Lord and Taylor Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Lord and Taylor Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


424 5th Avenue

New York, NY 10018

Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-391-3344

Fax Number: 1-212-768-0743

Email Address: info@lordandtaylor.com

Customer Service: 1-800-223-7440

Credit Cards: 1-1-866-465-8292

Lord and Taylor is famous for their Lord & Taylor Retail Department Stores. Their stores are some of the finest department stores in the USA. Lord & Taylor’s main competitors are Bloomingdales and Macy’s.

  • Be very careful with jewelry at L&T. I bought these cute 175$ earrings 7 months ago. I wore them 2x and they were left in the original box inside my jewelry drawer. I was going to wear them today and was really disgusted at how they deteriorated. Ive bought street jewelry in Manhattan years ago that I still wear and nothing has been as cheap as this garbage. I tried calling/writing but no one responds. Shame on you guys.

  • I was reviewing my L&T bill and find that my balance was much more that it should be. I then started to review my bills and found out that all the returns I took back to the 5th avenue store(which is now close) was not credited to my account. I am dealing with customer service and they are telling me to go to the store where I returned the items(Hello! the store is closed). My online account shows a returned was processed, yet my account was not credited. Why is this information not in L&T's computer system? So it looks as though I'm the loser here, I will be cancelling this credit card.

  • I'm at a loss understanding how you manage your business! Today I visited your store at Freehold Raceway Mall and selected around $400.00 of Tommy Bahama merchandise to purchase. No one at the any of the 3 cash registers to ring it up. No one to be found throughout the Men's Department. One customer kidding that everything must be free today. (This has occurred to me before). I waited a few minutes, returned my selections to the rack and left the store. No way to run a business. I won't waste my time again shopping Lord & Taylor!!


  • I am trying to figure out who to contact for a refund for an online purchase made in late November. I have had to call 5 times. Each time I was told a refund would be posted to my account but this has still not happened. This is disgraceful treatment of a customer. The other stores refund in a timely manner. I would like to know who to contact before I put this problem on FaceBook

  • Hi I am wondering how you even have anybody working for your establishment due to the people you have recruiting for your store. Just to let you know I am contacting EEOC about employee at your Quakerbridge Store located in Lawrenceville. I was called by your store which told me they had my resume and would like for me to call and make an appointment to come in for an interview. Upon returning the call the employee who I will not name at this time did not set up an appointment to come in but proceeded to question me as if the call was the interview. She was very discouraging about the position which was for customer service. She told what was required which was a position that would be close to work that would be done in an warehouse. This is truly not a customer service job which is what was advertised on Indeed where I sent my resume from. So just to let you know I will be filing a formal complaint through EEOC about this store and the employee I spoke to.

  • I have been a loyal lord and taylor customer for over twenty years. Recently received my statement that claimed I was late with my payment and I was being charged a late fee. The most annoying part is that I did pay it online and had written proof from my bank that it was paid and ON TIME. Capital One Retail Services which handles lord and taylor accounts is deplorable. Even after giving them the proof, transaction numbers, etc, they refused to refund my account unless I faxed all the information to them. I have never been late with a payment. Capitol One even suggested that I pay the account AGAIN to make it easier for myself. I called L&T Corporate Offices in NYC and after being disconnected twice, I spoke to Client Services who said they couldn't assist me. Lord and Taylor's reputation will go down the drain if they continue to use Capitol One Retail Services and they do not improve their customer service department.

  • The Woodbridge NJ store has the worst staff. I returned a online order, . They did not have the merchandise in the store . They would not place the order for me said I must do myself and issued a merchandise gift card . I did so myself – card was useless, called the store and was told this card is not good online now . Absolutely no one knows what they are doing . I will NEVER shop online or at this store again . I have the receipt, these were Uggs – not cheap … I cannot get the merchandise , was told they cannot order for me so I am stuck without getting what I want as I am being forced to use this card in the store ONLY ,,,,,typical switch practice. I will get a full refund especially if I must go back to this place ..The general manager there had to call me back – she wasn't sure what she could do – AWESOME knowledge and service and hours of my time wasted so far !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never again .

  • I have taken the time to read through the comments and shortly before I had the good fortune to have an operator by the name of Jasmine answer my call. I can not begin to tell you how patient, knowledgeable and caring she was. I had been on the phone for more thank 2 hours being lied to, transferred and ignored. She has absolutely made my day going way above and beyond. The best customer service I have seen and a very long time. And because of dear Jasmine, Lord and Taylor has a customer back. I spoke to her today January 4, 2017 any where from 3-3:30 is the time frame. If you can track her please thank her for her professionalism and expertise. I was to the point of tears before finally reaching her. I wish she could somehow know how wonderful she is.

  • CORPORATE CUSTOMER SERVICE OPERATOR WAS EXTREMELY UNHELPFUL!!! She had no answers to basic questions asked – couldn't even transfer a call properly, it kept getting disconnected. PLEASE HIRE NEW STAFF!!

  • Dear Lord and Taylor you are beyond disappointing. I ordered a sweater for my husband a few weeks before christmas only to receive an email on December 22nd that you could not fulfill the order. Now to save the day I was able to still place an order and choose free next day air for guarnateed delivery on the 24th. Well I just got my tracking information which told me I would not be getting my package until the 27th. I called customer service to be told by 2 different representatives that Fed Ex has my package but they are closed for the holidays (today is the 23rd). I am not stupid. The second one told me that the Fed Ex people are probably at their company holiday party. Again are you kidding me. I now called Fed Ex to find out that yes they are open and no they are not at a holiday party. But I was informed that Lord and Taylor did not ship my items Next Day Air they chose Ground Home Delivery which is a cheaper option and take a minimum of 3 days to receive!!! Thank you for ruining my husband's Christmas gift and I will be sure to not order from your company again!!!

  • The Lord and Taylor outlet in Westbury NY is very disappointing. The put signs on the end caps of the shoe 40% the place is a mess looks like a salvage center. When you get to the register they tell you it is not it only the red ticket items but the white tickets items come up 40% and the red tickets don't. The Manager there is just plain old rude and says I am going to rip down all the sighs. That is no way to conduct business especially today when everyone video and takes pictures. If you have not gone there don't waste your time go to the store they have a little better service. Go to Macys better customer service and the Managers do their job.

  • So disappointed in Lord and Taylor in Walt Whitman mall today. No Christmas decorations, no Christmas music, and therefore I had no Christmas spirit. Went next door to Macy's to make my purchases. Bah Humbug!

  • BUYER BEWARE – if you are a petite-sized woman, you are NO LONGER WELCOME at the Lord and Taylor store in Huntington NY. They have discontinued their petite line. They still carry plus sizes as well as big and tall. I wonder why they chose to discriminate against petites. Guess I will be cancelling my L&T credit card and taking my business elsewhere.

  • They have the worst customer service I will not be places a order this company again. I refused to order from here because the lady told me that I should have Print Screen the price on the shoes I order

  • I wish Lord & Taylor carried Tom Ford Cosmetics also, Cle de Peau Beaute Cosmetic line. I purchase a lot from both of these lines especially their makeup. Also, all the other stores that sell Chanel cosmetics offer it from their online website only Lord & Taylor will sell it in their stores but not online why is that it doesn't make any sense? Please consider expanding your cosmetic brands in the store and online also.



  • I placed an order with Lord & Taylor. The item was defective and I shipped it back to them. That was a couple months ago. I still have not received the refund. I will never place an order with Lord & Taylor again.

