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Marie Callender’s Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
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Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-776-7437
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Customer Service Number: 1-800-776-7437
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  • I worked with Herbie Warner at the shop washing Pie pans in 1964 Marie was making the pie I don't s. Herbie died in Viet Nam in 1965. Herb and I both grew up in Long Beach

  • I really enjoy your salad dressings, but I am disappointing that you have switched to plastic containers. You are now contributing to plastic waste. Please switch back to glass. Thank you

  • In the frozen meals, the vegetables are always good and fresh. I have to throw out the mashed potatoes though as they are instant and yucky. Perhaps you could put in sliced fried potatoes instead?

  • Tonight for the first time I tried your shrimp and macaroni and cheese. Surprised was I that there was only one piece of shrimp in the whole dinner! The macaroni and cheese was so so. But I would like to know why there was only one piece of shrimp. The Box clearly shows that the macaroni and cheese is supposed to be filled with shrimp. Please reply

  • I am so upset I decided to write your headquarter. I buy your products & we love the pies. I buy my husband the cherry crumb pie because IT IS HIS FAVOIRTE. the last two cherry crumb pies have been very disappointing. I open the frozen pie & have cherry syrup all over the crust and bottom of pan so off course when I bake the pie the crust burns and the pie tin is a mess. My husband has Parkinson's really bad & I always am trying to make him happy before he forgets life. It is a disappointment when I opened the second pie I bought and found it the same as the first. The pies are not cheap I guess I expect better quality

  • I live in the 92129/92128 postal area of San Diego. A few months ago your restaurant in Carmel Mtn. Ranch closed because the land lord was raising the rent. We and our many friends we very disappointed because there are very few "family" restaurants" where we live and the food is good and reasonable There are far too many fast food places and when you eat there, you are just a number. Mr. Oz, the manager in Carmel Mtn. Ranch was outstanding as were his servers. He was the best. We are constantly looking for a down to earth family restaurant where the food was as good as Marie's. Is there any chance that you can relocate again in our area? You would be welcomed with open arms

  • VERY DISAPPOINTED I used to love the frozen Lasagna but recently the new size is very disappointing you made them so small it’s not worth buying I will not be purchasing Marie Callender’s frozen meals from now on VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!

  • A group of us met at your location in Sherman Oaks, CA yesterday. One of the reasons that I enjoy going to your restaurant is for the mini-pot pie lunch. I was highly disappointed to find that is was not available to some some oven problem. A few weeks earlier, with another group,we went to the location in West Hills, CA and although I did get the mini-pot pie lunch, I got the last one available and others who wanted it were out of luck. I don't know if either group will bother going to your restaurants again if our chances of getting what we want to order are so iffy!!

  • Thanks for getting me banned today in IMVU. I was told because I got free credits from watching your ad I somehow abused your free credits. I Will Never Purchase Your Product Again.

  • I have loved Marie Callenders restaurants for years but living in Orlando, FL, where there are none, I rely on enjoying them when I travel to places where they are local. I recently moved to Calif and drove quite a way to find the nearest MC in Sherman Oaks so I could have their famous Chicken Pot Pie. I found the service was terrible. The lady who waited on me was very short with all the patrons and barely even spoke to me. She never even checked to see if I needed anything more. I had ordered the mini-pie deal and also 2 full pot pies to take home with me. Wish I had waited until I ate mine before ordering the 2 to go. When I just saw one of your commercials and saw all the vegetable and chicken you portray, was floored!! My pies were almost all "gravy" and very little of anything else. What a huge disappointment. Not at all what I remembered from prior experiences in places like Salt Lake City, Texas, and a few others over the years. How sad that it has become like so many other places where false representation of their products on TV are nothing like what you get. Isn't there a law against false advertising??? Now….my piece of Coconut Crème Pie was the BEST I have ever had. Wake up, Marie Callenders or your business will be losing many customers.

  • i ordered 3 pies for bosses day a week in advance. Called a couple days before picking up to confirm every thing was good. planned to pick them up at 10 am. got into town around 10:30 was a half a mile away and got a call from Marie Callenders stating they wanted to catch me before i left since the pies were not ready. I told them i am already in town, and this is the 4th time you guys have screwed up our pie order in past years. She was kind enough to give me one of the pies for free. but once i got there she had not made a notation on my order form indicating a pie was free, and i thought her coming out to formally apologize would of been the professional thing to do. NOPE! and when i asked for a receipt on the prepaid pie, they said we could have to go through all the receipts for that day. Oh just never fricking mind. We will take our business else where. Once i started talking to people about this it is a common occurrence at this Lancaster Ca. location. Perhaps some better training in in order.

