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Michaels Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Michaels Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Michaels Stores, Inc.

Official Corporate Address

8000 Bent Branch Dr.

Irving, TX 75063 USA

Phone Numbers and Chat

Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-409-1300

Fax Number: 1-972-409-1556

Customer Service Number: 1-800-642-4235

Website: Michaels

Chat Scroll to the bottom of the page and Email: Chat Link

Michaels Company Bio:

Michaels’ main competitors are Hobby Lobby, Party City, Joann, Etsy also Walmart, and Target.

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  1. Kristen, customer service supervisor should not be in the customer service industry. When you are a supervisors and hang up on a customer who is trying to state their case you should find other employment. Shame on you Michaels for hiring such poor representatives!

  2. I have had an ongoing issue with coupons Michaels sends by email. They don't work. Not in store. Not online. It will have a message that it has already been used. But I did not use it! I've reported it many times. Likely someone is hacking the code before I get a chance to use it. I received a birthday coupon both last year and this year and neither of them worked. I recently received a 30% off coupon that did not work. Then upon contacting customer service, they sent a 25% off coupon to thank me for my feedback. However the coupon did not work!! I get a message that it was already redeemed! Well it was not redeemed by me! I called this morning and told them the problem once again. The associate said she would email me another coupon. Still have not received it. I guess they are redeeming it before they send it to me! LOL! I gave her the code from the coupon that didn't work and requested they open an investigation and find out WHO used that coupon.
    Does Michaels even care? NO!
    I would not even return but there are a handful of things I can't get at Hobby Lobby.

  3. Why do Michaels advertise things that they do not have in stock. I order 2 photo albums on 1/5/2022 and was charged $56.53 for the items. I received an email that items are not available after they charged my account. They are saying funds will be sent back in 7 -10 business days. They are tying up my money. This money that can be spent eleswhere. It would make better since if they would pull the items before charging people. I will never do business with MICHAELS again.

  4. Re: 30ct. Silver Crackleball LED Lights by Ashland – This item isn't available in any Michael's store in Pa. I've checked a 100 mile radius of my zip code. Apparently, it's not carried at all. Why then, is it listed? If someone would answer this & also let me know where I can actually get this, I'd greatly appreciate it!

  5. Re: Michael's in El Centro, Ca. I regularly go to this store as I make handcrafted jewelry. On this day, as soon as I walked in, the manager was following me around the store, I just ignored him. He then walked up and asked if I needed any help to which I replied, "no". He then said, "Well, that is an awfully big bag you have". (I was carrying an average sized woman's purse) I said, "really?" "Are you accusing me of stealing?" "Do you want to look in it?" He did, so I opened it and let him look. He then walked over to another employee and I heard him say, "I don't know, I couldn't really see". I turned around and said, "really?" He then asked me if I would mind dumping my purse out. By this time the whole store was watching. I went to the register and said I can't believe you are accusing me of stealing. He said, "I'm not accusing you of anything". I said, "you want me to dump out my purse"? He said, "yes". I said, "then you are accusing me". I then turned my purse upside down letting the contents fall everywhere. There was absolutely nothing belonging to Michael's in my purse. He did not help me pick everything up. He did not even apologize, in fact he told me I was no longer welcome in the store. Stupid me, I still purchased the $45 worth of stuff I had in my cart as Michaels is the only crafts store in this area. He did add, before I left, that I was not welcome in the store. Why, because he was wrong? I left the store in tears with everyone watching me. I was totally humiliated.

  6. Beware of shopping at Michaels. The employees were very kind and helpful, but. . .
    The other day I purchased 17 photo boxes at our local Michael's for $5.99 ea plus tax. When I asked about labels for the boxes I was told they did not have them and directed me to an office supply store. That proved to be incorrect information as the office store had no such labels. A very kind employee there came up with an alternative. With my mobility issues and the urgent need I felt pleased having found the boxes. This seemed like a very positive experience.

    HOWEVER, today as I was shopping for dividers for the boxes, I was at another store. There I found similar photo storage boxes, for $2.99 each and they came with dividers and labels. Needless to say I was sick! It is my fault for not shopping before the purchase at Michaels, but to be 'ripped off' this badly is ridiculous! Clue number one to me should have been "Rewards" at Michael's. They aren't Rewards-they are a refund of extreme overcharges. I will NEVER shop at Michael's again.

