Lumber Liquidators Corporate Office Headquarters

Lumber Liquidators Corporate Office Headquarters
3000 John Deere Road
Toano, VA 23168 USA
Customer Service Number: 1-800-336-4204
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-336-4204

  • Just a note. When a previous customer places an order and pays upfront, please have your salesman be truthful about delivery time, especially if it is backordered. We were told seven days from April 6, now being told May 3rd. Normally I wouldn't care but I have seven adopted kids, six who are handicapped, with one in a wheelchair trying to navigate around with three rooms of furniture piled up all over the place, after tearing up flooring. Probably going to lose my tile guy too. Thank you.

  • I returned my flooring March 12th and was told since I paid with a check, it would take 3-5 weeks to get my refund. Here we are almost 3 months later and still no refund. I've been told repeated that "the check is in the mail" however I have yet to receive it. I've asked to speak to upper management and of course, no one is ever available and I never receive a phone call back. My attorney is my next call.

  • Worst customer service I have seen. We ordered in October and still have no flooring and it is Jan. The company has no interest in trying to give us answer when it will arrive, if ever.

  • Like many of your customers who decided to build with Lumber Liqidators i am told i cannot get an objective 3rd party to review my floor concerns. While i built the house, selected the flooring and paid for the flooring because it is in the builders name i get no satisfaction. Your staff is very proficient (dennis and tanya and jonne) and the rest at quoting policy. The builder says it's installed correctly that it's a problem with the wood. The store says it's installation. I'm caught in the middle like thousands of others. Yes, the staff shared with me that this happens all the time and unless the builder is willing to sign over the order to me-" we tell all customers there is nothing we can do". REALLY???? I wouldn't want that on the front page of the globe. Would you? Call me so we can work this out. Thanks- Tony Johnston 407-222-1673.

  • Dear Regional or District Manager for Memphis TN Store #071
    I became a customer of the Memphis TN Store on Saturday November 12, 2016.
    I was unbelievably pleased with Professional, Customer oriented Assistant Manager, Mr. Marcus Harper, he was flawless in the job he did for me. I spent $3200.00 dollars for flooring for my home. He made sure every component for a flawless install by my contractor was met. All the time smile on his face, professionally dressed with his black Lumber Liquidators Shirt and Khaki Pants.
    Third party would be delivering my 1200 square feet of flooring, I requested they schedule to deliver the following Friday, November 18th, 2016 when my son would be off to receive, all was set, I get a call November 15, 2016 at 14:30 Hrs., they cannot deliver on Friday, BECAUSE IT WAS GOING TO RAIN, so I called Mr. Harper, he said he would just have them bring to the store yesterday, Thursday, November 17th, since we were already scheduled to pick up from Store #071, 13 rolls of padding, quarter round, threshold transitions and approximately 200 sq. ft. on Vinyl Planks for my Bathroom, Laundry and Powder room.
    So we made the one hour and 20 minute trip to Memphis store to pick up. Waited hour and 30 minutes, contract deliverer never showed up. Marcus Harper got on the phone and they told him some excuse. I believe it was just unprofessional on their part.
    Marcus Harper then got on the phone and changed to Averitt Express to deliver to my home Monday, November 21, 2016. Again very customer oriented and professional.
    Then this slouchy man walked up to me and proceeded to be rude and saying it was all my fault. Did not introduce himself, dress in inappropriate dress, no professionalism, no customer skills, talking over me until I told him forcefully to let me finish. Held my hand up toward him to TELL HIM TALK TO THE HAND.
    He walked over to the other end of counter and rudely whispered in Mr. Harper’s ear, and went to the Warehouse and got on a fork truck, which is all in my opinion he is under qualified to do. Since he had been MANAGER FOR 24 HOURS.
    He needs some severe people skills training, and customer service and most of all
    Managerial skills training, he has none of the above.
    He then proceeded to restock my items I was there to pick up and again Marcus
    Harper had to ask him to bring them out to our truck and trailer.
    He needs some severe people skills training, also customer service skills and most of all Managerial skills, he has none of the above.
    I would never step foot in that store if he was the only one there. I’ve worked a long met all kinds of people, i.e.: Jackson TN Police Dept., 13 years. Mr. Marcus Harper would be an EXCELLENT MANAGER at you Memphis Store.