    • In December 2017 I purchased 2 Marie Callender frozen pies-a pumpkin and a lattice cherry pie. I baked the pumpkin pie today. My husband & I each had a piece. I have always loved Marie Callender pumpkin pies. This pie was the WORST pumpkin pie I have ever eaten. What have you done to your pumpkin pies? This is the last one I will ever bake. I hope the lattice cherry pie is better.

  • my sams club in mobile,al quit carrying marie calender bisquit and sausage gravy.where can I find,buy them,they re get 5/2pk bisquits,5 pouches of grave,

  • Your lasagna in the big big pan is terrible, taste like tomato sauce and noodles, bland no seasoning. Will never buy it again

  • I purchased two Family Size Hearty Three Mean Marinara Bake for my family for dinner. First the family size portion is a joke so I purchased both to feed my family of 3. My husband and son can take each out themselves. Second they were disgusting! I used to purchase the single portions for lunch so I figured what would be different. I and going to write the company to get my money back and hope they don't send coupons because I won't purchase them again. I usually get Stouffer's and they are always on point and wanted a change. That's what I get for switching! This is just my experience and hope no one has my problem and has to eat cold cut sandwiches since it was so late in the evening.

  • I'm contacting you to tell you about this great spot on 1560 Albatross Rd, Rowland Heights, CA
    I would recommend this Marie calendars to everyone i am a regular and come here with my family all the time and we are always greeted with a warm welcome and smiles on all the staffs face our server i Jose and he does an awesome job he always greets us with a good morning and has now memorized our orders so we don't even have to order and he still makes sure to come by whenever possible to make sure we are 100% satisfied.we have had no major problems at this location the only time we were remotely dissatisfied it was because we had another server whom was having a bad day and projected it on us but the manager at the time was Uvaldo managed to fix the situation and had us leaving with a smile on our faces and for that we thank all the staff for all of your love and good vibes and we will be seeing you soon .
    -mendoza family

    • Sooooo disappointed in the Mother's Day Brunch at your Whittier Ca. store on La Serna Dr. The food was not hot, choices were minimal, 30 people in line for omelet(wait too long) pastries were stale, enchiladas looked like they were someone's leftovers. I remember looking forward to the brunches at this store. They used to be topnotch with more stations and two omelet bars and a full restaurant. What a shame!

  • I Love her food an all. But one day I bought a frozen dinner the one with two pieces of chicken mash and corn. I open it I only had one lil piece of damn chicken inside.. I was soooo mad.. But at the end of the day no love lost.

  • Please do something to remove BPA's from your canned foods. I like your foods but can not continue feeding them to my children with the BPA content of the can linings.

  • Service in Hemet California was always marginal which explains why no customers and why they suddenly closed their doors after 30 years giving nobody advance notice. Real business like. I drive by the place and Coco's nearby almost daily who also closed their doors about the same time and they both look like eyesores, typical of Hemet.

  • I love your banana cream pie but have you ever thought about trying it with the graham cracker crust I think that would be amazing as well just food for thought

  • Hi, in light of negatives, I am sending positive vibes. I just wanted to let you guys know that you're grocery store pecan pies are the best I have ever eaten in my entire life! Keep up the quality and you're sure to be the go too in that segment of the market. Great job!

  • We went to Marie Callenders for Thanksgiving this year, 2015. What a mistake!! We had the worst service EVER after we told the waitress we wanted to split a meal. We waited 1/2 hour for her to bring our check, and she never did, so we left money on the table. The food was so-so, seemed like a TV dinner or something. I never got my free piece of pie either because the waitress never came back to our table after she delivered the food!! This is for the MC in Henderson, NV on Stephanie Street.
    Also, it would be nice to be able to send an actual e-mail to headquarters, but nowhere on their websites were any 'contact' email addresses. Poor management in both situations.


  • If this is a duplicate, I apologize.
    Tonight I had the frozen dinner, Chicken and Dumplings. I was very disappointed. I couldn't even finish it. I don't have frozen dinners often, but when I do, they are usually Marie Callender's.

  • MC has gone to hell in a handbasket. Why? Who's minding the shop? Obviously no one; One restaurant in Ventura…another in Temecula, California both run down, dirty, food marginal – looks low rent. Inexcusable to let this once fine, reliable, great ambiance restaurant chain fail.