  7. The coupon policy is ridiculous! Why have coupons of half of the stuff you sell is an exclusion from the coupon? You get people to sign up with their phone number and email with the promise of 20-25% coupon on all regular priced products, then you bombard them with emails and texts and don’t even honor the coupon you gave! I would understand if the coupon was from a third party but it’s not, it’s a Michael’s coupon! I signed up for all the account garbage and received my Michael’s coupon only to find out that I can’t use it on anything Cricut. Which was the whole purpose of even having an account with Michael’s is to get Cricut products. So what if they ship directly from Cricut? Every store gets products they sell in their store shipped from the companies that make said products. If I walk into a store, pick products in that store, go to check out, I should also be able to use the coupon given to me FROM the store! And Cricut isn’t the only thing you can’t use coupons for, there’s a whole list of “exclusions” so it’s pretty pointless to have a Michael’s account or coupon. Any other store that has in store coupons allows you to use the coupon on anything in the store except clearance merchandise. Which I’m totally fine with not using them on clearance. It’s already marked down. But everything else can be bought with the store coupon. Michael’s is the only one who apparently doesn’t care about their customers and just wants your information to bombard you with tons of emails and texts. Also, quit having your phone reps ask for full name, phone number and email address as soon as they answer the phone. You don’t need all that info for a simple question. Just answer the question and let the customer go about their day. If they have something they need to be gotten back with on, THEN ask for all of their info. You’re just asking that because some people will hand it over easily and then you get to harass someone else with your endless emails and texts. Literally the worst company I’ve ever come across for customer service.

  8. Good Morning, I live in Phoenix AZ we have a new store in Laveen AZ, first I want to say thank you. Second the store is absolutely beautiful, and last I was incredibly impress with the customer service received. I was welcomed in the front of the store by a wonderful employee I think her name was Maribell, then as I was shopping she saw me with stuff in my hands and approached me and asked if she could get me a basket. Then I had two oversized canvas and she asked me if she could take them to the front for me so I could keep shopping more comfortable. This lady was absolutely amazing. I went back last night and she was there and I asked questions about the Cricut air explore and she again was incredibly amazing, explained how it works and gave me the information to connect to the website for videos. She has high energy, she was all over the store and greeted everyone the same way, I though she was a manager but when I asked she said she was just a sales associate. I have to say that I am looking forward to being a regular customer. Kuddos to your store!

  9. Comments are for review purposes ONLY. What Michaels actually DOES, is nothing. They simply do not CARE about you or their employees. They do NOT train, they demand more and faster. EVERY employee is expected to work as if they have already been there for a year or more (most do not last a month). Because they obviously do not care about us, they are always short staffed. The stores are always a mess, because we are not allowed time to straighten or put things where they are supposed to go. Customers complain all the time, but nothing changes. I could tell you more, but if you work or shop at Michaels, you will see it yourself.

    1. I have personally witnessed one of the store managers yelling at an assistant mgr in an unprofessional & bullying manner. It was absolutely appalling that someone in that position would conduct themselves in such a manner in front of customers. The girl asked a simple question and looked as if she was about to cry. What kind of corporation are they running here. I'm sure these stores have a high turn over rate.

  10. Hi,
    I am currently unemployed and really having a difficult time trying to find a job. I saw a job posting on Indeed this morning for a stocker at Michaels. I proceeded to fill out an application. Initially it asked if I was under or over 18 and it explained they need to know because of safety reasons. Ok. But as I went further to the actual application itself, it immediately asked for my date of birth.

    So, I pulled my app and signed out. Why? Because I know for a fact the the law says it is illegal to ask for your birthday, until AFTER you are hired. Why? The law states that if any employer asks for your age prior to hire, it will be assumed that it is being done to simply and only age discriminate.

    So, I am extremely disappointed. As an older adult, it is already difficult to find employment. But your application proves to me what I've been finding out for myself. That employers do sometimes age discriminate, in a society that no longer values older working adults, and the experience they bring to the table. Your loss, not mine.

    Mary H Runge

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