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Lord and Taylor Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Lord and Taylor Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

The Saadia Group
Official Address:
275 Madison Ave.
New York, NY 10016 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-391-3344
Fax Number: 1-212-768-0743
Email Address: info@lordandtaylor.com
Customer Service by Text: 1-650-747-8331
Credit Cards: 1-1-866-465-8292

Lord and Taylor were famous for their Lord & Taylor Retail Department Stores. Lord and Taylor is now exclusively online. Lord & Taylor’s main competitors are Bloomingdales and Macy’s.

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  1. Hi I am wondering how you even have anybody working for your establishment due to the people you have recruiting for your store. Just to let you know I am contacting EEOC about employee at your Quakerbridge Store located in Lawrenceville. I was called by your store which told me they had my resume and would like for me to call and make an appointment to come in for an interview. Upon returning the call the employee who I will not name at this time did not set up an appointment to come in but proceeded to question me as if the call was the interview. She was very discouraging about the position which was for customer service. She told what was required which was a position that would be close to work that would be done in an warehouse. This is truly not a customer service job which is what was advertised on Indeed where I sent my resume from. So just to let you know I will be filing a formal complaint through EEOC about this store and the employee I spoke to.

  2. I have been a loyal lord and taylor customer for over twenty years. Recently received my statement that claimed I was late with my payment and I was being charged a late fee. The most annoying part is that I did pay it online and had written proof from my bank that it was paid and ON TIME. Capital One Retail Services which handles lord and taylor accounts is deplorable. Even after giving them the proof, transaction numbers, etc, they refused to refund my account unless I faxed all the information to them. I have never been late with a payment. Capitol One even suggested that I pay the account AGAIN to make it easier for myself. I called L&T Corporate Offices in NYC and after being disconnected twice, I spoke to Client Services who said they couldn't assist me. Lord and Taylor's reputation will go down the drain if they continue to use Capitol One Retail Services and they do not improve their customer service department.

  3. The Woodbridge NJ store has the worst staff. I returned a online order, . They did not have the merchandise in the store . They would not place the order for me said I must do myself and issued a merchandise gift card . I did so myself – card was useless, called the store and was told this card is not good online now . Absolutely no one knows what they are doing . I will NEVER shop online or at this store again . I have the receipt, these were Uggs – not cheap … I cannot get the merchandise , was told they cannot order for me so I am stuck without getting what I want as I am being forced to use this card in the store ONLY ,,,,,typical switch practice. I will get a full refund especially if I must go back to this place ..The general manager there had to call me back – she wasn't sure what she could do – AWESOME knowledge and service and hours of my time wasted so far !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never again .

  4. I have taken the time to read through the comments and shortly before I had the good fortune to have an operator by the name of Jasmine answer my call. I can not begin to tell you how patient, knowledgeable and caring she was. I had been on the phone for more thank 2 hours being lied to, transferred and ignored. She has absolutely made my day going way above and beyond. The best customer service I have seen and a very long time. And because of dear Jasmine, Lord and Taylor has a customer back. I spoke to her today January 4, 2017 any where from 3-3:30 is the time frame. If you can track her please thank her for her professionalism and expertise. I was to the point of tears before finally reaching her. I wish she could somehow know how wonderful she is.

  5. CORPORATE CUSTOMER SERVICE OPERATOR WAS EXTREMELY UNHELPFUL!!! She had no answers to basic questions asked – couldn't even transfer a call properly, it kept getting disconnected. PLEASE HIRE NEW STAFF!!

  6. Dear Lord and Taylor you are beyond disappointing. I ordered a sweater for my husband a few weeks before christmas only to receive an email on December 22nd that you could not fulfill the order. Now to save the day I was able to still place an order and choose free next day air for guarnateed delivery on the 24th. Well I just got my tracking information which told me I would not be getting my package until the 27th. I called customer service to be told by 2 different representatives that Fed Ex has my package but they are closed for the holidays (today is the 23rd). I am not stupid. The second one told me that the Fed Ex people are probably at their company holiday party. Again are you kidding me. I now called Fed Ex to find out that yes they are open and no they are not at a holiday party. But I was informed that Lord and Taylor did not ship my items Next Day Air they chose Ground Home Delivery which is a cheaper option and take a minimum of 3 days to receive!!! Thank you for ruining my husband's Christmas gift and I will be sure to not order from your company again!!!

  7. The Lord and Taylor outlet in Westbury NY is very disappointing. The put signs on the end caps of the shoe 40% the place is a mess looks like a salvage center. When you get to the register they tell you it is not it only the red ticket items but the white tickets items come up 40% and the red tickets don't. The Manager there is just plain old rude and says I am going to rip down all the sighs. That is no way to conduct business especially today when everyone video and takes pictures. If you have not gone there don't waste your time go to the store they have a little better service. Go to Macys better customer service and the Managers do their job.

  8. So disappointed in Lord and Taylor in Walt Whitman mall today. No Christmas decorations, no Christmas music, and therefore I had no Christmas spirit. Went next door to Macy's to make my purchases. Bah Humbug!

  9. BUYER BEWARE – if you are a petite-sized woman, you are NO LONGER WELCOME at the Lord and Taylor store in Huntington NY. They have discontinued their petite line. They still carry plus sizes as well as big and tall. I wonder why they chose to discriminate against petites. Guess I will be cancelling my L&T credit card and taking my business elsewhere.

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