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Mercedes-Benz is a famous for their fine line of cars and suvs. Mercedes was the first manufacturer of automobiles. Mercedes-Benz is a German company that prides itself on durability and reliability.

Mercedes-Benz’s Toll Free Customer Service Number is 1-800-367-6372. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

mercedes benz usa corporate offices headquarters hq

  • I have MB GLC 300 with only 15K. But a couple of weeks ago I went to my local dealership (Keller Auto MB, in Latham, NY for a recall (computer programming update) and was told that I had a severe transmission oil leak and it required a replacement of the transmission oil-catching pan with integrated parts on it. It would cost $850 or more to fix it. With such a low mileage on the car and such a severe mechanical problem, I talked to the customer service center in MB USA Headquarter and local dealership as it would be manufactural problem. But they would not accept the responsibility and would not fix the problem for free. It is beyond believe that a reputable brand like MB would allow such a problem occur and would not accept such a responsibility.

  • I'm a MB customer and I have purchased and leased from MB Walter's for 4 cars now. Last one that we just lease in June last year. We lease EV car GLC 350 the salesman told us that we would get a credit back when we file taxes next year. He even called and remind me don't forget about tax credit and giving him a good rating score for his service. We did. Then we just filed our taxes and found out that we didn't get any credit back so I called to JIN LEE and asked him and he denied saying that. So I called to talked to the manager and the manager says that I'm sorry but there is nothing i can't do. I called and left the message for Frank the GM at Walter and he never return my call. We are so upset and disappointed how they treat us like this. How can you lie to the customer and no one take any responsible. This will be my LAST CAR that I will do any business here again. TO ALL THE PEOPLE THAT WANT TO DO ANY BUSINESS WITH MB WALTER'S PLEASE BE CAREFUL BECAUSE YOU CAN END UP LIKE ME.

  • To whom it may concern: On December 1, 2018 I bought new Mercedes GLA 250w When I sign agreement I did not pay attention that finance officer include surface protection of $ 1,295.00 which was ( Optional ) When I came back and ask finance manager Sharli Hindi reimburse this charges, he refuse give me money back and treat me bad. This is not appropriate for Mercedes CO. representative. I paid cash for my car, and I will take care of my car protection. Please help resolve this problem. Thank you an advance.

  • I have owned 3 Mercedes Benzes C190, C239 and a C280 over the last 430 years. The C280 has a problem in that the coating is peeling off of the steering wheel and no one seems to be able to tell me if there is a paint that I can purchase from Mercedes to fix the problem. My car has 77,000 miles and I have had very few problems with the car except the steering wheel looks gross

  • Bad Services and experience with Mercedes of Florence, SC. Took my car in to have a light check with a code P034062 Shaft sensor. Got it back dripping oil, and running hot. Only to be told now I need a timing change, let us try that with another quote outside of what you have already paid. Car was running smooth when I brought it in, but when I picked it up running worst. It is now dripping oil and running hot. Now to be told let us try something else with additional charges. Please do not take your car to Mercedes of Florence.

  • Bad Service, I will never deal with Mercedes Benz again
    I have very bad experience at Mercedes Benz of Miami, former administration were great, now I feel like group of, I asked for the general manager after I hade suffered, staff told me she is busy, try to contact car care manager, he has told the operator that he's busy.

    I will sale my care or trade it for BMW and I will recommended for any of my friends and family Owen Mercedes car to change it with BMW
    I just in market for Mercedes for my wife, but if they give it me for free, I don't want it after this experience
    Playing games, lies, and all cheap tricks, not answering calls, not respond to messages. Just cheap dealership.

  • The plain fact is that the simpler the design, the more likely it will be reliable and dependable. Simple is better when it comes to cars.

    I knew Mercedes-Benz lost their way when they installed windshield wipers on their headlights in the 1980's. That was more than stupid, it was nuts.

    So-called "luxury" cars are drowning in sensors, complicated electronics that defy diagnosis, electrical complexity that drives mechanics insane, all to appear luxurious. None of that contributes to dependability in a car.

    What Americans want is a car that is dependable above all else, so we get where we want to go without limping into a dealership for repairs.

    We want cars that are relatively simple to repair, uncomplicated designs to make them reliable, and even fixable without having to get under the car to find a loose spark plug wire or oil filter.

    We shouldn't need to remove the engine to change a camshaft drive chain, or take a wheel off to remove a spark plug. Stupid designs deserve to be punished by buyer avoidance. If it looks too complicated, it probably is. Mechanics are human beings, not termites, and they need enough room to work on an engine.

    Regardless of cost, if you can't see how anyone could work on an engine half covered up by car body and plastic, then you are looking at the wrong car for dependable transportation.


  • I leased a 2013 FourTwo Electric drive SmartCar until Nov 2016 when my lease expired. I was assured the 2017 model I requested would be at my dealer in January 2017. The date got moved month by month until my dealership called to tell me it would be at least October 2017, if ever.
    My question is: Can you please help me locate that car? I miss my car and would love to have it back! It had been my dream to own an electric car since I was 12 yrs. old. My husband, Dewey Hulsey, got this car for me in
    December 2013. I am just so sorry I returned it and want it back. I know I could find a used one to purchase, but I treated my car with great care and know there was nothing wrong with it. It would mean so much to me if I could get it back.
    Thank you so much for your assistance,
    Cindy Hulsey

  • OK, tried to call corporate but got pushed off to customer service FAIL. I have a 2014 S550. Love the car with one exception. The rear back up sensors are barely audible. This is important to prevent accidents, running over people walking behind your car, etc.. They are so faint as to be worthless. Recently went back to the dealership to look at buying a 2017. Guess what , same old faint barely audible beep. Will not even consider another S550 until this is fixed. Went to Audi and drove the a8. Guess what they have a volume control on their and you can have it as loud as you wish. Get with it Mercedes!!!!

  • I am experiencing exactly the same brake problem with my newly purchased GLC300.I took it for repairs several times to the Dealer Shop and they couldn't fix it, but told me that they are waiting on a fix from Germany. It is frustrating and all my friends who showed interest with MB have now decided not to buy any Mercedes products. The break noise is always embarrassing during cold starts!!!

  • Regarding brake issues with 2016 GLC300 – Does anyone know how to initiate a class action law suit? It worked for the Whirlpool and Samsung front load washing machines, Round Up, etc. I think that if they cannot figure out how to resolve our brake issues, and the CEO is thinking about it, and in the meantime we are risking our health and safety and that of others on the road. Have had our cars in multiple times for repair and are told that there is a problem but they don't know how to fix it. Desperate as I want reliable vehicle that is safe to drive AND which doesn't cause heads to turn and people to snicker to see and HEAR a $50,000 luxury vehicle sound like a 20 year old chevy when the brakes are applies. Shame on you Mercedes!!!!

  • BEWARE, service will charge for work they do not do. Had problem with check engine light, which told was EGR, mercedes supposed to have repaired for cost of $700. Well, check engine light came back on, had diagnostic done at autozone, they said problem was EGR that mercedes benz of oklahoma city supposedly fixed!

  • I purchased a GLC about 11 months ago and breaks squeak terribly. It wakes up by whole neighborhood every morning. The service dept. is unable to fix them and says Mededes in Germany is working on a fix. How do I report this to them and request compensation.

    • Having same issue. Purchased 2016 GLC300 last day of Dec '15. Wanted new reliable car since my Father died & spend more time w/86 yr old Mom wanted safe reliable transp. for her. Shortly after I got car had message was out of windshield fluid. I had never used any wiper fluid,figured it must be an electrical problem & took it in. Found there was no wiper fluid & sed must not have added any when they manufactured the car. Sed car "must have been built on a Monday." Soon rear brakes started squeaking whenever I backed up. Took it in & they kept it for another day. Sed couldn't get brakes to squeak while they had it & acted like I'd made it up. Nothing was done. Brakes got worse & I was afraid to drive my new car – particularly with my Mother in it. Took it back in. 1st they acted like I was fabricating the problem again. Kept it overnight & was without car for 2 days. Finally said a corp. message had just come notifying them of this brake issue with this model. "Fixed" the problem but I was disappointed that brand new car with less than 5,000 miles should have issues. Why they hadn't notified consumers rather than waiting for consumers to contact them? Sed it was not a factory recall & they only contact consumers when it is. Within weeks the brakes again began squeaking when I backed up. Like comment above it wakes up the neighborhood & causes all sorts of "looks" & stares. Besides safety concern it's embarrassing to drive an upscale $50,000 vehicle & have heads turn due to the loud brakes. Contacted the service dept. about a month ago. Sed know ther's a problem & are trying to figure out a resolution. Sed to keep checking back to see if they've figured out what to do & in the meantime is "safe" to drive. That was a month ago. Car has under 7,000 miles brake issue gets worse every day & now front brakes squeaking too! Scared to drive it in town & had to find alternate transportation to take Mom to my Uncle's funeral out of town cuz scared to take it on highway. Just because the dealership sed car's "safe" to drive whose going to back me up should the brakes go out & I cause an accident harming others or me & Mom! This isn't a normal "squeak," the sound is louder & more alarming than anything I have ever heard on a car. Service dept FINALLY returned our calls this week & sed problem is on the desk of the CEO & they are awaiting word from him! Mercedes should be embarrassed & humiliated to have any of these vehicles on the road for the public to see and HEAR! Can't think of any worse publicity than for people to hear the sound coming from these cars. Told my husband I want a new replacement car & he said that would never happen. Have read reference to the "lemon law" & will explore that. Want to contact CEO, Dietmar Exler, directly to let him know my story & request a new car – particularly to drive my Mother safely. Can't find how to contact him directly & am sure if I mailed a letter to his attention it would never reach him anyhow. Discouraging to read all of the other posts &comments here as it seems that Mercedes has a long standing issue of problems with their cars & extremely poor consumer satisfaction. At the time I car shopped debated between new Lexus NX, Infinity or Cadillac & instead decided upon a Mercedes! My car's due for it's 1st oil change which I understand is expensive. Hope this will be complimentary due to all the other inconveniences. If anyone knows how to contact the home office & Mr. Exler please share that information? I'm discouraging my brother from 2017 Mercedes E class which run between $69-$129,000. I'll never be a returning customer for another Mercedes.

