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  • Marshalls Corporate Office Headquarters

Marshalls Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Marshalls Corporate Office Headquarters

The TJX Companies, Inc.
770 Cochituate Road
Framingham, MA 01701 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-508-390-1000
Fax Number: n/a

Customer Service Number USA: 1-888-627-7425
Customer Service Number Canada: 1-800-646-9466


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  1. I visited the Marshalls at Desert Ridge location in Phoenix, AZ. The lady that was working at the dressing room location was very rude and unprofessional when I asked her a question. I decided to just walk away and not get confrontation with her. Her on particular needs to be evaluated with her position if she is going to be in the public eye. What she did was uncalled for, if a consumer ask a question she needs to be polite no matter what that question is and be respectful.

  2. I was at your location in Wethersfield, CT this afternoon. After shopping for a while I went to get on line to purchase the items I had chosen to buy and I couldn’t believe the length of the line. There must have been at least 50 people. I then noticed out of twelve registers there were only two open. I realize there is a bit of trouble getting employees at this time, but this is a woefully inadequate and a terrible way to manage this store. I didn’t have a spare hour to wait in this line, so I left the merchandise I intended to buy. This is the only location where this seems to be a continuing issue, but today was the last straw for me. There are many choices where to shop, so I will be giving my business to other stores that place more value on their customers.

  3. I shop Marshalls alot and have spent alot of money there both online and at the Pikeville Kentucky store mostly on Rae Dunn items. Recently at the Pikeville store location I have encountered some ridiculous behavior by the managers. The store will get Rae Dunn items in and the managers have been seen taking these items to their office until someone comes and picks them up later to which they end up on Mercari, Ebay, etc for sometimes double or triple what they gave for them. Corporate needs to investigate this matter. The customer never even gets to see these items because they go directly to the managers office. I am new to Rae Dunn and did not realize how dirty and underhanded these managers are just to make a buck. Marshalls needs to ask themselves if they are that crooked what else might these "managers" do to get ahead. From now on I think I will just spend my money elsewhere and when Marshall's is out of business like so many other businesses they will figure out they should have treated their customers better.

  4. middleburgh hts. ohio could not believe the way manager was talking down to multiple employees, like they were beneath him.

  5. The sales associates at the Marshalls Pentagon City location are very unprofessional. They sing and make negative remarks about the customers while the customers are still in the store. They are also rude to their fellow co-workers. The manager-Charles is also nasty. I would not recommend this store to anyone to work in or shop in. Some of the employees act as if they never had a job, and never learned how to conduct themselves in the workplace. This is a professional environment, and the staff are very very unprofessional. Maybe they need better management and supervision when on the sales floor. Very poor representation of the TJX companies.

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Corporate Office Headquarters