got food poisoning from ljs…boy were they sick…

  • What happened to the quality of your fish? Is each LSJ independently owned and operated? Did you change food suppliers in 2015? I visited the LSJ on Cleveland Avenue in Columbus, Ohio twice in the last couple of months and both times the fish was flat, heavy, oily … not crunchy. I thought it was chicken when I looked at it but it tasted like heavy non-appetizing fish. I used to love LSJ and look forward to my monthly treat. Now, I'll try its competitors: Captain D's.

  • I visited the LJS on cleveland street in elyria ohio and was vary disturbed from what I heard.There was a district manager by the name "RON" being very distasteful to an employee by the name of "john".I then visited some days later and found that he was fired that day.If such talk is permissible from staff members at there establishments I will remove myself as a regular customer.I'm very "disappointed".I will be looking further into this matter as my visits prolong.Very nice young man through the previous visits I"ve had there.

  • So many people believe in the 5 second rule…for those who haven't heard this nonsense,it is this…if you drop a babies pacifier on the ground you have 5 seconds to pick it up and it won't be dirty…if one puts their baby at risk then put it in your mouth first…I hope you told that manager what he did was wrong and that you were going to tell everyone you know about what you saw…

  • My family and I ate at a LJF/KFC on 1/24/15 at noon in Omaha, NE on 132nd and Maple. As I was waiting at the counter for our food, the man at the fryer, who after asking, turns out to be the manager, dropped a hush puppy on the floor and picked it up and put it in the fryer. The man waiting behind me asked if I had seen that.
    Since he was the manager, I did not mention this to anyone else.
    What an embarrassment to your establishment and by the manager??
    Please fire him. Very unsafe food practices right out in the open for everyone to see.

  • Le Roy Russell Miller Jr.
    302 James Street P.O. Box 184
    Avondale, Colorado 81022-0184
    (719) 766-6340
    (719)-557-2745 Home Cell


    Colorado Commercial Drivers License Class B with Tanker, and Air brake Endorsements (#95-138-2967 Expires 03-15-2019).
    D.O.T. Logs; Safety; Maintenance; and Trip Sheets.
    Forklift and Overhead Crane Certified.
    Microsoft Office, 42 Words per Minute, 10-by touch, Faxes, Copies and Preparing and Managing Correspondence.Customer Service.
    Invoices, Cash Handling, and Office Phones.
    Radio Operations, Dispatch Operations, and Manifests creation and Management.
    Map Reading, Fire Arms, Blue prints, Wiring Schematics, and Assembly Orders, and Fabrication Orders.
    Office Management, Administrative Specialist, Records Management, and Reports.
    Map Reading: Standard, Typographical, and Satellite.


    Colorado Department of Corrections Basic Training Academy, Canon City, CO.
    Everest University Online.
    University Of Colorado, Pueblo, CO.
    13F10 Forward Observer Field Artillery Training, Fort Sill, OK.
    71L10 Administrative Specialist Training, Fort Jackson, SC.
    Texas A & M University, Kingsville, TX.
    H. M. King High School, Kingsville, TX.
    Work History:

    Fremont Paving, Pueblo, Co.
    Southern Colorado Services and Recycling, Pueblo, CO.
    Colorado Roll Off, Pueblo, CO.
    Captain D’s Restaurant, Pueblo, CO.
    Colorado Department of Corrections, Canon City, CO.
    Equipment Savers by John Deere, Denver, CO.
    Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration, Denver International Airport, Denver, CO.
    Wackenhut Security Corporation, Denver International Airport, Denver, CO.
    Argenbright Security Company, Denver International Airport, Denver, CO.
    LSG Sky Chef, Denver International Airport, Denver, CO.
    LSG Sky Chef, Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix, AZ.
    Belden Communication, Phoenix, AZ.
    Wells Fargo Security, Phoenix, AZ.
    Greyhound Bus Lines, Reno, NV.
    Paradise Waste Industries, Phoenix, AZ.
    Burns Security Corporation, Tolleson, AZ.
    Taco John’s Restaurant, Pueblo, CO.
    US Waste Systems, Pueblo, CO.
    Pueblo Disposal, Pueblo, CO.
    Trane Manufacturing, Pueblo, CO.
    McDonald Douglas Aero Space, Pueblo, CO.
    United States Army, Fort Carson, CO; Fort Sill, OK.
    Western Optical Company, Seattle, WA.
    Lens Crafters, Tacoma, WA.
    United States Army, Fort Lewis, WA: Fort Jackson, SC.
    Texas Commerce Bank, Harlingen, TX.
    Tex Tek Plastics, San Antonio, TX.
    Criterion Plastics, Kingsville, TX
    H.E. Butt Grocery, Kingsville, TX.
    Long John Silver’s Restaurant, Kingsville, TX.

    References Available Upon Request.
    DD-214 Availiable Upon Request.
    TSA SF-85P Available Upon Request.
    Letters of Release 10th Judical Available Upon Request.
    DOT Phyical Medical Card and Long Form Availiable Upon Request.
    State of Colorado Evaluations For Correctional Officer I Available Upon Request.
    Clean DOT and MVR Availiable Upon Request.