    • Actually I do want to identify myself. My comment is entered below, on December 22, 2016 at 11:32 pm. I can be contacted at I purchased my GLC300 at the Mercedes Benz Dealership in West Des Moines, Iowa. Appreciate any help or suggestions. Thank you.

  • My brand new purchased 2009 C300 that had gone through the transmission replaced TWICE within 53,000 miles or within 7 years; one happened in 2011, Open Road of Bridgewater NJ replaced a re-manufactured transmission. I therefore purchased the extended warranty to play safe. Outrageously, the transmission FAILED AGAIN in May 2016 when the mileage was only 52,000 miles. The same dealer replaced a re-manufactured transmission AGAIN in May 2016.

    Just on last Thursday, 8/25/16, I brought in my 2009 C300 for repair because of loud engine noise and the pause slow of the engine starter. The Service Dept. confirmed that the car was all inspected and repaired wherever necessary. Unfortunately, this is FALSE!!!

    Believe it or not, when I started the engine on next day after service; Saturday (8/27) morning, there was a sharp interval “beep” noise that lasted for at least a minute, then eventually quiet down. It happened again in the morning of Sunday (8/28) and Monday (8/29). As suggested by the Service Advisor of Open Road of Bridgewater, NJ, they will schedule a foreman on Wednesday (8/31) for inspection.

    A big concern especially the extended warranty is going to expire in less than a month, and the problems seems never got repaired accordingly. Will MBUSA HQ do something about it and at least give me a response.

  • Hello,
    I am an owner of a 2008 Mercedes S550 sedan. My car is immaculate in terms of condition of body, interior and mechanics. I have 46K miles on the car and it is 8 years old. The week before last I was caught in a rain storm that came out of nowhere and was driving at a rate of 5-10 miles per hour in a shopping center parking lot getting ready to park my car and drove through a puddle of water (water did not come into the car, or even come up to the bottom of the car door) and my car stalled in the water and would not restart. I called AAA to have my car towed to the shop. When the car got to the shop it appeared the issue was the starter but after replacing the starter the mechanic found water in the oil and the motor. At that time my mechanic advised me to call my auto insurance company and they did their appraisal and marked the call a total loss citing the engine replacement cost was over $20, 000 and non-accessible. My concern is for the amount of money the Mercedes cost where is the quality in a car that 3 -5 inches of water enter the engine and ruin the car totally. Mercedes prides themselves as high end cars and they are well built and in reality they are sensitive and not sturdy and durable where a rain puddle destroyed the car and left it non-repairable. Not sure why I was compelled to write you and share my story and I am sure I probably won't even get a response but all my life I wanted to own a Mercedes and today the disappointment I feel is heart wrenching to say the least.

    Deena Sbitany-James

  • Wow, MB customers please report these problems to the US Attorney General and your State Attorney General office. These problems may relate to consumer fraud. For customer service report these problems to your BBB of your state and Federal Trade Commission. More over report any safety issues to the US Department of Transportation, otherwise known as FTC. All vehicles are required by law to perform under certain conditions for public safety. Next if anyone of you are paying over $50,000 dollars for a car, hire your lawyer to negotiate a deal and make the dealership or corporate take responsibility for their product and actions. You will spend less on your lawyer and hopefully make it up in the savings you would have to pay MB service. Reporting problems that do not exist in the first place, or creating problems that never existed in the first place on a vehicle is fraud and criminal mischief. The automobile industry is not above being prosecuted for theft or criminal mischief. Luxury vs. popularity, we just turned in a Toyota that has had several recalls. One thing Toyota has done for my mother is take care of all the recalls to her car with no problem. She traded this Toyota in for an MB. This will be her 3rd MB and have good experiences with the first two and she very well not have any problems with her current purchase. I assure MB, I will not have her be taken by a luxury car dealership. I myself have been ripped off by Nissan and bullied by GM dealership for under a $1000 dollar repair, which was paid in full. You could not pay me to buy a GMC truck or any vehicle from Nissan in my lifetime. I only hope corporate reads these comments and takes the time and expense to repair your vehicles for you all. The American public has had it with double the price, no customer service and a lousy product whether it be the upper or middle class customer. I hope my mother can have an honest, mutually, respectful relationship with MB in the state of Colorado. The other MB she has, the seat belt stopped retracting. It is a federal and state law that a seat belt is installed and operating in any vehicle. This seat belt better have a life time warranty and be repaired at minimal cost by MB, not $650-$750 out of pocket to the customer. We are working on resolving this matter at the Colorado dealership presently. PS if you have one problem with a dealership watch your credit and finances. One act of theft will lead to another act of theft from any company. Due to the internet and on-line systems and world wide telephone systems such as xfinity, Comcast, identity theft is rampant.

  • MB of Austin offers terrible service and I will never buy another MB because of them. Longtime Rover owner and tried MB, what a huge mistake. The service advisors JR Hollaran is extremely unprofessional and does not represent the company. I paid over 100K for a GL550 and have been treated terribly by JR. Zero customer service skills. I am sure they don't care but will never buy another MB. I will not spend this type of money and get treated so badly.

  • I am astounded MB has any repeat buyers. They certainly have earned a reputation for performance over the years, but the service and quality of their vehicles is that of an arrogant company that has lost perspective of their brands. My GL has 45,000 miles and has already had the suspension replaced. I live in Florida….FLAT…. Their arrogance and poor service at their dealership, on line and at corporate floors me. I am seriously considering selling this truck at a significant loss out of principle. Boooo MB. Your service and quality is deplorable….at least that is my experience with our GL 450.

  • Have a 2015 Mercedes benz glk350 it is bad when you pay 55000.00 for a car Mercedes benz and you haft to pay for Oil change cheap company

    • Totally agree with you! AND they didn't even make us aware of the expensive annual oil changes until after we'd purchased the car. My husband always buys Cadillacs and they not only provide FREE lifetime oil changes – they pick up the car and deliver it back to him when finished and they wash the car AND detail the interior as well. When he buys his new Cadillacs, they always make the presentation of picking it up so special – it's in a special showroom, they take a photo of him/us with it, I get a gorgeous huge bouquet of flowers, and we get periodic follow up gifts. When I went to pick up my $50,000 Mercedes I got a cheap little box of chocolates. They do not provide pick up and deliver for maintenance, don't give loaner cars if the car is in the shop (which it has been several times in the year I've owned it), and do not provide free oil changes, let alone detail the interior when it is in the shop . Never will ever buy another Mercedes for a number of reasons. Huge disappointment in the brand.

  • Have an SLK 280 …. First problem conductor plate replacement at $2,400 now saying I need balance shaft replaced … Have been told about the class action suit that MB is going to have to repair the issues….. I'm going to post on facebook, twitter and every site I can until MB fix's this issue they knew about and haven't told the public about defective parts put in the car… MB has a suit against company that sold parts to them !!!!! Do your homework it's on the web

  • I recently had my car serviced at Mercedes Benz of Brooklyn only to find things listed on the invoice as having being serviced that had not been done. I had been charged for services that had not been performed. I contacted the dealer regarding the matter and have not heard back from them, its now been a week since I contacted them regarding the matter!
    This place is a total rip off.


  • Aug. 2014 I had purchased a 2003 C240 Wagon, My best car ever. Unlike everyone else on this page complaining like Spoiled Brats!! I want to Commend your Company for building such a beautiful Vehicle. So Beautiful that it saved both myself and my friends life When I Hit a Tree and flipped over this Past June 14, 2015 and we walked away with minor bruises that looks as if a Cat scratched us. I thank God and Mercedes Benz for surviving that crash and even though my insurance company screwed me….. I am searching for the exact one to purchase again. I Love Mercedes Benz!!! The rest of you that are Complaining… Go get your Toyotas and Shut Up.

  • On June 15, I had my vehicle towed in to be serviced because the car would loose power while driving and a error code ESP malfunction showed on the display. When the service adviser contacted me I explained the issue that I was having with my vehicle, which was also notated on the invoice. The service adviser advised me that they would run a diagnostic on the car and would contact me to let me know what was determined to be the issue. I was advise that after the diagnostic, the voltage regulator, the auxiliary battery, and the O2 sensor, would need to be repaired/replaced total amount $1382.

