Lufthansa USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Lufthansa Airlines USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


640 Hempstead Turnpike

East Meadow, NY 11554

Corporate Phone Number: 1-516-794-2232

Fax Number: n/a

Email Address: n/a

Stock Symbol: LHA

Lufthansa Germany Head Office and Worldwide Headquarters

Von-Gablenz-Strasse 2-6

Cologne, 50679


+33-1-44132222 (Phone)

+33-1-44132119 (Fax)

Lufthansa is famous for international travel by air. The company is one of the most respected airlines in the world. Lufthansa’s main competitors are United Airlines, Delta Airlines, and British Airways.

Lufthansa Airline’s toll-free customer service number is 1-800-399-5838. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

  • I've been trying to change a flight for over 5 days now. They keep hanging up on me. They say they are going to send you an email with change information as they can't do it immediately. I thought United was bad! Wow, my advise, no matter what the discount, do not fly Lufthansa. They are worse than bad. Even the Supervisors can't help you. They changed our original flight over 10 times. They keep canceling flights. Spend the extra money and flight an airline that works. Do not fly lufthansa, you will regret it.

  • 8/16/2020: I am out of a job like many other people, and after trying every month from March 2020 to today Aug 16,2020, I have been trying to get the money back from my reserved seat. I booked a code share with United airlines (Lufthansa flew part of that route), I had to not only book the code share with United, but I had to go to the Lufthansa internet site and book my seats. I have called a refund department with Lufthansa but they have done nothing about for the 5 times I tried. The next will be the US Corporate Office in NY and then, thanks goodness I can speak enough German to call them in Cologne. Over the years, they went from one of the best to a trash airline

  • I watch your video " – Lufthansa" on youtube. It is one of the best videos showing airline travel from the pilots view that I have seen. Well done! I am an aviation enthusiast and plan to travel to Europe next year. Looking forward to flying their with Lufthansa, tschüss.

  • Crook Airline. Liars and full of scam BE AWARE
    the airline is marketing for their miles and more scam non stop. The airline advertise using their credit card that has one of the highest interest rate to earn miles for ticket,each dollar spent earn a mile. Well so much for that, after having over 300K on their card I can't book nothing with their worthless earned miles as its been six months that almost every other day I call and check for available seat to purchase a ticket with my earned miles for a trip I want to go and they say no sit available, for almost six months now. All that while they are selling their scam that there is no black out days and you can book anytime you want. So they think we are fool and not getting this scam how this possible that for six month on a route that there is at least 20-30 daily flights then there is not even one seat available?? Of course, the only possible explanation is that the whole thing is a scam.
    THIS is Lufthansa's big scam to get you to use their high interest card and at the end of the day they leave you with nothing.

    It is a very shameful and petty practice for a company like this
    , And I agree that they are so indifferent about their customers. Now I think there is only one way to get their attention and that is a class action law suit for their scam that now I will pursue as I am sick and tired of these big corporations that think they can do what ever they want and get away with it

  • OMG I am glad a read this… I tried contacting their US numbers listed above, none work… wow I thought Germans would have a top notch service… dang…

  • Guess All your pilots AREN'T FIT TO FLY, unlike what the Lufthansa CEO claims. The CEO should have checked the pilot's Drs Orders first!! Maybe he shouldn't believe in his pilots so much. Amazed to see, in the press conference, the CEO hastily SNEER at changing the US rule of 2 in the cock-pit, after Airline Rules ALLOWED his pilots to KILL 150+ People!! Co-pilots should also be required to complete MORE Flying Hrs. US Requires 1500. His copilot had only 640?! Absurd! The CEO is an IDIOT!!

  • worse airline i ever traveled.treated so badly in Ghana after not allowing the flight i have paid for, for two consecutive days. spent another $1500.00 to buy ticket from British airways.waiting for good response else i will take legal action against them.customer service in Ghana so horrible and unqualified,talk to customers like trash,don't even have name tag for identification.

  • Lufthansa's US Customer Service is the worst I have ever had. Agent was very rude, she gave a fake name "Lluvia" after I threaten her to talk to a supervisor to complain for her . Go with US or British airlines.

  • BUYER BEWARE, Lufthansa has the WORST, coldest customer service. They are like heartless robots. PLUS, don't be surprised if your seat is given away!!! I flew Lufthansa for the 1st time October of 2013. The flight there was ok, but the 12-hour flight back was TERRIBLE! I reserved my seat ahead of time and when I began to board they said I'd been moved. The seat they moved me to did not recline and we were packed in like sardines. The seats in front of us were practically in our faces, and forget about squeezing through to use the restroom (which I might add were subpar to any other airline I've ever flown; dirty, broken parts held together with tape, facilities that didn't work etc). But since I thought it may be an off day for Lufthansa and it was my 1st time, I decided to book a flight on them this January. Well, BUYER BEWARE! One of their customer service agents told me that it's a good possibility that my 11-year old niece, who's never flown before, may have to sit away from me!!! This will be the last time I use any airline affiliated with Lufthansa. I will become a One World traveller and fly British Air. SHAME ON LUFTHANSA!

  • Lufthansa is a crook airline. They are not people who care for elderly and disabled. They did not provide wheelchair to my parents and they could not get the connection flight. Shame lufthansa !

    • I am not surprised, they get worse and worse the more I learn about them. Even the people at Orbitz and Expedia, even a private travel agency had bad things to say about this crooked airline.

  • Lufthansa canceled our December 1 flight to Russia from Newark–but did not notify us. Our travel agent luckily saw the cancellation just 4 hours before we were to go to EWR. She found a flight from JFK. Lufthansa's attitude toward consumers is unacceptable. It should have been required to use my phone or email to alert me.

