Mattress Firm Corporate Office Headquarters

Mattress Firm Corporate Office Headquarters
Mattress Firm Holding Corp.
5815 Gulf Freeway
Houston, TX 77023 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-713-923-1090 by Phone: 1-877-384-2903
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-866-942-3551

  • I purchased at King mattress and box spring in 2015. The mattress is now sagging. Per Mattress Firm instructions, I paid $79.99 to have a 3rd party inspect it. Thue recommended replacing it under the warranty. Mattress Firm has rejected the claim due to an improper frame. Sealy Corp (manufacturer) has informed me that the frame is adequate. Where do I go from here?

  • I purchased a twin and full size beautyrest mattress for a full/twin trundle bed. There was no size noted in the description for the thickness of the mattress. I received them today to find out that the twin will not fit the trundle portion. I chatted with a representative who is telling me that I have to pay $99.99 for it to be picked up plus a 10% restocking fee. This is a joke. Their policy states that a $99.99 fee will be put in place if you sleep on the mattress and say it is not comfortable for you in 120 days. It says nothing about a wrong size. Why was the size not placed on their site. All I wanted was an exchange. There should not be any fee at all. We just received the mattress, not even slept on. This is not good customer service. I had a bad expierence a couple years ago but thought I would give them a try again. Wrong mistake, wont happen again.

  • I had previously brought a full bed set from Mattress Firm in the early 2000s. I still had the bed set but needed a new mattress. I was on a budget and I decided to go back to Mattress Firm at the Wauwatosa location in Wisconsin. While the salesperson was helpful in trying to accommodate my budget, he failed to disclose a key piece of information. He described the mattress as being a closeout that had scratches on it, but he did not say that it was used.

    When I went to view the mattress which was wrapped in plastic, I saw the scuffs marks. But when the mattress arrived, I discovered biology stains, which made me believe that mattress was not disinfected, especially in this time of the coronavirus.

    Finally when I got the mattress cleaned and disinfected, I noticed that it was sunken in the middle. The mattress is no better than sleeping on an de-inflated air mattress. So the reason why the mattress was returned to Mattress Firm in the first place is the same reason that I am forced to purchase a new mattress.

    I am more upset and disappointed that Mattress Frim resold me a defective mattress that I now have to pay another $500 to replace. Don’t make the lack of transparency be the core of Mattress Firm’s business model just to pad the company’s bottomline!!!

  • I purchased a Rockwell Luxury Firm Queen size mattress and adjustable base in 7/2020 and after 4-5 months the mattress started sagging in the middle. I have never purchased a mattress from mattress firm and should have read comments from the site as well as BBB. They don't have anyone answering phones from customer service. You are told to use chat. Submit warranty to have mattress replace but having loading up 4 pictures of the mattress. This company does not provide the best customer service but I will continue until I get this resolved.

  • Customer service is the worst. My husband and I purchased a mattress back in December. The sales associate told us that if we were not happy we had up to 160 days (not 120 days) to exchange it, also the monthly payment we were quoted was nowhere close to the actual payment, it was more than doubled the quote. I have been trying for the last 3 weeks to get in touch with the sales associate without any success. Either they do not answer the phone and the voicemail is full and you cannot leave a message or you speak with someone who is not willing to help you, but will leave a message for the associate, who never returns your call. I wish I had read the reviews prior to purchasing the mattress, as I would not have taken my business to them. This will be the last time I purchase anything from this company.

  • Wondering if this office is closed.I have called 4 numbers trying to speak with anyone.The same message plays from all numbers eventually.Is there anyway to speak to a customer service person w/o having to chat online?

  • To my chagrin, Mattress Firm currently have a TV commercial that has a snake in it.
    Who is the inconsiderate person or group that would recommend an advertisement with a snake in a bed. Disgusting!!


  • I purchased a Serta iSeries 1000 on June 24, 2018 in Mayfield Heights, OH. The salesman Greg, seemed to know no the product well. I explained to the salesman how I have sciatica and sweat at night and that I needed a cool mattress. Well this mattress did not meet my needs. I am more hot on this mattress than I was on the mattress that I was replacing. During this purchase process I was never told the store's return policy other than I had up to 120 days to return it. The mattress and adjustable base was delivered on July 1, 2018. By the second week I contacted the store because I was not happy with the mattress. The mattress was very uncomfortable and I wanted to return it. I was told by all the staff in the store that I have to let the mattress break in and to give it up to 120 days. At this time I was not informed of the return policy. I called to speak with Greg and he was at another store so I was given the number to contact him. I spoke with him and he told me the same exact thing. At this time Greg had not explained the return policy. I stopped into the store on July 19, 2018 at 7:45pm. I spoke with yet another salesperson about my issue. I was told the same thing. Although, he did show me other mattresses. Still at this point no one has explained the store's return policy. Well as 2 more weeks have gone on I had surgery and it was the most uncomfortable recovery ever trying to lay on and sleep on this mattress. I contacted progressive leasing to find out if there was a particular return policy for them as I have never had to return anything in our 4 year relationship. I was told to contact the store to find what their return policy was. I contacted the store again as it has now been a month. I spoke with Jeff, I believe. I asked what is the return policy. He explained that it was a $79 fee if I wanted to exchange the mattress for another one. He then explained that it was 10% of the purchase price and $79 to return the products as opposed to exchange. Well my total product cost was $2,232.99 which would be $223.30 plus $79. So, to return this merchandise would be approximately $302.30 that needs to be paid upfront to schedule a pickup. This does not include the $65 that I paid upfront before it was delivered. By Aug 3rd I would pay $356.34 in payments to Progressive Leasing that I more than likely will not be reimbursed. Had I been told the return policy upfront I would've rethought purchasing these products. This is an all loose for me as a consumer.

  • your company is the worst nothing but thieves and liars . first i was promised a low monthly payment and and your people take money out of both of my accounts every two weeks. for future people i wouldn't do business with ya'll ever again.and i definitely wouldn't recommend anyone to ya'll either. i go to store and try to sort out the problem and your people tell me it double the amount then what was agreed upon. after this bed is paid off i wont ever go to any of your stores ever again not even my family. nice bed but you people are crooked and when deal is struck you should hold up to your part .

  • OK so ill start at the beginning my wife and I live on the Vineyard we took the boat over to Falmouth on our one year wedding anniversary May 8, 2017 with the hopes of buying a new bed that we picked out online when we got to the store we greeted the only person in the store Jason the sales person after trying out some mattresses in person we came to the conclusion that we wanted to purchase the firm queen sized beauty rest and we must've said firm at least 3 or 4 times to Jason as he wrote up our order and we thought we were getting what we paid for the firm queen size mattress well a week later a couple guys came to deliver the mattress they stuffed it through the door and off they went we thought we had been delivered firm mattress and we proceeded to sleep on it but after only A short time maybe one month or so we noticed the sinking in of the mattress and there seemed like there wasn't much back support .. at this point we called the store because we knew we were getting close to the 120 days we told him about the sinking of the mattress he told us to bring in a picture of it and we will be all set well-being from the island we couldn't make it over there until a week later and we were just a couple days past the 120 day return time we went into the store talk to the sales person who said Jason messed up orders all the timeand was no longer with the company it is at this point where we found out we had been delivered the wrong mattress in the first place So we showed him the picture of the impression/crease and even though we let him know we were interested in upgrading to a king firm mattress the salesperson said he couldn't do anything for us and we had to go through the warranty people. Which we did. That turned out to be a nightmare and through them we found out we were sold a floor model and they denied our claim so we totally feel ripped off for $700 for the mattress and box spring set that only lasted three months all we wanted is a comfortable sleep and we still don't have that at this point and it's almost December. We haven't had a good sleep for the whole time we've had the mattress this has been and continues to be an awful experience… the way this company does business is shameful!

  • This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. We were told mattress would be delivered between noon and 2 pm next day. Got a text the next day that they were 15 minutes away. It now 6:30PM and they are nowhere in sight. A few phone calls and we were told that the driver couldnt reach us and couldn't get into our gated community. BULL !!! We have had our phone on body and they never called PLUS we told the gate they were coming and let them in. We tried calling the 800 number that sent us to the local store that said they would get back to us and never did. This company is the WORST… not to mention my husband is out a half of a days pay….Im out of town so couldn't be there. Not to mention, all these bad review and NOT ONE REPLY from corporate !!! SHAMEFUL !!!! I intend to buy one share of stock and then go from there to vent !!! SHAMEFUL COMPANY OH, and look ata this it says "my comment will be visible after approval"… what are the chances of that !!