    On Friday 6/19, I contacted Mercedes because I had not received any information regarding the service of the vehicle since 6/17 and I was then advised that the vehicle was ready. I proceeded to pick the vehicle up with all assurance that the vehicle was fixed.

    On Saturday morning 6/20, the very next day, as I was driving after about driving 30 miles, I noticed that the car was idling higher than normal and then sure enough the same exact issue that I was having prior to taking the car in for service happened once again and the car looses power and the same exact error message appeared on the display. ESP has malfunctioned.

    Once again I had my car towed in to the dealership.Because the service department is closed on the weekends, I called and left a voicemail to advise them that the car was not fixed. I also sent a email on 6/21 to the dealership with detailed information in regards to the SAME issue.

    On Monday morning 6/22, I called the dealership since they had not reached out to me to confirm even receipt of the vehicle and I expressed that I was beyond upset that this issue has not been resolved. This was not a cheap service on this vehicle and I am very dissatisfied with this service. The adviser then stated that he would check the car and contact me back. Once re-contacted I was then told that after the diagnostic there was a new error code that came up and now the repair would be $1585. I am LIVID!! The fact that the car was NOT fixed and the EXACT same error showed on the display and the fact that the vehicle is still loosing power.

    I was then told that they would credit the amount that I paid out of pocket $654 for the previous repair to go towards the current repair, however I am responsible for the balance of $930. I am beyond upset. How is it that this company is still charging me for a repair that has not been fixed!

    It would be different it the car was doing something completely different. But the fact that it's doing the same EXACT thing it was doing prior to me taking it in for service. I do not understand why I am being charged another labor fee and for parts. If there was a mis diagnosis on the car then the dealership I personally feel should fix it at their own expense. I am not trying to get anything for free nor am I trying to get over, I just want the car fixed, because based on what I was told from the diagnostic test that's what I paid to have fixed! I felt like I would be taken care of taking my car to the manufacturer themselves to have my car fixed, but now I think from here on out I will take it to someone that specializes in foreign cars. Because to me it seems like the dealership is trying to make money and I do not have a handout for them.

  • All these comments are very sad. On the one hand I am glad to hear I am not alone in my suffering with Mercedes Benz. On the other hand, these problems and calamaties should not be happening with such expensive vehicles. My story is this: I purchased a 2010 GLK 350 with 12,000K miles on it in 2011. I have maintained this care religiously and only at the dealership. However, I still found myself stranded three times because of the failures of the electrical systems. Once was minor, because I was in my own parking lot but the other 2 caused serious inconveniences/safety issues. In June, 2014 the car died as I was driving into the Lincoln Tunnel in Manhattan. I caused a 4 hour back up and had to be towed out of the tunnel. Mercedes of Manhattan would not accept the car as their elevator was broken, which was an unacceptable reason when someone is stranded. Mercedes Embrace's solution? To send a tow truck from NJ who had to sit in the traffic I caused from breaking down in the tunnel. I sat in my car, with my dog, for 4 hours waiting for the tow truck. They never once called me with an update, I had to repeatedly call them to find out what was going on. We were sitting right outside of the Lincoln Tunnel on the hot pavement, in the hot sun with no water and nowhere to walk or go. It was a nightmare. I missed some very important meetings and work appointments that evening, which cost me income. They ended up towing me all the way back to NJ, which made no sense, given a dealership was less than 5 miles away in NYC. It turned out that a service person had left a clip off the shifter which caused the car to lose power and not be able to go into gear. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, May, 2015, less than a year later, and late at night I arrived to a friend's house to check on her house while she was out of town and found myself locked out. I went to leave and my car wouldn't start. AAA came (I had gotten rid of Mercedes Embrace because they had responded so poorly last time) and could not start the car, jump it or fix it. They could not even get it into gear; the tow truck had to rock the car off the flat bed truck. They had to tow it 66 miles to the dealership, by now it is 2 AM. It took them a day to tell me that the starter was defective and I was without my car for 1 week. I had to drive back and forth from a dealership that was almost 2 hours away from where I lived, which I had not planned on doing. You would think Mercedes would be appalled by these events but they are not. I, too, will not be purchasing another Mercedes after this one runs out of its extended warranty.

  • – Thumbs down – Mercedes-Benz of Nashville – Thumbs down – In my dissatisfaction with Mercedes-Benz of Nashville I have set out to figure out why the Nashville Dealership is so poor, my motivation comes from several years of bad experiences with the Mercedes-Benz Dealership – surprisingly , I think my experience with the Mercedes-Benz of Nashville new car sales has been worse than my more recent experience with the dealers under staffed service department . . .

    I have seen reviews where Mercedes-Benz of Chattanooga has a 95% Recommend, and Mercedes-Benz of Nashville can only show a 44% Recommend – If I ever choose to purchase another Mercedes-Benz, I would most likely call the Chattanooga Dealership – I might even call them today and ask why their ratings are so much higher. . It is unfortunate, for Nashville is a growing city and should demand better –

    The Mercedes-Benz of Nashville dealership is impossible to get on the phone and it seams that the dealership and its staff spends more time forming their apologies than focusing on their so-called good service. I know its difficult, but surely not impossible.

    When service or sales becomes difficult to reach on the phone it becomes necessary to go in person, so I did – While standing around at Mercedes-Benz of Nashville I couldn't help noticing how the staff looked as if they'd rather quit – I don't blame them, I'd probably quit too.

    It is unreasonable to think that Mercedes-Benz of Nashville can support the growing population of Nashville and will only continue to fail.

    It is all very disturbing, I wish I could say good things but I honestly can't. I realize I left out details about my experience, but it makes no difference, I am done with Mercedes-Benz of Nashville.

  • CL 63 bought with unknown damage under car. Forged front wheel bent. Scratches and
    sworls covered with mystery paint protection covering. Treasure coast MB dealer lied-to
    me a 25 year customer.

  • 12/31/2014

    Customer Care / Technical Adviser,
    MB USA.

    I am unable to contact and discuss with any customer care or technical care adviser today.

    My name is Syed Kazmi, Cell 304-382-7056

    Mercedes Benz, E-500, 2005, V8, 4 door sedan
    VIN # WDBUF83J75X184188

    Yesterday, 12/30/2014 between 9:30 to 10:30 am, we both (me and my wife) were in the car luckily we had taken an exit from the highway 404 north in York Region, Ontario, Canada when without any warning the brake failure sign showed up with Red Warning Light. I couldn't control the car since brake were totally ineffective and failed.

    It was a horrifying experience which has left us indignant, I am not comfortable driving my car now even repaired by MB, Ontario, Canada, now my car is in MB Newmarket location on Mulock Street, Ontario, Canada.

    They told me that the whole brake module is bad and you have to replace before driving and the cost is almost 3000/= Canadian dollars.

    I am lodging this complaint against MB USA now in regards to safety issue, god saved us but we are still in shocked and mentally upset and scared driving MB cars for now.

    I also have GL 450, 2008 , I don't know what to do.
    Please call me and discuss this important safety issue with me ASAP.

    I am also filling a Civil Law Suite against MB USA in regards to this important safety issue, which left us completely shocked, mentally upset and an emotional stress.

    Syed Kazmi
    304-382-7056 (C)

    I faxed this letter to my State Farm Insurance company today 12/31/2014 and I am requesting my State Farm Insurance, Morgantown, WV's lawyers to lodge this incident with NHTSA and also Civil Law Suit against MB USA in regards to safety issue.

  • Miami Dec 7th 2014.

    To Whom It May Concern;
    My name is Juan Ciarreta, a loyal Mercedes Benz customer. I own a 2011 E350. On the first week of November I brought my car to Mercedes Benz of Pembroke Pines in Florida to inspect a window that was not rolling properly and a problem with the transmission which was not switching gears accordingly, at that moment my warranty was about to expire a week later.
    Mr. Gary Levine, was the person that initially helped me with this matter, I was told that they reviewed the entire transmission and they reprogrammed it and everything was fine.
    I picked up my car and drove home. A week later I returned from New York and I noticed that still having issues with the way it switched gears . A few days later I travelled to Spain for two weeks on vacation. On my return (November 29-Saturday), while driving my car, I noticed the transmission switched to neutral by itself. I was able to turn on/off the car and immediately the transmission was working back again
    (the light on the dashboard came on). Following Monday, I called Mr. Levine and he said “Bring the car when this happens again”.
    December 5th I left (2) messages for Mr. Levine advising him about the failure of my transmission twice that day. I did not want to bring my car in until I was able to speak with him. December 8th, I dropped off my car to have it taken another look to finalize this issue. My concern is that initially I brought the car with my warranty on good standing and they guaranteed the transmission was fine, which by the way I have very few miles (40.000) and I drive mostly home/work/home. Suddenly, after they serviced the transmission for the first time since the car was purchased, its no longer working properly.
    I sent a letter to MB of USA and I receive a phone call from MB saying that the transmission did not leave a code on the computer and for that reason they did not take car of that matter.
    I did some research on line and spoke to a registered master Mercedes Benz Tech, both research came to the conclusion that the plate was the reason that the transmission wasn’t switching gears properly and because it did not turn on the light and leave a message on the computer now they don’t want to take responsibility on this and I have to pay for this repair also the research showed that the PLATE of the transmission which is a Siemens plate which have had many issues on this particular model in the past is being replaced for a Continental plate, this repair cost $1800 and they have offered me to pay half of that.
    I am not taking that offer because this is very simple, I took my car with 40K miles to check the transmission with my warranty on good standing they did not check it properly , and return it to me with the same issue, two weeks later transmission fail totally and my warranty was expired, now they don’t want to take responsibility on this mater , how come the transmission never gave problems until they touch it for the first time since the car was purchased.

