Longhorn Steakhouse Corporate Office Headquarters

Longhorn Steakhouse Corporate Office Headquarters
Darden Restaurants, Inc.
1000 Darden Center Drive
Orlando, FL 32837 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-407-245-4000

  • Chocolate Decadence has been shown as “not currently available” for months in many locations, especially Georgia. Why? It is the best thing on the menu and beats out any dessert at any competitor.

  • Waiting on $50.00 email comp from Longhorn Steakhouse in Okc, OKLAHOMA BE Expreesway, I hope the manager knows what she's doing, as Corporate is out of the office for parties
    Denise Frantz
    909 S.E. 69 th Street
    Okc, Ok 73149

  • I eat at Longhorns in Gainesville, Ga every sunday night. Last week I had their bread, which is the best ever, but found out they have switched recipes or something and it is terrible! Plz go back to your old recipe. lots of times I go in just for a drink and half a loaf of bread. but not anymore. Also, the deep fried cheese curds that are on their special menu this month! WHAT AN INSULT TO WISCONSIN CHEESE POEOPLE!!!! THEY ARE HORRIBLE! YOU MUST GO TO WISCONSIN AND HAVE THIER CHEESE CURDS FRIED, YOU WILL THEN KNOW JUST HOW BAD YOURS ARE.

  • Im highly dissatisfied with your hiring manager Jason at the Port Richey location. After calling many times and leaving my name and number with promise that he'd call to let me know that they've received my application or not, he has not. I have even gone in personally between their time frame for speaking to a manager 2-4pm and met him face to face. He shook my hand pulled out a card and took my name and number saying he would call before the afternoon has come to a close. This has repeatedly been happening. I dont under what the issue is with returning a simple phone call to just let someone know they've received their application but now I no longer care to know. I thought that I'd love to work at this Longhorn but it seems the management and staff are not as friendly as they are pretended to be when I visited earlier this year and constantly suggest to friends when they go to try the Apple Gold Rush dessert when they finish their meal. I will not be back to that longhorn nor will I long suggest to coworkers and friends about the establishment. Just wanted to let you know how awful your manager Jason has been with getting back to applicants.

  • It was our daughter's birthday and we wanted to celebrate it with a meal at longhorns in West Chester. Our server was great Camille brought our daughter a beautiful sundae and made it really nice for her. Thanks again for a great time and that sundae should be on the menu.

    Tammy and Joseph Stein

  • This is for Josh Hays I received your card after visiting your restaurant on 7/26/2015. My servers name was Camille and I also had to deal with an encounter with your manager Mike who was on duty. My sister and I came for dinner and I order the ribeye steak at the recommendation from our server, since I had eaten them before I figured it was a safe choice. My sister got the sirloin, and once our food arrived we started to enjoy our dinner. I was not happy because although the steak had a nice taste to it, it was tough so I didn't want to be a bother I continued to eat my meal. Once Camille stopped by to check on us I expressed this to her not looking for her to make a big fuss about it. She immediately went into action she insisted on getting the dinner right for me she explained to me that it wouldn't be a problem to get this right for me. She also explained that it was my happiness that was most important and having a steak that was tender and also tasted great!! She left with the plate and went to talk to a tall gentleman who I later learned was your manager Mike. Mike stated that he would like to recook the steak and I agreed and in no time at all I had a brand new ribeye along with steamed asparagus. Another gentleman delivered the dinner and apologized once again and the steak was great!!!! I wanted you to know that as a 1st time guest the care and the way that your team came together was impressive and amazing. They did not know that it was my 1st time in your establishment and most of all they did not make me feel like I was just trying to run a game or scam just to get a free meal. I did not even find out until much later that Mike bought my meal even when I insisted that it was not necessary. My sister (Jenn) says that she has been to other Longhorns but was also impressed about how things were handled. Camille even talked me into taking fresh drinks home with me and a Dessert. Like I needed cheesecake, I really enjoyed that as well.
    Josh I just wanted to take the time to let you know that even though I didn't get the other gentlemens name who brought my meal back, I am a loyal customer for life at your establishment. If you could just be proud of how we were treated and let your staff know that we appreciated the service that we received from everyone and how it all came down to a great dining experience for us both, and we will be coming back.

    Thanks again to you and your staff I am a very Happy Guest!!!

    Jennifer and Sandy Cummings

  • My family, including my in-laws went to your location on Princess Ann Road in Virginia Beach for a Mother's Day lunch on 10 May 15. Kristin was our waitress. She is phenomenal. Our group consisted of four adults and our two year old little girl. Our waitress was very attentive and thoughtful. She even thought to bring our daughter's meal a little before ours to give us time to prepare her to eat and occupy her as we got our food. All four of our meals were fantastic. The waitress was extremely understanding and accommodating when we asked for an additional plate to help us with our daughter's meal. This restaurant should be on everyone's must visit list whether they live in the area or are traveling to Virginia Beach. And Kristin makes it all come together. Please recognize her for her exceptional work!

    A very happy customer!