  • Placed an order 5 days ago and no clue if it has shipped. How in this age of technology, is that possible? On day 4 I called number listed in the email confirmation to check the status and the automated feature reports the order has been fulfilled. I say great and wait for a tracking number. The next day I check my email and curiously still no tracking number. Click on the link again to check the status and oddly it still says "in process." How can that be? The phone system said it was fulfilled. And this is day 5. So picked up the phone and called the online customer service number to speak to a live person (surely they can explain) and was put on hold 20 minutes. Finally a representative answered an told me the order is "in process" at a Connecticut store, but she can't say when it will ship. I asked what exactly does that mean? She informs me that they have received the order, but no other information is available. I then explain that I wish to cancel the order because it is taking too long and she says she cannot. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold for another 10 minutes before being disconnected. Hmm…coincidence? I don't know. I called back again. This time I was on hold for 18 minutes and asked for a supervisor immediately. Guess what…put on hold again for another 9 minutes. Finally get a supervisor on the phone and explain how unhappy I am and that I wish to cancel my order. She apologized and said that she will "put in a ticket to cancel the order, but I am not guaranteed it will be cancelled." I don't understand why they cannot contact the store directly to find out the status of the order or even to cancel it. Doesn't Lord and Taylor's customer service department have access to the stores directly? If I knew which store it was, I would've called myself. I won't be placing anymore online orders with them. This experience was just too time consuming and inconvenient. Not worth it.

  • Had an extremely frustrating experience with the online shopping. Ordered pants, waited close to a month, and they never came. I received a confirmation email, so what the?? Contacted customer service twice, and they were useless despite sending a screen grab of my confirmation. They didn't have any tracking of my purchase. Now, after two useless emails from customer service (generic "sorry you were having trouble etc".), I'm beyond frustrated. I keep trying to explain, all I want is the pants for the sale price on the day I purchased! Well, I checked online today and the pants in question are now sold out in my size. To say that I'm frustrated is an understatement. Awful customer service.

  • Had an extremely frustrating experience with the online shopping. Ordered pants, waited close to a month, and they never came. I received a confirmation email, so what the?? Contacted customer service twice, and they were useless despite sending a screen grab of my confirmation. They didn't have any tracking of my purchase. Now, after two useless emails from customer service (generic "sorry you were having trouble etc".), I'm beyond frustrated. I keep trying to explain, all I want is the pants for the sale price on the day I purchased! Well, I checked online today and the pants in question are now sold out in my size. To say that I'm frustrated is an understatement. Awful customer service.

  • Lord & Taylor store, King of Prussia Mall, PA. The customer service is horrible and getting worse. Store management is unresponsive and indifferent to whats going on in the store. Sales associates treat customers as annoyance and are rude. I had a broken leg a few months ago, had to use a fracture boot and rolling walker which tripped in the store over a gap between carpet and hard floor as i was moving forward, which caused me to fall forward over the walker with my husband grabbing the tail of my coat which prevented me from falling completely flat on my face and another shopper who also helped me to get up. This happened less than 10 feet away from two sales associates standing by their register and who clearly saw what happened. Both turned away like nothing happened and appeared somewhat amused by the sight of somebody falling- I did see them smiling and thought it was an outrageous reaction to see someone's fall and make no attempt to at least ask " are uou ok?". I asked for a manager and for somebody from their risk management (or whatever they call this dept at L&T). A manager from a completely different dept showed up along with a young woman who supposedly was from "loss prevention". I had to answer a bunch of questions about what happened. Neither showed much interest or attempted to document the incident in any manner. I was told that it will be passed along to the store upper management and i would be contacted for follow up. None of this ever happened- no phone call or anything else. I wasn't even surprised, considering the crappy attitudes I experienced as a customer in this particular store. I've shopped at L&T since it was a store with an outstanding customer service and I always enjoyed shopping there. Whatever is happening to this company now is an absolute shame! I do occasionally stop there to grab a thing or two, but, almost with no exception, i leave the store upset and/or with a headache because the atmosphere is so "anti-customer" so to speak – rudeness and incompetence became more of a rule than an exception. I don't know what the store management does, if anything, to correct this problem, but nothing changes. After my last visit there, right after the holidays, I decided to quit shopping there once and for all. Goodbye, Lord&Taylor. Get it straight finally whatever it is thats going on!!! Your formerly loyal but now non-returning customer.

  • Today I was completely humiliated and reduced to tears by an employee at Gaithersburg MD (lakeforest Mall) location. This person name was Leah Paimia (if it was her real name. She did not wear her name tag). In front of other customers she accused me of trying to cheat your store out of $20(!).
    I got so upset I just started crying and left the store.
    I plan to return to this store tomorrow and have a talk with GM.
    I've never had such terrible experience in ANY STORE EVER.
    I'm still upset and my day is ruined.

  • I returned an item two weeks ago ago via USPS label in original box and packaging. I tried tracking the number on line but got a negative message suggesting I try again and number couldn't be found. I sent two emails and got a caned response. I called customer service three times. The first call, the person said she would follow up on it. That was three days ago. I called tonight and was disconnected three times. I am very upset and disappointed in Lord & Taylor. Their reputation is quickly being bashed on line as there are many complaints which I now see are legitimate. I don't know about anyone else, but I sure don't think Lord and Taylor deserves to keep my money when I returned the item. Also, how dare they compare themselves to Bloomingdales! It will never happen!

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NOT A STRONG POINT. I placed a "charity event" order on 10/30/15, as of 11/22/15 I had still not received my order, so I called the Garden City, NY location where I placed the order. I was told that it was shipped out and given a tracking #. FedEx shows that it was delivered, "left at door". Unfortunately, I have NOT received. After checking with neighbors, I again reached out to the Garden City, NY location. This time I was told "it's NOT our problem, you will have to file a claim with FedEx". Filed claim with FedEx, which was denied, because they did their job, L&T did NOT require a signature, therefore FedEx completed their end. Once again I called the Garden City, NY location. They apparently DO NOT HAVE A POLICY IN PLACE TO HANDLE SITUATIONS LIKE THIS, WHICH I FIND EXTREMELY HARD TO BELIEVE CONSIDERING THEY ARE A LARGE CORPORATION. EVERYTIME I CALL I AM TRANSFERED TO SOMEONE ELSE BECAUSE THEY KEEP PASSING THE BUCK. NOT ONCE HAVE I RECEIVED A RETURN CALL LETTING ME KNOW ANYTHING. TO SAY I AM BEYOND FED UP IS THE UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR,AS IT IS NOW 12/9/15 AND I STILL HAVE NO ANSWERS/RESOLUTIONS.

  • WOW – I was initially shocked at the incredibly horrendous way I was treated yesterday at the Lord Taylor in Burlington MA, but after reading all of these, I guess I shouldn't be. I had the misfortune of having to deal with a sales associate named "Comfort". What an absolute nightmare. I called this morning to report her to the General Manager, Rose Mead, who literally said, "well what did you want us to do, remover her forever from being a sales clerk, and put her where?" I politely told her that the onus was on her to maintain the quality of her store – not me. Just when I thought the customer service could not be any worse, I encountered the General Manager. That's it for me & Lord Taylor. Never again; they treat their customers as an after thought. I was left traumatized, and it only got worse. What do I do with the gift card I was recently given? I intend to never shop their again.


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  • I have never experienced such awful service in a store and on the telephone by customer service. Lord and Taylor should be ashamed of themselves. My experience in the Manhasset store was so awful that they have lost my business completely. Sales people giving wrong information, not knowing their products, not following up on sales and unable to competently place an order. I am now on hold with a supervisor in customer service who also doesn't know what she is talking about. I have been on hold for over 1/2 hour and disconnected!!!!! I'm sticking with Saks and Bloomingdales!

  • I am a frequent shopper in the Monmouth Mall Lord & Taylor. I see that you are updating the store and it does look nice, however, YOU MUST REPLACE THE CARPET OR PUT A NEW FLOOR IN. IT IS SOOOOOOOO DISGUSTING! When I try clothes on, the “pink/beige” floor is BLACK! One of the ladies that worked there told me people got to the bathroom (#1&#2) in them since the ladies room is on the second level very far away. I do suggest putting a bathroom in downstairs to make it a better experience for shoppers. PLEASE HAVE SOMEONE FROM HEADQUARTERS visit this store. I always try to keep my shoes on when trying on clothes since I dont even want my feet touching the disgusting black, FILTHY CARPET!