    Juan Ciarreta

    • We are not relocating, the State of New Jersey has offered MBC a favorable tax package, so we will staying for the foreseeable future.

  • I have a question to ask , please call 784-6408174 . i already spoke to the dealer and customer assiistance centre and they ask me to talk to the dealer , and dealer told me to call customer assistance centre

  • I have a Mercedes SL 500. There are been many incidents where the ABC system failed. Each time the repair has been costly, this has been a problem since I purchased the car. I have been told by Mercedes the ABC system has been a problem and there is no real fix. I understand many-most people that own the SL series also have had a problem with the ABC system. Why have we not banned together and filed a class action law suit? I believe that is the only way we the consumer will get any relief. Oh yeah, this is my last Mercedes!

  • Wish I had read this before I purchased a 2014 GL450! I will never buy another, going back to Lexus. Upsold me with all the standard equipment that's on a 550! The car won't be a year old for another couple of months, has 4,000 miles on it paid 88,000 and they're offering 66,000 for a trade in on a new 550. Mercedes of Nashville!

  • July 31,2014 I bought a new E350 straight off the truck. It was raining that day did all the paper work open the door on the car and the weather stripping around the passenger door dropped down at the bottom no.problem I stocked it.back on I thought.every time I open my door this stripping falls down I looked at it carefully and it wasn't put in right and some from the factory had duct tape to hold the inside weather stripping down.August 6 I was putting in gas and.noticed bubbles under the clear coat took it back to the dealer and they sent me to their body shop to be looked at now I have an appointment to have the car.repainted on the trunk panel by the gas door….a 61,000 car from the factory has to be painted over. This is my third Mercedes no more! They have my money it's like they didn't car they detailed it that day I got it. Then it started to rain shortly afterward..They should have given me another car!!! No more Mercedes for me I PROMISE!!!

  • Mercedes Benz service? Well that depends on your MB's age. Upon calling the Fairfield , CA dealership to have them look an exhaust leak on my '78 450SEL, I was informed that they would not look at my car because it was too old. This is no joke. It gets worse as MB USA wants to hit me with a $25 fee to file a complaint on their site. How can this dealership claim to be and be allowed to maintain that they are authorized dealers?

  • My husband and I went to a Mercedes-Benz dealer in Charleston, SC January 24th, 2014 with a pre-approval loan from our Credit Union to purchase a 2014 GL350. All was wonderful until we provided them with the Mercedes incentive which allowed 12.25 percent off said vehicle. Financial manager came out and said "I can not sale you that vehicle" I asked "why not?" Was told because the dealer would loose money. My husband asked if we were not to use the incentive would you sell us the car at MSRP, the reply was "yes" I have never in my adult life been denied the sale of a vehicle. My recommendation to MB is to not offer an incentive your dealers will place restrictions on, I'm asking you to please look into this situation ASAP. Your Charleston dealership located on Savanna Hwy has our personal information. I am livid at this point and would NEVER purchase any Mercedes-Benz EVER from any dealership! We will take our business elsewhere today. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • I am having problems with my brand new 2014 CLA 250. The engine light keeps on going on and off. I took it in to the Delray Beach Service and they refused to service due to a claim that it was the gas cap. I'm not in a mood to be sold a used pair of shoes.

    This is a brand new car that has a wonderful reputation. Mercedes is the only brand my family has purchased, I have always been satisfied. I kindly request that the service advisors be retrained to maintain Mercedes Benz high standard. They are advisor's not certified mechanics. I actually had a manager tell me not to worry about the light going on. That is ridiculous! The purpose of the engine light is to indicate a problem exists. I am very disappointed, I only request my car be services per warranty. Kindly retrain your people

  • We purchased an MB E350 '08. Runs like a dream @ 130k mi on the speedo'…. Considering a new S- class; a little apprehensve now.
    It has been a joy and MB of South Atlanta has a friendly and helpful service dept. No problems to date…
    It is sad to hear all of the horror stories shared here. I wonder if anyone at MB reads are cares about these horrific comments.

  • Warning to all current customers and potential customers thinking of visiting New Country Mercedes Benz in Hartford, CT the dealership is suspect, unethical, untrustworthy and it stems at the top from the general manager Mark Hoch, he bullies the customers when you have an issue in order to avoid fixing the vehicle. His attempt is to stretch out the issue in order that the warranty will run out. The service director Bill Larson follows his exact lead avoiding and bullying the customers. It is amazing that a major corrporation like Mercedes Benz would allow individual like this at there dealership to damage their reputation or perhaps the corporation does not care about the customer, reputation or the stability of their company!!!! My vehicle is currently there for the last time I assure you being fixed or not fixed and they will just say they fixed it, cannot sign my name at this time because I am not sure if they will damage the vehicle if this is forwarded to them!!! Once I have received my vehicle back I will post another entry with the outcome and my full name, but this is to important to other consuumers not to get the word out, I don't want anyone to have to endure what I have endured from this dealership!!! Shame on MB corporation for not monitoring their dealerships and firing unethical employees such as the ones that are on staff!!!

  • Customer be—ware, be—ware please do not take your vehicle to New Rochelle Mercedes Benz in NY. under no circumstance. I took my car for them to do a B service, fix the mirror,check the battery, the moment the car got to the customer service area they drove the car a few feet then came and told me they had a little difficulty putting the car from park to drive approx. 2hrs after they called me and told me the gasket cover was leaking & the shifter was broken I told them do not do anything to the vehicle until I saw the damages by the time I got there they replaced the shifter and told me the shifter knob was broken. I told them I told the service advisor to wait until I saw the damage before ordering the repair the rep. told me he was ordered to change the shifter. I told them to go ahead and change the gasket covers, when I went to pick up the vehicle all the lights in the car and outside the car were turned on washer fluid running from area under the left headlamp lights could not be turned off and the service advisor gave me the key and told me to take the car I refused to take the car and was about to leave the premises when she called me and gave me the invoice, when I checked the invoice the invoice showed that they did a multipoint function test, {done to check for oil leak} but the result showed no indication that the gasket cover was leaking and on the invoice it states that they noted it in shop. They told me they had a little difficulty with the car moving the shifter from park to drive yet on the invoice they write customer states she has problems putting car in drive then billed me for shifter and cover gaskets then there was a protective cover under the hood well that they stole no one is able to tell me where it is. I left the car then called and spoke to them they told me the panic button was broken, can someone tell me how you take your car for servicing and the panic button get broken when I went to pick up the car for the second time the trunk could not be opened with the remote I decided not to take the vehicle then the head for the service dept. came and got it to open with the remote, talk about liars, thieves with destructive behavior go figure.

  • I have read so many bad comments and have had my own bad experience can someone who is having a good experience add a good comment and give us some hope

  • To whom it may concern,I was beginning to write my complaint against Cherry Hill Mercedes-Benz in NJ when I notice the volume and quality of all the disrespectfull behavior on MBs part towards their costumers .Guess what I BELIEVE them all.I'm a garage owner and deal with every single dealership in the Philly area and have never seen or heard such low class attitude from anybody yet.From here on I'll bad mouth as much as I can MB Germany for allowing this to take place here in the US.I could go on all night with what happened but its making me sick to the stomach.By the way the place was full of broken cars everywhere,I wonder why!

  • I have a 2006 E350 with 97,000 miles on it that was not changing gears one morning i got up to go to the stote.Had it towed to the MB dealership and explained the problem, asked them to have the mechanic drive it.The service advisor tells me I have 2 leaks which will have nothing to do with the car not changing gears…okay I tell her once again , someone needs to drive the car and I authorize the reapir for the cam shaft leak, later thet afternoon, i go back to pay for the repairs for the cam shaft an I asked if the mechanic, drove the car and was advised, he did and found noting….thats BS.If I had to have the dam car towed to the shop, surely something was wrong and it wasn't a freaking leak. the next dam day, the service advisor call back and says I b=need a freaking transmission, WTH….then want to tell me it's because of poor maintenance….MB is a piece of &#**

