McAfee Corporate Office Headquarters

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McAfee Corporate Office Headquarters
McAfee, Inc.
2821 Mission College Blvd.
Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-963-8000
Fax Number: 1-408-970-9727
Customer Service Number: 1-888-847-8766 

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Service Request # 1-66109171. This True Key bug was reported on May 4, 2021, today is June 23, 2021. To date nothing has been done by McAfee.
I am trying to escalate the problem but McAfee has made it impossible to do so.
McAfee closed their True Key bug complaint today without fixing the software bug.
I have phoned them 9 times, on different dates, to enquire about their software bug fix. Nothing!
McAfee True Key has lost all my passwords, about 139 of them.
I think they have no way of helping me so they decided to wait a long time, hoping I would go away and close the case quietly, which they did do today.
On my PC I cannot log into True Key, it takes me back to the login page after receiving the "Access granted" message.
On my iPhone and iPad I can log in but none of my passwords are visible, they are gone.

McAfee has charged me twice this month even though I cancelled the auto renewal. They charged me $119.99 twice. I got an email reminding me that my card would be charged this month and emailed them back and told them to take me off of automatic renewal and that I would renew when my protection was up which was next month. So I did not budget the renewal fee in my monthly expenses. Then the next thing I know they have charged me the renewal fee. So I called and they refunded the whole amount with the agreement that I would allow them to renew on March 3rd at a discounted rate of $44.98. Well, I ended up having to call tech support on Saturday because of a potential virus on my computer which they probably generated themselves. So the man got into the whole renewal thing again and I told him about my earlier experience this month. Well he said to fix my virus problem he had to cancel my automatic renewal and after my problem was fixed that my automatic renewal would be processed for the full amount again and once it was charged I could call back and get a lower price. But there was an understanding that the charge would not come out of my account until the 3rd of next month. Crazy. Then today I was charged the $119.99 AGAIN. I called and while the man gave me the same discount rate he would only give me a partial refund taking into consideration the discounted rate agreed upon. Now here is how this has affected me. My bank balance is now -$66. I have to go get cash off two of my credit cards to cover the negative balance because the refund takes at least 5 days. So I went to Norton and I can download and get one month free and get adequate service for $5.99/month. I called McAfee back to get the rest of my money refunded. After asking me over and over why I wanted to cancel they issued a refund. She told me that she had cancelled my automatic renewal. I was like, wait I was told that before. I told her that I wanted her to note my account that I had completely cancelled and that I wanted her to send me an email confirmation of this which she said that she couldn't do. I am hoping that my bank will reject any further charges from them. DO NOT GET MCAFEE!!! While I enjoyed the service they have really screwed me up with my bank and 2 credit cards like I said. Take this as a warning.

Spoke to people all over the world who speak only limited English. Asked repeatedly for an English speaking American in the USA…. all refused and even said there is no option to speak to anyone in the United States. They have this rigged so you cannot unsubscribe and no way to automatically renewing every year. It looks like the U.S. Attorney General needs to get these people with a class action lawsuit. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE WITH MCAFEE!!!!

I paid for a year but keep getting warnings my "free trial" is up.
Then I got hit with a virus (from Crescologix) that froze my PC and spent 2 days on the phone w/MCafee getting no help from people who spoke NO English and didn't understand me. Wasted 2 days. CRAPPY customer service–might as well be AT&T offshore Phillipines' stupid scripts "please… thank you… we're sorry…" with no content. UNABLE TO COMMUNICATE with anyone there. McAfee makes it impossible to escalate this. They just don't care.

I was extremely DISAPPOINTED that McAfee would not accept my VISA Gift Card to purchase McAfee Anti Virus. I put all my information online and it would not accept the gift card. I then called customer service and they took my information (after explaining the situation) and then they said "I am sorry but there was an error because you have a gift card! I told them that from the beginning.
McAfee and Intel are going to LOSE MY BUSINESS as well as several other people because they will not accept VISA GIFT CARDS!
The reason they will not accept gift cards is because McAfee/Intel want to keep charging your account and with a gift card they can't.
I will have to go to another company to buy my antivirus and tell everyone the reason why and not to purchase McAfee products.

I have issues with McAfee. I was contacted in Dec. giving me a 30 day renewal notice. I clicked on the part where it says to cancel my subscription. I even got a confirmation email of my cancellation. NOW, upon my husband balancing our check book just this month, there is a hundred and seventy something charge to renew my account. I called McAfee about this and talked to 3 different people, the last one telling me that someone will contact me within the hour. I asked if I was being given the run around and he assured me that someone will call me in a hour. Never heard back from them. HOPEFULLY, a McAfee employee who can help me will contact me. My email address is

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