    Ms. Sue H. Casey
    Work Number: (731) 425-8525
    Work email:

    I had to ask Mr. Harper for the name of the slouchy & rude person.
    Chris Dixon, another training opportunity.

    Update: Monday 21, 2016
    Another trucking company couldn’t deliver as scheduled for today, It rained!!!!!

  • Wish I would have checked this site first before buying from LL. I'm still trying to get the rest of my order that was placed on 6/20/2016. Ordered from the Kenosha, WI location. Very disappointed in how I have been treated at that location. Phone calls promised, product promised, installation promise, etc. No phone calls, no product, and I had to cancel the install and find my own installer. The men that run this location are very rude as well. Can't believe a company as large as this one does business this way.

  • WARNING TO THE PUBLIC DO NOT GO TO LUMBER LIQUIDATORS!!! Check out the Better Business Bureau Web site and you will see that this store had been flagged in bold red letters. I made the same mistake of buying from this store and I will regret it forever. They spend millions on commercials that's why they get people to buy. Once they hooked you in, you'd be in a lot of grief. The sales persons don't know what they're selling, the wood planks are mostly defective, the sales clerks are the rudest, you get suspicious charges on your credit card made by Lumber Liquidators. Do not believe their promos. The government should do something to this store. penalizing them is not enough because they are still allowed to operate and make more unhappy customers. Any good review about this store can't be true.

  • Justin at the Port Richey Store in FL. After spending over 10k on a floor yesterday, today he had some words to say to my contractor about me. If they didn't have a 20 percent restocking fee I would cancel my entire order. They did lose my business on padding and molding. That's about 5k right there.

  • Dec 2015 went to LL….long story short..they underestimated my order by 5 boxes treated me terrible and made me pay full price for the underlay that i had bought at a lower price and told me i was lucky it was on sale this week….degraded me because I am a woman…did not one thing for me even tho they admitted it was their mistake…HORRIBLE BUSINESS

  • This site is obviously not monitored or they would be removing all bad comments.

    I special ordered some oak flooring and it took a month. It arrived and about half way through the first box the wood was warped, all different widths and thickness and some were even chewed up. I told my contractor to do the best he could thinking I would deal with a refund later.

    Well after 2 months of ignored email, and not returned voice mail calls, they sent me a copy of the instructions which in few small print (which I never got in the box) that says that if any wood is installed that is defective they will not pay for anything. They admitted it was defective (pictures proved) but because I installed it, it says that I approved of the flooring. Nothing they can do about it.

    Be very aware of these shysters. My contractor had told me that they will find some reason not to pay and he was right. Big companies don't give a d***.

    Do a google search for lumber liquidators complaints and you will find at least 800 bad reviews. The only good ones are those that are just installed and they have not had to deal with trying to get it replaced when it starts to shrink and buckle.

    Presently there are 103 class action suits against them and they are being investigated by the DOJ. I believe the stock drop not only has to do with the tainted wood from China but with customer satisfaction.

    I will be selling my stock at a huge loss. I suggest no one buy wood from them or their stock if you don't want to get ripped off.

    BTW you get what you pay for and less. I too hope they go out of business. I truly believe they are like a insurance company that gets paid to deny claims.

  • This is the most useless bunch of lying people that ever lived on may the 20 I signed a contract with Mathew and was promised to get my money in 10 days it is now July 6 and still no money there has been daily phone calls to Mathew and the rest of the supv. that are supposed to be handling this to know avail as none of them will answer there phone they all hide behind there answerer and then don't return calls as they don't have the guts to talk to you personally if you do get lucky and talk to someone all they wioll do is lie to you I have been told 4 times that my check was mailed now it was mailed and fed ex lost it believe this if you can I live in Wylie Tx and if they think I am buying that I have somr ocean side property I would like to sell them what a bunch of useless characters LL HAS WORKING THERE AND I HOPE THEY GO BROKE AND ALL LOSE THERE LYING USELESS JOBS CECIL SUDDERTH

  • Update :I picked up the new flooring this morning from Lowe's, "MADE IN THE USA ". Sure wish i would have read the reviews on lumber liquidators website before we bought that first damn floor. It would have saved me a lot of hard work and aggravation. I've been getting the royal run around from them the past two weeks now. They are playing the catch 22, cat and mouse game, insisting that you use one of "their" air quality control test (which are apparently rigged to give inaccurate results according to an attorney's website) before they will even consider what they"might" do for you, but you can't seem to get one of the test. I'm so aggravated and upset with them right now. I'm not gonna give up until they make this right.