  • Ella Evans

    I have always dreamed of owning a Mercedes-Benz. I would see owners driving their Mercedes-Benz and those people sure did look happy with their beautiful vehicle, no matter what make or model or year the Mercedes has been a sweet looking vehicle, and wanted to partake in some of the joy driving a Mercedes-Benz.
    In 2009 my dream of being a Mercedes-Benz owner came true; I could not tell you how happy I was. I had to pinch myself to be sure that I was not dreaming and I was driving the most powerful road-going vehicle ever built. Wow how I love my Mercedes-Benz 2006 ML350. I would receive many compliments on how great my Benz’s looked, etc. For a good two years I enjoyed my Mercedes with great proud. But all of my happiness came to a haut and now I am left will a vehicle that I can’t even give away.
    On October 31, 2012 was having battery charging problem and was suggested to have problem checked out. I Arrived to the service department at downtown motor LA in the AM and by early evening was called to pay and pick up my vehicle and that my vehicle battery sensor was replaced and my vehicle was ready for me. I paid and left the service department with a big smile on my face and headed home. Drove 5 minutes to the 10 freeway, and within 3 to 4 minutes of driving my vehicle started to sound weird and shut off leaving me with no power so now my smile turned from happy to oh my god I am going to die, what the !:@#$%^ I am going to die on this freeway. Cars zooming past me as I am trying to coast to the right shoulder and barely excepting with my life. I phoned the service department of down town motors and stated what had just occurred, and the first thing the girl on the phone stated to me was WHAT DID YOU DO? WHAT did I do? What in the!:@#$%^ I shouted you need to send someone to get me now and was transferred to the service consultant (Frank) who asked what’s going on which I had to explain again as I am sitting on the side of freeway during rush traffic shacking so badly that I was in tears that I almost loss my life. About one hour and some minutes pasted and the tow driver arrived and towed me off the freeway still with rush hour traffic it still took about another 20 minutes to get off the freeway. Back Downtown LA Motors Mercedes-Benz service department I was greeted with such concerns and we are so sorry and we apologize and let us get you a rental car so we can get you home and we will take a look at you vehicle in the AM. Got home around 8PM and was still very shaken and very sad that something has happened to my baby (ML350). Get to work not knowing what to expect or when to expect the call from the services department. Around 2:37 PM on November 1, 2012 I received the call from Back Downtown LA Motors Mercedes-Benz service department (Frank) I was told that my transmission blow, I like what !:@#$%^ do you mean my transmission blow? And in order for Mercedes-Benz to crack my transmission open to take look at the problem I would need to shall out an addition $968.00 which will not go towards the price of the repair. What?????????? you talking about? I drove my vehicle in due battery charging problem, not a transmission problem. So how is it now my problem to pay for repairs of this transmission problem that I believe was caused by Downtown LA Motors Mercedes-Benz service department. So here I am presently without my oh so wonderful Mercedes-Benz that is now a piece of junk that I can’t give away and am told that this model of Benz is the worse vehicle Mercedes has built with the worse transmission ever put in a vehicle and that this model ML350 is a piece of junk – and my dream vehicle is now a piece of junk that I am still paying for that I can’t even drive. If this model has transmission problems why haven’t Mercedes-Benz pronounced a recall before someone (me) lose their life’s.

  • Letter sent to Mercedes Benz Customer Assistance Center on November 15, 2012:

    The quality of Mercedes Benz reminds me of the American cars of old. Your cars break down often and are extremely expensive to repair. NEVER again will I buy a Mercedes Benz product.

    The only thing worse than your product is the only local dealership, Hoy/Fox. I bought my Mercedes Benz from the Alex Rodriguez dealership in Houston. Now that is a first class dealership!

  • their customer care forums are a sham as is their customer service

    Mercedes Benz of Buckhead has a glk 250 with 23369 miles on it that Ive been taking to the dealer with repairs for months and according to them its okay.

    They can do with it whatever they want as I do not want anymore Im turning over the title to them tonight I cant deal with the stress dealing with this has caused.

    And MBUSA will to assist me as they keep transferring to the agent who has washed her hands of the situation

  • Folks,
    Always keep a copy of your repair history, and if you don't have them, ask for a printout telling them you want to sell the car and need the info. for a new buyer. The info. may be free or they may charge for it, nevertheless you'll need it to fight back. I've never owned a Benz, but did own a Mini Cooper S which started having big problems. This is what happened: The tow truck driver hauling me and my car told me about I contacted them (there's one in every state I believe)and they negotiated with MiniUSA to buy back my car. I really loved my car, but the problems gave me white hair (well, at least more than I already had). You can submit an inquiry to them on line, or call their 800#. The attorneys negotiate everything and the car company PAYS ALL THE ATTORNEY FEES. THERE ARE NO OUT OF POCKET COSTS FOR THE CONSUMER IF THEY TAKE YOUR CASE. My car had been picked up and towed to the dealership so many times the tow truck driver REMEMBERED THE CAR!!! Anyway folks, if you have any questions, call or go on line, WORKS!!!!! Don't pull your hair out or beg these folks, you HAVE RIGHTS TOO, especially because these folks think that they can get away with inferior, shoddy workmanship they know about BEFORE they sell it to us!!!! If you're leasing I don't know, but you might check with them. You'll never know if you don't ask. I owned my car. I bought it new, but it was 6 years old when they bought it back. YES. . .6 (SIX) YEARS OLD, but my car had been in and out of the shop for 30 days prior to re-purchase with a problem they said they couldn't "figure out). Well, if the dealership where I bought the car couldn't figure it out, who was going to?? Lemonauto can enlighten you on your particular situation. Good luck to one and all!!!

  • OOPS I just made a huge mistake. Re-leased for 36 more months. I must have been crazy. So sad, so frustrated, just want out of the lease. Silver Star Motors in Long Island City does a bait and switch with the cars. The salesperson shows you one car and your lease another car. There are many dealerships in the New York area. Avoid Silver Star, people of low moral and questionable ethics. They will do or say anything to lease a car.

  • I own a suv 320 model '97. A poor purchase but, hey, I got it and it goes very nicely. The plastic cover came off when a piece of ice from another vehicle hit my passenger side mirror. A plactic cover only cost me $221. with tax. So, why buy a car wherea plastic cover costs as much as a water pump,etc. Mercedes should want customers to keep their cars by appealing to their longevity which means, the cost effectiveness of replacing parts when needed.There's no need, and it's really bad for their image, to rip off patrons by over charging for parts.

  • now I am having problems with MB hilton Head
    won't Honor certification,,and they tried to hide bent rims and previous damage sent it to porche dealer for major repairs..not regested on CAR FAX…ergo 2800.00 in damage
    HAVE evidence to dream is killed poor boy to wealthey no more benz's hello cadillac,,old man in WV

    • and to make it worse!!!..went and bought a NEW 2012 e-350 wagon 63k because I trusted them,,and no response.. well WE play a lot of golf at sun city hilton head…guess what the conversation is going to be?? My wife traveled 600+ miles to do same

    • I thought I bought the best!

      I bought my Benz and the original problem in Rochester, NY and live in SC. I don't think MB RNY really did it's job when doing the CPO inspection.
      I told sales person I commute 2 hours a day and specified how my new car needed to be the safest and most dependable.

      I kept smelling fumes but always thought it was coming from outside. Rochester, NY said it was safe to drive but phone Hilton Head and have them take a look. Fumes were so strong one day I brought it to MB HH and they took a whiff, said it was safe to drive until Tuesday's appointment (5 more days of dangerous fumes).

      MB HH made several attempts to correct the fumes in cabin and a fuel leak (new gaskets/pumps).
      After having my car back for 1 week I was towed twice in one day.

      First tow was in morning on busy bridge in the dark in dense fog when engine just cut off; luckily, I was able to move from left lane to shoulder. I told roadside I was reading 1/4 tank of gas. At 3 in the afternoon, MB HH said they checked the pumps, they were bone dry, I ran out of gas, they put some gas in and it was possible the needle was stuck but it was now fixed. I was then lectured about why one should never let fuel go below 1/4 tank.

      I left MB HH, put $45 in fuel, noticed fuel gage read only 1/2 tank of fuel, phoned MB HH, reported problem, made appointment and headed back on the road home. After 15 minutes, the gas fumes were so strong inside and outside of car I phoned them again and they said it was typical to get fumes after taking apart the pumps, "smell would be gone in short time."

      Stopped to run a quick errand and came back out to liquid pouring out of front driver side, it was gasoline. HAve iphone video footage of gas draining out and bystanders claiming they smelled gas 4 blocks away. Roadside assistance came again.
      MB HH told me a gasket did not seal properly but the car is now "DEEMED SAVE TO DRIVE."
      This car was "DEEMED SAVE TO DRIVE" when I bought it in Rochester, NY and "DEEMED SAVE TO DRIVE" the last 3 times MB HH tried to fix it.
      This car has been silently poisoning me from day one and almost killed me twice in one day.
      I am terrified to ever get in this car again!!!

  • I have a beautiful 2007 c-230 never had problems untill last yeart. My car would die out and went into low mode only and to top it off the check engine light every time it did this.I took the car into CARDENAS of Harlingen Tx, mercedes.Took cr in 3 times to have it checked out they couldnt find anything wrong. They told me they could clean the fuel lines and that would probaly fix the problem that cost me 250.00 that did not fix the prolem took it back 3 months later went out of town and it would die at when comming to a stop had to turn caback on and went on slow mode only . 3 months later took it back went out of town did it again this time we were 50 miles from our dastination and this time the car did all the same things but had a hard time putting it in gear. Had to have the car towed first day of our trip this was a saturday and knew they would not put hands on it till monday thats what they told us too.We were suppose to return home on tuesday kept calling they finally told us a small plate was craked in the gear shift and if we wanted to give them the ok to order the plate.Ofcourse we said order it and get it fixed asap.We had to rent a car for 3 days a baby car ,thats all they had for 240.00 .The order for the part was not followed up and thurs we checked out of our hotel turned in the rental and parked oursels at mercedes on told them we are staying there untill you fix our car. thursday 8:00a.m.we were sitting at the merceds service dept. and the part arrived at 11:30 car was fixed a1:00p.m.6 days later. That was a vacation to remember for sure and it cost 1,500.00 to replace the small plate.The rental and the rooms for 5 days ,that was an expensive trip and it was suppose to be for 3 days turned into 6 days.If Cardenas of harlingen would have fix the problem after them checking it 3 times and never fixed the problem and they coulndt figure out what the prblem was ,we could have avioded all of these expenses stress and my high blood pressure to excalate.You pay so much money and put you trust in the so called experts that work for mercedes and you wonder if they know what they are diong . I kept telling them there was something wrong ,this is not normal and they told a few things to do, try differnt gas stations ,open gas cap to let gas pressuer out. I'm a women and to me that sounded very stupd ,i just laughed and gave them a look to make them feel stupid because thats what i was thinking when they told me that. They could have told me we dont know i think i would have felt better and taken to another mercedes dealership which i will now since my car is paid off.I love my car always wanted one since i was a little girl and have had very good luck with it have had it for 5 years now.plan to keep it but dont think i will buy another one. next time will go for a land rover i like those.Very dissappionted customer with CARDENAS MERCEDES OF HARLINGEN ,TX.

