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Love Culture Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Love Culture Corporate Office Headquarters

2423 E. 23rd. St.
Los Angeles, California 90058 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-323-583-3985
Customer Service Number: 1-888-764-0314


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  1. I was at your store in Cambridge Ma galleria mall around 4 and I was not happy at all with the customer service I received. My friends and I went there to go shop for a friend party, when we got there we were being watched like we are criminals. When we got to the cash register ready to pay, one of the employer was trying to take the medal detector off the pants and she was struggling to so she called the manager for help and to get her another pant. She the manager came and got the pants from her she went in the back for a few minutes then she came back and said " the tag was burnt and that my friends and I all stole from the store" she took our personal item and checked it where nothing was found. She did not have no right because I did not steal no $5 worth of item, I am not broke or a cheap person. I felt discriminated just because it was a group of 5 colored girls at a store. Something needs to be done about the situation if not I will take it upon myself to get a lawyer to handle the situation. Thank you very much and have a great night.

    1. I havr been working at love culture for about 5 months and now they r change everything round cutting employees and manger hours telling us we cabt have drink behind counter took r sign down say that no food is allow in r store what about the customer they bring food in the store touching the clothes and they been damage ad well .think they can talk them work any kind way it's called respect its not right now U lose employees and manger.dont who is working and who is not working .

  2. I'm a new customer and already hate this store. First of all their policy is way to strict. I bought a shirt that I didn't try on and asked if I could return it if it didn't fit, they told me I could only do an exchange. The shirt didn't have a tag on it but they somehow rung me up for it using some info on the stitched in tag. I took the shirt home and low and behold it doesn't fit right. So I go in the next day to make an exchange and a different manager told me she couldn't take the shirt back w/o the tags. I told her it was sold to me w/o tags and she basically called me a liar. She also acted like there was nothing she could do. I'm so annoyed they won't give me my money back and I can't exchange ,the shirt hasn't been worn ..this is my first time shopping here and it won't happen again! Also why is nobody answering from corporate?

  3. Poor management, disorganization at its best. There is no reason to why employees can not get there checks when it's payday. I've been dealing with this issue since working there for about 2 months and it has been ongoing. Therefore I will be taking actions and contacting my attorney. From the look at the comments I believed that only Saint Louis Galleria location was having problems but seems to be the company at large. Something a
    Has to be done and it will get done one way some how.

  4. I bought a tire three days a go call the loves I bought it from he told me to go to the closest loves an get another one I went to Max Meadow Va they told me it will be awhile took my phone number a park waited five hr went to see how much longer the shop was close went to talk too the general manager he sent him on a service call now I got to wait another two hr I been doing business with them way before they had a tire shop always talk good told my friends and got them to do business even got a few companies started doing business with them now I'm a owner operators an now they kick me to the curb their just like the other big truck don't care a few months ago I bought investor on sale an then went to another truck an seen I could have gotten it cheaper I'm truck driver and would to go home an see my family But no I have to wait here an get my tire fix

  5. I had shopped at the braintree south shore plaza store, and the manager was very rude. She and another associate thought it was a big joke when i came to try to exchange. I thought this should be reported. Very rude and immature, unbelievable she was a manager or so she said she was. I wont be back.

    1. I took my daughter to shop at the Stony Point Fashion Park location, and was shocked at what I saw in the dressing area. This use to be a well- maintained store that my daughter absolutely loved to shop at. However, the dressing rooms were filthy, with damaged, inoperable lighting, and broken hooks for hanging clothes. My daughter felt uncomfortable trying on clothes, as she felt it was unclean. The dressing rooms need to be swept, mopped, and wiped down, and hooks snd lighting need to be replaced/ added. Additionally, the couch they have in the fitting toom area looks horrible; it is in desperate need of upholstery repair or replacement.This used to look like a well-kept "diamond". However, it now looks run down, due to lack of upkeep. Very disappointed…

  6. The worst store I have ever worked at / stepped into.

    Extremely poor management, misguided sales associates. On my first day of work, I had to use the skills I learned at another store in order to do my job, and even then I was doing way more than any of the workers there. The store is extremely dirty and the managers either don't show up or they are too busy talking to tend to customers. In the one day I was there, I found huge red flags: fitting rooms that are not being supervised, check out desk that is not supervised, managers who disappear during operation hours… Save your money while you can, Love Culture because the people you have hired to manage these stores do not care for the store at all. And quite frankly, when talented and experienced workers come to work, they are ran off my terrible management.

    Absolutely disgusted with this business.

    1. I forgot to mention that I was supposed to be trained by my manager who never showed up that day, leaving me to fend for myself. The other managers who were present told me nothing so I ended up rotating between go backs, dressing room, and assisting customers on my own. Then, there was an orientation we were meant to have that never happened and I was never put on the schedule. I hate this company.

  7. I'M ANNOYED! I went to the love culture in Woodbridge NJ to look for outfits for a photo shoot (was planning to credit store) but employees were more consumed with closing up than allowing me to try on outfits which would have given them $150-$200 worth of business. I asked what time do you close, employee said, "soon". I still had 20 minutes! Poor customer service!

  8. This company needs to be closed down for good. I am a manager and discovered that someone below me gets paid more than me. (my discovery was not intentional). Afterwards I discovered someone with the same position gets paid waaaay more than me. The average for my position is $12.34/hr. I get paid no where close to this. I do just as much as anyone in the store and gets paid less. I will be contacting my lawyers to have them discover just why am I getting paid less. Is it because of my race? Is it because of my age? Love Culture has another thing coming. And my district manager cared less about any of my concerns.

    1. As a manager you should be getting paid more go on glassdoor see what the company and competitors are paying learn to negoitiate your worth and don't settle. how do you know that's the average of the position did you do your research after your have to do it before.

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