  • I visited your store #5089 in Albany, GA 3/10/2015 @ approx. 2030 for a birthday celebration. The service was HORRIBLE and the store was FILTHY!!! When we initially got there, it took 10 minutes before we were even acknowledged. We were initially sat next to the bar. It was FREEZING cold. I asked the young man could they either adjust the temp or move us? He said that they require it to be really cold next to the bar; therefore, he moved us. While walking to the new area, we had to walk through. It wasn't busy and almost EVERY table was dirty and food and etc. was on the floor. Then they sat us at another table that was between 2 more air conditioner vents. So, I had to ask to be moved AGAIN. Then waiting for a waitress, we waited approx. 20-30 minutes before someone came to even take our drink order. The young lady that took our order wasn't even our waitress, she was nice enough to take the order when we stopped her. We also asked her to take our food order with our drinks because we had been sitting long enough to know what we wanted. We never got bread. Then, I ordered an appetizer (Wild West Shrimp). They came out cold. At that point, I couldn't take it anymore! I asked for the manager. He took 10 minutes or so to get to the table. I can't tell you his name because he didn't identify himself. I shared with him how DISAPPOINTED I was with their service and the condition of the store. He agreed that the store was nasty and said he could look at the shrimp and tell that they were cold. He placed me another order for my shrimp. I asked him for his card. He didn't even have the courtesy to bring it back. He sent it by an employee. You REALLY REALLY need new management to run this store, or you need to tighten up the management! The name on the card he gave me was: Michael Daniels.
    We saw a couple from our church that came to celebrate their anniversary. They had to wait to get their table RE-CLEANED! We told them not to waste their time there because the service is just like the dirty store.

  • I was at the Longhorns in Carrollton Saturday night January 10th. I came in around 6:00 and asked the hostess how long the wait was. She said it would be 40 to 45 minutes so we stayed. So 55 minutes later we are still sitting there waiting and I notice that people are being seated that have just come in. I told my husband I was going to go see how much longer it was going to be. When I asked the hostess she said there are 15 people ahead of you. What! She said all those circles in front of the names are call ins to shorten their wait time. I said so you take call in’s after me who is sitting here in the restaurant and put them ahead of me. She said do you want to see the manager. I said Yes! She explained the process the same way the hostess had. I told them that was poor business and very unfair to their customers waiting. I have asked around at other restaurants and even some other Longhorns and I have not found another one that does this. I have had parties and family gatherings at Longhorns in the past, but that will not be the case anymore. I just can't believe this is how Longhorns does business!!!! My only regret before leaving to go eat somewhere else was not telling all those people that were there before me why they were still waiting to be seated.

  • ATHENS,GA LOCATION– Excellent Manager, Excellent Food, Excellent serving staff– Our favorite restaurant in the state of Georgia!!!

  • Very disappointed. A party of 18, Mother's Day dinner.. Took our Mima to dinner at the North trail in Naples Fl. We do this every year. I go at least 3 times a month. Take all my business dinners there. Buy at least 30 gift cards a year pass them out for birthdays, anniversary, business meals, Christmas. Etc etc.

    I called ahead at 6:30pm requesting a table. large party I understand the wait on a busy day. We were seated at 8:45 pm we were seated in two booths one for 8 and a booth for 6 very uncomfortable. A table cleared up next to us no drinks were ordered nor food. I requested that we get moved to the table that cleared up. The waitresses very nice agreed and tried to accommodate us. In process of cleaning and switching us over. General manager Pete Seitz advised he would not accommodate us with that table that we either stayed where we were or we could have only one of the 4 tops and keep the two booths I explained to him we had been waiting and called ahead since 6:30 pm we had a baby and we had to take turns taking care of, we would have to have the others get up constantly so we could care for the baby, he advised the people that were waiting for the four top also called ahead and requested that specific table.

    Really, Pete Seitz? Do customers know table numbers. Very cocky general manager. Didn't care to accommodate us in any way.

    He upset everyone in such a way half the table didn't want to order. Great management skills Pete Seitz trading an 18 top for a two top that could have sat anywhere comfortably. The bottom line was he had put his foot down,and wasn't willing to back out. All I can say is if longhorn has general managers that stubborn not willing to work with a customer that brings them so much business, then they really don't need my business. Thank you Pete Seitz for ruining our Mother's Day dinner. General management is about customer care. The customer is always right! If there is a problem being part of the solution not the problem. Knowing how to calm the situation. It's not about pushing your authority around and bullying the customers.

    You accommodate the party the best you can.. You don't argue with them. I know, I've been in the restaurant business since the age of 14.

    Chili's does not compare to long horns. Yet if they get the order wrong they wouldn't hesitate to remove the meal from your bill after they remake it for you and your satisfied. Now that is customer service. Managers that want your business. Would like to keep a satisfied customer with good reviews. Pete Seitz. You pissed off the wrong customer..

  • I too used to love Longhorn. Today I order the black and blue burger w/bacon and steamed broccoli instead of French fries to go. Well when I got to work and opened my to go box what do I see? French fries and no broccoli. The burger was so salty I had to cut the entire top portion off to eat it. The meat was too well done I could have replace my shoe sole with it. I wished I would have chosen to eat at the Five Guys 100 yards away instead!!!!

  • I used to like Longhorn's. We ate at the one in Jacksonville, Fl. for lunch the day before Memorial day. My steak or sauce or mushrooms were scorched. The manager, Stephanie didn't reduce our bill or even come to our table and apologize. I had to take half my steak to my dog. Thanks, Freida Brock

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