  • Are Long John Silvers independently own? Does corporate have any say on how the franchises are run?
    When the store in WEIRTON,wv was opened and for years,we were frequent supporters…then the Cole slaw stopped being made fresh but trucked in and it was awful…then the hush puppies went south,then friends got food poisoning from bad fish…
    I called and ask that they make the Cole slaw fresh once more and was told that their hands were tied…
    over the last few years we would try the fish and more once or twice a year and it was nothing special but today we had lunch of fish and more and it was fabulous…the Slaw was even better than KFC across the street,and the fish was crunchy and the hush puppies were perfect…now I fill we can safely go to long John Silvers because someone cares about the brand…

  • Dear Long John Silver,
    On November 11, 2015 I sent my son to pick up some special advertised meals from Long John Silver/Kentucky Fried Chicken combo. The special of a meal was a bed of French fries with a pad of fried fish for $1.98. What we received: a paper boat (very small) with some fries and in a separate container was 6 pieces of fried fish. I have been to another Long John Silver before and I love their food. What I should have received was: 6 each boat/container with a bed of French fries, with a piece of fried fish. I was short changed by 5 boat containers of fish and the fish fried coating was nasty. It made me take 2 Prilosecs. It may have had the coating gone bad, or maybe they got the mixes for their fried chicken mixed up with their fish batter. I don’t know the answer as to why, but it tasted nasty. The next day I called the place of business, the manager identified herself as Carolyn. She offered me a replacement for the problem. I think you understand that If the meal was nasty from the beginning, why would I want a replacement order, more than likely it would have the same issues. The address of this store is: 207 South Bloomington, Lowell, AR 72745. I will never order from a place of business that Is a combo of a franchises. The employees do not seem to care. Thank You, Norma


  • I don't know why it's not letting me comment when I enter the store number on the LJS site to contact them so I'll just post my complaint here.

    We visited Store #J295027 in Little Rock AR on October 15 2015 at 6:23 PM.

    That was the most disgusting, filthy restaurant I have ever stepped foot in. Unfortunately we didn't see the filth until after we had placed our order. There was trash all over the food preparation floor and just as much trash all over the dining area floor. Only about 2-3 of the tables were clean, the rest were covered in filth and trash. It wasn't crowded, it was just the two of us and another couple and the drive through wasn't busy. There were plenty of employees milling around. Honestly, I have never, ever seen such trash and filth inside a restaurant, ever. I can only imagine the number of roaches and rodents that must be crawling around that facility when the lights go out. I will NEVER stop there again and will certainly tell everyone I know to avoid it as well.

  • How come we do not have a Long John Silver in Wilmington NC? I have to go to Jacksonville NC or Myrtle Beach SC to get my Long John Silver. Northern Wilmington in New Hanover County just built a new Super WalMart and the area is growing fast. This would be a great location! It has a new McDonalds in front with room for other stores.

  • I live in Panama City, Fl and recently ate at a LJS in El Paso,Tx while on vacation and truly loved it, Everything tasted great and was pleased with the service. I only wish there one in the Florida pan-handle. The closest LJS is in Dothan, Alabama some 80 miles away; I stop when I get up there to the Army base. Why can't we get one in the pan handle????? All we have is Captain D's!!!!!!

  • The workers at the Long john silvers in mason, ohio. on tylersville road can never get any order right there rude when you call them to tell them about there food they used very disgusting language. the mangers name was Melissa.

  • Good Morning,

    I have never written a comment to any fast food chain. I just wanted to thank the staff at your store in
    Downers Grove, IL on 75th Street for the professional manner in which they serve the customers.
    However, there is an extreme lack of staff at this store, it is a shame that the employees have to be verbally abused by customers while they are working as hard and fast as they can. Is this store a franchise or corporately owned? Is the bottom line more important than customer and employee satisfaction. Please consider additional staff not only for customer satisfaction but the employees.

  • Hello,

    I was wondering if you will ever open another restaurant in the Gaithersburg (MD) and or Frederick area? There used to be one in Lakeforest Mall and it was some of the best fish I have ever eaten!! Delicious!!

    The other location used to be in Frederick in a mall that is now closed.

    If there is any possibility of bringing one back to the Gaithersburg, MD area I think that would be great! Thank you for listening, keep up the good work and have a good day!

    Take care.

  • I stopped at at store 31761 in Chambersburg,Pa at approximately 6:05pm. I went through the drive thru, which has no communication through the speakers. You have to drive up to the window to place an order. After waiting approximately 5 minutes behind two other vehicles, I decided to go inside to order.I waited another 10 minutes or so before being waited on by a very non social cashier. I ordered the number 8 with extra planks of chicken. I heard in the back, "we have no shrimp ready". So I waited. I eventually got my food approximately 10 minutes later and was able to go home. A 5 minute drive from the restaurant. Upon getting home, frustrated with the amount of time I had to wait for my food, I opened the bag and "tray" the food was served on. Only to find the shrimp I waited so long for was not breaded at all. It was fried with no breading. It was tough. I'm guessing from frying without any breading. Secondly, I dug out the extra chicken planks I ordered. These were no wider than two of my fingers together and about as long as my index finger. Hardly worth the extra money paid for them. I bit in to one and it was like I was back in grade school, chewing my baseball glove waiting for a batter to hit.The breading was hard and the chicken was like leather. Obviously had them under the warming lights way too long. I had eaten at this restaurant only a few times this year but this was, by far, the worst food I've had at this restaurant, or any restaurant within a 50 mile radius. Highly doubtful I patronize this establishment again. I will be warning my friends they are taking a risk in going there also.I do hope the corporation would see to a reimbursement of the $13.53 I paid for my meal. Ticket number 3283, 6:22pm. funeman39@yahoo.com Michael Kuhn