    A loyal customer 🙂

  • I was in the Lord and Taylor shoe dept. at the Monmouth Mall. I witnessed the GM, Fred Mayo, berate an employee in front of 10 customers. The employee was also in middle of dealing with a customer. The GM felt the need to rip the employee in front of all the customers. This was an embasarring and unprofessional act from the GM.
    The customers were in shock and many left. It was a toxic situation. I doubt I will shop at Lord and Taylor in the future.

  • l&t was on local news a few yrs back; had been turning potential customers away @ door [by doorman] for not being dressed well enough to enter their palace. right after news coverage embarrassment, put tail between their collective legs & quit doing it.

  • I'm never ever buying from Lord & Taylor online again! In less than 1 month, they messed up two back to back orders on the same items. I ordered 2 men's DKNY dress shirts in sizes 16.5 36/37 and received the correct packing slip with two DKNY shirts in the correct colors BUT in sized 14.5 32/33. I called to fix the mix up. I had to send it back USPS when I paid to ship it UPS. Then they wanted to charge me AGAIN for the correct shirts, this time they waved the shipping, but the EXACT same thing happened. Correct packing slip, correct color, correct style WRONG sizes 14.5 32/33 AGAIN. This time I had to go to the store because by now I needed the present for the next day and I still had not been refunded the first time. I finally got refunded the day after Christmas and they did not refund me the full amount as promised. I am so angry! I have been in retail management for 13 years and I have never experienced such a high level of incompetence. Lord & Taylor should be embarrassed! High end store? Yeah right! And they sent me the two refunded shirts separately broken down hoping I wouldn't notice I was not fully refunded. For 2 back to back employee errors, and now a third this is completely unacceptable.

  • I always thought Lord and Taylor would be the ultimate department to work in; boy was I disillusioned. Sales associates using profanity towards managers; long time employees talking down to seasonal workers ( other sales associates afraid they're losing their jobs ); they tell you it's an " open door" policy but run you around a mountain to get a discount card ( never did get it so spent my money elsewhere and will never shop there again. Store manager Charles Mc Guinness is great. As mentioned above you can't ever get anyone on the phone even if you're calling out.They need to have a direct link for tech support when the website goes haywire. Christmas time is the worst. I don't know how they have managed to stay in business for 188 years. With competition in the retail industry being more competitive than ever it seems they would treat people a little nicer and be more diligent about business. Rather than how many charge accounts to open ( they must get a kick back from the bank ); I found that those whose have the card don't want to use it and for those that don't reject it. AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!

  • Seriously the absolute worst website in the business. it took me over 5 hours to finally place an order today. everytime i clicked the checkout button the screen went blank and then back to the shopping cart. i tried to call and of course the person i spoke to knew nothing about the website and said hers was working just fine. everytime i try to order online i have nothing but problems with their website.

  • I agree with several of the comments indicating that Customer Service is terrible! I previously ordered a couple of pairs of sneakers online and had to return them because the European online sizing was wrong. I called and advised the Representative, but she was of no help. It was frustrating because, I didn't get the sale price or the sneakers I ordered. To make matters worse, several months later the online sizing has not been corrected! For some reason, I wanted to purchase sneakers again, and since the sizing was still wrong, typed in a lengthy online chat message, and then after almost 30 minutes of waiting, was asked how I could be helped. What was the purpose of the typed message??? Then, as I was in the middle of typing my message, I was advised that I would need to call the 800# to place an order…SERIOUSLY…This is ridiculous and not any type Customer Service, but rather a waste of my time. All I was trying to do was purchase items through your store and ensure that I got the right size. Maybe your Corporate Office doesn't really care, because something needs to be done before your customer base vanishes completely……..

  • The Lord and Taylor on-line service is horrendous. Wrong orders are shipped(three times). You are placed on hold for extended periods and no supervisor ever responds. I'm this day reporting this subsidiary to corporate headquarters In New York. This division needs to be investigated. If necessary, supervisors need to be axed!

  • I would like to ask that your Marketing Dept work with the label’s team.

    The current online RETURN information/form needs a small but HUGE change made.

    Please add this copy to the form’s RETURN Instructions:

    “Be sure to get the 8 digit tracking number from the post office when you return the item. This 8 digit number will allow you to track the package.”


    Because the copy on the form today never mentions this.
    So when I took my Smart Label and box to be returned, the post office scanned it and that was it.
    I walked away.

    Five days later, I went online to track the item.
    I can’t.
    I follow your instructions online and on the form.
    However, no where do they tell me I must get an 8 digit number from the PO.

    So, no luck online.
    I decide to call your 800 number on a Saturday morning at 11 am.
    I waited 20 minutes to find out it can’t be tracked without the 8 digit number from the post office.

    So now a customer is frustrated … a call center rep’s time has been taken up … and NO ONE IS BETTER OFF.

    I am in marketing.
    I hope you’ll forward this to them.
    They can learn from this and help customers and call center reps.

    I truly expected more from Lord and Taylor.

  • Customer Service is horrible. Online ordering has taken a nose dive. On 8/29/14 I ordered 4 items which included a pair of shoes. I received my order with the UPC for the shoes blacked out. No shoes in the box. I called Customer Service and got a lot of "I don't knows". Customer service will look into it but it will take 2 weeks. Really? It didn't take them 2 weeks to take my money. This is just the latest in the horrible customer service saga. In the last 4 months I ordered a pair of shoes that arrived with the buckle missing but with a lovely card that said packed by someone. Obviously wasn't inspected by that person. Ordered another pair of Coach sandals and a pair of multi color arrived. Ordered yet another pair and the holes were not punched out and I could not buckle them These are not cheap shoes. And lastly I ordered a pair of mens pants size 32/30 and received a pair of 30/32. Not my error. I have called Customer Service and have received less than satisfactory assistance. HORRIBLE

  • I'm so disappointed in Lord and Taylor. I have been waiting for a refund for a legitimate return for 8 weeks now. I suppose I will never get it. I've made so many calls and written so many e-mails. The tactic of customer reps putting customers with problems on hold then never returning to the call is beyond the pale. This lack of customer service must portend the end of this once fabulous department store. I'm sad. But mad because I want my money back!

  • The store in Woodbridge center is terrible. I was accused of bringing a handbag back that I didn't buy. They told me I was on a video and I was purchasing another bag. I don['t know if the help there is stupid or mentally unbalanced. I will be taking this matter further with the corporate office.

  • If l&t Employees don't make their sales goals, they get fired. So they seek you stuff you don't want in order to reach their goals. Blame corporate and management.

  • I hope someone is reading these comments at corporate. Lord and Taylor is known for their reputation and fine quality. The web ordering process and customer service is a mess. Unbelievable in this day and age. I've had better service at etsy shops online. Company has serious customer service problems and does not value it's customers. Been days trying just to get a shipping address changed online. No one can help – near impossible to get through to anyone. Richard Baker CEO is running a broken ship – another institution sinking fast. Unbelievable how terrible this is set up.

  • I had a very rude and upsetting encounter with Ms. Debra Vitolo Kidane yesterday at Lord and Taylor's Fifth Avenue Store. Debra's lack of customer respect was shocking for someone that sits in the Executive Offices. Debra spoke down to me, very condescendingly and did little to help the situation. At one point she was yelling at me, when I came up in a clam demeanor looking for help. In fact, when I went down to the floor to speak with the Manager (who was extremely polite and helpful) they were not shocked at Debra's actions. I have never had an encounter like this and quite frankly, it was very distasteful. Hopefully Debra can learn to treat others with respect, especially sitting in a Customer Service role. My advice, if you have an issue, avoid Executive Offices at all costs. The floor manager and sales folks are a lot more respectable, understanding and willing to help while treating you kindly.