  • We purchased an Infinity chair at the LA County Fair. Our salesman, Dave Martinez was great until we started having problems getting the chair delivered & installed. The chair was delivered 3 times by a 2 man crew. Dave Martinez assured us that he would make arrangements to have the chair delivered by a 3-4 man crew because the chair was going upstairs. The chair is 253 pounds! The third delivery, the delivery guys were so exhausted they couldn't take the chair back out of the house. Nor could they install the chair! So we had a $7,000 uninstalled chair in our den!! The last 2 guys who came out, 4th set of guys, told us that we should get 4 of our friends to take the chair upstairs, because the 2 of them couldn't. The chair is too heavy. We had them call the warehouse, they were told that they never send out 3 or 4 men crews, so we were lied to over and over again by Dave Martinez & others at Mattress Firm. You guys really should be ashamed of yourselves. If you are unable to deliver the goods, don't sell them!! The delivery guys told us that we were not the only ones having problems. We were going to buy a Jacuzzi from you next year, I don't think so!!!
    We ended up calling Infinity to get help, they were awesome; so is the chair. You guys are the pits!!!

    • This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. We were told mattress would be delivered between noon and 2 pm next day. Got a text the next day that they were 15 minutes away. It now 6:30PM and they are nowhere in sight. A few phone calls and we were told that the driver couldnt reach us and couldn't get into our gated community. BULL !!! We have had our phone on body and they never called PLUS we told the gate they were coming and let them in. We tried calling the 800 number that sent us to the local store that said they would get back to us and never did. This company is the WORST… not to mention my husband is out a half of a days pay….Im out of town so couldn't be there. Not to mention, all these bad review and NOT ONE REPLY from corporate !!! SHAMEFUL !!!! I intend to buy one share of stock and then go from there to vent !!! SHAMEFUL COMPANY

  • I bought 2 mattresses from your company 2 weeks ago and still don't have them. I told them I didn't want them delivered until 10/2 because of the damage we had from Harvey. That day came and they called and said they would be delivered between 6-8 pm. I told them that wouldn't work because we worked nights. Since then they have promised to call us and keep us informed on delivery and they have not done that. I told them on Tuesday that I wanted it this morning. Just talked to them and they said they would deliver between 6-8 tonight. WE ARE NOT HOME AT NIGHT, we have told them this repeatedly. Why can't they understand that? I am going over there to cancel my order and get my money back. Your company has no idea what customer service is.

  • I wish I had been able to read the negative feedback before I started my purchase. The Taylor Grady sold me two mattresses with the adjustable bases for them. He told me he owned the store and was giving me his rock bottom prices and said he was throwing in bed sheets pillows etc… I had a large costly unexpected event happen that caused me to cancel my order. He right off the bat offered my $1,000.00 off the price to keep the order but, he had to clear it with his manager. Hmmmm, I thought he owned the place and had already given me the rock bottom price (big lie). I don't want to say he harassed me but, he kept pushing to know why I was canceling (known of his business). Then he told me he would cancel the order. He never canceled the order. I received a text message saying when it was being delivered. I returned the call and the recording gave another number to call if you had questions about your order. I called that number and it had the exact same message (to call the number I just called). When I originally called the 866 number on my invoice they would not talk to me and said I had to go through him. 19 hours before the delivery I got the text, I text Taylor to let him know the delivery was still scheduled. He said "It is canceled, I will look into it". I called the company the next morning and D'Aundra (sp) found the order in the system and she said it had never been canceled. She said she would cancel the order and let his manager know what happened. Later that afternoon I received a call from the drivers trying to deliver the order. I never approved the delivery date and time because they were doing while I was at work. I apologized to the driver for his companies lack of communication. I was going to purchase the beds at a later time once I had taken care of my unforeseen circumstances that caused me to cancel but, they can forget it now. I don't like being lied too and if that is all the better they communicate with people to include their own staff. I'm not interested in future headaches. Very Sad they have such poor work ethics/standards. I will purchase elsewhere!

  • As so many others on here, my wife and I were also cheated by Mattress Firm. They don't honor the warranties on the products they sell. All you need to do is look at all the unhappy customers they have on here. Never again Mattress Firm, we'll never buy anything from you again. We're conveying our experiences to others as well so they don't get cheated like we did. Mattress Firm is a text book case of terrible customer service. Buyer beware of these liars, cheats and thieves…

  • We love our new bed, but not the shady practice used to entice us into the store in the first place. A Yeti cooler (while supplies last) was offered and we met the criteria. Got in right after it opened, but no Yeti coolers were available. The following Sunday the same offer was made for a Yeti cooler. So how can you be out of them? Apparently the east coast stores get first dibs and that is simply not fair.

  • I will NEVER buy from sleep train again!!!!! My husband and I purchased a mattress that we found to be defective within a year. Sleep Train charged me 40 bucks to have someone come out to look at it.
    They gave us a new mattress, but not before I had to pay a delivery and recycle fee.
    The when it was delivered, the two guys were so dirty I had them leave it in the mattress in the hallway. I did not tip them because they were extremely rude and spoke only Spanish. The truck was full of dents and had a huge hole in the back door. There wasn't even the name Mattress Firm on in. this company is a JOKE.

  • If your intrested in joining the class action suit please contact me at

    Placed order July 5th its now the 18th and keep getting the run around,waiting over a week for supervisor to contact us, Im done waiting for our order and being lied to and treated like I'm the criminal.

  • This is the worst customer service experience I have EVER had. I will NEVER be returning to Mattress Firm in the future. I got a great deal on a king size hybrid online – an $800 mattress for $300 with free shipping! I got a confirmation email with a confirmation number and receipt, and my card was charged the $300, so I went online to confirm my order was processed and the "check shipping status" said my order didn't exist. After calling various numbers and being promised a call back and not getting one, I went in to a local store to have them help me. After 4 days of coming into the store begging for a solution they finally got my tracking number for the package.
    The day my mattress is supposed to arrive..what do you know! It doesn't! So I called FedEx and they said they have an order for it but no one ever gave them a package to send to me! They said I'd need to talk to the company I ordered from. Now here I am, sleeping on my couch for an indefinite amount of time since I sold my other mattress the day my new one was supposed to arrive, and am still waiting on calls that will probably never come from people who don't give a crap that I have been charged for a product I haven't received.
    They keep telling me that online and in store are different and they can't help me and doing NOTHING to put me on with someone who can do something. They keep telling me they'll try to get me a refund and I can purchase something in the store, but that they wont give me a hybrid mattress for $300.
    This is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. I am suffering numerous negative consequences because YOUR company cannot get their sh** together. It is NOT MY PROBLEM that your online and in store are separate. Good customer service would be refunding me my money and sending me any mattress of my choice with overnight shipping. It is not that difficult. This is the most horrifying experience I have ever had and I will take pleasure in reporting this company to the better business bureau.

  • Hi, my name is Dawn Dickinson, I bought one of your very expensive message chairs. Anthony James sold it to us when we were at the HOuston ROdeo. We asked very specific questions about what the chairs functions were and we got the old BAIT & SWITCH did to us. Meaning we bought a message chair and they delivered another cheaper chair in its place.
    #1 – was told has 8 pre-set functions and the chair we received only has 4.
    #2 – was told could adjust the hardness of the message and cannot. The people who made the chair tried to make it right by sending us an extra foam pad to put between us and the chair. It actually puts purple buises on me. (even wiuth the extra pad.) I have only used the chair 3 times due to this issue. I hurt so bad for the next 3 days, it is not worth the pain.
    #3 – was told since we did not receive the chair that we ordered, they would see about getting us a $1000 discount and very conviently have not heard from him, again. Even though I have contacted him through email.
    #4 – they double charged us for the chair and did fix this problem. But we bought the chair in March and still have not received a bill. I asked, James, a few times on the computer and still do not have an answer. The finance company just got a hold of me through a recording that they want payment in full if not paid in two days. I thought we were still in dispute on the chair being wrong and was not being billed, yet.
    #4 was told had Bluetooth. Does NOT! We had a big discussion about this because we wanted to be able to hear the TV while using the message chair. He said that was not a problem since you just hook up the Bluetooth to your sound bar on your tv and the sound comes out the chair. NOT!
    I am not happy at all. Thought that I was getting something nice for my husband and has been a total mess.