  • I just ate at ljs in Dickson, TN the food was horrible. It was like eating grease. The only thing that we ate was the coleslaw and green beans. When you $14.90 for lunch you expect it to be good. We threw the fish and chicken out could not eat it. I would like a refund myself. gail.pierson10@att.net.
    Thank you Gail Vonderhorst

  • 02-06-15 11:57AM

    I have been a long time Long Johns Silvers Customer since the mid 70's never had a problem until today. I stopped in the LJS on 74th & Douglas in Urbandale, used a Customer Satisfaction Survey (all stars btw), and the elderly woman (D) behind the counter said, "when was the last time you used one of these," I said it's been over a month, ok no problem, right?
    (D) said again "how Lonnng"? I said over a month. She stated multiple times you must wait 6 weeks. Wrong, the survey said one month. She then asked for my name to write on the survey, at this point I am started to get slightly miffed. Someone else brought out my meal, and no receipt, must have gotten thrown away, that's a first for me at any LJS. The customer in line in front of me sat at an adjacent table, one of the polite workers asked if everything was all right, he said Im missing a hushpuppy, the guy went back and quickly brought out two for him, great customer service! As he went back behind the counter the same woman commented "what was his problem", . . . and then something about "Im sure I gave him two hushpuppies", and mumbled something else under her breath.

    So I felt like Im not the only one she was being rude to today.

    I managed a grocery store in the late 80's and customer service was everything, I always wanted the customer feel that we went above and beyond the normal service.
    and I would make right on any return or problem they had, they would leave my store with a smile on there face.

    Here's hoping the Franchise owner or store manager sees this and actually cares about customer service, and Long John Silver's good name.
    Management neeeeds to get (D) some further training on simple customer courtesy.

    Still a lifetime Long John Silvers fan.

  • I visited the crawfordsville indiana location on 5/12/2015. Upon leaving the parking block I was parked at tore my bumper! The block has a metal rod sticking out on each side. City told me that test are to be down inside the parking block and that long johns is at fault. The establishment could also use some major cleaning as well. As for the food as always it was really greasy! I'm not very happy and probably will seek legal action for my car!

  • NOOOOO, I heard from a worker at the CORP. that they DO NOT READ THESE COMMENTS,, SAVE YOUR BREATH PEOPLE.

  • Keep away from the LJS in ST. CLAIRSVILLE OH,, They ave hard GREASY fish/ chicken..The make up about 5pounds of fries in advance and the fries just sit there getting cold and greasy.Too damn lazy to make fresh fries.They havent had coffee for OVER 2 YRS. They keep saying that the coffee carfe[ pot [] is broken..Ihave an idea,, BUY A DAMN NEW ONE FOR $9.00.Management?? FORGET IT..IDIOTS is more like it.

  • PLEASE bring back the wraps! The one-fisted and two-fisted of about 15 years ago!!!! I miss them so terribly much. Thank you!

  • 3/27. We stopped in Chambersburg, PA at your LJ Silver's. When we entered two women were placing their order. The cashier was writing their order down on paper. Cash register not working. She used a calculator to add up the total for the order, take the cash and again, calculate the change.She handed the order to the kitchen behind her. The ladies waited at least 20 minutes before their order finally came out. We were next and went through the same thing. We tried to order coffee and were told they didn't do coffee. The girl taking orders was very patient under the conditions. She was, also, preparing drink orders and running to ask questions about what people were ordering. When we got our order, we had a hard time finding a clean table. I tried to send you a message on your site, but couldn't because I had no cash register receipt . Needless to say, this was not an enjoyable experience and very time consuming when traveling. Something should be done to improve this restaurant's service as it's not a good representative of your usual clean, cheerful restaurants. No bell ringing.

  • Do these even get read? From what I've been reading everyone is having the same experience. Greer SC store. In a few short months they have completely messed up the order. Bravo! I think what ticks me off is that never has anyone answered that dang phone! I think I'll call thIs corporate number. Will someone answer? Will someone help?

    • NOOOOO, I heard from a worker at the CORP. that they DO NOT READ THESE COMMENTS,, SAVE YOUR BREATH PEOPLE.

  • We visited through the drive thru today on our way home Long John Silver's combined with Taco Bell store# 024569. Spoke the manager Cruz, but anyhow…my husband took a bite out of his chicken tender and it was total raw. Only the outer crust was cooked, I wish I could post a pic, but I do have one if needed. We live in a different area and the manager said that he would take care of it and give me another meal when I went back, That is not the point. It was discussing and not wanting to go back.

  • I just visited the LJS in Stillwater,Oklahoma and will not return. We waited about five minute for someone to wait on us and when we ordered he yelled back to kitchen to place part of oder and did not tell us onion rings were an extra cost. We waited ten minutes for our oder. Looks like since they don't do much business all orders are done when placed. Everything was way over done. The onion rings were uneatable. The place was dirty at the drink and condiment stuff and the floor was dirty and sticky. One of the female employees keep hollering at us when getting drinks and asking if we got enough root beer.

