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  • Magnuson Hotels Corporate Office Headquarters

Magnuson Hotels Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Magnuson Hotels Corporate Office Headquarters

Magnuson Hotels
525 East Mission Avenue
Spokane, WA 99202 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-866-904-1309
Fax Number: 1-509-744-0364
Customer Service Number: 1-866-904-1309

  • March 17 2018 ocean springs ms. Booked our room two weeks in advance got to the hotel and they change their room when we went to enter or room the key card did not work my husband went downstairs to let them know one of the guys comes up stairs tells us that there's an issue with the key card slot but they can't replace it. So he opens the door to the room and it's filthy the bed is not made it is not been cleaned so they bring us back downstairs this is 1130pm. They get us another room, we go in the room and there are black hairs on the bed, coffee maker with no pot, nasty. We are exhausted at this point. Guy who works there is in the room next to ours he opens his door and slams his door and opens his door and slams his door for 2 hours at this point I am frustrated I had called down to let them know what was going on they weren't apologetic nothing open up our door and the smell of weed about knocked me on my butt I decided this point I need a shower or a bath something I get in the shower my husband is laying on the bed and low and behold somebody uses a key card and comes into our room I was Furious after 2 hours of this constant crap my husband and I got in our car checked out of the hotel and drove back home this ruined the weekend that was planned for my sister's birthday I would be ashamed to have this hotel with my name on it which was such shotty and ridiculous management. They do not care.

  • We booked our reservation for the Magnuson in Pensacola FL back in March, 2017. Confirmation received, no problem. As we are driving to our Hotel, I call to tell them we will be late due to the weather. Phone recording states that the number is out of service. We assume due to the weather, WRONG! We arrive to our Hotel, CLOSED, under construction! NEVER AGAIN!!!

  • Don't stay in Fort Worth, Texas location at 6700 Fossil Bluff Drive.. Rude staff, dirty uncleaned rooms, and muddy water in water pipes. Worn out bed sheets.Crime in the parking lot at night, asked the night clerk to call police she reply "We have cameras"? No police were called. Hotel water cut off in morning without notice, front desk said it was the "City cut the water main". Walked outside and saw private contractors working on hotel water line in hotel property.

  • I stayed at the Magnesun Hotel in Ocean Springs, MS. When I was there the hotel was ok but the manager was not friendly. He only would answer with w yeh or no. I thought the next day a different manager was coming in, but never did. Over our 2 day stay we only saw one manager. When I asked him what shift he works he said that he is a working a 24 hour shift straight with no breaks. Is that legal? One of the cleaning ladies was complaining to another that she had not gotten paid on 6 weeks. I travel all of the time and do not want to be associated with a place like this. Unfriendly staff, never saw the owners and does not pay the employees. Was not the cleanestg. Will not be back.

  • Me and my new wife wanted to spend our honeymoon in the gulf shores Alabama branch and it has been the worse experience of our entire 3 year relationship. We have been so mistreated that I will never rerecommend this hotel to anyone that asks me about a good place to stay.

  • The web page said hotel and marina, I was expecting to be able to fish right outside my door. When i got to the hotel though I was told there was no fishing, which seems odd to me as the boat slips and dock are owned by the hotel. The reservations were for a suite with two queen beds and a pull out sofa. that wasn't what we got, we got two full beds. Two of the people in my family are over 6 foot 2. When I went back to the office and said since the reservations were not correct I was going to pass on the room and drive further south. the person at the desk at first said that she told my son in law the beds were full beds and that because we had a dog we had to stay in the older part of the hotel, as dogs were not allowed in the newly renovated part of the hotel. Any way I told her I was going to pass on the whole thing because of the way I felt manipulated about the reservations and the web site, I was told ok but she must charge me 100 dollars since i am canceling at the last minute. The manager then came up with another plan which at least saved me the money, but my stay was disappointing to say the least. The rooms were very small, and my daughter was taking a shower and was hit by something flying off the shower head. The TV's had terrible reception which if you have children they like to watch TV. When we needed new bath towels and accessories we were told we had to wait until later in the day as we were staying more than one day and the priority was for those who were not staying, which really doesn't make much sense to me. The clientele was also on the questionable side. I certainly have no worries about who stays where and if you need somewhere to live that is also cool by me; but, my son in law was pretty sure he saw a drug deal go down in the parking lot and I was sure that some people lived at the hotel sort of reminding me of an extended stay place. The pool was nice though.I had originally reserved that hotel because of the way it was advertised on the web site: beautiful marina, and yet NO fishing. pet friendly but yet we were placed in a much less nicer area of the hotel, lots of amenities and yet they were few and far between when it came to service. I really had hoped this would have been the place to remember on my family holiday but instead it was one disappointing stay.

  • Do not stay at the Magnuson Hotel in Commerce,Tx. They are thieves and their general manager is extremely rude.

  • I practice cleanliness, and do not deserve to live in FILTH! I spoke to the Manager via phone, only to explain that I was not looking for a roach hotel. When I saw the little booooga…..I said that was it….out of here. The room was not cleaned the next day. A horrible stinch filtered the room and halls, the carpet and chair in the room were stained and dirty. There was a hole above the bed. Bad customer service, or should I say no customer service. Tell me, would you pay? Manguson in Pensacola Florida.

  • I am going to keep it professional, but my stay was horrible. Manager had the worst attitude, its okay because she received one bk. I woke up to a roach, knocked out on the side of me. Smh. Roach in the room, definitely roaches in the kitchen. That was a baby roach so that means mommie was near. I'm done and over it. Customer services sucks, room sucks, and if I have to pay sixty something dollars plus tax for a room it needs to be clean at least. Magnuson in Baton Rouge, La

    • I booked reservations in Dec for 3 nights check in time says 2pm lady at desk tells me that it's a mistake even tho both my paper work says 2pm then she said not till 3 or after 3 I drove all the way from Florida n want to get into room ….I think I deserve composition for this is uncalled for.

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