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Marshalls Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Marshalls Corporate Office Headquarters

The TJX Companies, Inc.
770 Cochituate Road
Framingham, MA 01701 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-508-390-1000
Fax Number: n/a

Customer Service Number USA: 1-888-627-7425
Customer Service Number Canada: 1-800-646-9466


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  1. I am a resident and special education teacher in Norwalk, CT who shops in your store on Westport Ave, weekly. I have been so pleased to see that you have hired some former students with special needs. However, I recently found out that a mgr, Grace, has belittled them and talks to them with disrespect and in an angry voice. Likewise, the store mgr, Bob, does nothing to stop this or educate his staff on how to treat individuals with disabilities. While your actions to employ are laudable, there is obviously no follow up or training with your management level employees. I plan on stopping in to make my feelings known, but wanted to make corporations level aware and expect some follow up. Thank you, Rosanne Fullam

    1. For the record, this is not just at this store. The managers (not just one) in Ft. Lauderdale are condescending and disrespectful to employees with disabilties. I can't imagine they're rocket scientist. No one should be treated like their stupid. They have zero heart. The meaner the better.

  2. I'm a frequent shopper, but very angry with your Portsmouth NH Marshalls. The manager Laura/employees are using table tops (collapsing a cheap plastic table) and using it as a floor display for items to sit on top of. That is completely illegal, a trip hazard, and against safety regulations for the required amount of inches a display has to be from the floor. It's also tan and almost the same color of the floor, so you don't see it at all. They have other displays that are much higher and safer. It's obvious they are being cheap and it's a lawsuit WAITING to happen. Two years ago my mother fell and dislocated her shoulder because of it. There was an accident report, an employee there told us it was an illegal display and manager said she would do something about it. Obviously that was a lie and I'm pissed.
    I was in that same Marshalls today and I tripped over the same display/stupid table top on the floor. Now there isn't just one table top, but like 4-5 of them!!! The manager Laura was arrogant and my mother and I ended up making a scene when we left the store. DO SOMETHING about this! Anyone with half a brain can see this isn't safe.

  3. pat stephenson needs to be reported to the labor board she treats her employees unfairly also made comments about the to the older personel that they need to retire. i was fired and will not tell anyone to apply for a job thier.

  4. The restrooms in Marshalls in Flemington NJ have been out of order for the public 6 months witch the employees can use them.

  5. Marshalls at El Camino Real, San Bruno Ca. My mother was threatened by the person in charge at the front register because she wanted to talk to the manager. Must I say more? That store really needs to learn manners,customer service and respect. Don't you guys evaluate employee's??

  6. I am writing in regards to the employment policies the company has for Minors. My daughter is under 18 yrs old and has been continually worked past STATE CURFEW even after numerous conversations with the HR at the store location and been pulled over and almost ticketed for being out past curfew. The manager and HR at the store location in Midlothian VA have also told me that MY MINOR daughter's schedule can not be discussed with anyone but her. I have called the corporate office 2x now and they stated that they would "handle" the situation but apparently either they have not or their warnings have fallen on deaf ears. Please tell me what I am to do next!

  7. I shop at Marshalls on a weekly basis. Today I picked up a child's jacket with a price tag of 9.99 on it. I was very excited. At the register, I was refused the jacket for the ticket price and was directly and indirectly accused of changing the tag. The tag was clearly applied with a plastic holder which required the use of a label "gun" (for the lack of better words). I agreed to pay the "new" price, but I wanted the original label to remain. The Manager removed the label and continued to argue with me and demeaning my character. THIS IS A BAD BUSINESS MODEL. As a business owner, I would be appalled if my MANAGER treated a customer with such disrespect. As a regular customer, I will now be sure to not be a regular customer.

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