  • I live in Skiatook, OK. We have a growing population and expanding little city. There is absolutely zero as far as seafood goes in our place. We would all love to see Long John Silver's come into our little town!!! Please satisfy the people! LJS would be a great success in Skiatook, OK!!!

  • I visited in Port St. Lucie, FL. I have been there before and truly enjoyed the food. The last time I visited it was terrible. I don't think they change the oil. The food was greasy and burnt. Then they almost forgot half my order and when I got home I still was missing items. They won't be seeing me again. The employees are really uneducated and need more training. Too bad!!

  • I live in Louisville Kentucky. I had more than one terrible experience at the store in St. Matthews. General manager was extremely rude and disrespectful on multiple accounts. I called to say that my order was not only wrong but cold and she just hung up on me. Then when I went into the store to confront her she just turned around and walked away. I have witnessed her disrespecting employees to the point where they just walked out. I will NEVER eat there again until that store is under new management

  • Hello I have recently move to Minnesota from Illinois. I love Long John Silvers fish,shrimp and hush puppies. I can't believe the only one is at the Mall of America. Only one ? Why?Yet the comericals are constant on t.v.. Why? Very unhappy!!!

  • Hello I have recently move to Minnesota from Illinois. I love Long John Silvers fish,shrimp and hush puppies. I can't believe the only one is at the Mall of America. Only one ? Why?Yet the comericals are constant on t.v.. Why? Very unhappy!!!

  • I'm curious as to why you think it's ok to have family members as a district manager and a store manager. A friend of mine was fired today from your store in Coshocton, Ohio without "just cause" because your store manager doesn't like him due to a personal difference, and the district manager fired him because the two of them are cousins, and he took his word over something that happened over my friend's. You cannot fire somebody without "just cause", and you CERTAINLY can't fire them because of "hear say". The district manager's name is Cody, and the store manager's name is Gage Thomas. Nobody I know will EVER eat in that restaurant again until something is done about this! I wouldn't be surprised if you don't hear from somebody's attorney over this! NO RELATIVES SHOULD BE WORKING TOGETHER IN MANAGEMENT POSITIONS………….EVER!!!

  • February 27, 2015… Store number 32033 in Joliet, IL at 8:50pm… Tonight is the 2nd Friday in Lent and this store was completely unprepared for the onslaught of business… but this is NOT a new restaurant. This place has been here as long as I can remember. So, seeing that Lent happens every single year, you would expect that they would be ready for this… well- NO! I pulled into the drive thru with easily 10-12 cars in front of me. We waited in line probably about 25 minutes before 2 members of my family got out and went inside. They were able to order the food and pay for it… and then another 30-35 minutes went by before we received our food. When I pulled out of line there was still 7-8 cars ahead of me and another 5 behind. Inside the restaurant we had another 5-6 people ahead of us waiting for their food. There were 2 employees at the cashier and only 3 in the kitchen. They were completely overwhelmed. But they were completely untrained also. Their customer service was horrendous. They did not once give eye contact, nor answer any questions when asked how much longer it would be. No response! We will definitely NOT be back. This is the only "Fish" fast food restaurant in Joliet, Il, but we will simply eat at home or get something else during this time of the year! I mean… it's lent people. Get your act together. Of course they're going to get more business than usual, but you'd think they'd have been prepared for that. It's completely unprofessional.

  • Please Please PLEASE open a Long John Silvers in Hickory, North Carolina, preferably near the Valley Hills Mall. The closest LJS restaurant is 50 miles away. We have a Captain Ds but lets face it…. no one can compare with LJS!!! Come to Hickory and I will be eating there every day. I know I am not the only one. Restaurants are opening all over the place but not the one we really, really want. What do we need to do to get a Long John Silvers of our own?

  • Several of us went to your establishment in Cocoa Beach Florida particularly to get the shrimp and fish special for $3.99 since that is our treat for Friday. We were told that this special was only available in Melbourne and Orlando Florida
    Find that a little hard to believe since we are 30 miles from one and 50 from the other . Please clarify if this is true and why A change is necessary.

  • I visited the League City, Texas location last night. Only 2 workers working at approximately 8:30 PM. One girl was trying to manage the drive thru the other guy was manning the kitchen and took time to take my order at the counter. I asked him where everyone was and he said this is it. He also stated that the night shift manager did not even show up. I have to commend these 2 hardworking individuals for a job well done. However for that low life of a manager I hope you get fired. The wait was long and the food was terrible at best but given the circumstances I cannot blame the people working. Won't go back there!!!!

  • I just ordered food at the Long John Silvers located at 17721 FM 529 Rd, Houston, TX 77095-1007. This location also has a Taco Bell in conjunction with it. The service was terrible. I am not sure whether these are privately owned or not, but they are using your corporate name and if I were you I'd be real upset. The service on a scale of one to ten would be a minus 5. First there was no one working the counter inside. The young lady working the drive thru did acknowledge me and said someone would be with me shortly. After she called back to the back several times finally someone came. I placed my order and asked for two side orders of corn, but was told they didn't have any corn. I waited and waited for my order while the drive thru window continued to be served. I understand if this was rush hour, but this was prior to the heavy evening traffic. I counted 11 employees and it was a three ring circus. While waiting for my order I thought I'd expedite things by asking for some tartar sauce. The young lady says "oh I'm sorry we don't have any tartar sauce". That's like going to Mass on Sunday and the priest says " I'm sorry we don't have any host today for communion", now come on! The place was also dirty inside. If I were paying 11 employees, even at minimum wages, I would expect better service and a cleaner establishment. Someone needs to take a look, because I don't think there is any management or direction and it is a poor reflection on LJS. .