  • I agree with all previous comments about this company. It's the WORST company ever. Wish I would have known BEFORE I purchased our set, out of $2000 now. Attorney General needs to look into this company!!

  • I will expect a full refund. This customer is very upset. We were told we would have our mattress on a Tuesday then finally told on a Thursday it would be Sunday. I cancelled my order. I have never had such poor delivery in my life. I hope that you will express my check back to me.

  • Wife and I went to Denver stock show and bought a split king with adjustable base. They delivered a different make/model base than the one we laid on at the sales kiosk. Salesman says we received the "promo" base which was part of our package however none of this was made clear at time of purchase. Very obvious bait and switch – gonna try and run this up the corporate ladder.

  • I went to the Fort Worth Stock show a week ago and Mattress Firm had a large booth selling mattresses and massage chairs. I bought the massage Dreamwave chair for my husband as a surprise and paid a lot of money for it. The chair was delivered but my husband didn't like it. He looked like he was being squeezed. He's only 190 lbs. I texted, emailed and called my sales rep before the 72 hours refund policy and when he finally got back to me he said their policy is no refunds which is opposite of what is written in their policy. I've talked to a manager and he's supposed to talk to his manager but no one will respond to me. There is NOTHING written that says this is their policy. They knew this was a surprise for my husband and NEVER said this couldn't be returned but since the policy I read said the order could be cancelled within 72 hours I wasn't concerned. I'm very disappointed in this company and their NO customer service. It 's very hard to talk to anyone and their customer service message only tells you to contact your sales rep or store where purchase was made. The Stock show is a special event and not a store so you have no where to go except your sales rep. When you do call the numbers that are published you only get a phone tree and whatever you select you have to leave a message. Very frustrating. I've emailed every address that's published and called every number I can find and a week later I'm still waiting. I'm not happy with Mattress Firm at all. Buyer beware really stands true with this company.

  • I really don't understand how Mattress is still in business. I resently bought a mattress from them, and was told ,if I didn't like it. I could return it for a full refund. (like hell I could)by the time they took off all the fees and charges, I ended up paying for the mattress. such a deal. I think the attorney general needs to know how the company works. BUYER BEWARE

  • I purchased the most expensive Beauty Rest mattress the Mattress Firm store had in Melbourne Florida May 2016. They had a 120 day guarantee. I told them week two it was not comfortable but they said it would take at least 90 days for the mattress to adjust to me . I also told them I was leaving Florida until Nov 2016 as I am a snow bird. I was told NOT TO WORRY that when I returned and slept in it for another 45 Days if I still was not satisfied to call back and they would honor the return policy. Well I feel like I'm falling out of the bed at night. The mattress slants! I was told I had to pay $40 to have a specialist come out to measure the mattress. I told customer service that it was not a settling issue but they said this is what I had to do. So I did. The man came out did a measurement( warranty states must drop over 1 1/2 inches) but I told him that wasn't the problem. He acknowledged the shift and left. I received a letter from Mattress Firm that my problem is normal wear and tear so there is no warranty.
    Sleeping on this mattress less than 90 days and I slide off the side is NOT NORMAL! I need help as the store says that there is nothing they can do. RUDE and very in concerning. So I am asking for your assistance in getting this mattress refunded as I do not want to deal with Mattress Firm ever again.
    Please contact me ASAP! Allison Kelly, Palm Bay Florida

  • Daughter bought a bed mattress with cash at Mattress Firm. She tried a mattress in the store, which was soft; but when they delivered the mattress it was harder than a rock! She said she couldn't sleep on it. The sales person said she needed to try it for 30 days. This is a bunch of garbage. I have bought a new mattress before and it felt just like the mattress at the store. Now they refuse to give her money back and are asking for another $149.00 to refund her money!!! As far as I am concerned this is STEALING, A BAIT AND SWITCH DEAL, which I think might be against the LAW! How can these people remain open and operating to take advantage and hurt more and more people, it is JUST WRONG! I tried contacting a Corporate Office with no answer or call back. Maybe this will require a civil suit with many people involved. WE ALL WANT OUR MONEY BACK! The product you sell, is not the product that is delivered! My daughter was just taken for $500.00! What good is the Better Business Bureau, other than to just report it. BEWARE CONSUMER!!!!!!!! The storefront is located in Sebring, Florida. AGAIN BEWARE CONSUMER!!!!!

  • I purchased a brand new mattress. When I took the plastic off, the bottom material that protects the mattress was unstapled. I went back to the store and the Manager said "That is no big deal. It only protects the mattress anyway" and refused to do anything about it. Really?

  • Ditto for me! This company is the epitome of despicable! I've had a problem that the area manager assured me would improve over time, but, of course, it hasn't. And, although they attempted to resolve it at the store level, corporate blocked them from doing so! They have been avoiding my e-mails, phone calls, voicemails, and everything ELSE that I've tried, to get a response from them! Fortunately, they did me right in every other way, but I'm still reporting them to the Better Business Bureau, and submitting horrible reviews of them on Yelp, Google, Yellow Pages, etc. From what I've been told, too, by several people within the company, corporate has absolutely no contact with even their area managers, store managers, or sales associates!! Quite a scam they're running, and hopefully, they'll either just self-destruct or completely implode.

  • As I am reading the different comments posted about the different Mattress Firm stores all over, it seems as though mostly everyone is having the same complaints. They are either complaining about poor customer service or the mattress that they purchased. I came on this website to complain about the same things. I went into a store to purchase a mattress and decided to purchase one from the warehouse. The salesperson reassured me that they always clean and sanitize all of their mattresses that have been returned to the store for whatever reason. They didn't have the particular one that I wanted in the store that I went to so she asked me if I wouldn't mind driving to another location to pick it up. I took a 50 minute drive to Michigan City, IN to pick up this mattress only to get home and found out that it reeked of stale cigarette smoke. It smelled like an old motel room. I HATE the smell of smoke and for it to be IN A MATTRESS…THAT I JUST PURCHASED pissed me off to no means!! I went back to the store where I purchased it to let the saleswoman know what happened and she asked me if I had any fabric softeners…WTF!! I don't give a damn if I had 20 fabric softeners…I'm not using them to cover up a scent in a mattress that shouldn't have been there IN THE FIRST PLACE and I'm not sleeping on that nasty ass mattress! RIDICULOUS!! I looked at her like she just dropped from Mars. Then she told me that she would talk to her manager to see what they can do and would get back to me tomorrow. TOMORROW??!! You don't put an issue like this on hold. This issue needs to be dealt with ASAP. I will be taking my complaint to the Illinois Attorney General's Office if I don't get the results I want.

  • my spouse was forced to go to a bar for an after hour meeting. how stupid can a company be. upper management should discourage this and punish the district manager for being stupid.
    Myrtle Beach SC

  • October 3, 2016 4:42pm
    I have been dealing with this lousy company since the beginning of the year. I bought their brand and it developed 3 huge lumps. It took 5 months of politicking and avoidance. I finally got a new mattress, paid an extra 500.00 for a Beautyrest. I needed a very soft mattress and I was sent a very hard mATTRESS and I cannot sleep in it. I even submitted a doctor's letter, was approved for another exchange. I was dealing with a jerk by the name of Bianca who disappeared, that was several months ago and still nothing has been done. I will no longer make phone ccalls (nobody answers). I will be in touch with the Attorney General's office and or with an attorney. I no longer want merchandise, as I don't trust them. I WANT MY MONEY BACK WITH INTEREST.

  • After reading all of these comments, and no responses or resolutions from this company, I've decided that its basically a complete waste of time to type more than this. This company is garbage, including the people that work for them.