  • Lord and Taylor is a mess and I would rather walk around naked then buy anything from them ever again. My online order was cancelled for no good reason other than they realized some items were listed online for the wrong price. When I called customer service to straighten this out they lied to me about cancelling the order. I still wanted to order some of the items and they would not let me for some reason on the phone and said they don't have them anymore. The customer service is a joke, they tell you whatever they feel like just to get you off the phone. I placed the order online just for haha's and sure enough the items were in stock and on there way. I plan on returning them and never shopping there and making it my mission to ensure no one I know ever shops there…

  • Lord and Taylor has the WORST customer service, since 4TH of February I am still waiting for my package for an order I placed online.UPS claims it was delivered I am still looking for it, L&T is investigating, they claim they are two weeks behind still catching up from Christmas ….is this for real? a store like L&T? I am contacting the headquarters today.

  • I made an order on January 16 for 3 dresses and so far only one was filled. In addition, the clerk who took my order on the phone typed my address wrong. I caught it right away so she could cancelled and submit the correct address and she still typed it incorrectly. No one has been able to help me. They have given me incorrect information. I will never order anything from Lord and Taylor again!!!! They have horrible customer services!!!!

  • Today I went to L&T at Bala Cywynd, PA and I had a very bad experience. I selected some kids clothing and went to the sales rep to check out. There was an sale going on extra 20% on clerance so I asked the rep he told me I need to send text message to 9555 but when i saw the reply message it said I'll get 5 msge month . I said I dont want to enroll in text message and I looked up for coupon code on my phone but he said I cannot use the one I found on phone. I said ok but he was so rude that he was resisting to give me my clothes back . he took the bag and said I cannot give the bag. I felt so bad what is he thinking will I leave the store without paying or what.I said ok and I went to other rep and told this and she called the manager and every thing was sorted out . The guy in kids section is very rude and dont know how to talk to customer. I want the corporate to train good people.

  • I just called Lord and Taylor at the Eastchester location looking for a particular Dr. Martens boot and the lady on the phone was extremely rude and did not want to look for the boot at all. After explaining to me that they are not a big carrier of the brand, I asked if she could still look…When she asked if it was a bootie or a tall boot, I said it was above the ankles and with such attitude she replied, "Than that is considered a bootie!" Once she found a similar boot and described it to me I replied that I do not think that they had the one I was looking for and she proceeded to hang up. I then went to the website to use the online chat in hopes of finding the boot…I typed a message of disappointment and this is what I got….Another rude L&T representative…

    Mary Ann M: Thank you for contacting us. How may I assist you?
    Mary Ann M: Yes, wha is th item number/ I do apologize for her behaviore

    You: The web ID is 0150-R11821016

    Mary Ann M: What size do you need?You: 6 or 7
    Mary Ann M: The only store wiht availabily is our 5th Ave store
    Mary Ann M: The UPC is 883985233614
    Mary Ann M: You can call and have them ship the item to you. The number is 212-391-3344
    Mary Ann M: You are welcome
    Mary Ann M: I amsorry

    You: Thank you for your help but I think I will find them elsewhere due to how rude the woman was…I typically shop at Lord and Taylors but after this experience I will not be shopping with L&T any longer…Thank you.

    Mary Ann M: Youare welcome
    Mary Ann M: Happy 2014

    You: Thanks! Happy 2014!

    Mary Ann M: Bye

    I work in retail…I work at a Michael Kors Lifestyle store specifically… and I know how it is to deal with customers and to have to perform on holidays, bad days, slow days, tired days, etc…There is no excuse for how either of these woman acted tonight… This is the worst customer service I have ever seen and I am terribly disappointed in a department store I loved so much..

  • I have had several horrible experiences with Lord and Taylor's this year alone. Receiving the wrong items online twice and customer service did nothing the compensate their errors. The icing on the cake was my very large order of gifts for Xmas and 95% of the items were unavailable. I never received any notice from L&T that the items were unavailable. I initiated a call after days of hearing nothing and was told by a very nasty rep that the items are unavailable. I placed two calls to LT corporate office and still haven't received a call back. This has been two weeks since my order was placed. I will cut my ties with Lord and Taylor's for good!

  • I wonder why you are in business at all! Horrible customer service! I have ordered 2 things online on December 16th. Paid and received a conformation e-mail. The next day at 6 PM! i received another e-mail that one of my items in the order was cancelled. After being on hold for 25 minutes, i finally spoke to someone who responded: "What do you want me to do? " Really nice, NOT! Now it is Friday December 20th, and i receive an e-mail of cancellation for the other part of my order- 5 days after i have placed it. This was supposed to be a Christmas present for my daughter! You have waited 5 days to let me know that you do not have an item anymore? Why in the world it was available on-line anyway? I called again, and guess what was the answer – "what do you want me to do" – again! You people should not be in business. I will report you to a BBB. And i will write to as many TV stations as i can. Instead of helping customers, you have lazy bums working in the customer service who do not want to help paying customers. Just to let you know, i will make sure not to shop at L&T anymore.

  • It's very sad. L & T competition is Macy's and Bloomingdale's and they act as if they are the only department store on the planet. They don't listen to customer complaints; they could care less. The same problem they had last year with their website is still unresolved this year. Their website cannot hold the amount of traffic it gets during the holiday season. The purpose of having an on-line account is to track orders and see what was previously purchased. Last year I ended up making my purchase from Dillards.

    LaGenia Trotman
    Mount Vernon, NY

  • I tried to make a online purchase and it wasn't going thru so i called customer service for them to tell me that the website accept my card. I then noticed that my card was still charged 6 times for the amount of the item i was trying to purchase. I been trying for 8days now to get my money refunded from lord and Taylor who claims they don't accept that card but took my money and now giving me the run around on given it back and don't have no of their merchandise. I will be seeking legal action

  • I am appalled by your customer service. I visited your L&T Paramus, NJ store (near Fairway Market) on Route 17 last week (before Thanksgiving). A sales person (short black haircut) was very rude when I requested help to find a 40C Wacol bra ($80) and Petite Plus Donna Karen hose ($20-$28 each ). This sales clerk (who was training a new sales clerk) very rudely advised me that Wacol and DK do not make such LARGE sizes, to which I replied, they do and I have bought them at L&T. The sales clerk did a "look-up"in the register and told me I was wrong. I showed her the sizes on both the bra label and the pantyhose package before she stated, well L&T doesn't carried such LARGE sizes. The clerk-in-training help me find 3 pairs of Wacol panties (3/$39), which I purchased with my Black Card, then returned before leaving the register, because the black-haired clerk rudely stated that Wacol bras/panties and Donna Karen hose NEVER go on sale. NEVER! Albeit, they were on a pre-Blk Friday sale that day. I then noted that I recently bought 3/$39 panties and 8 pairs ofDK/ Petite Plus hose in the NY store with my BLACK CARD and all were discounted. I immediately went to the Executive Office to file a complaint. The Executive Office associate (who stated she knew the clerk) listened to my verbal complaint but refused to take a formal complaint until I returned to the L&T Paramus, NJ store with my NY L&T store receipt(s) proving I had received a discount when I purcahses those items with a BLACK CARD. The EO clerk insisted that L&T/NJ could not look up my purchases at the register. WHAT AN OUTRAGE!!!!!!! I will go back to the Paramus, NJ store (pay a $13.00 GW bridge toll) just for the satisfaction of "proving" that I received a BLACK CARD discount on those items. Afterwards, I will cut up my worthless L&T BLACK CARD (which is supposed to indicate you are a valued L&T customer)! WHAT AN OUTRAGE! Another "shopping while Black" experience (yes, there have been others at L&T). Sadly, L&T has joined the ranks of Barney's and Macy's. WHAT AN OUTRAGE! I will pursue this complaint with the L&T Corporate Office.