  • I went to an LJS drive-thru today here in TX and both orders were missing 3 shrimp (6 total) on the 2 platters we ordered & paid for. I went to find an online way to complain, but each time I entered the store number on my receipt as instructed I was told the number is not valid. I re-checked the number of the store per the LJS site itself – it was the same # as I entered earlier – and copied & pasted it directly into the form and I was told again the number which THEY SUPPLIED TO ME was invalid.

    I searched high & low, on their site & via google, and there are no other means whatsoever – nada – of contacting this company which is pretty scary. What if there were an emergency with food poisoning? It's disturbing – and doesn't speak well for the brand's reputation & longevity – that corporate headquarters simply refuses to take complaints or for that matter any other feedback at all from the people whose business they'd presumably prefer to keep so they can keep getting paid. It's a genuinely odd strategy for a company working in a highly competitive sector under challenging economic conditions to adopt. What business school did these people attend?

    Because at Long John Silvers Inc, it seems not only is the customer never right, the customer is never wrong either because the customer doesn't even exist to them! Out of sight out of mind, so if nobody can complain or offer suggestions to corporate management, then everything must be hunky dory & they can rate their performances highly & pass out hefty bonuses to themselves, right? Great gig if you can get it, I guess.

    On the bright side, after the privately held LJS goes bankrupt because its negligent management team inexplicably chose to completely ignore the needs & opinions of the very customers whose longtime patronage financially underwrote the generous salaries of everyone in the executive suite, Long John Silvers should make one heck of a humdinger of a case study at Harvard B School.

  • A store just recently reopened in Radford Va. In the last two months I have attempted to eat from this store but each time I have yet to order. The first time the line for ordering was almost out the door and after 15 minutes I realized there was no one at the counter taking orders. ALL of the employees were in the kitchen area trying to put together the orders of the 8 people that already had ordered myself and several other patrons left. The second time 2/6/15 it was almost the exact same situation except this time they had some one taking orders. On the counter there were two trays with food and at least nine receipts aligned across the counter. I watched as approximately 9 patrons that had already paid for and had been waiting for there food watched this food get cold as an employee attempted to count the pieces of chicken, fish and sides on these trays in an attempt to determine who the orders belonged to. Again I left and because I never placed a order I do not have a receipt to give a store number but if it helps this store is in Radford VA and recently replaced the one lost to fire. I did enjoy the food of the last store that was there and I would really like to try the food of the new store if I can ever get a order placed. This store needs training for it's managers and employees.

  • I went to the farmington, missouri location tonight. It was by far the worst experience. I spent almost $11 on 1 meal. That's alot for one meal. The food was horrible! The fish was so greasy you couldn't eat it. The fries and hushpuppies were cold. Yuck! The roof of my mouth was a grease pit from eating 2 bites of the fish. Done with this place!

  • We need someone from your company to McVehil Plumbing immediately. This in regard to non payment of plumbing and air conditioning work completed at your store in Canonsburg, PA. Our phone # 724-225-3500….the amount owed is approx $4000.00.
    Please call immediately

  • I visited store #024569 location in Fort Myers,FL and it was horrible. I ordered the fresh fish and was told I would get what was up because the fryers was down because the store closed in 15 mins. I asked who was the manger and was told I am and his name was "Dylan" I ask him if he was the store manger and once again was told yes and if I wanted the fish place the order. I ask how long has the fish had been up and was told "maybe" 30mins and I didn't have to order if I had too many questions. I was put back from this and just drove anyway. This Long John Silver is the worst ever. and if you don't ask for fresh food when you do get it its like eating fish rubber. your sides are always cold and the popcorn shrimp that my children had was all breading and no shrimp. and you sat in the drive thru for 20 minutes and ended up with nasty food. This is the last time that I eat long john silver. its so unprofessional dirty and the food quality is of poor quality.

  • Store #31656 or 2220 Lebanon Church Road Westmifflin Pennsylvania 412-653-9993 This is a reply back to Courtney who ever you are? No…….a free meal falls very short of fixing your unit to a level of cleanliness for me to consider ever returning. Do you actually believe that I need or am looking for a free meal? A free meal does not fix your black painted, water marked ceiling, front entrance broken door, very filthy and in dis-repair bathrooms. Why would I want to get another piece of fish that is one quarter of an inch thick, which is disgusting in it's quality. Blow off batter, greasy taste and cold is not my idea of a good reason to ever come back there again. Courtney, I don't know what level of responsibility you hold in Long John Silvers because when you give just your name, it does not mean that much. It reflects an unprofessional-ism that continues show a lack of skill to address the real problems of this unit. This unit is dirty and the food quality is of poor quality. If you ever seen the need and get something done to make this store look and perform professionally, than give me a call once it is ready and I will come check things out. This store needs someone to give it a face lift to fix the "Stripper Club appearance". I am ashamed to say that I worked for Long John Silvers when I see the lack of investment in the building, employees and food quality at this unit. labst21@yahoo.com

  • So I was going to leave a comment about how filthy the ljs in harrisonburg va was, and how the staff was playing on their phones instead of tending to any of the many needs of the store, but after reading the comments on here I see corporate is not addressing these issues. Based on how few people were in the store when I was there im surprised they are even open. I'll be one less customer.