  • My husband and I decided after 12 years it was time to replace our old carpet in the living room with laminate flooring from lumber liquidators September 2014. Even though I have some health problems, I decided to install the new floor myself to keep the cost down. It took me a good two weeks, plus 4 massages & about a month to recover, but the floor turned out beautiful and I got a lot of compliments on it. Then it was brought to my attention a few weeks ago by my son about the issues at lumber liquidators with to much formaldehyde in the flooring. Upon further investigation from the label on the leftover box they refused to take back, I discovered that the flooring I had worked so hard on happens to be one the brands of flooring that is part of the batch with to much formaldehyde.I tried contacting customer service first, at the advice of my attorney where I received nothing but a hard time. Then I tried calling the corporate offices where I had to actually dial the number that I wanted to place an order so I could actually speak to a person, and again I was given a run around.
    I am a 10 year Cancer Survivor, I lost my mom 2 years ago to Cancer and currently have a good friend who's fighting Cancer. I DO NOT have the Luxury of waiting 3-5 years for the Class Action Lawsuit to play out in the courts while I'm living with your contaminated flooring in my home and taking the huge chance of getting Cancer again. I can't handle more radiation, surgery & chemotherapy. I also had to have 2 Brain surgeries to remove tumors & have to live with the complications from that everyday with a tramatic brain injury. I even tried going back to the store where we bought the flooring & got the same run around. I have filed complaints with Consumer Protections and the Better Business Bureau and the Finance company (Synchrony Bank) which we are still making payments to for the contaminated flooring. I already have health problems and my husband is starting to have health problems. We have 3 young grand children under 4 years old and a new puppy who spends a lot of time on this floor. I CAN NOT take the chance that this flooring is safe when it is known that you knowingly put False label's on your products & believed you are also willing to falsify test results to say your products are safe when there not. We are willing to rip out and replace the bad flooring ourselves with something that IS SAFE, but we feel the least you can do in good Faith and for your reputations sake, would be to refund our money for the flooring we purchase from your company. We believe we are entitled to a full refund, and the problem would be solved. This is not a customer friendly professional company. I would not recommend them to anyone.

  • The reason only 1,000 people have ordered test kits for formaldehyde on their flooring is because it is impossible to contact them. I have tried multiple times..all customer service does is send me to their web site which you can not order the kits. Shame on this company!!!

  • I am extremely unhappy — I was advised when I purchased my more that $2000.00 dollars worth of laminate that I could return the unopened boxes for a 20% restocking fee. this was expressed loud and proud. Flooring was picked up Jan 27th 2015. Due to unprecedented weather I was not able to determine returnable boxes until 3-9. Apparently there is fine print which limits this to 30 days . I am not anonymous susanmassengill@reagan .com
    READ EVERYTHING. When I mentioned the unpresedented snow I got the reaction mam we are not responsible for the weather. Maybe not but I will be resposible to telling everyone I know about the "understanding " I Recieved .

  • Less than 6 months after installation my floors are falling apart. There are 6 places there the gaps between the floors are widening, 2 moldings are falling off (one on the stairs which is causing people to fall) there are stair backs that are falling off as well. I put a claim in to customer care on 12/6/14 and as of 3/5/15 still no response from customer care. Images I FINALLY got through to someone in customer care I was told they would get a call from the installers within 24 hours…4 days later I finally get a call, at 9pm, saying that they would be out either Thursday or Friday but weren't sure because they were busy. Well, they were no call, no show both days! Ugh! Now when I call customer care I am being routed to the catalogue department who cannot do anything. I called the local Denver store to see if they could help…no shocker here, they said they would get with the installer and call back…3 days later and still nothing. What is my solution here? I will never recommend LL TO ANYONE AND DONT HAVD MUCH OF A CHOICE OTHER THAN TO KEEP POINDING MY HEAD AGAINST A WALL UNTIL SOMEONE IS WILLING TO HELP ME!! I am in awe at the sheer number of employees that do not care at this company!