  • Every time I leave the l&t store at Dulles Town Center in Virginia I tell myself I will never go back. Three weeks ago I went into the mens department and after looking for a salesperson for 15 minutes I started to wave at a security camera to come to me, as usual no one to help me purchase something so I left. This afternoon, 12/4/13 I received a email spend $40 and get $15 off. I printed it off, left the house in rush hour traffic went into the store, 14 minutes I still didn't receive any help. 1 hour and 5 minutes wasted, NEVER NEVER again will I walk into this poorly managed store again. I have and will continue to call the corporate office 212-391-3344 option 7 for public relations to try and voice my complaint. I'm quite sure this location is the worse performing with in the local region, I blame a lot on the store manager for poor training. Also, I was in Nordstrom in same shopping center earlier in the day and purchased a pair of $325. pair of shoes in 20 minutes, treated in a very professional manner. LORD AND TAYLOR SHOULD TAKE NOTE. If the store manager or corporate executive finds this compliant, please reply and I will contact you.

  • Worst service from a department store I have experience. 1. I purchased a watch which I was told cannot be returned or exchanged if they adjusted the chain on. Ok, no problem. I will take my business elsewhere. 2. I gave the another chance and purchased a pair of diesel jeans with a 15% off promo they had. My jeans arrived and they were not only the wrong style, but they were kids jeans. Not a men’s size. I call customer service – nobody apologized. In fact, the first agent put me on hold for 20 mins after which I hung up. I called back and the lady said she will send me a shipping label to send back.. No mention to exchange or help resolve the issue. I asked what I needed to do in order to get another pair. Her response. "place a new order online". I told her I had received 15% off on these jeans. She said sorry there was nothing she can do. Today I am seeing they have 20% off. I tried using the code for some Diesel jeans and nowhere on their site does it say Diesel jeans are not eligible. The discount does not work. Horrible service over and over. Might be worth paying a bit extra but take your business elsewhere.

  • I'm appalled by your customer service. I placed an Internet order today for over $400 and as I was checking out, I updated both my "bill to" and "ship to" addresses. Your system didn't provide a "confirm" button but ended up processing my order, using my prior "ship to" address (which hasn't been correct in over a year).
    As soon as I ordered my items, I was brought to a page that said my order was confirmed (again, I couldn't confirm addresses!). This page is where I saw that the "ship to" address wasn't changed, so I immediately called the 800 # that said "to change or cancel this order, please call 800…." After waiting on hold for over 9 minutes, I finally spoke with a rep who was COMPLETELY useless. All she said is: "it's too late to cancel or change that order. It will go to the address and when no one there has your name, it will be sent back to us." Um, DUH. She should have – and definitely could have – first, APOLOGIZED that your system is so screwed up. Second, OFFERED to place a duplicate order and have it sent to the CORRECT address, even if she had to temporarily double charge me. Nope. Neither.
    So I asked to speak with a supervisor. 10 minutes later, Megan answered with an incredibly snotty tone. Again, no APOLOGY for your poor system and no OFFER to help. I am STUNNED.
    There are plenty of stores in which to spend my money, so I will NEVER, EVER go back to L&T and I'm cancelling my credit card immediately. And writing to the CEO.

  • Its sad to read all this about a company that claims to be the best, I was working at a l&t store, I believe in being honest, I tried my best and treated everyone with respect, If we are honest then the customer will return, I was let go for changing a manager in the way things were being handled. I believe teaching the younger staff members how to treat our customers would be a benefit for all, Instead they told me to leave, They don't have a clue on how customer service should really be done. Soon they will only have uneducated thugs working for them,

  • I just read in the NY Post (10/12/13) that L&T along with other old school department stores plan to open their doors for business on Thanksgiving. Shame on all of you. You disgust me. I suppose holidays and family mean nothing to you just the almighty dollar. Good luck getting the women that work in your stores to work on this holiday that is supposed to be about family. You are all greedy horrible people. Choke on your turkey!

  • Marci from Wyoming…I ordered and paid extra for shipping shoes I needed for a special occasion. I filled out the online templates complete w/ my cell number. I waited most of the day, My cr.cd. had been chg. So I called to see the status. They cancelled my order and did not bother to call. They instead sent an email, rather than call me to try to problem solve. Without knowing why? The Customer Service Lady, Sandy, said I should check w, my bank. Hahahah She had no idea why it was cancelled. I said why since it was overnight delivery did I not get a call first. She replied we sent an email. Well, I don't live at my computer and due to the storm it was down. I was upset. She said she'd have someone with authority call….and no one did. GREAT CUSTOMER Service! No body would be treated that way hopefully in person at one of there stores! Needless to say I WON"T EVER SHOP THERE!

  • Ordered an article online which was on sale. Purchase was confirmed by Lord & Taylor. Three days later they canceled the order with no explanation..Ordered again and spoke to customer service they said they will reprocess the order' it is in stock. Again waited 2 days no reply from L&T so I called again they said they do not have the item. I don't understand, if the item is showing instock on their site why don't they have it? This is not the first time they have done this to me. I believe this is false advertisement. Very frustrating


  • Letter mailed to L&T:
    On 5/15 I ordered a gift card. I called about it on 5/10, 5/22 and 5/23 because it was never processed although I had a confirmation number. Every "excellence" representative promised to fix the problem and call back. None did. Today i finally found out the problem was because the shipping and billing address were not the same although your website allows for two different addresses. Your representative did nothing but apologize, tell me about glitches in the system and that he would guarantee it would be sent out today.

    I am mortified that my gift is over a week late. Your apologies are worthless and your customer service is even less than that. The minimum L&T could have done was absorbed the cost.

    As a result, I canceled the order and sent my card through another store. You should be ashamed of yourself for the way customers are treated. Keep your apologies and back up your word.

    Their response thanked me and apologized and hoped to serve me in the future–nothing else.

    • I hear you loud and clear. My guess is that L&T will be the next retail store to bite the dust and well deserved) and in the meantime they can bite my —! The staff and management need some training in customer service. I will never shop there again and neither will my daughters.

  • do not understand why Lord & Taylor in Natick Mall in MA have undocumented people working and what I can not understand is that as one of the heads of the store know that they have no paper and they are still working in that company

  • I used to like to shop at Lord & Taylor at Bridgewater Commons Mall in NJ and my husband and I had shopped there many times, until the last one. That is on Black Friday in 2012. My husband and I purchased a set of Ralph Lauren pillow case and a set of Ralph Lauren bedding top. Later that day after getting home, we realized the colors were too dark and not good match of our room. The next day we returned them and changed to another set of RL pillow case and another set of RL bedding top at the same location. All seems fine, but we didn't know they charged us back the price of the returned pillow case on Dec. 4 after 1.5 weeks. Even one more week later (Dec. 10), we realized that and contacted the credit card company thinking somebody breached our credit card. Then we contacted the store at Bridgewater Commons Mall and it turned out it's THEY who charged us claiming the returned pillow case is a fake!! It's unbelievable!! How could pillow cases change? I have been contacting them for solving this issue but they kept denying it's their responsibility and kept claiming we returned the faked Ralph Lauren!! Whether it is a fake or not, I don't care. Who knows what happened in their store! What I care is: I returned exactly the same thing I purchased at their store. So, how can they charge me for that price after 1.5 weeks? They have to refund the mistaken charge to us.

    I have a few questions here to ask Lord & Taylor store:
    1. Is the Lord & Taylor store selling the faked Ralph Lauren products?
    2. What happened during 1.5 weeks after we returned? It could be their staff misplaced the returned package; it could be their staff steal and replace with a faked one; etc.
    3. They have a so-called "Loss Prevention System". I'm wondering if this "Loss Prevention System" a system to prevent their loss by forcing the loss onto their customers?
    4. For such a clear thing, the store acted to me like trying to cover something. What is that?


