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Macys Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Macys Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Macy’s was started in Haverhill, Massachusetts, today they are headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Macy’s corporate office address and phone number are below:

Macy’s Official Address

7 West Seventh Street

Cincinnati, OH 45202

Corporate Phone Number: 1-513-579-7000

Macy’s is online with Macys.com, their corporate office information is listed below.

Macys.com Corporate Office Headquarters:

685 Market Street

San Francisco, CA 94105

Macys.com Phone Number: 1-800-289-6229

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  1. I placed an order with Macy’s and one plate and bowl were broken. I contacted them and was told I filed too many complaints. I gave them evidence that was not true. This was their second response after I provided evidence that this was not true.

    This is the history of deliveries that I will be sharing in my complaint to Corporate. Whoever reviewed this and came up with the idea that I was filing lots
    of claims is seriously misinformed. I will go back an additional year if possible and share that information as well with Corporate.
    I'm being told that this is a delivery issue and that I have a history of filing claims

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