  • Live in Charlottesville, VA and have eaten at LJS all my life really missed it when they closed down. Decided to drive to the closest one which is about an hour away. NEVER AGAIN!!! It is a KFC/LJS combined and the chicken is obviously cooked in the same grease as KFC special recipe tastes just like KFC. So greasy it was TERRIBLE!!! The fries were wedges NOT LJS fries. Cole slaw was KFC. ALL condiments were KFC. Such a disappointment still wondering if anyone from LJS ever visits this place they are ruining the LJS name in this area!!!!

  • Drove 15 miles each way to eat at the Queensbury NY Long Johns only to have the clerk tell me they cannot provide any food. What a crock of crap. Piss poor management if they have no food. Guess I won't waste my time going there anymore.

  • I took my sister, who is disabled and in bad health, to the LJS in Lynchburg, Va… She wanted lunch, so we went through the drive thru and got her meal, and a drink… When we got home, I emptied her cup, and rinsed it out.. I happened to notice something in the bottom of the cup… To my shock, it was black mold…. That can be deadly to her, in her condition… I will be taking the cup back there saturday, and I also posted pictures on face book…..

  • Just left LJS on S Western in Amarillo TX. It was so bad I actually griped out the manager in front of the other customers which is totally out of character for me. I thought I was going to get a standing ovation! The place was FILTHY!! I will be calling the health department in the morning. The crew was beyond incompetent, including the manager. We waited for thirty minutes for them to cook shrimp and then the fish they brought to us was cold. The fries were old and cold. They had no vinegar. The outdoor lights weren't on. The driveup intercom was broken so we had to go inside with sick kids. It was just awful. We will not be going back which is sad because we've been going there for twenty years.

  • I really hope you believe this review as I am a REAL person who has nothing to gain by leaving this. Nor, do I know anyone who either works for LJS or ever has. I'm only posting because our experience at the 3550 Isleta [yelp didn't list this location so I'm posting here] location was so superior to any other LJS we've ever dined in. See my other Yelp reviews. You'll know by those I'm not being paid or compensated in any way for my thoughts.

    I've eaten at LJS businesses all my life, all over the US in fact but THIS specific Isleta location was the BEST LJS food, or fried fish/shrimp in general, we've EVER eaten! Period! Apparently, this 3550 location was once joined with an A&W but they separated and LJS rebuilt new on/at the same location. I don't know what changed or if there's new LJS management present but something is CERTAINLY working there now!

    The fish and shrimp were literal crispy perfection! Their fries SHAMELESSLY kicked McDonald's and Wendy's butts hands down! Their cole slaw, absolutely delectable! Oh ya, and the hush puppies were just as crazy phenomenonal as the superior service [by teenagers mind you!] and the cleanliness of this business! Folks, I can't even leave out the freshness of the iced tea! As we all know, that's ALWAYS a great indicator of either a good or bad restaurant and I swear that LJS 3550 Isleta is one of the good ones!

    Lastly, if you haven't eaten at a LJS in a while, at least try this one specific location! If only to remind yourself of how much you once adored LJS crispy fried fresh fish with vinager and their juicy, succulent shrimp! If not, just pop your head in to see what I mean about the stellar cleanliness of the place and seriously, ring that bell if you agree with me!

  • I live in Jacksonville FL off Beach Blvd & we have more chicken places thank you can cluck. We are chicken & hamburgered to death! There are several places on Beach Blvd & Kernan Blvd that would be perfect for a fast food fish place. Burger King, McDonalds; etc fish sandwiches are
    nasty & do not taste like fish. You have 3 stores way on the other side of town. Too far to go. Looks like you would check out this area! You were running commercials for awhile, but not stores came. You would have more business than you would know what to do with. BELIEVE ME! Even with all the bad & I mean bad reviews, people around here are craving fast food fish.
    Also it is not just LJS that has rude & uncaring employees. It seams to be the norm anywhere you go anymore. Walmart , Burger King; clothing stores. It comes from management. The mangers set the tone for what ever business they are employed by. I own the T-shirt & bumper sticker on that one & I'm 64yrs old; I know what go customer service is & bad mangers will do to a good employee. I have been working since I was 12yrs old, all in customer service. I've been a manger & supervisor. You can get more with honey than with vinegar, it's not what you say it is how you say it. Never worked in the food service business, had a friend that worked a full time job & nights at Burger King & I know food service is the hardest job you will ever do. Can't please everyone all the time, but you can keep your house clean.

  • I just left your store at 1911 Ben White in Austin, Tx. I just wanted a piece of pie, so I went through the drive through. I asked if they still had pie because I didn't see it on the menu. The guy working the drive thru couldn't hear me so I repeated myself several times. I finally said, "do you have some kind of Hersey pie or something?" He said, "No that is Burger King". So I asked if they had some kind of chocolate pie. He said "Yes, but it isn't Hershey's". I said I just wanted chocolate pie, and if they had chocolate pie, that was what I wanted. He said "Ok. Second window" I pulled up, and he didn't look at me, just told me the amount and held his hand out while he and the two girls working with him made fun of me for asking for Hershey Pie. I tried to tell him I had asked about the pie because I didn't see it on the the menu, but he interrupted me and mumbled something. I would like to say this was the first bad experience I had there, but it isn't. I have had several incidents including waiting at the drive thru window for 40 minutes only for them to tell me they forgot my order.