  • My worst experience with Lufthansa ever, I don't know how they are still in business in USA. Customer service is nightmare, u can't get to anyone, that keep ignoring my emails, irresponsible behavior, shame on all top managers

  • Terrible customer service. Agents are rude and untrained no people skills. They lost a guests luggage and pushed us to fix their mistake. -Business

  • Recently I contacted your corporate office via email re the cancelled flight from Frankfort to Budapest due to Lufthansa's strike on April 22, I asked that (thinking it a just and fair request)Lufthansa reimburse me $378.35 for expenses incurred due to the missed flight (UA9072 operated by Lufthansa). I have not been granted a reply and my high regard for Lufthansa is plummeting; I had thought the flight from Frankfort to Houston was superb, with fresh, tasty food, clean comfy craft and excellent attendants. I will send you documentation for my expenses; thank you. Jean Sixbey

  • its just sad and frightening to fly lufthansa after reading all the very very sad experinces by passengers.i was just about to travel lufthasa to Africa here on the 1st of january but i dare not.its the worst airline

  • The sad experinces by travellers using lufthans is a bad dream and honestly i will never try this airline in my life.i almost bought a ticket to Afirca but now ive changed my mind
    elijah ouma
    copenhagen ,Danmark

  • The bags of my whole group of 6 persons were delayed last evening. We filled out all necessary documentation and was told that we would be called to arrange for delivery today. This did not happen, and therefore, as per the report form I also logged on to but that just said ring the airline !!! – so worse than useless.
    I had to ring a premium rate phone number where I was told that the queue was less than 30 seconds but I had to wait several minutes before being answered.
    I complained about this appalling customer service, did not even receive an apology !! I was just given another number to ring to get an E.T.A. for my bag. I asked for details of who I could complain to and was told to do so via the website. However, I shall make their CEO aware, as this will affect my future buying decision, if I can find contact details for his office. I was unaware that Lufthansa was diversifying into making money from premium rate telephone communications and I am very unhappy about the costs for myself and other members of my group in time, calls and inconvenience. We have essential items in the luggage eg. laptop charging units !!

    C. Croxson

  • We just had a worse flying experience with LUFTHANSA on July 4th from Prague to Frankfurt and even worse from Frankfurt to LAX!
    We are frequent flyers with United and United Club members but were treated as second class citizens by the rudes ground crews we ever experienced in our life!

  • Lufthansa is run by Crooks. They cancelled my flight from Chisinau to Munich. They could not rebook me and they did not refund my fare. Not a dime. Lufthansa, you OWE me $402.

  • I flew with Lufthansa Airlines from Munich to Los Angeles and I had a good service with Ms.K.Ropat on March 18,2012. Please, I want from Ms.K.Ropat to send me email that she received. Sincerely

  • I have to change my return date and contacted my agent and they tried to find the fare by blocking the seats, but the rates are equal to a round trip , so the agent asked me to contact Lufthansa and i did. i called a LH agent and he said it is taken care by agent and they cant help and again i was forwarded to the Lh agent like a ball played my the private agent and lufthansa, at last lufthansa agent confirmed the date in the morning and she said everything is confimed and she will email me the confirmation of the return date and i can pay the change of date fare $250+$25 in the airport at the time of travel. i taught i was all set,but the same day evening they are calling me and saying the system is not accepting and i have to call only the private agent and i really hate their service.could not find solution for the past 10 days.

    when they have some limits y do they give the whole control to the private agents and they try to charge more from the customers? .Now i would advice everyone don't travel In Lufthansa airlines, service is very poor

  • I flew with Lufthansa Airlines from Newark Airport to Accra 1 stop connection during the holiday season. Upon my arrival, I was suppose to buy another ticket to my final destination and not to mention my medications in my luggage that didn't get to me till 10 days after. I was stock in a country I knew no one and had to pay hotel fees until I was destitute. Hadn't it been the intervention of the United States Embassy, my health was going to get worse and probably perish. Here is the list of the important medication that was critical to my health:TRAMADOL HCL 50 MG, CYCLOBENZAPR 10 MG,SIMVASTATIN 20 MG, ZOLPIDEM 5 MG, BUSPIRONE 10 MG, NAPROXAN 500 MG. Because of the Lufthansa unethical management I am asking $3000.00 for pain and suffering and $4500.00 for my medical expense to restored my physical condition. Failure to respond to this public exposure will lead me to pursue legal actions.

  • Trouble exprince with Luftansa. Last winter I had a connecting flight from Frankfort to US connecting in Vancouver BC Canada. While my flight arrived a late not knowing that I had to go through customs both in Canada and the US did not help the situation either. Got to know that if your luggage or flight arrive late, or if the airport is too crowded to go through customs on time in Canada, you will be late and on your own to catch your flight as neither of Luftansa staff at the airport nor those in their US headquarter at East Meadow NY would care. They simply sent the passengers to Air Canada who promply sent them back to Luftansa like a ball. Worse, if you have a child with you and it is cold as it was my experince To this date, Luftansa is yet to respond to my complaint, reimbursing me for paying my way back to the US on a bus is another story. Hope you will have a better experince with Luftansa if you still are going to choose them.

    • This is so true they want to give a few frequent flyer miles to settle multi million settlements? I plan to sue them for discrimination and 14 CFR Part 382, but also several statues of the ADA. FAP and U.S. Department of Transportation and Consumer Protection. Hope more can join in. Thanks

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