  • Seen you guys on the news last night…..WOW, poisoning coming out of your flooring, would NOT buy from YOU!!

  • Taking advantage of people
    I purchased flooring earlier this year from lumber liquidators in Baton Rouge. The first time we purchased floor was in January of this year then again on march. The last time we purchased floor In march the sales associate was speaking with my mother. After stating we will not be needing it soon as the house was not ready the sales associate told us not to worry about this because we will work with you if you have some to return she then had some hesitation and was going to wait. The sales associate then said if you want to get this price it has to be purchased today ($2 cheaper per foot). Reluctantly she ordered floor but not until the sales associate told her that she needs to purchase the remainder of the batch or if its short at all and we need more it will not match up. We already gave her the total +15% so no more was actually needed but he saw a woman who did not fully understand. The floor was purchased and picked up almost a month later. In august we realized that we were going to have an excess of flooring so the store in Baton Rouge was contacted on several occasions and every time the manager is not in or he will call you back finally the manager is on vacation for a week apparently he was dodging calls. Finally after his vacation the manager answered the phone (what a relief) after i told him who I was he rudely stated we will not take anything back its past the policy. I stated yes sir I know its past the policy but you and the sales associate were aware that we will not be needing the flooring for a few months. His response was the sales associate is not at this location anymore and they can not take it back. So in October after being ignored by the store for almost 2 months I contact customer service file a claim and they say someone will contact you back in 48hrs. 48hrs later no call so I call back and speak with a supervisor he states he will call me back within 48hrs and again still no call. Getting back into town today 11/11/2014 I call customer service again and speak with the same person as previously Jessica. She stated its past the return policy and can not do anything about it so then I ask to speak to a supervisor and she tells me that one can call me back. Like I am going to fall for that again. i stated she was supposed to call back within 48 hrs and its almost 2 weeks later with no call. I then get transfered to Robert who is a supervisor. He plays the game of asking arrogantly how can he help me? I asked do you have my account pulled up? He says yes I then ask is that all you guys can do. He again says they will not take it back. So the point of this since August 3rd Lumber Liquidators has been aware that I have been paying $75 a week in storage fees for this wood. The store in Baton Rouge and customer service are playing ignorant to the facts of the situation we are in and still ignoring the matter hoping it will go away. It was nice when the sales associate and manager wanted to run outside and take a picture of the floor loaded up on the trailer so they can send it to their district manager to brag (which was said specifically "Wait I want to get a picture for my district manager") But now nobody knows anything. My problem this company took advantage of my mother because she is ignorant when it comes to purchasing flooring and knowing the future situation lied to both of us and now we are sitting here today still losing money because of storage fees.

  • I would like to make you aware of the level of unprofessionalism demonstrated by the manager Bob Schultz at store number 1004 in Claymont, Delaware. He was rude, unhelpful and condescending while trying to alleviate a problem with an order and its financing. On 8/12 I placed an order for $756.87, while I should have placed an order for $1390. It was an error on my part. I applied for 1 yr financing. On 8/29, 17 days later, I realized my mistake in the order and ordered an additional $634. When I received my bill I noticed the financing was for 6 months and I called the Credit Card Company. I was told that to go to the store, where the manager can change it to 1 yr financing. I did as told and this is where I encountered Bob Shultz. To begin, he was behind a counter and refused to even stand up and communicate with me. When I explained he said, " I can't do that, that is the bank and not LL. You order has to be over $1000." I said, "It is." He told me he couldn't do it. He then proceeded to tell me not to get annoyed with him. I explained that I am not annoyed with him in particular, but with the situation and the fact that I am being told 2 different stories. With that he was getting frustrated and began to walk away from me. So I said, "So what you are saying is that if I return the flooring I have picked up, and then repurchase it, my order will be over $1000, and then I will get the financing." He said, "Well you may be over your credit limit." I said, "Excuse me? My credit limit is nowhere near its max." Then he said, "well, I can't give you the sale price." I said, "why not? BOTH orders had the same price per square foot. That is ridiculous." He walked away and at that point I asked for corporate’s number and he had a sales associate give me customer service's number, not corporate. This situation is utterly ridiculous. I purchased a lot of flooring within three weeks of each other, paid the same price per square foot, I exceeded the $1000 limit, but because it is two different orders the financing will not be provided? And if I return it and repurchase it, it will be but at a higher rate? This is unacceptable and I expect better customer service and better quality store managers who are not rude and condescending, but actually take a vested interest in their customers and care to work with them.