  • Your company did a bait and switch. I bought a mattress. Had a deal confirmed. Then my wife went into pay for it and they sold her a different mattress from a different store. BAIT and Switch. We never saw the other mattress. It could have been damaged. And the one we purchased is the one they should have delivered. The salesman took advantage of my wife.

  • Your company did a bait and switch. I bought a mattress. Had a deal confirmed. Then my wife went into pay for it and they sold her a different mattress from a different store. BAIT and Switch. We never saw the other mattress. It could have been damaged. And the one we purchased is the one they should have delivered. The salesman took advantage of my wife.

  • I am also a VERY dissatisfied customer. My husband and I made the mistake of purchasing a mattress set, $7000.00 worth, in Hickory NC, in November of last year. The mattress we purchased, a Sealy Black Hybrid, is not holding up the quality we paid for. It has a huge bulge/sag on the outside edge and if you aren't careful you will end up in the floor during the night. We started the "claim" process about 6 weeks ago and have received nothing but the run around. The first time I called your customer service department, it took them 20 minutes just to answer the phone. Then once I got someone on the phone I was told to fill out a claim form and email it in to the website. I did this and paid the $25.00 for them to send out a third party company to do the inspection. First, it took 2 weeks to hear anything at all from the time the claim form was sent in. On the 14th day a voice message was sent from Mattress Marshals stating they would contact us within 48 hours. They never called us. We went to the Hickory store where we purchased the mattress and spoke with Josh, our sales person, who gave us more black hole numbers to call. By the way, Josh really didn't care about our issue, he has already made his commission from the sale so it really didn't matter to him. We finally were able to contact someone at Mattress Marshals who put us in contact with our area inspector. He was supposed to come yesterday but change the date to today due to fuel conservation. He called today at 4:30 and I missed his call. I call back within 10 minutes and left a message to let him know we would be at home and he was ok to do the inspection. I continued to call him until 6:15 this evening and he finally answered. He stated he wouldn't be able to do the inspection today since he wasn't able to reach me…????? He also stated he would request a home kit to be sent out for my husband and I to submit the claim/inspection information on line. Why couldn't this be done to begin with? Also, I don't think he was ever in the area or had intentions of being in the area. Mattress Marshals is a scam company who is hired by bigger corporations to do the dirty work of denying claims for them. This is worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I will never send anyone to a Mattress Firm store to shop for anything. I will let everyone know what a lousy company Mattress Firm is and they do not stand by the products they sell. Also when their customers have problems no one will call them back or offer any helpful suggestions to get the issues resolved.

  • Hello,

    I am a dissatisfied customer in Charlotte, NC, Ikea Blvd. My initial encounter was pleasant with the salesman and district manager(?). The district manager gave me the price of $703 for the Beautyrest Hartfield queen mattress, box, taxes and delivery. However I wanted to continue to price compare until the end of the day. I returned to store, the salesman greeted me when I came in. He said, I see you are back, so you did not find anyone to beat our price? I said no I did not but I found that whereas, I thought I was getting a deal it is not a deal is your norm. All of you will knock $200 off the price. The sales became extremely loud and very rude. He said, what do you expect that is what we do, we are all Mattress Firm. At that point the conversation was not between he and I anymore, his voice ranged throughout the store. Customers were looking at me with shocked looks, to see what was the disturbance. Everything he said, was loud and rude. I told him, I did not appreciate his demeanor toward me and left the store.

    Their was another location close by, so I went there and dealt with the store manager Shaun. I explained to Shaun my bad experience at the other store and asked could he grant me the same deal. Shaun was pleasant and gave me the same deal. He repeatedly apologized because he could tell I was extremely disturbed due to my experience at the other store. I had never been talked to like that before by a salesman. Shaun gave the excuse of the salesman tone was probably because he is from NY. Nevertheless, he said he was going to report the incident and for me to expect to hear from someone. It has been a week and I still have not received a phone call.

    My mattress was supposed to be delivered on Monday, September 5. However, I worked late and tried to cancel the delivery. When I called the store, the salesman said it was already on the truck, so cancel when they call me and he will have Shaun to call me to reschedule. I never received a phone call from Shaun until, September 11th. Prior to the phone call I got a call from the delivery guys on September 7 or 8 saying they will be at my house in 30 minutes. I informed them I was still at work and did not schedule that delivery.

    On September 9 at 8:30pm I went to the store but it was closed; on the door it is 9pm.

    When Shaun called on September 11, I informed him I found the mattress at a cheaper price at US Mattress. He looked it up and told me although the mattress is cheaper at $499, my totally ticket was less and that is what they go by so the price match would not be honored. It was never explained to me by any of the salesmen nor managers it had to be less than the total ticket price. Every salesman I encountered at 4 Mattress Firms said if I found the mattress cheaper, Mattress Firm will match the price plus discount an extra 10%. They did not say the mattress set nor total ticket had to be less. It was explained, if I found the mattress less and I did but still did not receive the discount so I cancelled my order. Your price for the mattress was $749, at US Mattress it is $499. Your salesman are very misleading and deceitful, not to mention the rude encounter.

    I work in retail, know the importance of providing superior customer service. I did not receive it from your employees from management to salesmen. I never received a call back from my initial complaint, got a call from Shaun 6 days later after calling the store, my delivery was rescheduled without notifying me,received misleading information regarding the price match and I had a rude loud encounter with your salesman. All this is unacceptable in a customer service environment, which caused me to cancel my order.

    I am waiting to hear from someone who cares from the corporate office.


    Ms. Jackson

  • I bought a mattress from them in 2013 or 2014 and I started having issues with it after one yr later. I called customer service to get a copy of the receipt and she emailed it to me. I recently lost it so I called back to get another copy and the lady stated they couldn't find where I had bout at all. No one would help and I've been waiting for someone to call me back and they never did. I believe this is very bad customer service. I wish someone from higher up would see this and call me back with the receipt sent to my email so I can get this problem fixed. I do believe that's why they don't want to find because they will have to fix my bed.

  • Mattress firm took 3 charges from my account for $649.00 for mattress set. Taking their time in giving me my money back. I will never purchase anything from them anymore.

  • When I purchased my mattress, I was never told that Sleepy's in Charlotte NC was being bought out by Mattress Firm. I have pages of notes regarding the negative experience I have had since purchasing my mattress set in April. Every time I call the store and ask for the person I spoke to the day before, I am told he is no longer at that store. I have told my lengthy story to three different people all claiming to the store manager. All of whom claim they will personally take care of my problem and call me back. I have never received a call back. My saga goes on and on and I have not been able to find one person who could help me.
    I am under the impression that Mattress Firm uses the bait and switch tactic.

  • I have read the comments and I see I am not the only one that had a bad experience. I recently went to purchase a set of mattresses from Mattress Firm and the salesman not only charged me for a set that was $200.00 more BUT a demo set AND it was over 3 years old and discontinued. When I showed him the receipt, he said he would have to wait until the following morning to rectify the matter. The following morning, he was conveniently off! I went to another location and had the entire purchase cancelled. This guy tells me he cannot give me a cancellation receipt. To top it off… As I was looking at another mattress set and as I lied down on it, he walks over and he says… "Mmmm I would look good on top of you. The things I would do to you".
    I immediately left… Have been trying to contact the corporate office for the past many hours and no response. I WILL be going to the local authorities and filing my charge since this company refuses to respond to my complaint. Be ware of this company!!

  • I am a former employee of Precise Mattress. PM does all the warranty inspections for Mattress Firm. The warranty inspection is a scam, taking months to get an inspection done. The Techs have practically no training and they DO NOT train at the Mattress companies (Sealy, Serta etc) like it states on the PM website. All the tech does is measure Mattress body impressions. They are not trained to do pressure tests or much of anything else.If the Techs camera doesn't see it, no matter what your problem, you are NOT getting anything. Please let Mattress Firm know you would like a different company for your inspection. It's a scam.