  • I opens the Escondido Marie calendars as a cook, then bookeeper, waitress, then manager. It was always delicious and busy
    So sad that I went there tonight and turned around and left because it was dirty and smelly. The bar booths seats are broken down
    It was a urine smell, besides the.dirty restaurant smell. At 40 years old, it need s a complete makeover to even be competitive
    I ended up at Chili's, new , fresh, and menu.with the.times. Very sad to see what has happened to Calendars. They might as well close the doors

  • I am so upset at Marie Calendar's restaurant at the way I was treated by an employee at your Lakewood, Ca Restaurant today 7-7-2015 at approximately 4:30pm PDT. I placed a to go order. I had to repeat myself twice, the employee was helpful. When my order was ready the acting manager Brian did not get the order right. I told him directly that the order was not right. I told him 3 times, Brian argued with me trying to push the wrong order on me. I kept telling him he was not listening to me the customer. He had an attitude that was negative & he did not do anything to fix the problem. I have spent good money at Marie Calendar's & usually use LA Bite. My orders are correct each time. In the past month I have spent more than $300 for food from Marie Calendar's with LA Bite. Why did Brian treat me the way he did? He was not helpful but combative with me, unacceptable. He was rude period. I have never been treated the way Brian spoke to me from other restaurants. The order was wrong & Brian did nothing to make it right. I asked for a refund. He then made it difficult for me to obtain my money back. I told him I ordered from LA Bite with no problems the same order I gave him. After I left the restaurant I placed my same order with LA Bite. LA Bite advised me that Brian had told them there is no more quiche left to order. I can not believe Marie Calendar's did not have enough quiche to service me their customer. I was so upset with Brian and the way I was treated I told him I would be filing a complaint with the Corporate office. I would appreciate you checking into this problem and getting back to me to try and recapture my business again. At this point I will not order any food from Marie Calendar's through LA Bite or directly with the Lakewood Ca restaurant because of the bad experience I have had with Brian. I am a CEO of an Intl Charity Corporation. I have almost 40 years of experience in Customer Service/Sales & Marketing. This employee is a problem & you should look into this experience to keep loyal customers. No one should be treated in this manner at anytime.

  • I have tried Marie Calenders' frozen dinners in the past and was fairly satisfied , but not impressed. My most recent experience was very poor. I got the Salisbury Steak with broccoli & potatoes . I didn't even touch Salisbury Steak if that's what it was. I was actually afraid to eat it ( I wouldn't even risk giving it to my dogs.) I have never seen Salisbury Steak that was colorless, white at best. I don't want or expect a refund or coupon since I don't have a receipt, but I certainly will NEVER be buying any of your product ever again. I'm not a bad cook myself , but you don't have to be a good cook to know what Salisbury steak should look like, this had neither color or texture of Salisbury Steak. I did eat the vegetables , but no more.

  • On looking at the cooking instructions on the package there's this: CAUTION PRODUCT WILL BE HOT! Well of course it will be hot! That's the reason for cooking it. What dummie had that put on the package? Someone didn't think the product wouldn't be hot when you're microwaving it for seven minutes or baking it for thirty-five???

  • What the heck happened to Marie Callender's Chicken Pot Pie??!! I just bought the Parmesan one, and it had literally 1 and a half rounds of carrot, 1 piece of broccoli that was so small, it appeared to be there by accident, and it was STUFFED with red pepper!!! Not hot red pepper, which would have at least added flavor, but regular old red pepper. Did someone at Marie's have a bunch of old red pepper laying around, which needed to be used up? This is disgusting, and the flavor was ruined. If this lack of quality continues, I will not be eating Marie's anymore. It's a shame, because they used to make the best frozen pot pies on the planet.

  • My parents loved the Marie Callender's breakfast anytime. We live in Sequim, Washington and the local Walmart has stopped carrying them. I have looked at Walmart in other cities in Washington and cannot find them there either. Why has Walmart stopped carrying this product?

  • Following up on my comment of Nov. 11, 2014: The blueberry replacement for razzleberry still doesn't work for me. Withdrawal continues. Pancakes and French toast are lacking that perfect finishing touch. As a result, we don't visit MC's as much. Why was the change made? Does anyone with clout at MC's read these comment? Do the customers have no say? That's important to know!

  • we have eat at the marie callenders on stephenie in Henderson,nv., the food was great as always, but the restayrant could use some soap and water, and want to thank marie callenders, for there support of the uso for our troops, watched the tv show on food network, about a herso's welcome it was fabulous, thanks again for helping our troops.

  • It has been about a month now–a LONG month–and I am still in withdrawal since the razzleberry jam was removed from the two locations I visit. WHY was this done? There is a saying: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." That's exactly what the powers-that-be over there did. The blueberry "replacement" is okay but doesn't replace the razzleberry for me. Please bring back the razzleberry ASAP! (I really want to know why such a decision was made.)