  • NO! I had a laminate floor put down, in place of old carpeting. I asked the Lumber LIquidator guy what kind to put down. That i wanted something to last. I explained that i had big dogs. Well I found a bad board right in the middle of the floor where the laminate is coming off. I haven't even had it a month. Then there is one at the top of the basement stairs. they guy just left. He thinks it's the dogs. My friend has had her laminate floor for a long time. She bought it from Lowes, which Lumber Liquidator said doesn't sell their quality. She has some water damage and some other spots she's done her self. She has a lab that weighs way more than my dogs and bounces all over the floor, plus she's had other big dogs before this one. I don't have enough wood left to fix it. the two boards I have were bad. The installer is going to talk to his boss. He said I might have to pay for a box of new flooring, but they will change it out. My question: If it's the dogs, why isn't it all over the floor? He saw some scuff marks he said the dogs were doing. I got my mop and they rubbed out. He also asked what cleaner I was using. I showed him the bella stuff they sold me when I bought my flooring. He told me to go to Lowes and get Bona. My floor has a haze. I am so disappointed. I had money to go better. I asked if this was the best flooring for me and was told yes. I told them I had big dogs. It has a 30 year warranty, but that's finish, not gouges. He said he can't say for sure that it isn't their mistake. I am just so disappointed. I wanted a nice floor that would last a long time. I hate having people come to my house and disrupt my day. Looks like I might be having to put in a new floor in the not too distant future. If this happens I will not be buying it from Lumber Liquidator. Dang!

  • Now I know this place is shady…not only does this company enable poor customer service, as well as mouthy, obnoxious employees and store managers, but the number they post as their corproate offices is bogus and you cannot speak to anyone;. We paid for our floor to be installed by this bogus corporation. They did half the job and then never showed up again.Numerous calls and emails to the local Lone Tree, CO store have gone unanswered. Finally, when I wrote a threatening email, the store manager called me and was rude, obnoxious, and one of the most arrogant people I've ever dealt with…reminding me I was nobody because they were a national company and writing threatening letters is a joke to them. How much of it was a joke as you charged my credit card $2500? How much of a joke would it have been if I had called the local news to do a story on your shady business policies? I'm not stopping here….I will find the Regional Manager and I will continue to pursue my claim.

    • Did you find the regional manager? If so, can you share the number, because I am so upset and need to get in touch with someone too.

  • I will never purchase from this company again, nor will I recommend them on any level. First there was a damaged item that they were suppose to replace, never sent it back, never ordered. I ordered my flooring, to the tune of 3500.00 a month ago, still not in. Now I am so fearful that there will be damaged merchandise, IF AND WHEN i ever get it, then I need to fill out a form if it happens. This is a joke. I want to return my flooring, but was informed they will charge me 20% restocking fee. I said no your not, this is not my fault – Manager said "well it's not my fault either". My advise would be to stay away from lumber liquidators. I am contacting consumer reports to see if there's anything that can help.

  • Not happy with the way my floor was installed by what I thought was a contractor team by LL. CDR contracting in ct has made many mistakes yet somehow has a excuse for it all. Have yet to resolve the issues . Would buy the wood again but find my own installer

  • I purchased 7 boxes of flooring that where at a discount and discontinued. I cut it too close and with waste and bad material I ended up with close to 30% waste versus 15 to 25%. When I went back to search for more product I have been met with more less then enthusiastic response. After three days I went on line myself and found two GREAT employees in Texas,(Angel, in Houston) and Derrick,(Kenosha, Wisc.). These two guys did in 15 minutes what the guys in Minneapolis Minnesota could not get done in three days!! Thanks guys!!

  • my wife & i went into your West Allis, WI store on last Sunday to purchase flooring for our rental. we came in looking for the "cheap" flooring posted in your ad. we were greeted by a great young man, Nick Davis, who showed us the sample; we didn't like it…tho't it was too
    cheap, so Nick showed us a better option, which we purchased. i'm writing to high-five Nick
    who was so nice, professional. as a former multi-store mgr for a national men's clothing store,
    i was so very impressed by Nick. he was alone in the store at the time, the mgr got married
    the day before & the asst mgr hadn't come to work yet, but Nick managed to help us and the
    other customers at the same time…without making any of feel rushed or ignored. Nick truly is a great asset to your company. he made us feel like we were the most important people; although
    our purchase was small, Nick was a great representative of your company!