  • I used to like to shop at Lord & Talor at Bridgewater Commons Mall in NJ and I and my husband did many times, until the last one on Black Friday, 2012. We purchased one set of Ralph Lauren pillow case and one set of Ralph Lauren bedding set on Black Friday. Later when We got home, we realized the colors were too dark for our room. The next day we returned both of them and purchased another set of RL pillow case and bedding set at the same location. After 1.5 weeks, LT charged the returned pillow case to our credit card. We didn't realize it until after one more week. We contacted the credit card company thinking somebody breached our credit card. Then we contacted LT at Bridgewater in NJ. It turned out that they thought the returned pillow case is a faked RL after 1.5 weeks and so charged back the price!! How could the pillow cases change? They kept saying it is a fake and the faked one is not theirs. I thought they will do an internal investigation since, whether it is a faked or not, whether it is theirs or not, I don't care. All I care is: I returned exactly the same thing I purchased at their store. How can they charge that to me, especially in the name of "Loss Prevention"? Why should the customer make up the loss to them for that is their problem?? Is this so-called "Loss Prevention System" implmented at Lord & Taylor a system to force their loss to their customers?

    I'm wondering why they don't go check their store and staff to find out:
    1. Are they selling the faked Ralph Lauren?
    2. Do they have thief in their store to steal and replace with faked product?
    3. For so long and so obvious thing, they deny again and again. Is this store trying to cover something?

  • I have been getting calls each day at 8 or 9 looking for my $57 past due payment. I had $25 due on 12/13 but forgot; I called at 9 am on the 14th to make the payment and asked for them to waive the late fee. They refused. My January bill is due 1/13 and says $57 is minimum, so I was intending to make the payment then. But they keep calling.
    In the meanwhile, I saw the same item that I had purchased but not yet paid for on sale on line at L&T for 25% off. i bought it and just returned the original item, saving $40 PLUS L&T OVERCHARGED ME on the original item, charging me $175 instead of $160 as item was marked (no idea what I was thinking at the register). So, I am ahead $55 and not intending to pay the late fee ever, in any event. Closed the account when they refused to waive it. Am done with them. Plenty of other shopping options.

  • To whom it may concern,
    My name is Aja Wright I made a purchase with your customer service line on November 19, 2012 of Coach shoes Order# 3100856055 for the amount of $83.34, I called back the same day to cancel the order because I found he shoes at a cheaper price, upon calling back I was notified that I would not be able to cancel my order and that my only option was to refuse the order upon receipt. When I received the Order I refused the order and it was then sent back to your location. Giving the order a few days to be returned I checked the tracking number that was given to see that the shoes was returned to you on 11/26/12. I then gave it a few more days to get in the system expecting that I should receive a refund within a week, As of today 12/26/12 I have yet to receive a refund or call related to my issue, The only thing that I get is the same excuse that it has been escalated and our managers are looking into it, and we are so sorry we have been busy, from every customer service rep that I have spoken with. I have called on:
    I have sent emails on
    On 12/12/12 I received an Email from a Terry K Informing me that Heather took over my case and that she was to contact me about this issue, again as I stated before I have yet to hear from anyone. I have been more than patient with this matter. I have been told that this was sent to the escalations department and given a case # 00197627, what is the point of an escalations department when you don’t receive a call or anyone to follow up with you on the matter.

    This is a huge inconvenience as well as disturbing to think that a store such as Lord & Taylor can be so careless with its customers. While I realize that things happen I think that it is a bit ridiculous that when I call I would be put on hold and unable to speak to a Supervisor, and even when I hang up after being put on hold for 30+min that no one would be decent enough to call me back or follow up on my issues. I have left me Cell phone number as well as my email address expecting to hear from someone. This is a true indication that Lord and Taylor has no compassion for its customers and very poor customer service skills.
    I look forward to hearing from someone on this matter. I can available at
    630-430-8221 Cell

    Aja Wright

  • The Scarsdale NY store needs to get corporate in to see what a mess it is. Very understaffed, especially now during Christmas sales. Children's department had no staff and is a mess with no clothing suitable for a gift (looks like clearance at Kohls)..and most of all, some staff can't do their job. Once a nice store, it's now in need of a major face lift.
    In the past 2 months, I have had problems in the mens department (shoes and hats), Jewelry, poor selection and no staff in lingerie, and mostly hooker shoes in the shoe department. Shame on me for wanting to purchase a classy pair of pumps. I did find an excellent gentleman in Mens sweaters, two wonderful people in Christmas ornaments, a lovely lady in scarfs and Heather, who always dresses me in Womens. Please, hire staff all year and clean up your departments.

  • I agree with all the comments posted about the careless and rude Costumer Service over the phone.
    I also would like to add the lack of a responsible person to handle one case. During my request I had to deal with several agent who do not have a clue of my request. My suggestion is to have someone in charge for dealing with you from the beginning to the end. In case this would be difficult, better communication between agents would be appreciated . To solve it , I had been prompt by an agent to close my 6 years L and Taylor account.

  • In December 2011, I applied and received a Lord and Taylor credit card. I have never been late or went over my credit limit. Recently, I noticed my payments went from $25.00 a month to $32.00 a month. A call was placed two months ago and a customer care representative advised me that my payment could increase without me being advised. When she investigated the matter, she told me that a "credit protection" was added to my account. I advised her this was never authorized by me nor was I ever notified that this was going to take place. A credit was issued and a letter mailed to me from GE Capital with a credit for about $60.00 was applied to my account and "credit protection" was removed and my payments would go back to $25.00 for the "next" month. She could not explain as to why this happened. On November 1, 2012 I called to make a payment of $25.00 on my due date. The representative was advised this was a "savings account" and I proceeded to give the routing number and account number. She stated I was "not late" and my payment would be processed. A few weeks later, I received my December billing statement, there was a payment due of $55.00, as they claim Novembers payment was never received. I called last week and was advised that my payment was processed as "incomplete" I asked why was I not notified of this action. She says well "I can process your payment now" so again I proceed to give her the routing number and savings account number. She was advised to process this as a "savings account" as I do not have a checking account linked to this bank. Today, I called because the automated message says my balance was $221.00 but what was owed was $278.00. I spoke with a supervisor named Edward today and in the middle of the conversation the call dropped. I called again this evening and spoke with a manager named Tony, who informed me that GE Capital does not accept "savings accounts"as a method of payment, and payment for November was "Never" posted. I express my concern as to why I was never advised of this again as this has not happened "twice" for this month. He could not give me a answer except that I can "Make a payment in the store". I asked him would it be considered late? I asked does the system that November payment was called in "twice" he says yes. Still he would not tell me if my payment would be posted as late…


  • I recommending avoiding Lord and Taylor who owe me $362 and has failed to properly credit my money. I've had two incidences when I returned things including this one where the return was within their 90 day return period and they did not credit me the value of the items. They recently did the same and tried to suggest it was outside the 90 day period. It wasn't and was just an effort to try to steal from me again. I have proof it was sent and received prior to 90 days. I was promised it would be addressed in 24 hours and yet still no one has done anything. I've send 6 or 7 emails all of which have been ignored and called at least 3 times. They owe me $362. I have filed with the BBB and will soon file in small claims court. This is ridiculous and I shouldn'y have to waste my time in this manner.

  • I fell in L&T Bethesda MD and have been trying to get a claim form forever. The store manager picked me off the ground. Can a customer get a claim form?!!! My insurance wont pay for my doctor's visit….

  • The level of customer service at L&T Stamford CT is deplorable! Either no one answers at the extension or the wrong department is rung. When the desired department is finally reached, the person says hold and never returns to pick-up. Contacting management is also nearly impossible. The operating procedure of the store is absolutely abysmal! This would never occur at Nordstrom where I have been a customer for 30 plus years. You really need to sharpen you act before your audience decides to patronize elsewhere.