  • I own a beautiful black 1995 S500 Mercedes Benz with 142,000 miles. The Mercedes Benz Corporation knowingly installed a bio-degradable engine wire harness in models '91-'96. This wire harness was purposely designed to breakdown overtime, and to disintegrate without harming the environment. Unfortunately, I am now faced with a $6000.00 + repair bill due to that design flaw. After researching my vehicle's diagnosis, I discovered that the Mercedes Corporation knew the horrific, detrimental hazards and immense financial costs that owners of these vehicles had in their future as a result of their decision to put this material in their vehicles. I find it to be criminal that they never did or have they since notified potential buyers or owners of these vehicle years of the hazardous that awaited them. The cost associated to replace this wire harness is astronomical and devastating to the consumer. The entire car could be deemed worthless due to the vehicle bursting into flames in your garage or while driving, and or total destruction of key components of the vehicle. If you are having all kinds of malfunctions in your vehicle, sensor lights coming on and off, air conditioner cooling one minute and blowing heat the next, startup problems, door lock problems, interior lights not working, etc. – check the wire harness, everything that goes on with your care in wrapped inside this bio-degradable harness and when it begins to blow away, the wires become unstable and start to move and touch each other causing shorts, malfunctions, fires and shutdown. Mercedes Benz knows, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration knows.

    Is there anyone who can explain to me why Mercedes Benz has been allowed to keep quiet about this obvious serious safety hazard that has the certainty of causing death to the driver and others? The Mercedes dealerships are aware of this defective wire harness, take your money and not tell you what is really up! The dealerships make a lot of money per hour for labor repair costs and Mercedes owns the monopoly on their expensive parts. Something smells bad here and we the consumer have been left holding the bag while Mercedes laughs all the way to the bank. If you don't believe what I am telling you, Google it like I did. After you learn the truth, hopefully you will be as outraged as I am. I am asking for every owner or potential buyer to call their congressmen, the attorney general, their attorneys, and any news outlets to try to get this story aired. This is a serious national safety hazard that must not be ignored. I wonder if an investigation was launched, how many serious accidents, injuries and maybe even deaths would be uncovered and linked to these vehicle malfunctions. Maybe I can prevail by writing this letter to you, and the actions of your department will force Mercedes and the National Traffic Safety Administration to do what they should have done a long time ago – that is to take responsibility and RECALL ALL THESE VEHICLES. It is now time for them to make a withdrawal from their big fat bank accounts and pay the consumer back.

    • We discovered that very same problem. Our 1995 S320 was equipped with a rebuild/used engine. (If the Dealer would have done a thorough service job the day before, the engine wouldn't have blown up!). Picking up the car after engine replacement multiple problems developed immediately. Under the hood it looked like a war zone. The Mercedes Dealer in Mansfield, OH, over the next 10 months, "tried" to correct their sub-standard workmanship, but never mentioned the harness. We hired Pierre's Garage at Shiloh, OH (known for expertly rebuilding exotic cars) who installed a new harness and took care of numerous problems that were ignored by the Mercedes Dealer. Now, 11 months after engine replacement, we have a car that can be driven. Someone will need to reimburse us. We have no trust in Mercedes at this time.

    • This is horrible. My boyfriend experienced his 1995 EClass Benz convertible catching fire on the road. He didn't even know until a police officer pulled him over. This is unreal and I'm going to have him report it today! And ask Mercedes Headquarters to give him his money back.

  • I shouldnt even start talking about this ridiculousness. Ray Catana Mercedes dealer in NJ and their terrible service. How they lie about sending out your registration and license plate and you receive it in literally the last couple of hours. How they ignore you if youre not dressed in a suit and all and look like you have money. How those italian fat Fu**s only think about food and whatever else. And then theres the proof of the dealer lying about sending out the plates and registration as he said he did, because when the fedex picks up a package, they actually write on what date and time they picked it up. Not to mention a Mercedes Benz dealer saying "LOL, its not my fault" to a customer….lets see what the corporation does about that.

  • Interclass inc. Mercedes Benz of Newton NJ is a joke. They got upset with me because I did not give them a 10 all across on the survey. They never offered me a test drive, yet they wanted me to say they did lol. On top of that, after signing the contract, almost two weeks later they are asking me to resign the contracts with a different date. To add insult to injury, they took the plate from my old vehicle that I traded in and don't know what they did with it. The communication is horrible, there seems to be too many hands in the mix and no one has a clear picture of what's going on. I don't recommend this dealership to anyone, run for the hills. I bet that now that I failed to give them a 10 all around, they will not hold up to all the courtesy promises they made such as picking up my car for service where ever I am at and leaving me with a loaner. I'm sure the Mercedes buying experience is not as bad every where. I just lucked out I guess 🙁

  • This is to your kind notice that Mercedes Benz bearing Regd. No. PB08BM0077 is under your observation since 4 months at jalandhar and no proper feed back is given to use from your local office as well as by any of ur seniors when will the vehicle be given to us so that we can drive the vehicle safe after it is rectified by ur people the vehicle is just on a testing method kept under your observation and you are not able to find any fault why the vehicle is having a problem you people have many times changed the parts of the vehicles but the conduction of the vehicle is as the same as it was before . The managers from local office as well as from ludhiana nor they are able to give us the phone No of your seniors nor they have any answer to why the vehicle is still in ur workshop. I need a dead line when the vehicle will be finely given .if you are not able to give I would like to know the reason behind because a company like Mercedes benz is not able to satisfy its valuable customer .


  • Worst experience ever at a prestige dealership in nj. Felt discriminated and belittled. Horrible way to represent mercedes benz as a brand

  • Mercedes-Benz Corporate Office Headquarters in the USA:
    3 Mercedes Drive
    Montvale, NJ 07645
    Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-367-6372
    Corporate Fax Number: n/a
    Corporate Email:

    Account: 2002872571

    Customer: Sandy A. Ybarra-Amparan

    Subject: Unacceptable Customer Service

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I leased a 2009, C350 from Rusnak Mercedes Benz in 2009 for 39 months. My lease recently expired on July 06, 2012.

    I scheduled a Pre Inspection for June 28th, 2012 at the same dealership and the inspection was conducted by Mr. Tosco, the Lease Retention Manger at 10:00 am. The vehicle passed inspection with no problem at all. The car was in the same condition it was when I drove off their lot 39 months ago.

    Mr. Tosco asked if I was going to lease another Mercedes, possibly get into a E class. I told him I had to think about it and at that point his demeanor changed. I told him I’d like to drop off the vehicle June 29th so we scheduled to meet the following morning at 10:00. I called on my way to the dealership to inform Mr. Tosco I was on my way, he then told me he couldn’t see me at 10:00, to come in at 2:00. I turned around and when back home. I head on over that at 2:00 and call to inform him I’m on my way and he then said he can’t see me till 5:00. I say okay, (I must admit was a little upset at that point, but none the less complied). I’m headed on over there again and call and then he tells me he can’t see me today that I would have to come in Saturday, @ 10:00. I make arrangements again for someone to follow me and bring me home and then Mr. Tosco cancels again. Now I’m ticked off, he then said to come in on Monday @ 10:00 am.

    I told him I will be there Monday @ 10:00 that is the last time. When I arrived at Rusnak, I find out this work of art is not even in on Monday’s, he knows damn well that is his RDO and yet he scheduled an appointment with me. Ms. Ward was kind enough to assist me and I told her I wasn’t happy with the way this guy dicked me around.

    Then when I was told about the turn in fee, I told her for all my inconvenience MBUSA should waive the fee. I had to reschedule constantly with the people I babysit for in order to comply with Tosco’s countless cancellations, make arrangements for transportation and cancel.

    I am asking you waive the turn in fee of $647.06 for all the inconvenience and unacceptable customer service Mr. Tosco extended to me.

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Any assistance you can provide will greatly be appreciated. I understand the fee has to be paid within 10 days of turn in, which would make it July 12. I can be reached at 626-379-3005.

    I spoke to a very nice young lady by the name of Angela at Mercedes Financial and she offered me a discount of 10%, which would make the fee $582.35. I appreciate that, but in light of what’s happened with Mr. Tosco I would hope you could waive the entire fee. Please advise.

