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  • Manpower Corporate Office Headquarters

Manpower Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Manpower Corporate Office Headquarters

100 Manpower Place
Milwaukee, WI 53212 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-414-961-1000
Fax Number: 1-414-961-7081
Customer Service Number: 1-414-961-1000


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  1. I been out out of work since February 8, 2018 due to auto accident I had in January and I done called everyone and everybody about filling out my lost wage paper from my insurance company, but I'm getting the run around just for one piece of paper to be filled out and faxed over to my insurance company and I'm from state of Delaware and yes they are very rude and disrespectful and I don't appreciate that

    1. I will be fileing complaint on a person at the Norco office she lied about a position that she had for me she sayed you got the job just waiting for start date she did not call back i am very disapointed in her no respect she need to be fire from this job

  2. I work for a company in Mira Loma, Ca through the Manpower agency. And it has been 2 weeks and still no pay! It takes their payroll dept 30 minutes to even answer the phone- ridiculous and very shady people! Do not use this agency if you plan to get paid for your work…

  3. Las Vegas Manpower on Eastern Ave. is the WORSTE!!!! They do more talking to each other about nothing! Instead of waiting on the customers who are waiting for their assistance.

  4. I applied with Manpower January 2017, I call daily to see if they have any work and to be added to toe available list. To date I have not been called. I was told also to ask for Jona, I did, she is short and states she doesn't have anything. I have spoke to others and they have been called. I have referred friends and people I have come in contact with to Manpower because in the years past, I had great success with the company finding temporary employment also permanent employment. This office is only catering to a select few of applicants. One lady couldn't go to an assignment and I was available but the employer was told they didn't have anyone available. This is not got. I have notified the media, 2 stations are looking into this. I appreciate their assistance. If the employees at Manpower can't do their job, correctly, and honestly, maybe they should quit, or fired so others who know how it is to be unemployed and care can be hired in their place.

  5. Years ago, I was a temp through Manpower and it was great! Now, 20 years later,right when I need them the most because my unemployment ran out, I bring my resume to the office in Hagerstown, Md.and I am told they will call me on that following monday, well, Monday comes and goes and so does tuesday, wednesday, Thursday and now we are on Friday and is late afternoon and no word, I go to their office and express my disappointment with them and want to retrieve my resume. I spoke with a manager there that tells me they don't know where my resume is but will make a note in their system that I was no longer interested in them. The manager had a smerk on her smile and rather than saying"Sorry this has happened but, I will take personal responsibility to take care of it and will see if we can find you something just says: "Fine, I'll just make a note of you complaint. Very disrespectfull!Manpower states they seek out the best candidates for their clients but, judging by the type of people Manpower hires for their own offices, if I was an employer seeking personnel for my business, I would seek else where and not do business with Manpower which can't even hire qualified people for their own office! SHAMEFUL!!!!

  6. I have to agree with all of these comments. I have found Manpower rude for no reason. I am a steady and hard worker and I am making them money and they continue to say "I cannot do anything it is someone else's responsibility! I had to do hafe my back ground check my self, I had to keep telling my rep to email the job and find out information, now I cannot get paid because there outside pay role does not want to do there job! This is the worst company ever. I am making them money but they have a problem with me wanting to get paid. I will never work for them if I can help it and I would never tell anyone to go with them… EVER!!!

  7. i live in the Indianapolis area and the greenwood Indiana office called me about a job at fed ex last year and told me they needed people to start right away. I explained i was currently working but if i could get a position at fed ex through manpower i would take the job. I put in my weeks notice at my current job and waited for the manpower office to call me to tell me when to start. I had already went to the office for paperwork and drug screen. A week past, no call, or email, so when i called the following Monday, the office tells me they (fed-ex) didn't need anymore people and they were gonna put me on the availability list. They( manpower) had me resign from my current job only to lie to me and offer me a position they didn't even have? Manpower office never called to tell me anything, I would never recommend manpower to anybody, not the greenwood , Indiana office at least, highly unprofessional and un organized. i just applied on CareerBuilder about a job yesterday and i got a call from the office telling me to call back once i updated my resume because they have (plenty!) of job openings. i called this morning to tell them i updated my resume, only for them to tell me i was blocked from there system because i didn't report to fed-ex on assignment!? you tell me how professional is that? And what kind of business allows their employees to lie and put false information in someones file and blacklist them for their mistakes? I have spoken with man people about this even emailed it to the corporate office. this is what i got for the email to corporate about the greenwood Indiana office. If you want a legit staffing company DO NOT APPLY THROUGH MANPOWER!

  8. Manpower in spokane is the worst place 2 work for. They are rude and disrespectful to their employees. I hav never been treated so badley. And. I have never been paid the same day of any wwek the 2 monthes I have been with these stupid people. Now I'm am waiting 10 days. Till my next check. They can't figure out how to pay people right. Stat away from manpower in spokane wa.

  9. I am in Imperial CA 92251. I have a cleaning company. I have a complain about your office in El Centro, CA 92243. They are very unexperience, they don't get back to you soon, at times it took a week. Needed someone within a day or two to work and they forgot to schedule an associate, I had to cancel the job. Her excuse was she had a bigger company to take care of first. That made me feel very important. I made a payment and they lost my check. I worked for Manpower many years ago, Waste Management was the client. The office I worked out of was in San Marcos. I thought this company was very professional. That's why I went with Manpower, but I had a lot of bad service from your office in El Centro, CA 92243. I am in the need of a person to work if you can't solve this I will go to Labor Ready. I already talked to them and they are ready to send me person, all have to say is when.

  10. I live in Missouri the office in Fenton is so unprofessional I have worked for many agencies , I would say manpower is the worst. Incomplete assignments details late paychecks and nobody is responsible . I have worked for major Corporations , I have never experienced this level of unprofessionals in all my years .

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