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  1. i wouldnt recommend Mappins to anyone either. 21 business days to get my money back from an item i returned. i call just to see if the cheque has been issued and or sent and they cant tell me anything to update me on my return of my money

  2. An engagement ring along with a wedding band was purchased in the total amount of $3,536.08 back in January 2013 on my Mappins credit card which had a limit of $2800 and the balance was paid on visa. It was a tough year for me and the wedding never happened. I called Mappins in the following year of January 2014 to pay off the balance on the credit card which Mappins informed me was $2,800.00 which I went ahead and paid directly from my chequing account online. I waited a few days and then called back Mappins to confirm my payment was received and my balance was $0 which was confirmed over the phone as I did with all my other bills. Shortly after, I sold my place due to unforeseen circumstances and moved.
    In November 2014 I received a phone call from a collections agency informing me of owing money to Mappins, which I then sent proof of my payment as confirmation the account has been paid in full. Months passed without no updates even with repetitive requests. After getting nowhere with the collection agency, I then called the credit bureau in April 2015 to get a detailed report and they said Mappins was not on my credit report. Also I called Mappins and they confirmed once again that my balance was $0 since 2014 so I left it as I received confirmation from the credit bureau and didn't believe the collection agency when they told me it was on my credit report which I was told differently.
    I am now in the process of buying a home as I am a single mother trying to make ends meet and provide a better life for my 4yr old son, I was informed by the mortgage specialist that TD financial services is outstanding for $1252. I have never had anything with TD and after days of investigating I finally found out that MAPPINS sent my account to TD financial services who then sent it to a collection agency for not the balance of the credit card or any balance pertaining to the credit card, but solely INTEREST that was built up due to the payment being a couple of days late. Why was this not told to me when I contacted Mappins in the first place and it would have gotten paid but now they are after a low income single parent for not money owed but interest that they accumulated which is unheard of. I can understand if there was a balance owing on the card or not paid at all but come after someone for just interest is greed and selfishness. This is not a way to run a business and the collections agency is refusing to take this off my credit report because they need to get paid from TD financial services who claims they need to get paid by me. Now I'm told that I have to fax a letter describing everything said here to head office only to wait a month or more while interest is still accumulating on my account now at $1500 and change. I would NEVER recommend Mappins to anyone EVER.

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