  • we were in mesquite for our grandson's ballgame…after the game we drove by the long john silver place and remember how much we miss ours due to closing of it years ago….stop and order and the guy tells us they would be closing at 10 pm….it was 955 pm and took our order and said it would take 5-8 mintes to cook to order….we got our food at 1000…..it was so hard and greasy …did not taste like chicken planks we so remember…..nor did we get any hush puppies..,,,horrible food….upsetting that we paid for it and didn't get to eat it

  • On September 12th 2014 I went to the Long John silvers on nw 23rd and meridian in Oklahoma City oklahoma. And the store hours said from 10 am to 11pm. Well it was 1045 and no one was there or was ready to take my order. What are you guys going to do about it?

  • customers: comments me and family member visit a long john silvers location at cleveland Ave yesterday night. I wait 30 minutes in Line for all my food, hard over cooked fish , frying was oil old, there only 3 peoples working and manager was very rude, the very dirty and not stocked.

    • store location #31673 I visit yesterday night and the manager was so very rude, bathrooms are nasty & dirty, I never seem a long john silvers this nasty before. from customers

  • I was in the Sapulpa Long John Silver's location a few days ago, they had corporate there and everything was crazy. Employees were running around trying to get stuff done and one lady from corporate kept nit picking the employees. I was in the lobby eating when she griped at an employee about her pants. the girl looked embarrassed when the lady walked off towards the front register. I asked the girl who the lady was and she said all she knew was her name was Sandy, she was a new employee. I don't think it's right to talk to employee like that in front of customers, being corporate level she should have known to make that a private matter not public. How are you suppose to keep employees when you scold them in front of customers? Very sad, You just lost my family and myself as customers.

  • Whats up with the nasty popcorn butter you serve on request in a shooter cup. I love butter with my hush puppies and I mean real butter not popcorn butter. Makes popcorn taste ok but ruins any other food. Please provide the small butters that you use to have. And all the LJS that I have been in are dirty.

  • Had lunch to day in Anderson,In. No way could have been any better!! Young man at register (Chris) was very plesant during the order process,smiling all the time. Told us to plese sit down and he would bring our food to us. After a short time here was our food,just the way it was ordered and everything very hot. Store was very clean and taken care of. After we had left I told my wife we had forgot to ask for senior discount but when I looked at ticket he had given it to us.

  • Long John Silvers in Parker, CO is a disgrace to any fast food place. This store was filthy….nothing had been cleaned for a long time I'm sure. We tried using a coupon for FREE 1 pc fish & fries but were told that was only good between 11-3:00 pm….nothing like that was printed on the coupon. The food was greasy and the french-fries were stale. Please don't eat there.

  • The long john silvers on 437 denbigh blvd,newport news VA is trashy. The management keeps old food out for grabs ,Shalonda has a attitude problem,Conny is rude and loud and the rest are pure disgusting. The food is always cold. They are cheap and very outdated. The staff is careless and they fail inspection while shalonda is on duty. I promote everyone to stay away.

    • I've eaten at this one and you are right except I did have a nice experience with one of ladies who worked there but I don't recall her name. She was friendly and helpful. The rest of the crew was rude and nasty as was the restaurant.

  • Have been trying for 8+years to get a LJS/A&W located in the rapidly growing Alamo Ranch Area of San Antonio, TEXAS and the BELIAL "regional/district mgr R. Arocha (Barracu Restaurants–Falcon Holdings) was extremely arrogant, rude & emphatic everything went through him. Yet he took no notes, begrudingly stuffed my note & contact info in pocket 6 + months ago w/o RSVP

  • Went to LJS, Huntsville, TX last nt at 8:15, planning to go in to get take-out because I wanted to use cred cd because had just returned from casino with $100 bill only. (saw news about never use crd cd thru window due to scamming). Door was locked at 8pm, only window open from 8-9p. (This place is 1/3 mile from SHSU and they close that early, no business due to poor service) I drove to order menu, asked for 2 dinners "sorry no slaw or corn"; it's Th at 8:15??? Ordered fries & hushpuppies, oK. Waited for slow delivery to one customer and got to window to see sign "no $100" Are you serious? Why wasn't that on the menu board. I've been here 15m and I'm not handing a c cd thru the window for you to copy. She shut the window. I found a change keeper and a 5 to come with the 13+. The trans fat wasn't burnt so the food was good.
    From all of the above it looks like the corp needs an overhaul. One rotten potato spoils the whole bag and there seems to be several rotten ones.

    • The location in Huntsville TX, is hands down is the worst Long John Silvers ever. They would not give me my food without an ID. I asked him for my bank card back and he said whatever….
      This would have never happened at a Taco Bell or McDonald's. Apparently, this is their policy (for some people) according to their manager.

  • Oh, and the West View location always closes before closing time. I went once around dinner time, and they had shut down for the night, but all the employees were in the store. They were just goofing around.