  • My wife and I went to the Yonkers NY store……waited for an hour and a half before we got taken care of……when the LL worker came to help us we showed him the floor we like and wanted to order, out of the blue this guy just walked away from us and went to a customer looking at a more expensive floor then what we were looking for. Lot's of class LL has for workers

  • LL in fort Collins, co is horrible. We ordered laminate flooring for a rental. First, the order got "lost" . Then supposedly UPS crushed the order. Then, when my installer went to pick up the order it was behind pallets to the ceiling and had to help them get it out. after that, the ordered the wrong transitions. when I went to pick up the correct ones, they were gone ( turns out the guy was too lazy to look for them). my daughter called to find out about the order and was told they were there and no one ever came to get them and they were sold. So my daughter pitched a fit and told them they better get them ASAP and deliver them to my house. they must have been scared because they did it. Of course part of them were wrong. when I took them back I got a restocking fee. Huh.

  • Attempted to purchase produce via LL card, in past paid cash. Was advised that card was inactive and would not be allowed to purchase items. Lowes/ Home Depot you have my busness for life. Sorry LL I do not replace my floors once a year which would generate the use of your card,therfore I pay cash. LL keep up the good work cards and letters are coming in which reflexs your fine business work for a large municipality and at the next personnel & Pension Board meeting will strongly suggest seperation from this company in invesment composite.

    • yes you are right Joel V is depressing individual. The material is crappy & deceptive ads they wont honor my 20% coupon on all laminate wood! Real talks Rancho Cucamonga LL representive serious give me the SVL stomach virus look when i show them my 20% coupon! do not buy from LL

  • We TRIED to work with LL to buy wood countertops for our kitchen. We had a couple of basic questions, one of which was the width of the grain for the maple, since LL had no samples to provide (they gave us a sample of the floor!). Customer representative made no effort to find out or provide details IN ANY WAY. Obviously, they didn't know or care very much. It was as if they wanted us to buy their product sight unseen.

    We're not that stupid (I hope).

  • I think when you purchase something from a retailer and pay cash. you return some of it back you should receive cash back
    not some company check that takes 5 weeks to get or store credit. they sure want there money when you buy it. so why not give it back?People we as citizens need to stand up for our rights.

    • I am still waiting for a refund. The store manager tells me he is waiting for a response from headquarters and his computer is slow. I have talked with him 8 times now. That's been 3 weeks. Their refund service is awful.

    • I completely agree. Now my project is delayed 5 plus weeks. I was told to stay away from this fly by night company But, I got stung anyway. My order was supposedly to be delivered in two to three weeks. I cancelled becaused they now said "months" WTF kind of company is this? They need to leave Merrillville Indiana. Not welcome.

  • Was going in your store tomorrow to purchase. Will not happen now… There are two sides to every issue….

    • My wife and I purchase flooring from LL. We paid cash, over $1100.I schedule the installation with a private contractor, so I called LL to pick up the flooring from their store in St. Pete. Fla. The salesman said they sold it to someone else and shipped it out already even after we paid for it and it was earmarked for us. They have absolutely no regard for customer service. They are just kids wanting to make a fast buck and take you for what they can get. It's no bargain if you buy flooring and they don't deliver. I'm going to contact the district attorney regarding their fraudulent business practices. Don't get suckered in by low prices and bad service, when all you're buying is a lawsuit.

    • I had them install my flooring spring of 2016. They mad big cuts in the floor and there are nails that are completely through the floor in 5 places. I started then to get this corrected and still am over a year later. This flooring isn't made anymore so I had to pic out something else. So now I have had all the new flooring in my dinning room for over a month but still not installed. Both vanities in bathrooms will have to come out and my granite will have to come up and the back splash which is going to tare up my sheet rock. I just called the store and he has caller ID and he picked up the phone and said" Deloris don't call here anymore. I am busy. I will never use them again and I will tell everyone I know

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