  • HORRIBLE experience with lordandtaylor.com

    I ordered a pair of shoes during their 75% off clearance flash sale- and this morning received an email stating that my order had been cancelled-no explanation. I went to their site and the item was actually still in stock in my size, so I called customer service. The woman I spoke to was useless- she said that she was sorry, but they couldn't process my order and she would not tell me why. I asked to speak to a manager- nope, she's unavailable. Well, my credit card is pending the transaction amount, so I know it's not a payment issue! I tried doing a live chat with another representative and got the same runaround- no answers. I think they cancel random orders after big sales so they don't have to fulfill their very low sale prices (I was getting a pair of $179 shoes for $45 after discount). I will never order from them again!!!!!

  • I worked at the Stamford store for some side money. the way they treat the staff who mainly consist of older women who really need the money is a disgrace. I was also treated poorly by some even though from the time i walked in to the time i walked out I worked. I will not frequest their store anymore due to the way they treat their employees. The manangers need substantial training in managerial skills and motivation

    • As an infrequent customer, the level of customer service at L&T Stamford is abysmal — from switchboard to general management. Take you business elsewhere. L&T is a disgrace to the industry and insult to customers.

  • I will never order from Lord and Taylor again. This was my first purchase, and last. I bought three dresses, online, and returned one. It has been six weeks and they say they never got it. They say they 'can't find' the tracking info that they provided me, for the return. I have signed statements from our concierge and the UPS man who picked the package up…and there is video camera surveillance downstairs that shows it was picked up.

    L&T are scammers. I am so sorry I wasted my money. Literally threw it away,and who can afford to do that?

    • Similiar experience for me, just purchased a Michael Kor's leather jacket online. Received the jacket, tried it on, it ripped under the arm pit. Obvious there is a defect in the seam of the jacket. LT told me I damaged the jacket and will not refund or credit back the $300 I spent. If I would have been at a store and tried the jacket on, it would have ripped and I would have put it back on the stand and left. Since I ordered it online the customer service person treated me as if I were the scum of the earth and that I purposely ruined a $300 dollar jacket. From all the complaints I've read, sounds like I'm not alone and that they really are scammers. I will never step into a Lord n Taylor store again!

    • Me too. Absolutely disgraseful their behavior. NOTHING would make me ever set foot in any L&T store ever!!!!!

  • placing orders online is the worst ever. I work on the shopping online industry and their customer service is so unprofessional lacking product information. by far it has been the worst. I was very surprised since they do sell upscale clothes. So I placed an order for baby dresses, the last two digits of my zip code were incorrect, so I immediately called them. Guess what?! I cant modify the shipping zip code, just the last two digits. And I cant cancel the order. I called three different times, being told I have to wait. I received email saying I cant cancel my order because of their fast shipping. lol Fast shipping?! when the transaction has not even cleared out of my bank. The only option I was told by email, because by phone all I was told were NO, NO, NO, but no one was professional enough to suggest something. I was told via email, only option to cancel and refund is to return the product and ofcourse pay the extra shipping….but wait…return the product?!!!!! HOW…if no one at your facility was professional enough to make a note that my last TWO DIGITS… are wrong!!!!! so how am suppose to return a product I wont even receive?!!!!!!!! I have shopped at so many stores because I have a baby girl and many moms can familiarize we love to shop for them and not one store has put so many issues like lord and taylor…they need to train customer service and upgrade their system…unless they are doing it on purpose to steal money. at least with my problem that what it seemed because I was not given options to cancel. they can refund but only after they shipped out the product to you and you shipped it back to them?!!!!!! How smart is that when I requested to cancel right after I saw my confirmation and called to modify it, but I was told I couldnt???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tracy in Women's Fragrances is the worst in Braintree, MA. She will keep giving you coupons and discount cards just so she can get her commission.) Even though it's supposed to be 1 per customer) If you keep buying from her -she ring you up multiple time giving you a $20. discount

    • are your a disgruntled fellow employee? Omg how horrible as a customer to be allowed to use the $20 discount card multiple times. Considering the price of products at L&T I'm sure that the store is still making a profit after that $20 off. And if she got customers to spend more, she's helping L&T Make that much more. This seems like a fake review (because if you were a real customer, you can just refuse the $20 discount and insist on paying more….)

  • The Lord and Taylor in Natick MA is badly in need of more sales people. The store itself looks old and run down. There is no one to help with customer service issues. Sales people hound you especially in cosmetics. Back off pushy sales people and you would do better in sales no one wants to be hounded. Cosmetics is the worst

  • Frequently I receive an email about a sale. Since I shop on-line, I start to review the clothing. Each and every–and I do mean every–time start using your site, it takes up to FOUR MINUTES to view an individual item and THREE TO FOUR MINUTES to return to the page.

    I work off of a Server so the problems I incur are not because of my computer. You could have sold hundreds of dollars’ worth of clothing; however, I don't have the desire to sit and stare at the computer while maneuvering through the site.

  • I went to the Jewelery section at the Dulles Town Center store in Sterling Virginia and found that the manager and employee both were persian and kept speaking persian and laughing at me. I did not know that one of them was a Manager until I inquired from someone and was told her name was Sima (something) and she was the Jewelery Manager. Then I found out that most of the employees under her were persian and she kept talking to them in Persian while I was standing in front of her. I think Lord and Taylor had a reputation for Good Customer Service experience but this store needs people that provide it rather than laugh at your customers and speak in another language (persian).

  • For a store that had always prided itself on its customer service and actually once merited stars in that department, it is so sad to see it succumb to the mind-numbing run-around one gets when trying to speak to a live person at the customer service number.

  • I went to return a pair Areosle boots that I had purchased 2 weeks prior and was told I could not get refund only instore credit I had a recept but was told the nick in my boot was my fault ?????? the boots were not leather so when I wiped a bit of slush the material came off. The manager Christina in the shoe department was very rude with me and embarassed me infront of some other customers. She had no reason to accuse me of this and talk down to me. I reside in Canada and do all my shopping in the US and have never experienced this type of treatment very unprofeesional very disappointed in the Lord Taylor Twelve Oaks mall.

  • After 49 minutes of trying to find a live person to speak with being transferred from store to store (each time being told there is no main customer service department for L&T (even though you call an 800 number) filing complainst on line twice with no reply, I wrote a long explanation here on line and it wouldnt publish. No surprise these stores are closing. Ive made my last purchase at LT – go to nordstroms where you receive fast efficient assistance

  • I am writing this to report dissatisfaction of the customer service line, or lack of customer service I should say since according to everyone I spoke with there is no customer service department. I have been trying to connect with a human for 22 minutes (after emailing twice online with no response in 7 weeks. And now, the person who finally picked up had no idea of an address to give me, so referred me to "the main store" in NYC. Let me try that now. On hold, "my call is very important to them…" 3 minutes, transferred 12 minutes later actually spoke to a nice women in NY who sid she only handles for the NY store, there is no national customer service for Lord and taylor, now at 35 minutes while im on hold and she tries to transfer me back to the store I started with…..on a call with Maria back in boston where i started. Also tells me there is no customer service department. she is a manager of contempory clothes, tell me after another 12 minutes to send it back to her…will I be reimbursed for shipping – nope even though the sweater fell apart. Must be nice to not have a customer service department, saves money. I have made my last L&T purchase. GOt to nordstrom where everyone is trained to help.

  • I ordered a grey and white pinstripe pantsuit online.
    What was delivered was a black suit with hangtag labels that said it was a grey and white pinstripe suit.
    I took it back to the Lord & Taylor in Westfield NJ along with the shipping labels and they told me they wouldn't take it …it was my problem.

    I seriously wonder how Lord & Taylor manages quality issues if I could receive an off-label black suit that purports to be a Tahari grey pinstripe…and how you train staff to be so self-serving.

    I will never shop online at Lord & Taylor again and I strongly advise others not to shop at Lord & Taylor online either. You take a risk that whoever is filling the order will actually give you what you order, and then you are stuck with whatever trash they pack in the box.
    I am thoroughly disgusted!