  • I've tried to post on the online form and call, but no one ever does anything, and I'm sure people will want to see this.

    The Long John Silvers location in West View, PA is absolutely disgusting. The tables are falling apart. The floor looks like it hasn't been cleaned in ten years. You can see through to the kitchen, and it's gross in there. There are always bugs flying around. The front counters are disgusting. The frozen lemonade machine is rusty and very dirty. And best of all, there is a leak in the ceiling tiles. The water comes down right on the condiment table, and all of the packets of sugar and melted together. Has no one thought to check that?

    There have been numerous health code violations with the Allegheny Health Department, but they aren't making the changes they need to make to make the restaurant make me want to eat there ever again. How do I know that water isn't leaking from the ceiling in the kitchen and all over the food?

    I think it recently changed hands, but even with the new employees, the place is still a mess. I'm pretty sure that if someone were to take pictures of this store, you, at LJS would be very upset. It is absolutely the nastiest chain restaurant I've ever seen.

    Please do something about this location. It needs to be renovated. It looks the exact same as it did in the 90s, and probably the 80s. You have the money; put some into this location.

  • Ate at the Buda, Texas location recently. Don't know how you stay in business! Dirty tables, floors, poor service, poor condiment available. I guess this is business as usual as I ate at your Harlingen location several months ago and found the same there.

  • Always went to LJS when they where in Peru, Il. Went to Ottawa to one, KFC is also with it, it was a horrible visit, first of all sat at one booth and there were crumbs all over seat and floor, moved to another one and there was spots all over table, had to clean it , there were no,more open places open booths, hush puppies tasted like onions. that's the end of that visit, please come back to Peru,Il. Really enjoyed that one, consider us again PLEASE

  • The people of Ocoee Florida use to pack the LJS on highway 50 Everyday of the week. And then it closed up ! Please open us up a new one. Dont really care if its combined with KFC or not. We`ll go there too.

  • I had been begging Long John Silvers to come to Rockwall, Tx for 4 yrs and you finally came here…YEAH.. We have noticed that the sign faces Ridge Rd. and is not seen from I-30 where a lot of travelers pass by..Could you please make a sign that is visible from the Interstate and also have it put on the Interstate signs that list the restaurants and exit # …I love Long Johns and know people would love to go there too but don't even know it is there.. Thanks

  • What has happened to LONG JOHN SILVERS? We had a wonderful one in Falls Church, Va. on Broad St. (perfect) Now when we go to other branches the food is intolerable (the one in Charlestown, W.V.) We drove to Harrisonburg yesterday and while we were so startled by the condition of the store we were almost afraid to order food. Come on you have a good product, get the stores up to par and give us back the original LONGJOHN SILVER!!

    We live in Woodstock, Va. and we would love to see a LONGJOHN SILVER COME HERE AND THERE IS A NEW SITE WHERE THEY ARE LOOKING FOR BUSINESSES TO LEASE SPACE. Check into it , it is on Resivoir Road.

    Call me and I'll get you the information

    If those franchises do not clean up their act, you need to close those stores, they are hurting the name (which use to be a class act)

  • On Thursday this past week my husband and I decided to go to Long John Silver's on our lunch break in Sallisaw, Ok.. We eat there occasionally but this time it took a very long time to get our food and then as we walked out I checked and it was not our order. My husband went back in and was speaking to the girls working and the people who left just before us came back with our order. One of the girls working was a part of management and had in fact given them our food but began to roll her eyes and act as though it was the other girls fault. It was not and I found it very unproffesional for her to be acting that way. The other girl had only been working a few days there. My husband and I have worked with the public for a very long time and do not like to see people who are supposed to be somewhat in charge acting that way. It is very rude and only leads us to believe that the leaders there do not care at all and therefore I am leary about eating there ever again.

  • Hi, I live in martinsburg, wva. The restaurant here was or still is being ran by crew members. None of these employees have experience to even be a manager. There is one imparticular guy who has an attitude. The food is gross and they take along time to serve. Whether it be drive thru or dine in. I've heard through an anonymous person that they have no manager there. I will keep complaining until you do something to make this restuarant run the way it should. So if the guy who is suppose to be manager there who has no experience is still there and gets this position I will never go there again.

    • The owner of this restaurant is giving you a bad name…The sign is busted and has been for some time, the building is dilapidated, they are running out of food. The poor staff don't know how to run the whole place, yet I see no manager there ever. I don't know where the nearest location next to this one, but I'll probably just skip LJ's until something is done.

  • They do this in abilene at long john store #4424 why do the gm come to the store after his shift and he and the lady manager leave everyone for 2 hours in the back parking lot._

  • The long john silver in abilene texas on buffalo gap rd aint no better they got managers sleeping with each other managers stealing money smoking crack at work not to mention drinking on the job.the gm is way to young for this.he told me that he hate that mf the black cook he takeing his hours away he wanna whoop his ass i mean very unprofessional.this store has lost to many good workers.due to bad managment.very unfair and way to much favortisim.

  • Long john a&w at Emily Dr. Bridgeport W.v the manager Kathy is very rude and should not be in charge of the store. Very inconsiderate of customers as well as the employees that I seen for myself. I nor will my family or friends be back there until she is gone. So me being who iam of clarksburg and Bridgeport the business there will be slowed down.