  • I have a 2012 C250 coupe, last month I went to accelerate and the car hesitated then the engene lite came on, took it to the dealership and the could not find the problom then they said it was the fuel pump and replaced it, today the exact same think happened so now lets see what they say it is… I think I was sold a new lemon,.,, Is anyone elese having these issues?????? You think if you pay 48,000 for brand new car it should not have any issues not the case with mercedes this is my 2nd mercedes I had a 2010 GLK350 I should have kept that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Last year my husband purchased MB 2011 E-350, after 11 months we are send this car to Europe, but we are still own and use this car. Right now we would like to purchase ML for using in US but I have been told that we can't purchase any MB becouse of that and general manager – MB of West Chester, PA (Mr. Marc Schramm) asked me to leave the place (infomed me that is private property) and never came back.
    We are never been informed about exporting policy. Please be advised and not visit MB of West Chester, PA – it is PRIVATE PROPERTY.

    • Banks consider that car collateral ,and United State laws don't apply overseas, so if you take the car out the country, they know they won't get paid nor have way to recover it, if you stop paying.A lease car isn't yours.

  • I bought my C230 Sport coupe Kompressor in 2003 brand new and was very proud of myself for having accomplished this all on my own. The sunroof broke a couple of years later and it was replaced under warrenty. Three year later it broke again but this time I had to pay for the parts since my dealer broke the runner. Now it's broken again and it is wide open but guess what. I went to the dealer and was told it will cast me $145 for the first 2 hours for them to tell me what is wrong with it. I'm so fed up with this I don't want it to be fixed I just want it closed.

  • If your car is under 15,000-18,000 and you brought/leased it brand new just file for the lemon. If the dealers can not fix it after 2-3 attempts you are by law entitled to file for a lemon law claim and get your money back or a brand new car for free. Google lemon law lawyers. The company is also responsible for lawyer fees and most lawyers don't charge you anything win or lose.

    Google your states auto lemon law.

    These big multi billon dollar company's will never learn. This why these laws are put in place.

  • Penske,West Covina Mercedes – We spent two days at this dealer to purchase 2 smart cars for our company. Completed two apps + company paper work. While waiting to lease the cars, the dealer sold one our cars to some one else!
    This dealer showed no sympathy at all and it is very poorly managed. I wish other dealers like Mercedes South Bay or Keyes Van Nuys, CA will carry the smart cars. I do not recommend Penske to any one. I am totally surprise on how this dealer became an authorized Mercedes dealer, it is really a shame for them to represent a name brand.

  • To whom it may concern:

    I am contacting you out of complete frustration with one of your dealers: Mercedes Benz of Miami (Florida), 1200 NW 167th St. On March 3, my daughter and I went to this dealer to inquire about leasing a C250 Coupe. We spoke with the salesman, Luis (don't know last name). After Luis presented the paperwork to the financial department the deal was declined. To be honest the people we dealt with at Mercedes Benz of Miami weren't very helpful or enthusiastic about working with us.

    We looked at several other cars, BMW, Infiniti, and Audi. I decided the Mercedes was the car I really wanted to lease. I went to a Mercedes dealer closer to my home to look into leasing a C250 4-door. I went to my local dealer, Mercedes Benz of Cutler Bay. I told the salesman Ewer, what I was looking for and we looked at several options and I decided on the C250 4-door. Ewer presented my paperwork to their financial department. I was then told that all the paperwork with Mercedes Benz of Cutler Bay was in order, but that now Mercedes Benz of Miami had put a hold on the deal.

    I have gone through and obtained the proper insurance coverage and am awaiting delivery of the C250 4-door from Mercedes of Cutler Bay.

    Why is this deal being held up by Mercedes Benz of Miami? They couldn't provide what I wanted and couldn't work out a deal – and I might say have been more than a bit rude in the process. I find it beyond comprehension that, after shopping for other cars, I came back to my local Mercedes Benz dealer and they helped my find a car I am comfortable with, have all the paperwork in order to close the deal and then have this other dealer step in put a "HOLD" on the deal. Not only did Mercedes Benz of Miami put the deal on hold they said I had no choice, but to wait 30 days to remove a hold. All this as their General Manager, Bert Martinez, called me stupid, saying – you're not in this business to know what is going on – and hung up the phone on me. After this, I will never do business with Mercedes Benz of Miami – ever!

    I would like Mercedes Benz' help in getting this matter resolved ASAP. If I have to look at, and settle for another car, I can guarantee you I won't ever return. And, any goodwill you may gain from my recommendations as satisfied customer will be lost also. I'm not asking for any special treatment, only to allow my deal that is already approved with Mercedes Benz of Cutler Bay to be processed.

  • I purchased a 2006 Mercedes Benz E350 in June 2011 for my wife with only 46,000 miles on it. Since that time we have had to replace the driver seat power motor and four end caps in back of the motor that were leaking oil onto the exhaust. Please do yourself a favor before purchasing any late model Mercedes Benz and read about the balance shaft problem affecting about 700,000 of their engines. We learned a very hard lesson when we got a check engine light that turned out to be the codes 1200/1208 for the balance shaft failure. The balance shaft sprocket wears out prematurely requiring a complete engine removal/replacement to change the $90 part that was manufactured with improperly hardened metal. Mercedes has known about this problem since 2007 and has not offered to replace them when they fail. It costs $5,000 to $7,000 for the repair at Mercedes dealer. Mercedes Benz USA refuses to accept responsibility for the faulty part and leaves the owner stuck with fixing their mistake. Shame on you!! Mercedes Benz

  • I have had problems as well out of the ATL-Buckhead location. Anyways, I am thinking of writing the corp office and hope that they will be willing to help me towards purchasing another vehicle at discount rate.

    • What issues are you having with the ATL-Buckhead location. I purchased a 2012 C350 coupe from them and have had issues with it since I bought it. A mercedes corporate rep just told basically told me – we are Mercedes and we'll be around for a long time – because I told him I will never buy Mercedes again due to the poor quality and service.

    • What issues are you having with Mercedes Benz of Buckhead? – I recently purchased a 2012 C350 coupe and have had quality issues that have yet to be resolved. I requested Paul Tully (GM) for a trade out and have been hanging on a thread for 1.5 months because they needed to talk to a factory rep. Factory rep came in drove my car 3 miles and called me and said he drove it for an extended period of time and did not hear any noises that were coming from my dashboard, center console area.

      I told him I bought a Mercedes not a Kia and he stated these are man-made cars and can cause issues. To add insult, he replied Mercedes will be around for a long time after I told him I won't own another Mercedes (as if, we dont care if we lose you as a customer because we will be around).

  • I recently was an employee for a Mercedes Benz Dealership in South Jersey. I worked for the body shop and it was as if working for a no name chop shop body shop. They do not care for their customers, all they want is the insurance money. The best part is that the body shop manager is hooked on oxycontin and all other types of narcotic pain medications, so he steals from customer vehicles and from the body shop itself and blames the employees. So what i did to cover the rest of the employees is record the manager stealing/ selling what does not belong to him. I take this information to the general service manager and explain to him what is going on and 3 days later i was layed off. All managers in that dealership are a team, they look out for each other. One employee who has been there for 27 years knows this has been going on for years and told me not to say anything or it would come back and bite me in the rear, IT DID. I would strongly recommend taking the vehicle to Princeton Mercedes or other body shops. This body shop which is not far from Philadelphia is doing everything completely wrong and dishonest. MANAGEMENT not its current employees!!!

    • that is true because I took my 2003 car to MB NR in new York it had a protective covering over the whole area when you open the hood you could not see anything but the protective cover, now cover is no where to be found and don't mention the problems they discovered when the only thing the car was taken there for was to get B service have battery tested and fix mirror multipoint function test done did not show some of the problems they said the car had it seems anything they touch turns to gold so beware. I must say some of the reps are courteous including the GM but they have a few bad apples in the bunch

  • I just recently purchased a 2012 ML350, within 2 wks I notice it had a leak. Took it to the dealership and explain I did not want that vehicle and requested to renegotiate the contract or put me in a different but same vehicle. Dealership in Houston (I-45 & 1960) refused to do so. I have left several messages to GM and have yet to hear from him. The service dept has kept my vehicle for 2 wks and is still waiting for Mercedes Spec Tech to instruct them on how to repair this. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! What kind of service dept does not know how to repair the problem. I haven't even made my first payment. I have contacted Corporate Office to only hear the same message all day "The Customer Care Dept is in a staff meeting". .. amazing! I totally feel screwed! Thanks Mercedes for selling me a vehicle that has a leak but yet you don't know how to repair!!

    • Have you thought of filing for a claim under the lemon law? You can google the terms in your state but, basically, they owe you a new car.

    • I have a 2003 MB had no problems took it to NR MB in New York for B service the moment it got there in the service line and was driven by the service MB rep not even ten minutes after I was told they had a little problem getting the car from park into drive, two hours later got a call shifter knob was broken gasket cover leaking yet invoice showed the multipoint function test was done and there was no indication that the gasket cover leaking. I think the MB vehicles are severely allergic to the techs who are doing the servicing do you notice the moment they touch the vehicle the vehicle get sick. I think they need some antihistamine for that

  • As a Cuban-American, I am appalled and utterly disgusted that Daimler AG made a conscience decision to use an image of the Marxist, murderer Che Guevara for a presentation at the recent CES in Las Vegas. Daimler has shown irresponsibility and complete disregard for those murdered at the bloody hands of this monster. As if the 25-foot image of Guevara with the Mercedes logo on his cap was not bad enough, having Dieter Zetsche repeating the phrase “viva la revolucion”, certainly put salt in our wounds!

