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MeetMe Corporate Office Headquarters

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MeetMe Corporate Office Headquarters
100 Union Square Drive
New Hope, PA 18938 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-215-862-1162
Email: supportmeetmecom

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they charged my husbands card and we are trying to get our money back because neither one of us has authorized them to charge his card. seriously is there a number to talk to a person or not

Rather than complaining about MeetMe (like the majority of well-trained sheep in this comment section have), I'm actually going to do something about the problems MeetMe has created. However, I can't do it alone, which I need people's help. I'm going to launch a series of protests, demanding that the staff be removed from power and the users run it instead.

This is the WORST SITE I have ever witnessed! Its INSANE! They will send you warning of something you posted (even though I never posted anything inappropriate) and make you check off on a box stating you did. Nothing works on it. They have nothing to offer at all. I was suddenly dropped this morning for no reason that I know of because they dont communicate that with you> SO if you did something wrong shouldn't you know what it was so you dont repeat it? They wont respond to any questions what so ever! Nothing works on the site. Its a sham!! They want you to buy things from them though. Like little Boosts to your profile etc….I warn you go to a better service! this is a total complete sham here

Good morning – I am frustrated in my attempts to get a response related to my MeetMe account. I have attempted multiple emails and in-app requests to no avail. At this point, it appears I may have to escalate my complaints.

I have paid for the 3 month MeetMe + upgrade days ago but I still have a Basic account.

Please ackowledged this email request for

The feds need to get involved someone has also made me a fake account with married and my husband thinks i did this bullcrap.

My name is Sephonia Cowans and I too have been bullied by MEETME. They sent me an email telling me that I they were going to give me 500 coins as a valued member if I just follow the link and say yes to meet me. Instead I got routed to google play several times. It's not about the coins for me. It' about the dirty lie and trickery to get you to another site. Its also about how when I exposed their dirty little secret on my wall they have now kept me from putting anything else on my wall as well as from posting pictures as a way to punish me. If that wasn't enough the company CEO posted her picture in my profile and removed mine. That's one ugly white chick!!!!! She should use her money and get plastic surgery.

I have been trying to get a hold of someone from this company for days now. My son passed away in Dec.,and I am trying to delete his page, but there is NO ONE at this company to help me. I would delete it myself, but I don't know his password. Their customer service a recording. I tried e-mailing them twice, with no reply from them. This is very frustrating.

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