  • Human Resources Mattress Firm
    I was currently hired by your co. As a delivery driver, in my past Ive had some legal issues , but have since come full circle and have completly turned my life around. As an individual whome has made mistakes and taken full responsibility for them and paid his dues , but yet still continues to pay for them but in the worst way , and that is acquiring gainful employment. Yes , its my own fault and none of it is Mattress firms fault , but I feel as a large corporation and one whome is coast to coast , the opportunity for your company to step up and be an example to other companies especially large ones as Mattress Firm is, and help felons make a transition back into the community and be given the opportunity to be gainfully employed. I know that not all felons are candidates for that opportunity , and are not ready for that transition but I feel that each application and candidate applying for a job as a past felon, should be taken into careful consideration on a case by case basis, and your hiring mgrs should take the extra steps to get to find out a bit more about these potential candidates and make their decisions then , and given the oppty to prove themselves , maybe under a longer probationery period, higher power ranking expectations, more positive customer feed back expectations, in order to keep their employment with Mattress Firm. I myself am a man , father of 4 young men , 2 of which are still at home and in my custody, Im a past felon and have made 1 mistake which I continue to pay for by not bein able to get a good job, I have custody of my 2 younger sons whome live with me, and in my opinion I am a good father , and showing them, hey? Yes i made a mistake 4 yrs ago but ive since taken all the proper steps as a responsible man and father and have made the proper changes in my life to be the productive man and father they know and are use to seeing, Dad refuses to fold under the stress of all the continued barriers put in front of me while looking for work! Anyways all I'm saying is maybe your company can be a good example to other large corporations and be lighthouse in the communities across the USA that you have your stores in, for people like me whome have truly made one poor decision and with it has complicated his life by his doing , but now is on the right path to be an outstanding member of my community! So with that I say thank you for this platform to get this off my chest and as of now I was hired by Sleep Train , but have recently been let go due to my background check which took a little longer to get back to HR , due to the holidays. AnywayvI hope this email is one that your company can take serioudly and hopefully run with it and be an example to other large corporations. Base your hiring decisions on a case by case basis, take that extra small step to get to know the potential candidate (X-felon), a little more before you make that decision , based on protocal, to just diregard him or her , and just see them out the door! Thank you!

  • I bought a Sealy Specialty King size mattress on 11/27/15 with a promised delivery date of 12/7/15 between 2:00pm and 6:00pm. It is now 12/8/15@7:17am and I still don't have my new mattress, after several calls to the store at 903.757.2337, they claim that our mattress will come, however they can not contact the drivers. No one has bothered to call me back to update me. Needless to say I'm very disappointed with my service after spending $1500.00. I'm curious as to where the "Red Carpet Delivery"($80.00) service is currently. I understand things happen that throw off delivery times, but the fact that no one from your company shows any concern if this gets resolved is very frustrating. My wife took off work to stay home and wait for delivery. Clearly she lost a days worth of pay for nothing. I'm sure in the grand scheme of things $1500.00 is not a lot of money to your company, however it is to me (the customer). I debated back and forth between just buying online from Tuft&Neeedle or Leesa or purchase from your store. My wife convinced me to purchase from your store because the store had this equivalent mattress. The other 2 websites were actually cheaper, but my wife wanted to deal with an actual person for customer service. Its situations like this that are running the brick & mortar stores out of business.

    My attempts:
    Called local store 3 times
    Called 1-866-942-3551 2 times, left voicemails, never got a call back.
    sent email to, still no reply.

    Will someone please make this right?!

  • I am very upset about the entire purchasing process when ordering a mattress online from this company. I ordered a mattress/box springs online on 10/26/15. The web site states same day delivery. When I received my conformation it stated a delivery date of 3 to 5 days. That would mean a delivery of no later than Nov. 2 excluding the weekend. When I did not receive the items on Nov.2 I called customer service on Nov. 3rd. I was told that the items were on the truck to be delivered that day. They never showed up. On Nov.4 I called again and the customer service person told me that the mattress was delivered at 12:36 and signed for and that the box springs was delivered to another address. I was home all day on the 4th and no one ever came to delivery my mattress. I called customer service and they said it was signed for by the leasing office. When I went down to the leasing office to see neither they nor I could see anything that looked like a mattress in the room where they keep deliveries. On Nov 5th I called back and cancelled my order and told customer service to go pick up whatever they said they delivered and to what ever address they said they delivered it to and refund my money. They stated at that time that it would take 7 to 10 days to get a refund.
    I ordered another mattress from another company and it was delivered the same day without any trouble at all.
    Ten days later on Nov 14th (the date I should be receiving my refund) I receive an email asking me to confirm the receipt of my mattress. The email said that they were notified by FEDEX that the items had been delivered 11/04/15. Keep in mind that I called to cancel on 11/05/15. If I had received my items on the 4th I would not have called on the 5 to cancel. DO THE MATH PEOPLE!!!!!! Once AGAIN I called customer service and was told that they would have to do another investigation and it would be another 7 to 10 days before I would receive a refund…. JUST VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!

    • I would like to return the mattress that was purchased from this company for refund, due to the quality, this is poor advertisement and I’m a very dissatisfied customer. I will report to the BBB if action is not taken according to the warranty. The quality of the mattress is very cheap and the mattress has no stability what so ever I can lift this mattress with 1 hand, I have spoken with the manager Carl Albury and this matter has not been addressed appropriately. I haven't slept at all in this bed without my body hurting.

  • Mattress firm is simply put a BAD company, it not only screws over it's customers, it steals commission and bonuses from its employees. They are horrible to work for , management from corporate do not return phone calls, they don't pay their employees owed wages. There are hundreds of lawsuits against this company, STAY AWAY FROM IT! THEY ARE DISHONEST!

  • We recently ordered a King size Hampton and Roads Pillow top mattress, box spring set, frame, and mattress protector online. We got "talked into" buying this online (I am sure the person online was getting a fat commission for the sale) because she could save us money over the list price. Yesterday we received the mattress protector, and today we received via Fed Ex a large box of wood. My wife tried to call the number they gave us but we are not even sure at this point if they are going to reverse this order and cancel the agreement. We have bought from Mattress firm before and had a great experience. This is not what I expected from Mattress Firm. By the way I called the Corporate number and got several "Customer Service Agents" who sounded like they were half asleep and kept putting me back in quay. No one seems to want to hear about our problem, even though Mattress Firm Advertises "100 night Guarantee". My next contact will be the BBB in Texas as well as the Texas Attorney General consumer fraud division.

  • As a graduation gift my mom purchased a mattress set for my daughter, as she would need it for college, during Mattress Firm's BIG Memorial Day sale – the weekend of May 23rd. We opted to pick up the mattress ourselves the following weekend but with the crazy weather we've been having in Houston this summer (all the rain/flooding) and my husband's crazy work schedule, plus our 2 daughters play select/travel sport so we weren't able to. They called us back about 2 weeks and asked when we'd be able to pick it up and we said we would be there that weekend, well again it we didn't make it for one of the 3 reasons above and in our error didn't call to advise the store. Finally on July 10 I called the store to let them know we would be there the next day, Saturday, July 11th to pick up our mattress and we were told it had already been picked up. I asked who picked it up because we surely hadn't and the associate said they'd have to look into it. I asked her to please do so as my mother purchased this as a gift. Then she said oh your aren't the purchaser? To which I responded no….my mother is and she is a senior citizen and I'm picking it up for her, after I said this she said she could no longer speak to me, she could only speak with the actual purchaser. So I asked my mom to call and they proceeded to tell her she had already picked it up!!!! She responded with "no I didn't"/ She asked if they could provide her with something showing who picked it up and was told they'd have to complete an investigation and to give him 2 days. On Monday when we hadn't heard from him all weekend, my mom called back to the store and he said he was still looking into it and he would call her back. She called back on Tuesday and was told he was on vacation for 2 days!! So knowing he wasn't there we went to the store looking to speak to the Manager and were told we had to speak with the person we'd been speaking to all along because he was the Assistant manager, we explained our story and how we weren't satisfied so we now wanted to speak to a manager and were told that she was on vacation in Disney but that the Asst. manager would return tomorrow and for us to talk to him and see what he could find out. That sales associate then told us if he didn't resolve our issue to come back and see him on Friday……..seriously?!?!?! What are you going to do that the Manager or Asst. manager isn't doing? Anyway….today my mom called the asst. manager again to get an update and he said he shows we picked it up, again she asked by who? Did you get a copy of the DL for who ever picked it up? do you have a name because it surely wasn't us, we wouldn't keep calling and wasting our time if we already had the mattress we purchased! He insisted that she picked it up because it's signed by her but won't let us see a copy of the signature. He said to give him another day to keep investigating so tomorrow there will be no more calling!! I will be at the store tomorrow! I understand we are partially at fault by not picking it up on time but at the same time they have to have a system in place to be sure the person picking up a purchase at least has proper ID! My theory is that they #1 gave the mattress to the wrong people or #2 double sold they're inventory and just giving us the run around until they have more in stock…..either way it's TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!
    I W I L L N E V E R P U R C H A S E F R O M T H I S P L A C E A G A I N!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This post is intended for the attention of executive level management and/or the head of human resources of Mattress Firm Corporate Headquarters and concerns an employee of Mattress Firm who has engaged in a serious act of moral turpitude.
    You have an employee, presumably of management level called Doug or Douglas, aged 32 years, originally from North Dakota, whom i'm told works for Mattress Firm Corporate so I assume he is currently based in Texas. He was in New Orleans Louisiana on December 10th 2014 and presumably for at least several days prior to that date. He was part of some kind of training or implementation team.
    From the above information I have supplied it should not be difficult for you to identify this individual, however, if you cannot, then I will be happy to engage the services of a private investigator and gain his identity myself.
    On December 10th 2014, in the New Orleans hotel room that was paid for by mattress firm for the purposes of your employees business trip, your employee facilitated adultery by having sex with my wife.
    I want some measure of justice for the moral crime that your employee has committed, I want his employment with you terminated.
    He should not be allowed to continue to get away with running around the country, funded by your company, seducing and sleeping with married women, destroying families and lives. It is morally reprehensible and I want him fired.
    Take this seriously and deal with that individual appropriately, OR I WILL.

