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Massage Envy Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Massage Envy Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Massage Envy Corporate Address:

Massage Envy Franchising, LLC. MEF LLC
14350 North 87th Street, Suite 200,
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 USA

Massage Envy’s Phone Numbers and Contact Information

Corporate Phone Telephone Number: 1-602-992-3689
Customer Care and Support Phone Number: 1-602-992-3689
Gift Card Support: gift@MassageEnvy.com
Jobs: Online Job Listings
Email Help & Chat: Contact Page
Website: MassageEnvy.com
Corporate Stock Symbol: Private Company
Reviews and Complaints: See Below or Click Comments Link

Company Bio:

Massage Envy is in the health and fitness business. Other businesses in that space include LA Fitness, Orange Theory, LifeTime Fitness and Elements Massage.

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  1. I felt they were very dishonest- Bad Business

    My husband and I had an account for 3 years and only used it a handful of times. My husband went in and requested to close both of our accounts. He was only given a form for 1 account, which he completed. Mind you we had not used the account in over a year and were not seeking any refund for services not used.
    He requested that they both be closed and thought they were both closed. We noticed a few months later (July 1) that they only closed his. I called in to rectify the situation, to close my account and get a refund dated to when my husband went in and asked for both accounts to be closed. They told me the only way to close my account was to sign their form, close it, and state that I would not seek a refund.
    I refused to sign as I wanted a refund dated back to February when my husband went in person to close both accounts. Regardless they refused, they refused to close my account unless I signed their form. They refused to close my account and kept billing me. Now understand that we already ate over $2,000, in services we did not use over the last 3 years, and that I have not used my account in over a year and a half. My husband went in person and closed both of our accounts in Feb. of 2022.
    I have called multiple times and was told a supervisor would get back to me and that they had my number. No one ever called me back not for any of the times I called. I did receive 2 emails stating that to close it, I had to sign a form that stated I could not ask for a refund (July 16th and 11/11). They continued to bill me. I requested that my account be closed via phone multiple times, but they refused to close it, stating that I had to sign their form (that stated I could not request a refund). I was going to request a refund only dated to the day my husband went in and would not sign their form. They continued to bill my account and refused to close it until 11/29/2022 after I sent a please help to their online franchise (how did we do).
    I am not trying to scam anyone we already ate over 2 grand in services never used, that was entirely on us. I only requested a refund back to February (when my husband went in) or at this point to July when I called them and verbally requested it to be canceled and they said I could only close it if I signed their form (stating no refunds). Not once did, they say I could close my account in writing and did not have to sign their form. They sent me my contract today, 11/29/2022, where it states that I must close it in writing, not one time did anyone tell me this (they told me I had to sign their form). My account was finally closed today, and I was rudely told that there are no refunds in their policy regardless of the situation.

  2. I have had 5 appointments cancelled on me by Massage Envy. 2 they called at the last minute and three they just dropped from the books. I called on the day of my appointment to confirm – only to be told that they had no appointments in their computer for me. 2 of the three were booked for me at checkout by one of their staff. Our locations are always fully booked out – so I now have numerous credits to attempt to use. I think I will be taking a big loss since I can't even get appointments booked for sooner that 30 days out. Managers push me to call corporate but only voice mail answers and no one calls me back. Horrible business practices.

  3. When this location (O'kelly Chapel Road in Cary NC) first opened I had a massage there and was told about how great the membership program was and how easy it is to freeze your account etc. After having issues with my credit card and bank I found out that my payment had not gone through for 4 months. When I found this out after looking online and seeing that I did not have a membership I called to make a payment. I wanted to make sure that I did not lose any massages that I had accrued and asked about it. I was told multiple times that someone would get back to me about it and no one ever did until I called multiple times in one day. I was then told that I had to pay for every single month I had missed in order to activate my account and if I didn't pay within a month my account would be canceled and I would lose everything I had accrued. This was the first time I had ever been told this and I was shocked that I had to drop hundreds of dollars or lose hundreds of dollars in massages. After speaking to the manager her excuse was "the management at the time was not very good" and her only compromise was for me to make one payment and lose three massages I had accrued (mind you I hadn't accrued any during the time that my account was suspended nor could I or did I use any services). So I would still be paying for something that I was never told about. I was then talked to as if I were ignorant and that maybe the owners could "explain things to me better." It is not my fault that the past management was "not very good" and I am losing hundreds over something that I had no knowledge of and was not given any information on even after having a membership for at least one year. I was given false information and not given any information regarding various policies. The manager also claimed that she "had no corporate contact information." That I obviously found online. I have filed a complain with the Better Business Bureau and wish to resolve the issue by simply not having to pay hundreds of dollars for months that I did not use or receive any services. After paying for this month I could move forward now knowing of this policy and keeping a closer eye on my payments and credit card information to prevent this from happening again. I was unaware that my credit card had been continuously not going through after I thought I had resolved the issue months ago.
    I do not think that a customer should be responsible for something that they were not given any information on even after being a member for at least a year. I also did not receive any warnings or emails about my payments not going through or that this would happen or that my account would be canceled after 5 months.

  4. Scary when you can't get a working phone number to the ME Corporate Office…I haven't found one in service yet…

  5. I'm a member of the Lincoln, RI location and I have been trying to cancel my account since I've been out of work. They keep taking money from my account even though the only income I get is a small amount of child support. This company is HORRIBLE.

  6. They no how to steel money from people watch your self and look over and over the contract and don't think of getting sick with terminal illness they don't care and won't let you out of contract even when offered to pay it off still dipping in my account bad business better off paying cash all the time even if it's double and they are not sanitary

  7. I am commenting on one of the Murad products I recently purchased and am amazed on the packaging to make you feel you are getting a reasonable amount of product. Essential C Eye Cream Broad Spectrum SPF15 PA++ I suggest you pull a bottle out of the box… 1/2 the container is the pump/lid ..and the in the bottom 1/2 only 1/2 of that is product!!!! it has a nice clear false bottom… so all in all, you are getting 1/4 container of product and 3/4 of packaging. I would also like to see "specials" on Murad products run on a monthly basis at ME….would make the all around costs for their product a bit easier to swallow. thank you and I hope this gets to someone and doesn't just hang out on a lost web page….

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