    Perhaps for the next promotion, Mr. Zetsche will consider using images of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Saddam Hussein, or even Osama bin Laden.

    I currently own a Mercedes Benz product, but can assure you that it will be my last!

  • 5 months into my 2011 MB E350 BlueTech lease the front left tire blows on a highway. The tires are runflat Bridgestone Turanza EL400-02 MOExtended 245/45R17 95H. Stopped the car and saw the rim made a cut in a sidewall. Not repairable, had it replaced. 45 days later another front tire is again blown on a highway the same way. Put on a spare and ordered replacement. 2 days later – third tire blows the same exact way. All incidents are on the roads I travel for 10 years and never had any issues with my previous cars. Complained to local dealer and was told it was caused by my "way of driving". Ridiculous! Tire repairman told me these run-flats are not flexible and have a very thin sidewall so it gets punctured by the rim. I feel MB should compensate me for what I paid replacing their tires. If MB Corporate reads this – feel free to contact me at

    • You will NOT be compensated for the tires. I have had many problems with mercedes benz tires. I have never owned a car with such limited mileage tires. Mercedes is a multi making machine. Their service is horrible especially in the OKC area

  • Well How should I begin. It seems everyone had the same complaints. I had my car serviced at the mercedes benz dealership in New Orleans only to receive news that they were unable to figure out what was wrong with my car. It cost 250.00 but the prognosis was worth 0.00…But keep in mind all this is taking place while i am home in ATL. Yes the car is in New Orleans and I live in Atlanta….So now I have to have my car shipped to ATL, now when the car reaches my door step the windoow are down and they wont go up. Keep in mind when the car was dropped off at the dealership in New Orlean my windows were in working condition. So I give the dealership a call and speak with J. Parks and he is nasty, insulting and trying to convince me its my fault, and that the company isnt liable and had I fixed my car at his establishment I wouldnt have this problem… So somebody please explain to me how your car goes in with one problem and comes out with another. Since the problemm is mind I think we should start occupying individual comppanies and our voices will be heard.. As Americans we are taken advantage by corporate greed and corporate disrespect of the American dollar. What doesnt mean much to them equals much to us…

  • Today I spoke with Mike L. – a case manager at MBUSA – about a quality issue in my recently leased C350. His demeanor was as caring as a prison guard at a maximum security penitentiary. He chanted corporate policy mantra and made no attempt to ask for or offer a fair solution to my concerns. Considering MB positions itself as a leading consumer brand in the automotive business, there's a huge gap between what MB promises and what it does. In this instance, MB's technical team is working hard to resolve the problem with my vehicle. It will likely take them 10 days. However, MB corporate is treating the functional paralysis of its product (which has 500 miles on its odometer) as something I should accept without complaint or loss of confidence. Mike L believes I should be pleased MB's product warranty covers the cost of trying to fix the vehicle problem. What he doesn't understand is that I'm a customer who has paid hard-earned money for a product MB advertises as being exceptionally well-engineered, etc, but the product has serious operational and safety flaws.

    • Today I spoke to a Mike not sure if its the same Mike GM at South Atlanta MB was so rude this man talk to you like he have no moral character whatsoever. My husband left his eye glasses at the MB place sale person offer to mail them to us, never received eye glasses, decided to reach at to the sale person. Said Mike GM will reimburse for my husband glasses. After I explain we don't have a receipt for his glasses. He went off and said your husband should have never left his glasses at MB and he need to check with post office. Then he said he didn't have time for my conversation. How rude and dumb can a person get, when they have a little bit of power and no moral and ethical skills.

  • Same problem 2008 ML350 – water supposly leaked behind the tail light seals that shorted out the computer system. $3800. repair. Just got my car back and now it's dead again. Now it's a camshaft sensor – now another $500 bill. Mercedes sucks – all of the people that work at the dealership is rude, service manager refused to speak to me. Called the GM – he has just as rude.

    • MB customer care is rude I bought a car in january and was humilated by the dealershp I asked one that had all the bells and whistles and got none of that.
      I was humilated by the dealershps sales staff and receptionist and when I called the dealershp and MB customer care they acted like the sales staff and receptionist behavior was okay and that it was okay that i didnt get what I wanted on the car.
      I have had further issues with the car and it periodaclly wont start, the entire power gear system had had to be replaced and again I cant get the other MB dealershp near me and MB customer care to help.

      I was going down a mountain road and the warning light that the key was not detected and it started to slow down and then the light went off and I called my dealershp so they could not notate the problem they didnt even bother to call me back or do that.
      The car had through going over the day before.

      I CALLED MB customer care and all they want to do is THROW ME back to the Dealershp Wolves because again Im having issues with actual key

      They dont care that all I get is lip service from the dealershps in Atlanta.

      I had to fight with MB roadside assistance one evening when my tire was low and I was in Opelkia AL and they told me I was screwede.

      At this point my dream car became my nightmare.

      I love the car I dont love the issues and the fact NO ONE AT MB qill take ownershp of the issues and handle them.

      I hang out with people who own horses who are worth tens of thousands of dollars and at least they get better performance and service.

    • Customer service forum is a sham. All they want to do is pass the buck back to the dealershp

      Even though they are capable of taking ownershp of the problems they dont.

      I have been humilated by RBM of Atlanta and have a "lemon of a new GLK 350 that i cant get resolved.

      My dream car is turning out to be my nightmare.

      I own a horse worth tens of thousands of dollars I dont have the problems with him that i do with this car and

      The dealershp wont even notate the problems im having or MB and the dealershp wont even workout and acceptable solution which they are capable of

      This isnt what purchasing a 45000.00 is supposed to be about

    • I took my 2006 Mercedes to the Dealership at South Atlanta for service to my NAV system. They replace the NAV system.This still didnt correct the problem,took it back they stated it need new cd to match new system bought the CD. It work two week now they are said it need $600.00 antenna and splitter.I total dissatify will their service and honesty,they want sqeeze every dollar from the customer…

    • I have a GL 450 and just got the same tail light seal issue and being slammed with a $3,500 bill. Car is still under warranty, but no, they are not listening. Buying a Merc is a waste of time and money. My 2004 Camry has served so much better and so well, its a big shame to have to deal with these kinds of problems with such high-end cars. I will not recommend anyone to buy a Merc.

  • I owned a 2005 CLK 320 & from rain the trunk got "WET" a bit. SRS light came on, & took the car to the dealership & notifyed my insurance company. In few days my insurance company notified that my car needed to be totalled ( Only 47000 miles one owner no accident or repair) cause water leaked under the passenger seat & shorted out the computer system, hence to repair the car it will cost them about $22000. Instead they will total the car & settle with me. I call MBUSA, they were rude not helpful, will not accept the fact that they make JUNK CARS & sell it for the name. How could water get in the car when trunk has a seal? MBUSA Montvale shoud be ashmed the way they treat their clints, the case manager named Romy P ( That's all he was willing to give me) was so disrespectful, nasty & mean told me that he is not willing to do anything .. Only the dealership can provide why it got water in the trunk because they are the one's who inspected the car. I asked for his supervisor & he would not transfer the call, & hung up the phone on me. I think everyone who owns a MB should let MBUSA corporate know this is the way their customer service deals with their clients. They are HORRIBLE!!!!!! I am requesting that PLEASE DO NOT BUY MB.. Let them suffer the pinch! Let's BAN MBUSA…

    • Wait until you hear this one. Mercedes has been our car of choice for many generations. We all deal with the service and maintenance issues, but probably accept it because of the glamour associated with the brand. My most recent experience: 1) Get full service in August 2)Return to dealership in October for new tires and break pads. Service rep gives me a list of things wrong with my car, including oil and filter changes required, which were supposedly taken care of when I had my car serviced in August. 3)One week later, "check engine" light starts coming on and off at random. 4)Thanksgiving Eve- "check oil" light starts coming on and off. I get called in for service, citing censor malfunction. 5) Five days later, dealership gives me a list $2500 long of repairs, including a $1100 for a new radio. Umm, why?

      Here's the interesting part. The list of necessary repairs between my visit in October and my visit in November do not match up at all. October: Need new rotors. November: Rotors check out fine. A girl, though I may be, i know rotors don't repair themselves. October: Tires aligned with change of tires. November: Tires require alignment.

      Had the leaky trunk problem 3 years ago too. Had it checked. They could not find find a leak so they told me to go home, but not before they gave me a, " There is one other thing we found that COULD cost you $3k if you wait or you could pay $350 now for an engine clean." I bit the bait. They spent, literally, 3 minutes, probably running a rag over a gasket, and sent me on my way.

    • Do you know the lemon law if mercedes is not able to fix the problem after 3 times you bringing in they need to replace the car check with your local lawyer, sorry apply the lemon law need to be in the warranty time only.

    • MB gave me hard time for loaner car, because I did not purchase the car that the dealer where I was getting my car service. Very bad!