  • The say on their website they give their employees National and Regional leadership conferences, side-by-side coaching & development and online resources, we ensure, as a member of our Operations team, you are poised for success. This is a totally FALSE statement. They set you up to get rid of you there is no coaching or development going on in this company. DO NOT BUY FROM A CORPORATE OWNED MATTRESS FIRM. Worst company ever!!!

  • ..this has to be the worse company I have had to deal with in a long time. they are really really slow in returning the refunds due . I have never written about a company before. Please be very careful in dealing with this company which is also sleep experts

  • I had horrible experience at Mattress Firm, Austin TX. I wanted to return my mattress when they didn't want to price match…they gave all the excuses in the world. Therefore, I wanted to return it and buy it else where. I bought it on Saturday and wanted to return it on Sunday. Well, the sales person was very rude. He started belittling me about wanting to pay less. I will never ever purchase anything from Mattress Firm.

  • Mattress Firm is awful! Do not purchase a mattress from here as they will attempt to give the run-around if you ever return. My husband and I purchased a mattress from Mattress Firm in late-September and returned it on Oct 16, 2014. Today is November 3rd and we still haven't received a refund. Everyone we call from the store itself to the corporate office is giving us the run-around and we paid CASH. When you pay for something in cash you should have the option to receive the return in cash NOT by "check in 7-10 business days" as their policy states. They have to have a store that could give us our money more quickly than the check is taking to arrive, yet they choose to make money off of our money by extending the time to return the payment out as long as possible. BAD BUSINESS POLICIES; POOR CUSTOMER RELATIONS; HORRIBLE BUSINESS ACUMEN. I will share our experience with anyone that will listen and will NEVER purchase another mattress from this company min the future.

    • I am a victim of this BS Company purchased a mattress and received the incorrect size and they tried denying me a refund, until I threatened to stop payment on my check. Promised a refund and still have yet to receive and the corporate doesn't ever seem to be available. As I scroll through these reviews, I have seen so many of the same comments, something must be done. I have never dealt with such a horrible corporation!

  • I will NEVER purchase another thing from this company!!!! I returned a mattress set 7 weeks ago and I have been getting the run around about my refund.

  • To whom it may concern:rosewell location this is in regard to the matresses that have been written off as damage or defective in the warehouse manager blake has been stealing them and selling it in the side alone with a contracter partner name eric if you do your inventory from the begining of the year hundreds of mattress have been writting off as damage to cover up the stolen matrees this man has been on vacation more than the ceo on stollen matresses that his been selling on the side ,send a investigation teen to inventory all the matresses That have been stolen ,a couple a month ago a contracter was fire becouse he was stealing when that fact are that he was allowing the contracter to keep the use matrees then flip the story to cover his stealing if you continue to allow this warehouse district manager to keep making hundreds off thousand dollars he even got a personal camper park outside the warehouse so he can carry out his stealing..take a close look at this man his

  • I want to compliment you on the excellent service I received from Kaitlin Alley in Boca Raton, FL. I had a very complicated situation due to rheumatoid arthritis. She never gave up trying to find the right mattress for me. After several tries, she sent me to another Mattress Firm store knowing what would work for me. She really knows her business as the mattress is perfect and I could not be happier. Her attitude and extra effort was excellent. You are fortunate to have an exceptional employee like Kailin.
    Thank you, Pat

  • my name is Diana marema, I was sold a mattress and adj base totaling over 5,000.00 on 8/17/14 in coral springs florida. I was told by andrea groce that EVERYTHING I purchased that day was 100 % returnable and refundable. I have been trying for the last 12 days to get my money back and return everything. I've been told by both andrea groce and teresa reed that they would not refund 2700.00 for the base. they would not give me their managers name, just to call customer service. English is my 3 rd language, so I don't understand everything. I feel they are taking advantage of MINORITIES by not honoring what the sales person told me the day I bought this. I am not a happy customer, I can call the local tv station and have them investigate the unfair way this company is taking advantage of minorities.

  • I purchased a mattress and box spring from the Denton, Texas store and I slept on one side for less than three weeks and when I slept on the other side I roled over to the side I intially slept on due to that side wearing down. I purchased a plush mattress because when I lied on it in the store it really contoured to my body but the one they delivered was not the same. I have Sciatica and my back has been aggravating me ever since. The mattress is no good and the box spring is so cheap looking my one year old granddaughter could have done a better job building me one without the springs ready to come out and all the noise I'm subjected to listening to as I toss and turn all night. The irony is, I went back to them to upgrade my bed but I'm going to make sure they do not deliver that one because I refuse to pay almost $2000 to experience the same situation with a higher price tag.They also say free delivery with purchases $599 or greater and still charge a $79 delivery fee knowing they do not have anything in their stores for less than $900. How are they still in business? Is that's the reason they changed their name? I'm a very dissatisfied customer who have to go to a reputable store to spend more money on something I haven't even slept a good four months on.

    • Call 713-923-1090 option 4 and try any of these names: Karrie Forbes, Steve BArnes, Casey Zuber, and Sandra Melcore. All are executives. NOt sure if it will help but if everyone calls them maybe things will change.

  • I absolutely hate mattress firm! I have never spent my hard earned money with a company that is so disorganized and disrespectful. My set was to arrive between 4-7pm, it never showed. I called and was informed that my order didnt make it to the warehouse and that i would have to wait another two days for it to arrive. They probably lied about refunding my delivery fee. I suggest immediately pressing the back button or turning and running the other direction if considering this company. The worst.

  • Mattress Firm obviously trains the employees to lie to their customers. They definitely lied to me. My wife and I visited one of their stores in Rome, Georgia on May 25th. The salesman and store manager were the only ones in the store when we were there. The salesman was very overbearing and just kept saying that if you buy something today and don't like it you can return it. He kept talking about the happiness guarantee they have. He told us at least ten times that if we weren't happy with the purchase we could return it. Even though my instinct told me to leave the store because of his high pressure tactics he was using I didn't. Well I found out you had better listen to your instincts when they're telling you something. He left out the fact that their adjustable bases or not returnable even though he kept insisting that everything we were buying was. The store manager was sitting right beside of him when the papers were signed and neither one of them ever mentioned that fact. They both were talking to us constantly during the signing. As I would later discover why. It was to keep us from reading on the paperwork that the adjustable bases were not returnable. I contacted the manager when we decided that the bed was very uncomfortable and wanted to return it. That's when I was told that I could come in and they would exchange it for a $79 delivery fee. I contacted customer service and ask to speak with the district manager. After numerous calls to customer service requesting to speak with the district manager I finally get a call from him. He advised told me he would speak with the salesman and get back with me. Waiting game again. It took several more days and more calls to customer service to get him to respond. When he did it said he hadn't spoke with the store manager yet and would have to speak with him before he could give me an answer on whether they could accept any returns. Another waiting game. Well I finally got an answer and it was NO RETURN.