    • the store shouldnt have refused an online order their policy is to take it back u should have asked to speak to a manager.

    • People that work in retail stores are extremely dump and clueless so just tell them either you give me the money back or I am going to dispute and keep the item.

    • Half the time, customers switch tags on products to get s liter price. If you got the wrong suit, with the right tags, in betting that the associate grabbed the wrong suit with the right tags and sent it to you.
      It's usually the case.

  • I have been buying online on Lord and taylor for years now and last November 2011 , all my orders are getting canceled because the customer service said that my address on file does not match my financial institution. I have verified this with my financial institution as well as Lord and taylor account which I also have and they said that it was approved. Customer Service told me that somebody will contact me about this matter but it has been two months and no one ever called me for an explanation. Since I can not order online anymore, My Lord and Taylor credit card is no use.This is the latest Order Id no that was recently cancelled..15437000.

    • Same exact thing happened to me a number of times. Glad I wasn't the only one. They made it sound like you don't have enough limit on your cards or whatever. In reality, they just don't want to look stupid and take the blame for their own failure.

  • I just called Lord and Taylor in New York City. Worst service EVER! After listening to a long menu I entered the correct selection only to be passed around to 5 different people and then disconnected. I tried a second time, same thing except I wasn't disconnected, just on hold for 2 minutes until I finally hung up. All I wanted to know is if they could help me with a tuxedo pantsuit in the Tall section but apparently you have something against tall women because you offer, Plus and Petite sizes but not Tall. First and last time I'll ever shop (or try to) Lord and Taylor.

  • On December 17, 2011, during a trip to NY, I made my first ever purchase at your Manhattan store at the Bobbi Brown make-up counter.  I had some make-up applied by a make-up artist and -after much deliberation, due to cost- decided to purchase two items: a moisturizer and a foundation. Total cost : $102.34.  I made no other purchase.  Imagine my surprise when my credit card statement included an additional Lord & Taylor purchase for $65.33.  Follow-up with your customer service representative, Jessica Perry has yielded further information that the additional purchase was a Bobbi Brown travel bag, an item which-at a cost of $65- I am sure is quite impressive. However, I never saw this item in your store, did not purchase it, did not authorize its purchase and am not in possession of it.

    This has been very upsetting as not only have I had to make several calls in my attempts to clear up this matter but I am now-  since December 29th- being deprived of the use of my only credit card as it is Citicard's policy to cancel the card once there is a disputed charge.

    Needless to say, I am having serious reservations about the honesty of your employees and about whether I should ever return to your store.

    I am at this point requesting a full credit issued to my credit card company so that I am not forced to pay for an item I did not purchase; and a thorough and expeditious investigation into how this "error" occurred.

    Your prompt attention to this matter and a quick response will be much appreciated……… Charmaine Rose

  • Lord and Taylor Freehold, NJ The Clinque sales person tried very hard to sell me items that were "in stock" that were not what i needed. I purchased two bottles of foundation and when i got home they were both acne formula not the foundation i requested. The Sales woman in the shoe department tried to help everyone not to let another sales person get the sale, she was extreamly rude and another sales woman tried to sell me huter boots that were not glossy AS glossy. I guess commission is important to L&T employees. To bad the customers are not.

  • Saw two adorable pairs of novelty Star Wars cufflinks advertised on page 3 of Sunday's New York Times. Have tried for day and one half to purchase. Email to customer service, visit to Rockaway, NJ store, tried online, two calls to Customer Service, and Lord & Taylor cannot tell me whether they carry them. Suggested I drive to Paramus to try luck there. All interactions very friendly. Left messages at NY Store and Corporate Offices. Empathetic customer service representative suggested not much can be done without item number, which was not in print add. Did not appreciate irony in ad campaign's title,"Fantasies," until tried to purchase.

  • I purchased a Michael Kors watch as a 21st birthday gift for my daughter. The watch was going to be big and the salesperson, Naomi, advised that she would be happy to remove links if needed and she was there until 5PM that day.
    Well, my daughter went back and missed Naomi by 2 minutes. In the interim, she found a different style watch and exchanged one for the other. She still needed 2 links removed and inquired of BARBARA, now at the watch counter, if she would remove the links. "NOT NOW I WON'T" was what she snapped back at my daughter who was made to feel like a criminal. This representative of Lord and Taylor summarily dismissed my daughter by turning her back and walking away from her! This lovely person needs to go back to charm school. The watch cost $300.00. Is that not enough to spend or is she annoyed to need to re-write a sale for Naomi? Is she incapable of performing her job or is she just a nasty person? The latter seems to be true. My daughter is not a snotty kid. She respects her elders; when it is deserved. Em kept a civil tongue in her head, unlike BARBARA and came to me with the issue. I will be having a chat with corporate and I bet an apology from BARBARA is forthcoming. What a nasty, callous person she is. It seems apparent that she dislikes HER CHOICE IN JOBS immensely and needs to be retired or fired.
    A lesson can be learned from NAOMI, Miss BARBARA. You need to follow her lead.

  • Lord and Taylor in Cheektowaga NY is always excellent. Top notch customer service and great sales. iMO Mxcys or any other dept store does not compare.

    *this is a real personal opinion not a paid endorsement!

  • Your customer service at Clinque in Bayshore is terrible. I encountered a rude saleswoman while attempting do an exchange on Nov. 15,2011. My return was past 90 days which is your store policy. I had the receipt and original package. Clinuqie has a no hassle money back guarantee when I attempted to exchange the product the saleswoman refused to do an override, and wanted to give me a fraction of what I paid. She then consulted with a manager who also refused to accommodate me. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT LORD AND TAYLOR again due to poor customer service.

    • A similar incident just happened to me regarding L&T (Oakbrook, IL)with a Clinique purchase. About 2-3 months ago I purchased Clinique foundation that a Clinique cosmetic tech recommended to me. It was terrible; too heavy and not even the right color. Problem: I misplaced the receipt so when I went to exchange it, I was told by a very rude salesperson that it was store policy to not exchange anything after 90 days even if Clinique has a "satisfaction guarnteed" policy. She even went so far as to suggest that I fraudulently try returning the makeup to another store, such as Nordstrom, that has a more liberal return policy. I will NEVER shop at L&T for ANYTHING ever again.

    • when you buy something it's yours…i don't know when this 'return/exchange' culture became so pervasive in the US. Your story is even more pathetic; you are trying to exchange something PAST the already generous 90 DAY return policy. uugghhh….

  • Purchased a Nipon 3 piece suit in the petite department and was charged $199.00. Walked into missy department and suit is $99.00. Lord and Taylor.com same suit in missy is $99.00. Why would a petite not be the same price…less fabric etc. I think this is discrimination!!!

    • Because possibly the outside sells better than the just, so they do the price of the most to get people to buy it. Has nothing to do with discrimination. Get over yourself. Why is everyone so quick to jump into frivolous law suits?

  • The customer service at the Scarsdale store is extremely need of training. I bought a bag that cost $238.00 B. Markowski brand,it faded and I spoke to a Mgr, which her reply was that the bag was only guaranteed for 3/6 months. I asked for the number of the designer to contact the company directly and she stated that they their number was deleted due to all the complaints. I was given a card that at the event I found the receipt they might give me credit. I used their credit card; therefore they should have a record of it. The people in a managerial position do not like to help the customers. If they only knew that without customers they would have a position.

  • Today I have received 4 calls begining early am from (800) 654-0520. Initially I did not answer a # that is 800 and not identified. When I did pick up I was asked to hold. No one came on. Just did a google search of the phone number. It's for L&T. Don't know why they are harrassing me. Plan to call the exec office tomorrow and cancel my credit card.

  • I was just informed that Lord and Taylor is coming back to Florida. While that is very exciting, from the research I've done, I learned an outlet store is on it's way. I encourage Brendan Hoffman to look into opening a full department store in Naples, FL. It would definetely be a huge success here.

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