  • purchased a 6 pack of loaded baked potato soup at Costco. Had some last night. GOD AWFUL!!! Had to throw it away. Tasted like detergent was in the soup. YUCK, YUCK, and double YUCK !!!

  • I would like to comment on my take out order tonight, my daughter and I order take out at the Marie's Calendars on Tustin in Orange California, I orders the Chicken pot pie with salad and pie and my daughter order the chees burger, well your chicken pot pie came in a plastic tub about half of the dinner if I sat down for a meal, and my daughter burger was cold, and was not to your standards, I would think, when I gave the restraint a call they were sorry but they sad the owner made them put the pie in a plastic container, this is not right, I would look into what they are doing in your name.
    thank you for your time
    this will make me look at eating at any of your restaurant again

    Kevin Buzzard,

  • I purchased the small double chocolate cakes 2 pack. The chocolate topping was grainy and I was unable to eat it. For what these products cost they should be perfect. Over the past couple of years Marie Callendar products have lost the quality that they once had. I will not purchase any more, quality has deterioted to the point that I will no longer waste my money on products that are not edile.

  • I visited marie callander NWLoop 410 San Antonio Tx 5/52014 and was told I could not sit in the happy hours section and two caucasian ladies was sitting there eating. I asked the hostess why and she said because the waitress has to work both section. I asked why are the two ladies there eating and I was informed that they was not suspose to be there. I asked for the manager. I consider this a form of discrimation I am African American who served my country and you are telling me this. The manager told me that the person that works that section was running late and I could sit in that section. We are not living in the 1960. We have a Black President. The manager never apologized she told me that the hostess has been there a long time. I informed the manager that I was going to see what I could to do to address this issue and i will contact the appropriate people.

    • Why should the manager apologize for what you think? The manager told you the reason. If you decide to become the victim viewing the matter in a way that had nothing to do with what actually had occurred, then you are a trouble-maker whether you served your country or not. My father served in two wars, WWII and Korea, with extremely long tours of duty (5 years), was a 20-year veteran and always acted in good taste. He did not wear his military service on his arm and act like he was supposed to be treated any better or worse and he never felt discrimination. I would suggest that you take it down a notch or two. Our country needs the support of all people worldwide in an effort to lessen tensions, not keep instilling them. Be the military person you were trained to be, not someone who cries tears everytime you think someone is playing a race card.

  • Marie Callander's, I have had your pot pies a couple times, the chicken ones and they were very, very, good. Do you want to know how to make alot of sales and more business, come out with tuna pot pies with the white sauce. There were times in my life that's all I would eat sometimes and if you made them my freezer would be packed with them plus I believe you could make them famous and not Starkist. Starkist just supplied the tuna from my understanding. This would be a great business opportunity for you especially if you put out a really good commercial about them. I never forgot about tuna pot pies ever and since I was a kid. I might as well let you know that I'll be bugging you for a little while about Tuna Pot Pies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou, Michael Weisser

  • Marie Callander's, I have had your pot pies a couple times, the chicken ones and they were very, very, good. Do you want to know how to make alot of sales and more business, come out with tuna pot pies with the white sauce. There were times in my life that's all I would eat sometimes and if you made them my freezer would be packed with them plus I believe you could make them famous and not Starkist. Starkist just supplied the tuna from my understanding. This would be a great business opportunity for you especially if you put out a really good commercial about them. I never forgot about tuna pot pies ever and since I was a kid. I might as well let you know that I'll be bugging you for a little while about Tuna Pot Pies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou, Michael Weisser

  • At Marie Calenders San Juan Capistrano the manager Jim sexaul harasses female employees. This needs to stop now. He also smokes majiauna out back of restaurant. Please some help the female employees in fear of losing the jobs if they come out and complain about the abuse. This will not be tolerated

  • The food usually tastes good but lately the plastic seal on top of the frozen meals has been unsealed on part of the bottom or it has been put on to where the whole side is not even covered hopefully Marie Callenders will read this and fix the issue

  • I visited Perkins restaurant on S Cleveland ave/Crystal dr in Fort Myers. This restaurant is always filthy but tonight it was extra dirty. Bathrooms were disguisting. I don't know I'm the last month or so maybe longer this place has gone to the dogs
    Next time I'm going to talk pics and forward them to the health dept.

    • Your comments are just as disgusting and discriminating against the people you commented on. You need to be put in the corner for a year.

  • I tried the Marie Callender's Broccoli Beef Frozen Dinner, and the beef was old/awful. I will never buy this product again. I can only imagine the meat being left out, in some factory/kitchen waiting to be cooked. I will say that, on the other hand, I have had good luck with the other frozen dinners, and am hoping this is an isolated incident.

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