    • Call 713-923-1090 option 4 and try any of these names: Karrie Forbes, Steve BArnes, Casey Zuber, and Sandra Melcore. All are executives. NOt sure if it will help but if everyone calls them maybe things will change.

  • Matress firm told me to wait 30days is this so. Before exchanging my matress please call me and let me now 8324552501

  • We purchased a defective king mattress from your company. Our local store printed out the warranty claim and my husband and I agreed that we would not fax our credit card information as requested on the warranty form due to financial safety concerns.
    Why we have to pay a "mattress inspector" to look at your defective product is beyond me, but that's a post for another day.
    We wrote on your form that we could call with our credit card numbers. I called 3 days after faxing the form from our local Mattress Firm store. You said you couldn't find the form.
    l also emailed you with the date of sale, customer number, mattress name, and asked you to call me for our credit card numbers, etc. You never responded to the email.
    We recently received a denial letter of the warranty claim for the defective mattress we purchased from you because (here's the best part) we had not included our credit card information.
    We need for you to address the fact that we purchased an expensive mattress from your company and you have neglected to email, call, or do anything that would make you a reputable business.

  • We purchased a defective king mattress from your company. Our local store printed out the warranty claim and my husband and I agreed that we would not fax our credit card information as requested on the warranty form due to financial safety concerns.
    Why we have to pay a "mattress inspector" to look at your defective product is beyond me, but that's a post for another day.
    We wrote on your form that we could call with our credit card numbers. I called 3 days after faxing the form from our local Mattress Firm store. You said you couldn't find the form.
    l also emailed you with the date of sale, customer number, mattress name, and asked you to call me for our credit card numbers, etc. You never responded to the email.
    We recently received a denial letter of the warranty claim for the defective mattress we purchased from you because (here's the best part) we had not included our credit card information.
    We need for you to address the fact that we purchased an expensive mattress from your company and you have neglected to email, call, or do anything that would make you a reputable business.

  • I feel That this mattress was defeated from the the get go and should not have been resold to anyone this company spends thousands of dollars to bring people in but nothing to keep customers coming back

  • I seen all the commercials of mattress firm finally convince me that is the best place to buy my next mattress when I was in need of one I saw one by I 45 North made a u-turn and proceeded do the location not aware that right next to the one I saw there wash a clearance center and ended up in the Clearance Center instead and not the one that I thoughtI was going to I ended up buying a Stephen Foster $1000 mattress when I got home right away It felt like a sinkhole in the center I call the store with the problem the store made me aware that the purchase was not returnable due to a memo that the seller did on the computer file I guess the a****** new I was going to be Return it soon and to cover his ass he made that notation now I am stuck with it and it just keeps getting worse and worse I have to deal with this For the pass five months I guess I did it at your 8 yr mistake

  • here i am waiting on my mattress since 6pm untill 10pm i was wondering what took so long to get here well it never did get here because the person who helped me out with my purchase jason rich actually got my information all wrong after i repeated my name and number over and over again still got it wrong because of the fact he was making all kind of perverted jokes in bed well my first time shoping there and i have to say im very disapointed will make sure i never step one foot in there again because of him here i am without a mattress after i paid same day delivery..

  • Mattress Firm sells beds produced Corsicana Bedding Inc. Corsicana employs what's believed to be one of the largest number of illegal immigrants of any company in the US. Corsicana works these people under extremely unsafe conditions. Of course they pay these people at such a low rate that 80% of their illegal workforce lives well below the poverty rate. Shame on you Mattress Firm.

  • To whom it may concern:

    I am so displeased with the customer service I received at the store in Covington La. While shopping I picked out the Tepur Pedic Luxe Cloud bed. I asked the salesman who was helping if they had a price match guarantee and he advised me that if I could find that mattress anywhere else cheaper that he would match the price plus give me 10% below that price. He also advised me that the only place he would not match the price was from Amazon due to they sell used furniture and are not authorized dealers. So I made a commitment to purchase the mattress with them and was told when I come to pick up the paper work would be ready to sign. That evening I looked around on internet and found the same bed $1000.00 cheaper. I called them the next day and advised the sales person I was working with that I had found the mattress cheaper and gave him all the information that I found. The website guaranteed the mattress and was a certified dealer and the mattress had all the law tags and was confirmed to be legitimate. Once they seen that they called me back and I was advised that they could not match that price as stated at the store and that if I wanted the bed on internet buy it from there to save myself some money. So I called the district manager of that region and he gave me the run around and had someone from Tempur Pedic call me directly to advise me that Tempur Pedic controls the price of their product and they cannot sell the mattress at the store for that price. I advised her that I was following what I was told by the salesman and that it should not be my loss due to the inadequate salesman's knowledge of the Price Match guarantee. She said well the only thing I can advise you to do is buy it from the internet.

    This is sad. Poor Customer Service. If I was anyone that was considering a mattress I would not buy a mattress from this company. I am considering applying for a permit and standing out in front of the store and holding a sign conveying such information. The best advertisement is word of mouth and its a consumers responsibility to make these companies pay for their actions by not purchasing from them.

  • I went to Mattress Firm with my Mom (witness) and spoke w/ Ryan Love. I was told the bed I would purchase would be on sale. I bought this mattress and box set. I was overcharged by $100. He said I would be refunded after the bed was picked up. I picked up the bed on 12/14/2013. After sleeping on it for 1 day my back was in horrendous pain and I had been having difficulty breathing. I went to the store on 12/18/2013 and walked to the floor model bed that I bought and confirmed that the bed in my condo was not the same bed that I had purchased. I spoke with Barret and told him the situation. He asked for pictures and I gave them. After seeing the pictures where my hand was bigger than the bed at my condo compared my hand being smaller than the bed at the store he confirmed that the bed that I had was the incorrect bed and he "no idea which bed they had given me." At first he said that I would be charged for delivery but I said that would not happen and if so I would contact the BBB. He immediately changed his mind. On 12/19/2013 I was delivered the incorrect bed again. I knew it was the incorrect bed because it was the exact same size bed as the one in my condo. On 12/20/2013 I went to Mattress Firm and spoke with Barret. I gave him 2 options: (1) I would write the BBB and ask for a refund or (2) the correct bed would be delivered to the store where I would confirm and then the bed would be brought to my condo. He chose the refund. However he and his area manager said that I need to bring the mattress to the warehouse. I said that is not happening and that I would be contacting the BBB. My back and neck are hurting every morning after waking up on this bed.

    I was initially overcharged by $100. Then, I was given the incorrect bed. Then, a sales representative, Barrett, confirmed that the bed that I had was incorrect. Then the delivery men brought the exact same incorrect bed to my condo.

    ******This is currently a complaint that I sent to the Better Business Bureau. As of this posting, I have waited 2 weeks and still no response from Mattress Firm. I am assuming that they would like to have these negative reviews up and about on yelp and any other website I can find. Any suggestions on where to re-post this review would be helpful

    It is 01072014 and it is 7:20 P.M. as of this posting. i was told by Ryan Love yesterday as well as 20 minutes ago that the driver will be here from 8-11 P.M tonight to pick up my mattress and box. I will up update if and when the delivery driver gets here.

    • I am interested in speaking to you personally about your story. I am going through a similar process with them. They are extremely rude and unwilling to help. I was wondering if I could have some advice from you. I will provide you with my contact info if/when you reply.

  • I'm gonna be a person i never thought i would be , but Mattress Firm in Plano (closest to Plano Pkwy) is the shadiest place i have EVER dealt with!!! I went 09/10 to get a mattress, Wilkie was my sales person, he said i would pay a $40 processing fee, I told him i don't get paid till 09/13 and would come back then, to make a sale he lied and said they could hold the check till the 13th, my account was hit with an NSF on the 11th! I called and spoke to him and his manager Alex, they said there isn't anything they can do but offer me a free pillow!! I talked to a district manager who said they would give me back the NSF, by sending me a check, two weeks go by then i find out they sent my credit to the financing company since they didn't get the $40 processing fee (09/25 and they still had not run my check again when i was told it would be done on the 13th) so I just left it alone, they got their money and it was not worth the fight! 11/18 they run my check from 09/10 for $40, 2months later, when they have already been paid (mind u i paid the bed off early at the end Oct) spoke to a manager Lawrence who basically said they really don't owe me a refund but will send me a check as a courtesy!!! 11/26 they charged me a $30 return check fee!!! All from 2 MONTHS ago!!! Do NOT EVER EVER do business with Mattress Firm!!!!!

  • I am a very dissatisfied customer. Until this incident I have been a repeat customer; however, I will never purchase from Mattress Firm again. I am having issues with a return. Part of the issue is my fault because I did not read my receipt after purchase; however, it is incumbent upon the sales person to ensure the customer is aware if something is non-returnable. Especially when the customer specifically asks the question of may I return this item. Apparently mattresses are returnable but adjustable frames are not. This is completely contrary to almost any other mattress sellers. In the state of Louisiana a mattress cannot be resold unless it is sold as a used mattress. The reason given for accepting the mattress is that they have a sanitation process for the mattress but not the adjustable frame. I personally do not want a mattress that has been used and I would venture to guess there are other people that feel the same way. I don't understand how a mattress can be sanitized but the adjustable frame cannot. It seems to be a little disinfectant spray would do the trick. While I understand company policies, I also know that most companies allow their employees to make judgement calls to satisfy the customer. Apparently no one in the Mattress Firm Corporation is allowed to use their brain. They apparently have a script and will not deviate from it. It is a sad day when there is no value in pleasing your customers.

  • My name is Joseph Allen Williford I went to the mattress 2times. Both employees that work those days treated me like a trashy.I ask for the no credit check well after telling Cory witch worked the night of 11132013.He put an application and told me what part to fill out so I did and he ran my credit witch wasn't the no credit check form,He Gave me the wrong form so I got turned down.He also wasn't even in the store when I got there .I could have stolen stuff like those 120.00 gel pillows but I don't steal. He was outside the back door for about 5 minutes. I have a terminal illness I bought a bed 1 year ago I go to bed hurting and don't get no sleep.I am begging for help so maybe I can get a good nights REST before I die,a casket would be better than what I have now. From the reply's I read not to many customers did not have nothing good to say about all mattress firm stores. PLEASE HELP ME WITH A MATTRESS.YOU CAN CALL ME AT 919-623-4980

  • This company has the worst customer service I have ever encountered. Clarence is rude and condesending and should not be in the customer service field. He might be more suited to a prison or somewhere in another country where he can take his rudeness out on someone who deserves it. My account was accessed by a store employee who added $1176.00 in charges without my permission. My lawyers will have a ball with this one now that Clarence has pissed me off.

    • I too have experienced Clarence's rudeness. This company is a Joke!! Selling used mattresses and claiming that the word clearance means used. NOT IN MY ENGLISH DICTIONARY IT DOESN'T!!

  • this is the worst customer service ive ever delt with, in feb,2012 i moved into my place evrything i bought was brand new, a month later i bought a mattress which was from mattress firm!! then i got bed bugs??? like really omg i hate any kind of bugs… so here they are going back and forth blaming each other so i left it at that and just got the treatment done and threw my $1000 bed i slept on for one month, i was 7 months pregnant going thru this crap too. they couldnt give me a letter stating that the bed bugs did not come from them, so that makes me think did it or not?? i hate this company now they can kiss my ass and i will NEVER refer NO ONE TO THIS PLACE!

    • Call 713-923-1090 option 4 and try any of these names: Karrie Forbes, Steve BArnes, Casey Zuber, and Sandra Melcore. All are executives. NOt sure if it will help but if everyone calls them maybe things will change.

  • I purchased a memory foam/gel mattress in September 2012 from Mattress Firm.
    Within the customer satisfaction 100 days I returned it. That type of bed was not for me.
    I then paid an additional $200 plus transportation fee for a different bed (Oasis) on
    December 10, 2012. I visited the location that these transactions took place yesterday because
    this current Oasis has broken down. One corner of the bed slants making it difficult not to roll off the bed.
    The box spring boards have bowed out and when you get into bed it cracks and sounds like the old spring box beds.
    I am well within the 100 days customer grace period, but the store has told me that the 100 days starts from
    the first mattress. This was never told to me when I switched it out. If that would be the case I would
    have asked for a refund instead of trying make due with another choice.
    I now have been asked to file a Warranty Form which takes 4-6 weeks and pay an additional $25 for transportation.
    The is not good customer service. All I want is it visit Mattress Firm and pick another bed, which I'm sure
    will be an upgrade $ and transportation fee again.
    I have attached my receipt for the Oasis.
    Please respond.

    Jackie Naples, FL 3/8/13

  • We are customers and recently visited the Morrow Ga location of Mattress Firm. We would like to take this opportunity to commend Foster Smith for his understanding of our situation and his expertise in helping us get the perfect mattress for our needs. Foster is excellent, knowledgable and very patient. We ended up purchasing mattress, box springs, frame, pillows mattress cover. We even came back the next week and purchased two more frames for our grandchildren. Foster is an asset to your company and we will continue to support the Morrow Ga location and Foster Smith.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Jerry and Tracey Cepull

    • Call 713-923-1090 option 4 and try any of these names: Karrie Forbes, Steve BArnes, Casey Zuber, and Sandra Melcore. All are executives. NOt sure if it will help but if everyone calls them maybe things will change.

  • I would like to extend my gratitude to Kyle Creviston at you new Cortaro Store in Marana, Az.
    I met Kyle at your Broadway store in Tucson, Az. He made sure that I had a solution to my concern.
    Even though it was his day off, he made sure that Mr. Dan Roach handled my exchange. I am very happy with my Stearns and Foster mattress. Kudos to Kyle and to Dan for taking care of my exchange. Sincerely, Karen Arnold

    • Call 713-923-1090 option 4 and try any of these names: Karrie Forbes, Steve BArnes, Casey Zuber, and Sandra Melcore. All are executives. NOt sure if it will help but if everyone calls them maybe things will change.

    • I bought a mattress from your store in Plano .It was suppose to be a bruised or damaged sale unit. I CHANGED MY ORDER 2X. to get the right size.. I even bought one of you expensive bed covers.. I was given a bed that was a return to the store that was out for 1 year N returned. When I got it home there was a pot hole in it. Asaede did not say the words "THIS IS NOT RETURNABLE." I M VERY UNHAPPY.. I’M ACTUALLY MAD. You are employing men with no honor. HE NEVER SAID THIS IS A FINAL SALE. IM DEAF AND WEAR A HEARING AID. I can back to your store because we bought 2 years ago. And now I'm out fitting my guest room. I am very unhappy. I want a resolution to this problem.. I feel I was taken advantage of.. by Asaede. I'M READY TO POST THIS WITH THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS. YOUR COMPANY SHOULD MAKE BACK ROUND CHECKS ON YOUR UNSCUPITAL EMPLOYEES. You have poor business practices.

    • I purchase a mattress from your store and unfortunately things or not turning out so good for me i wish someone would reach out to me because Ms Laureen Dombrowski mess up my paper work she fall to process them and now you all are threating to repo my mattres after you all took awaya my old one and to let you know that i do have medical conditions. Like a liver transplant and i have kidney diease and herniated disc one in my neck and one in my lower back that was the reason I had to purchase a new mattress but somehow it doesn't matter to miss Laura dombrowski. I would like corporate or someone to reach out to me before this day is out or in the morning please and thank you

    • I purchase a mattress from your store and unfortunately things or not turning out so good for me i wish someone would reach out to me because Ms Laureen Dombrowski mess up my paper work she fall to process them and now you all are threating to repo my mattres after you all took awaya my old one and to let you know that i do have medical conditions. Like a liver transplant and i have kidney diease and herniated disc one in my neck and one in my lower back that was the reason I had to purchase a new mattress but somehow it doesn't matter to miss Laura dombrowski. I would like corporate or someone to reach out to me before this day is out or in the morning please and thank you

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